Prepositions after "sore"

"sore from" or "sore for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases sore from is used

My sides are so sore from laughing.

Sore from concrete after just a few hours.

My neck is sore from straining into an OVF.

You'll be feeling tired and sore from this first day's stage for many days afterwards.

My body is sore from dawn to dusk activity just, literally, getting my house in order.

The French harboured a long festering sore from their defeat by English troops in 1759.

Heavy legs today made the first bit of jumprope nigh on impossible, and sore from the rope hitting/whipping my legs.

She blasts music all day long and my knuckles are sore from banging on her door so much to tell her to tone it down.

Exhausted and sore from the birth, I wish the baby would disappear for a few hours so I could have my old life back.

In 16% of cases sore for is used

My eyes would be sore for a day.

It had been sore for two months.

My arm was numb and sore for a few days.

Sore for a couple hours, a touch sore another day or two when handled, and then no pain.

After some more cleaning I was happy that it was nothing serious, just a bit sore for her.

Right after the primary few instruction sessions, your arms will be quite sore for 3-5 days.

Is the procedure painful after treatment? The tooth and the gum around it may feel sore for 2-3 days after treatment.

The impact shook my teeth, and left me with a sore for a couple of days, accompanied by a rather oddly placed bruise.

I was sore for a few days but I was soon back to my old self and feel happy with the knowledge of no more pregnancies.

Weighted pull-ups always make my lats sore for a day or two, but lat pull-downs done at an equal intensity? Pretty rare.

In 10% of cases sore in is used

Feeling sore in my heart and body.

Now, i am REALLY sore in that area.

Ulceration -- a sore in the skin of the breast.

Plus, after the activities during the day, all of us were experiencing sore in our bodies.

Now she has been coughing for 3-4 days, sore in the throat and today she got a mild diarrhea.

Although I'd loving getting back into it I must admit I haven't been this sore in a long time.

I'd most sore in quads and hip flexors and am also pretty sore in biceps/triceps from being in runner's stride all day.

A peptic ulcer is a sore in the lining of the bowel in the stomach or the upper part of the small intestine (duodenum).

His organizing ability and leadership had made him the Student Union Chairman and a sore in the eyes of his political opponents.

III O Jehovah, thou God of the ages Grant unto our sons that lead The wisdom Thou gave to Thy sages When Israel was sore in need.

In 9% of cases sore after is used

I am still sore after Scotland.

Well, you feel less sore after that.

You may also feel quite sore after sex.

My hips are very sore after 2 moves in 1 month and I admit she does not get long walks.

By using lubrication as needed may help those who are still sore after the ten day mark.

I have continued to take the Glutamine and BCAA's and don't feel as sore after my workouts.

The only thing that sucked was being so exhausted and sore after labor- especially while going to school full time.

Soccer is not so much an unmanly sport; I typically felt pretty sore after playing matches, but it is a simple sport.

I told the physio yesterday that I was feeling sore after the semis, so if I can get fresh then I can still improve on that.

That's why your shins are sore after running hard on concrete, why your quadriceps are sore after climbing down a mountain, and why.

In 8% of cases sore on is used

So it's going to be sore on the pocket.

From the sore on the hand of Sarah Nelmes.

I always feel sore on my back due to work.

How can you expect to be taken seriously with a huge virus sore on the side of your mouth.

Hosanna An old friend showed up a couple of weekends ago to visit with a sore on her mouth.

Few days ago, I felt sore on my shoulder which lasted 2 days maybe because of the way I sleep.

One of the brethren suffered from a sore on his foot, and the Blessed One enjoined the Bhikkhus to wear foot-coverings.

Revolution is nothing but like having a sore on your body and then you put something on that sore to cure that infection.

So, shop a pair of tennis sneakers of the choice to meet your court needs and sore on top of the success of your activity.

In 6% of cases sore at is used

Then my tongue got sore at the back.

I wasn't sorry for him or sore at her.

Our behinds are quite sore at this point.

I'd sore at the jaw, and sore where the needles went in -- three, I take a lot of pain-killing.

I also find it v sore at the back near the perinium but not in the way you described, just awfully sore.

And by Day 13, I was sore at rest pretty much all the time but it was a happy, hard work sore and I just accepted it.

I noticed the last couple of days that she appears to be very sore at her hind quarter - especially on her right side.

Dick reckons they're still sore at us for making stuff up about Saddam and pretending we'd got the information from them.

Primarily I was sore at a particular kid for not coming when I was calling out to him, effectively turning his back on me.

What had appeared a gentle slope to the eyes wasn't so gentle to his legs, he started feeling sore at the hips and calves.

In 6% of cases sore about is used

Right now I'd still terribly sore about it.

But Bungie was kind of sore about the idea.

Obviously you're pretty sore about it Mephz.

It was a disaster due to cost overruns, and many Australians are still sore about it.

Donna Gee is just sore about England's loss that she is trying to change the rules of a man's game.

Some are still sore about traditional Hungarian territory that was sliced off to Romania after World War I.

It's better than being all ambiguous and then you feeling all sore about having given a free meal for nothing in return.

AUSTRALIA The Aussies -- perhaps feeling sore about their dismal medal tally -- have started targeting the Royal Family.

Of course, when they found out that James and John had gotten their request in ahead of them, they got pretty sore about it.

He complains about injuring his toe while going too hard on a drill, although he's really just sore about playing with the reserves.

In 4% of cases sore with is used

Here is a mind racked sore with doubts.

My heart was very sore with this treatment, but I had to go on.

I would not like to make shoes for my work because my fingers were sore with the needle.

This can lead to feeling stiff, cramped and sore with a sense of fatigue after the journey.

Meanwhile, the CIA is allegedly sore with the FBI for dallying before in giving it copies of FBI witness interviews.

He found Dr Khan Sahib to be muddled headed and both Khan brothers are now rather sore with the Congress for having let them down.

Or it might be like getting a massage for muscles that are sore with DOMS: undeniably pleasant, but with a proven lack of actual efficacy.

My feet would be sore with athlete's foot and I'd walk along thinking, ' ' Why is life so miserable? ' ' And now here I was walking meditation.

In 3% of cases sore to is used

They are big and heavy and sore to the touch.

IHT has long been considered to be a sore to the UK citizens.

My ribs were sore to the point of keeping me perfectly still.

If this area is persistently sore to the touch it's de? nitely worth seeking medical help.

Marietta is going to try to teach me to knit, though, and so my fingers may be too sore to type.

Several small wounds may join together to form large scabs The scabs often split and are sore to the touch.

I'd going to give you a good bicep routine that will make your guns sore to the point where you can't lift them anymore.

These comments do not inflict any wounds upon the author but only makes it look foolhardy, arrogant and are a sore to responsible eyes.

Right wrist: sore to the touch (but by golly, I noticed that I still had a death grip on my phone! lol) We three got ourselves together and started moving back towards the car.

In 2% of cases sore by is used

And now they get more and more sore by the day.

My feet were sore by the end but otherwise it was pretty good.

It worked a charm: my guns were mighty sore by the end of the day.

So I had to take a bit of the weight on the shoulders and it a but sore by the end if the day.

This was a long day and I was definitely stiff and sore by the time we arrived at Old Moses Camp.

The nurses were lovely, they arranged a breast pump be delivered as I was very uncomfortable and sore by this stage.

You don't want to hurt yourself or make yourself unnecessarily sore by wearing uncomfortable shoes that don't fit right.

My only complaint was that my feet did get sore by the end of the day so I can see why people recommend a padded mat to stand on.

The most affair about payday loans would be the simple fact you don't acknowledge to feel sore by way of a bank drawback any more.

It weighed a ton and my neck was really sore by the end of the session, so I decided to opt for no hair rather than continue with it.

In 1% of cases sore because is used

Can't tell you how many times my eyes sore because of super mini skirts or intentional unbuttoned buttons.

I am having problems with this one as well, I am not enjoying my food as my gum is getting sore because of the denture moving about.

The massage will relieve muscles that are stiff and sore because of stress, and it will also ease the burdensome thoughts that are on your mind.

In 1% of cases sore during is used

The foot was sore during the match and then it swelled up.

I was incredibly sore during and immediately after we played.

It may get quite red and sore during your radiotherapy treatment.

I hadn't felt sore during the firefighting, but boy did I feel it now.

My wife still likes me to rub her back and or stomach muscles which still get sore during her cycle.

Groups of lymph nodes are easily felt around the neck when they become enlarged and sore during a cold or ' flu.

The majority of trips are going to be cramped, as you will want to make sure that you do not get sore during the flight.

And Kallis is in serious doubt for the last Test in the three-match series after pulling up sore during the first day's play on Thursday.

I would like to be thinner and my knees never to be sore during meditation and never to be ill and never to suffer from infirmity or growing old.

If you are not used to strenuous physical activity then you will get sore during the first couple of days, and if you overdo it, can cause fatigue.

In 1% of cases sore as is used

The impact was very hard and Andy has been extremely sore as a result.

My shoulder feels sore as a result of this, but hopefully it is not too bad.

Your toe will feel sore as the local anaesthetic wears off and you may need painkillers.

If you have additional weight in the front of your body, your back is going to be sore as a result.

In those cases, not only does the knee get jarred as it helps flick your foot back to the ground properly, it also tends to become stiff or sore as the body tries to enforce some kind of stability.

In 1% of cases sore against is used

They were so sore against Muslim domination that they decided to kill Umar.

Swallow looked sore against GWS on Saturday night, but he declared himself a certain starter against the Eagles.

He had fasted the livelong day, sore against the grain, holding that a good Christian ought not to fast in the glorious Resurrection week.

In 1% of cases sore of is used

Mary also had some fine jewellery, sore of which is still in the family.

We fished her out and checked her gills and body - no injury, infection or sore of any kind, she isnt bloated or with eggs.

And the traveller Leopold went in to the castle for to rest him for a space being sore of limb after many marches environing in divers lands and sometime venery.

In 1% of cases sore over is used

Residents were also sore over huge garbage dumps just at the entrance of this street.

Brothers Byrd and Womack felt sore over their defeat and resolved to try it over the next day.

Anybody who felt sore over the World Trade has a mountain of corpses to salve their victimhood.

I remember watching this show and laughing my sides sore over a bunch of jokes that just weren't being done by any other cartoon.

John Constantine It's been close to a decade since the Constantine movie debuted, and we're still sore over its poor treatment of John Constantine.

In 1% of cases sore upon is used

And they pressed sore upon the man, even Lot, and came near to break the door.

The home-sickness was sore upon me, and all my solitary hours were spent in tears.

They went out early one day, and were absent from us a sennight and hunger was sore upon us; but on the eighth day they returned, both weeping, and we asked them the reason of their absence.

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