Prepositions after "sorry"

sorry for, about, to or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 80% of cases sorry for is used

I feel very very sorry for him.

Sorry for the confusion if any.

Sorry for the late notice here.

There's also the fact that we're expected to feel sorry for the loss of her boyfriend.

Honestly, right now, I could give a flying f*ck about a cop Amy, I feel sorry for you.

Love all his songs Party Rock Anthem, Yes, Sorry For Party Rocking, so vote for LMFAO.

Teomanbro Fool* Randall Don't feel sorry for liar Kean, his bad management will result in decent hard working staff.

So I am sorry for that, I want to thank you as well for finally coming around &; seeing things from are prospective.

I feel very sorry for the person who the Daily Wail has employed purely to write stories about Adrian and Christine.

I had no idea just how extensive CRPS could become as in your case and I am just so sorry for what you have endured.

In 14% of cases sorry about is used

Aw, sorry about the poison ivy.

And sorry about the mini-essay.

Sorry about the harsh reaction.

Sorry about the toe but after the severed head it seemed a little anticlimactic! re.

There is even talk about the squishy (sorry about the pun) Christie as running mate.

On 13/1/12 wrote: Hi Kelvin, Sorry about the late reply, I would be very interested.

Hi guys, firstly sorry about the paragraph situation its the first time i have written anything like this on a pc.

Comments The death of little cat Our cat has just died (sorry about the odd angle above, but you get the picture).

I'd so sorry about the death of your father and the insensitive, but well-meaning, things people have said to you.


In 4% of cases sorry to is used

I am really sorry to hear this.

I'd sorry to my friends at MTV.

JAehee later said sorry to him.

I'd sorry to lower the tone, you know I don't usually do such things (!! ), but to say.

I'd very sorry to what happened to your step son and what he and you had to go through.

The people he has hurt, his loved ones his family are the one he needs to say sorry to.

I was sorry to her of her sudden passing and I am sure she will be sadly missed by her family, friends and co-workers.

While he's a United player, I'll cheer his every goal, but I won't be sorry to see the back of him when he does leave.

Watched IDA and although not sorry to see Ashley go, I thought she sang rings round Naimh, who hopefully will go next.

I've lost just under 5lbs in three weeks! Without having to try very hard! Or become a vegan! (Sorry to Kate Besworth.

In 1% of cases sorry in is used

Sorry in advance for all the wordage.

Anonymous I'd not sorry in the least.

I'd so sorry in fact I can do it in 4.

He is sorry in the way he might be sorry for the Haitian earthquake, sorry it happened.

He'll be sorry in the end when this child grows up and learns what you did to her mother.

If you do a good job you want to be paid for it, yes? Sorry in advance for the giant post.

The group experienced international recognition and a career breakthrough with their hit third album Sorry Sorry in 2009.

Anyway, I want to say sorry in advance as I think that I won't find a lot of time I can dedicate to updating the Eudyptes.

It's separated into several categories for ease of photographing, so sorry in advance if this post is pretty picture-heavy.

I am sorry in questioning his (Pastor Tunde Bakare) authenticity as a Pastor and I apologize to who ever I may have offended.

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