Prepositions after "spacious"

spacious with, for, in, by or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 65% of cases spacious with is used

Very spacious with good amenities.

Very spacious with huge a huge bed.

Rooms are very spacious with large LCD.

The camp sites are spacious with plenty of room to put up big tent, have a dinner.

Very clean and spacious with a great balcony overlooking the sea and the mountains.

Our room was spacious with a comfy bed and the included food options were very nice.

Weaving in and out of the corridor of the new wing, rooms were decently spacious with a touch of modern in them.

Rooms My room was a double deluxe, and was incredibly spacious with a huge double bed and plenty of floor space.

Terminal E, which is mostly Southwest flights, is spacious with plenty of seating and is generally less crowded.

The room was spacious with great views, and the staff were very friendly and couldnt do enough for us on arrival.

In 14% of cases spacious for is used

The room is pretty spacious for the price.

The i3 is looks spacious for an urban car.

The room is very spacious for the two of us.

The room is very spacious for 2 Chinese whom are bigger in build than any typical Asian.

My apartment is about 650 square feet, not huge but spacious for one person, a cat and a dog.

Then some of its joy and fragrance come to him, his grave is made spacious for him as far as he can see.

I built that second half as a ' remodel ' project, to expand the cute coop and make it more spacious for said spoiled chickens.

O Allah, make the ground spacious for him (her) on both the sides and raise his (her) soul towards You and direct Your Guidance to him (her).

The charitable acts you have performed right throughout in your life will illuminate your grave with brilliance and make it spacious for you.

The three engine choices have all benefited from very good reviews and so did the trunk which is considered spacious for any family long drive.

In 5% of cases spacious in is used

The eternity pool is spacious in a beautifully landscaped setting.

This villa is the most spacious in size, perfect for a family vacation.

It is incredibly spacious in here; a lot more so than the Maruti Dzire.

The Mirage also boasts of this and that its rear legroom is the most spacious in its class.

It should help make any home additional spacious in comparison with messy bespoke fitted bedrooms in addition.

This coach purse is spacious in size, thus you need not worry about too many belongings while working or traveling.

At Pacific Resort Rarotonga and Te Manava we offer 2 and 3 bedroom villas which are very spacious in either beachfront or garden setting.

The hotel's 99 luxurious rooms and 39 suites offer guests an eminently stylish Parisian experience, and are among the most spacious in Paris.

Lovely and spacious in here! This toilet is on the new double-deck commuter train DOSTO from Stadler -- much nicer than any train toilet I've ever been in.

In 3% of cases spacious by is used

They were much smaller than A &; B blocks but pretty spacious by HK, non-government, standards.

As per him even a small bathroom can look spacious by getting proper accessories like Countertop basin and fittings.

Very spacious by Paris standards, the bathrooms were equipped with L'Occitane products (full marks for this) and a superb shower cubicle.

All rooms are excellent, spacious by japanese standards and indeed from the doorman to concierge to housekeeping - all are just there or just seconds away.

Anyway, the house is able to provide living space for three families and we have our own space that we use when we visit- our space alone would be considered spacious by British standards.

Our Times Square hotel offers travelers a welcome haven, a fashionable NYC boutique hotel with 200 uniquely styled guestrooms and suites that are sinfully spacious by New York City standards.

In 2% of cases spacious on is used

The next room they moved me to was grand and very spacious on the 14th floor.

Luckily, decorating a small living room to be spacious on style can be done with some simple steps that will be expressed within this article.

We had 2 4 poster beds and the room was spacious on the top floor, with a wonderful view of the ocean, the pools and the lovely terrace below.

It was again octagonal and only a little larger than the original house but, yet again, it seemed small from the outside but very spacious on the inside.

In 1% of cases spacious along is used

Several suites will offer expansive terraces, with one being the most spacious along the Bund - perfect for entertaining or functions.

In 1% of cases spacious as is used

Yes! It's not as clean or spacious as south bay area, it's street's got many homeless and poor, it's foggy even in summer, it's traffic drives you mad, finding a parking is a nightmare and what not.

In 1% of cases spacious at is used

The entire boutique is designed in a whimsical theme, very cozy and spacious at well.

Finished in brass and teak, the main and upper deck rooms are very spacious at 168 square feet (15.

This place is cozy and spacious at the same time and definitely not your old man's pub! Review from Joshua R.

The cottages at Klein Welmoed are like fat people -- both cosy and spacious at the same time, a tough combination to get right without a wheelbarrow full of Snickers and a bomber jacket.

In 1% of cases spacious like is used

It's also spacious like an art gallery, measuring 5.

The Nissan Livina X-Gear not only complements my active lifestyle but is also spacious like the great outdoors, fitting my vibe.

In 1% of cases spacious of is used

The gentle, warm sunlight streams in through the floor-to-ceiling windows of the most spacious of rooms in Hong Kong.

In 1% of cases spacious to is used

As a result the world now seems dark and spacious to him.

The balconies appeared quite spacious to us, may be because we were small children.

In 1% of cases spacious without is used

Spacious without being oversized the layout allows for myriad options, with bedrooms, bathrooms and living all carefully balanced.

He had not seen boys play there before but he was certain they would not leave a plot of land that spacious without fixing their two goalposts on it.

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