Prepositions after "sophisticated"

sophisticated in, for, with, of or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases sophisticated in is used

Looks quite sophisticated in my eyes.

Every detail is sophisticated in conception.

So they were quite sophisticated in their PR offensive.

There are many traditions both quite impressive and sophisticated in this land.

Linda Hartley is rather more sophisticated in her papers than she displays here.

Floral Crossbody Bags These bags are small and much sophisticated in their look.

This industry has become so sophisticated in it's operation that many trucks out there are very well-equipped.

Respondents expect deals to be more sophisticated in process and structure, with increasingly complex demands.

First, whether Indian head or a Mongol, an Imperial court is the most polished and sophisticated in protocols.

As indicated earlier on in the text, the illicit drug industry is becoming more sophisticated in its operations.

In 10% of cases sophisticated for is used

He's too sophisticated for that.

They were too sophisticated for that.

Maybe it's just too sophisticated for me to understand.

But maybe we're all too sophisticated for that sort of judgmentalism nowadays.

The food was simply delicious - and so sophisticated for such a remote location.

But gentlemen, you are so right about it being too sophisticated for the masses.

They were extraordinary pieces of characterisation, very sophisticated for her years, each wanting to speak.

The stuff in so-called music class was either horrendous garbage or too sophisticated for a 15-year-old ear.

Used to be a time when good folks felt sorry for the poor and hungry, but we are way too sophisticated for that now.

Taught early and well by committed parents, today's five- and six-year-olds seem far too sophisticated for this book.

In 8% of cases sophisticated with is used

Here we replace sophisticated with correctly.

Jazz diva Krall is normally sophisticated with a capital S.

Very sophisticated with accurate timbres and lots of power.

The atmosphere of the venue is classy, sophisticated with a slight jazzy feel.

The facade was elegant and the reception sophisticated with predominantly wood decor.

We learned how to change and radically become more sophisticated with our positioning.

He was even able to tame Tiffany's fro so that all the girls looked very sophisticated with their sleek updo's.

It is because SMS will be sophisticated with its new generation, which is called Multimedia Messaging Services or MMS.

Very sophisticated with good separation of cyclists along main roads and at junctions and widespread use of red tarmac.

I think we might need too get a bit sophisticated with what we take with us on some of these longer legs of our journey.

In 6% of cases sophisticated of is used

The most sophisticated of those protect our nation's secrets.

I'd A) not thin enough, and B) not that sophisticated of a dresser.

It is true that Arabs were not the most sophisticated of the nations.

The most sophisticated of these models began projecting earth's climate from 2001.

It is not the most sophisticated of proposals ever to emerge, but lets see what comes from it.

They have the most sophisticated of all hearing aid technology currently available in the market.

OpenDoc, an enormous undertaking by Apple in the mid 1990s was among the most sophisticated of such attempts.

Nimda was the more sophisticated of the two worms because it used more than one vulnerability to compromise systems.

Dandelion Pumps As I said before, I don't have the most sophisticated of wardrobes and high high heels aren't my thing.

For example, even the most sophisticated of German families were fighting over food in garbage cans near the end of World War II.

In 5% of cases sophisticated about is used

They can get much more sophisticated about selling produce.

In fact there's nothing sophisticated about slander full stop.

I did not hate categories; I was very sophisticated about them.

Their mood is always low, with nothing of the sophisticated about them.

Many small publishers aren't sophisticated about advertising and offer very attractive rates.

Not to say that we don't have humour anymore but we're trying to be a bit more sophisticated about it.

When it stops going up then I guess you have to be a little more sophisticated about how you guage things.

Seeking out a commitment savings account requires people to be sophisticated about their time-inconsistency.

The citizen is much more sophisticated about the laws and the culture; the immigrant often can not speak English.

There's something really sexy and sophisticated about sipping the serious stuff, plus you'll actually learn a ton.

In 5% of cases sophisticated as is used

Soups served as starters were very sophisticated as well as desserts.

Perhaps he was as culturally sophisticated as the renowned Roman poet Ovid.

Its significance is quite sophisticated as the band chose it for the classical.

You will find life at its most sophisticated as well as its raw unadulterated state.

Price The electronics required for an STM are extremely sophisticated as well as very expensive.

Sophisticated as well as classy-these will be the a pair of terms to spell it out the D &G; luggage.

As we become more sophisticated as a people and society we are more discerning and more demanding of quality.

We have a good human resource base; our labor force is fairly sophisticated as well as being eager and ready to learn.

Although I would be shocked beyond words if a country as modern and sophisticated as the USA would be doing such a thing.

Various on line bridesmaid outlets present Wedding Dresses which happen to be sophisticated, sophisticated as well as sexy.

In 4% of cases sophisticated at is used

Al Queda is very sophisticated at telling their story.

It is just as sleek and sophisticated at its Las Vegas counterpart.

Google is more sophisticated at spotting spam than it was 10 years ago.

Sepia and black &; white are tiresome after while and a bit too sophisticated at times.

They can be frugal and eco-conscious, yet extremely tasteful and sophisticated at the same time.

But people are getting better and more sophisticated at organizing and feel more empowered to be heard.

Way charms has come up being terrific choice to seem modern together with sophisticated at very affordable fees.

HomeBuy Agents and housing associations have got much better and more sophisticated at promoting shared ownership sales.

Frame your children's best art pieces in wide black frames for a look that's whimsical and sophisticated at the same time.

The orange frock was made of lace and it was extremely sexy and provocative, but elegant and sophisticated at the same time.

In 3% of cases sophisticated to is used

Flame is just the most sophisticated to date.

The food has gone from sophisticated to amateur.

Israeli officials said it was the most sophisticated to date.

They are listed in developmental order, less sophisticated to those more sophisticated.

The language of the vitriol range from the sophisticated to the vilest gutter versions ever imaginable.

I would guess it has -- were not even -- the ones that were, were probably not sophisticated to encryption.

Also, they like to keep things simple, don't try to talk sophisticated to them, you'll just come off arrogant to them.

We see that they have introduced a variety of handsets, ranging from expensive and sophisticated to cheap and functional.

Our activity has been intense, diverse, sustained, and sophisticated to degrees higher than those in other Third World regions.

From the big-framed to narrow, from sophisticated to spunky, from understated to chirpy, she was the grand-possessor of them all.

In 2% of cases sophisticated by is used

Not very sophisticated by it does work.

The search has become more sophisticated by the 21 th century.

You'll be able to seem sophisticated by donning common colors like as black, brown or grey.

I'd constantly left in awe of how you managed to look so sophisticated by mixing and maxing separates.

There are relatively few large cities, which are generally not very sophisticated by western standards.

These product lines have now developed into full-fledged industries whose offerings are getting more sophisticated by the day.

Maple Walnut Ice Cream is a classic flavour that I thought could be made just a bit more sophisticated by adding a few shots of whisky.

This Jenah may just be fashionable plus sophisticated by using semicircular shiny all steel metal critical in addition to braided provider aspect.

They have not been sophisticated by the hard, worldly wisdom of a Canadian town, and still retain a warm remembrance of the kindly humanities of home.

Which box gets hotter? This basic experiment can be made more sophisticated by altering flow rates to indicate differing heating and cooling rates and even diurnal cycles.

In 2% of cases sophisticated over is used

Spam emails have grown sophisticated over the years and have more malicious intentions.

His tests were crude, but intelligence assessment has become increasingly sophisticated over the years.

The office has become steadily more sophisticated over the last four years, with an intensive push over the last two.

The tool is in its first stages of development at the moment, but is expected to become more sophisticated over the next year.

This is also true for the photovoltaic industry whose products have become more and more sophisticated over the last few years.

But although the band became more sophisticated over time, both musically and in their use of language, the lyrics on even the later albums aren't too challenging.

It could be fair to say that the ways that kids books dealt with money issues becomes more sophisticated over time, but then again the kids books themselves become more sophisticated as well.

As much as the process of lunching might have progressed and got more sophisticated over the years, we still can't think of a better 1pm meal than two slices of bread and a delicious filling.

In 1% of cases sophisticated without is used

It is sophisticated without being daunting, deeply relaxing, and beautifully run by attentive staff.

These bold, stylish prints are sophisticated without being serious and come in a rich palette of colors perfect for fall.

You can't really expect to do anything sophisticated without at least occasionally getting your hands dirty in notation like LaTeX.

Effective and insightful evaluation models can be sophisticated without being complex and ought to play an integral role in the overall selection process.

Chef Shauna Stockwell's menu is sophisticated without being pretentious and makes use of the local produce including apples, mustards, cheese, olive oil and hazelnuts.

In 1% of cases sophisticated throughout is used

The AIG's attacks against foreigners grew more sophisticated throughout 1994, and the group's operations demonstrated a significant level of coordination in some cases.

In 1% of cases sophisticated through is used

Reading awareness is particularly sophisticated through the process of summarizing coupled with paraphrasing.

As searching in CV databases becomes more sophisticated through the addition of new features, I would expect to see this rising as a source of hire.

In 1% of cases sophisticated on is used

It cooks up quickly, looks so sophisticated on the plate yet is mindlessly easy to prepare, and it's utterly delicious.

That has raised the hackles of many who saw Obama as somehow more sophisticated on terrorism issues than his predecessor, George W Bush.

During the course of their work, mechanics also deal with electrical and electronic systems, which are becoming more and more sophisticated on modern vehicles.

Aussie city and mulberry teaching private hospitals are among the greatest equipped and many sophisticated on the planet, providing first-class health care and clinical training.

Plato The instant replay/pause on their Olympics video feeds is amazing -- I've noticed that they've started to do something less sophisticated on iPlayer with a ' watch from the start ' option.

In 1% of cases sophisticated from is used

All sounds far too sophisticated from what I remember of student cooking.

I expected something a bit more sophisticated from a place that specializes in dessert (and that charges top dollar for them).

Type rings offers come up to be a excellent carrier to search fashionable together with sophisticated from affordable premiums.

Stylish and sophisticated from the forefront of high street luxury delivered to your door in a French Connection Gift Box at a 60% discount.

By far the most well-known athletes worldwide now want these sunglasses as these are generally technically sophisticated from other manufacturers.

Whichever type of design you choose, it is possible to be ensured that you have purchased a pair of shoes that may make you appear sophisticated from the moment you place.

In 1% of cases sophisticated due is used

Here the operation is far more sophisticated due to the volumes as well as good quality concerned.

From the planning submission: Irish whiskey is becoming more sophisticated due to new premium range entrants such as single Malt and Pure Pot Still.

As opposed to the prior Qin fortifications, the Ming building was better quality and much more sophisticated due to the usage of bricks and stone instead of rammed earth.

In 1% of cases sophisticated among is used

It is highly sophisticated among other gadgets.

I was so fortunate to witness Ngaben, the biggest and the most sophisticated among the five rituals carried out by the Balinese Hindu.

The sophisticated among them, the educated leaders, appreciated the need to prevent a break-up of their new nation along tribal or racial lines.

But the wisest and the most sophisticated among those British civil servants were overwhelmed by the cultural grandeur and the exquisite historic legacy of this ancient land.

The more sophisticated among us would probably opt for a more articulate leader but her people are quite fine with how she speaks and those bouts of temper only make her more human in their eyes.

In 1% of cases sophisticated along is used

Christian Louboutin Shoes are glamor and sophisticated along with high quality, wearability and durability.

Within exceptional cases, where the procedure is actually sophisticated along with extended common pain medications is favored.

She Lohan maintains getting snapped looking like a laid-back 20-something-year-old who will be sophisticated along with uncomplicated.

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