Prepositions after "sometime"

sometime in, between, before, after or during?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases sometime in is used

Got mine day 1 sometime in July 2010.

I started this sometime in December I think.

We hit Mile 2 sometime in the 18-minute mark.

Yes, Anaheim had the option to trade Schultz's rights up until sometime in late June.

Some improvement has occurred, but worse is likely sometime in the next few centuries.

I intend to write a blog about the implications of a Euro-exit sometime in the future.

I don't know when PA started imitating a banana republic, but it must have happened sometime in the last 30 years.

SIV crossed over from chimpanzees to the human population to make ' HIV ' sometime in the late 1800s, early 1900s.

Bill is hopeful, as are other MMAF members in Tanzania, that sometime in the future they will join this apostolate.

We're looking at sometime in August, but we can't say for sure until we've completed filming and finished the film.

In 7% of cases sometime after is used

Labour says 67 sometime after 2021.

Reports are that sometime after 3 a.

Reports are that sometime after 4 p.

And her pants, because they did the naughty sometime after Amelia's baby was born.

He was a changed man for sometime after Velayutham and Thulasi's marriage failure.

It might be available sometime after launch, the 360 didn't have it at launch eihter 4.

It is believed that the Book of the Prophet Jeremiah as it now stands came into being sometime after the exile.

They all stink and should be held accountable when the time comes (that would be sometime after November 6, 2012).

In there were medium format negs that one of his uncles took when he was stationed in the pacific sometime after WWII.

The consensus of many biblical historians put the dating of the earliest Gospel, that of Mark, at sometime after 70 C.

In 7% of cases sometime between is used

Saint Jim will ' manifest ' sometime between 9.

The date might well be sometime between 1900 and 1910.

That is pencilled in for sometime between now and January.

The cyber attack occurred sometime between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

Return to Nbi will be before dark so sometime between 18:oo 18:45 in the evening.

An unauthorized access occurred sometime between January 22 and February 15, 2012.

Written in Coptic language, the gospel has been scientifically traced back to sometime between 220 and 340 A.

When a customer calls in need of service, they give vague ideas of when they'll be there (' sometime between 9 a.

Our locked car was broken into sometime between 6pm last night and 8:30am this morning on the 800 block of South 49th.

At peak generally agreed to be sometime between 2000 and 2008 we will have extracted and burned half of that endowment.

In 7% of cases sometime before is used

John came to America sometime before 1854.

August Becker passed away sometime before l914.

Antrim and arrived in NSW sometime before Patrick.

His son, Hugh McTernan III, born sometime before 1763, died sometime after 1835.

The wisdom of our strategy will be evident sometime before the end of this decade.

Bryan married Alice McTernan, nee O'Connor, 1780(8)--3-30-1860, sometime before 1811.

They must have baked it fresh, and that's why it took quite sometime before the pie came out from the kitchen.

Peel Memorial Hospital original buildings are nearly down and the site will be clear sometime before Christmas.

Two vehicles parked in the street in the 6100 block of Bay Ridge Avenue were rummaged through sometime before 9 a.

Note: When cooking Assorted Beef Pepper Soup, you should cook the shaki for sometime before adding the other beef parts.

In 6% of cases sometime during is used

Maximilian to sometime during the period c.

I figured it would be useful sometime during this course.

You better! For sometime during your life you will meet him.

I would just talk to them for sometime during breaks, just like any other teacher.

Assuming you live in the 21st Century, and not in the Wild West sometime during 1820.

Think positive thoughts and make it a point to talk to your baby for sometime during the.

The procedure is carried out at a variety of ages, ranging from shortly after birth to sometime during the first pregnancy.

That sounds like an amazing project! Perhaps we can discuss it more sometime during a Books on the Radio interview? Best of luck.

An office burglary that occurred sometime during the weekend of December 31, 2011 resulted in the theft of an external hard drive.

Interestingly, only a very few raised their hands, when they were asked about the people who actually slept for sometime during the hack.

In 4% of cases sometime for is used

I hope my A850 and A77 hold out for sometime for me.

It would have to take sometime for us to speak again.

It will take sometime for him to become active again.

They have been intentionally doing this for quite sometime for following benefits -- 1.

I am just following up to see if you were able to find sometime for me to talk to Trent.

Make decisions but also allow for sometime for people to digest the implications of these.

Salauddin Quader Chowdhury has raised a point of order and he has been insisting for quite sometime for a Ruling.

Generally it takes sometime for students to realize there are career opportunities and then complete their curriculum.

Bickel, aren't you -- aren't you going to allow sometime for some of the -- really see what this means before they act? Mr.

It took quite sometime for my partner and I to learn to have disagreements in a way that didn't end with us being resentful to each other.

In 3% of cases sometime around is used

Overnight! From sometime around 9:30pm on.

I was found eligible sometime around October.

Weeks 32 - 36 By sometime around week 32, the baby weighs approximately five pounds and is from 16 to 18 inches long.

The scheduled election date for October 5, 1970 was changed to a new date to December 7, 1970 sometime around August 15, 1970.

So releasing the V sometime around January and announcing a better speced Xperia V at MWC (late february) would just cause frustration.

Given the amount of re-work needed on these frames it'll be sometime around the first quarter of 2013 before this aircraft is delivered.

I'd not sure when the final day will be but it should be sometime around the end of August or early September so we have about 2ish months left.

It had been mid-morning when she took her seat at the press conference, but it must have been sometime around mid-afternoon when she arrived in this time.

The new Dragonborn content is expected to hit the Xbox 360 sometime around the beginning of next month, with a date pointing in the direction of December 4.

Hopefully, the response to the 390 will encourage the KTM team to bring the CBUs in sometime around the end of 2013, but that's us hoping rather than Bajaj doing.

In 2% of cases sometime of is used

After sometime of debugging, I decided to upload the sagepage suite.

West left the king on his own and he died pennyless after sometime of tasting hard life.

Up to 80 per cent of the marine life that live in the Bluefields Bay spend sometime of their life in.

Cassidy goes after people he know he can beat in a battle and is commercially superior than he is in hope for sometime of buzz.

Now she married to Michael after sometime of years and she started to give up and decided she would gain happiness from her nephews and nieces.

Briefly stated, the facts giving rise to the case are as follows: Apparently, after sometime of living together as man and wife, the first and second respondents divorced.

He was also Deputy Leader of the House in the second, fifth, sixth, and for sometime of the eighth JS; and Deputy Leader of the Opposition Parliamentary Party in the seventh Parliament (1996-2001).

In 2% of cases sometime on is used

He then rose from the dead sometime on Easter Sunday.

I respect Zerohedge and know he/she has been bearish for sometime on Apple.

For one may fix his attention during Sometime on any one object without looking farther.

If you can hack $5,000 of spending you'll want to hold off for sometime on Tuesday when they switch over.

If you can hack $3,000 but not $5,000 you'll want to hold off for sometime on Tuesday when they switch over.

If you try the WIndows 8 Mobile after using the Windows 8 for sometime on your desktop, you will feel at home.

If you spend quite sometime on the internet, you must have heard of the doctor who came from a coma and reported he had seen heaven.

The Ceylon Moor Chamber of Commerce had been functioning for sometime on the solo efforts of AIL Marikar, the Secretary of the Chamber.

Still, the fraudulent company is still practising the same business model for quite sometime on the pretext that there were no complaints.

He had to leave his job, and was in considerable mental anxiety and physical pain for quite sometime on account of what he was going through because of this invisible existence.

In 2% of cases sometime with is used

Of course, you may enjoy spending sometime with your friend but not being with them all the time.

New Zealand's batting has been ailing for sometime with their batsmen not living up to expectations.

I told God I wanted my wife to reject me at first, and then approach me after sometime with a changed mind.

Applying honey directly to the face and washing after sometime with water will make the skin more beautiful.

I actually got this idea from love to cook and have been baking this for quite sometime with various ingredients.

This means that a particular configuration may work for sometime with a broken upstream nameserver configuration.

Fact 5: While the pilot had flown for sometime with other airlines in the area, this was his maiden flight for with this.

I believe I mumbled something, and my wife must have taken it as ascent that we would be spending sometime with the Browns in October.

Unlike the others, in this era, if one even prays to God for sometime with total faith and devotions and sings the praises of the Lord, he shall fulfill all his desires within no time.

By the time God choose him to lead his people to the promised land, he battled for sometime with fear in the same way His Excellency is tackling fears in many aspects of Nigeria's problems.

In 1% of cases sometime at is used

He also studied for sometime at Kalighat high school, Kolkata.

We would love to be able to come by sometime at your Sunday service.

Cabbage heads can store for sometime at 0C and 95% relative humidity.

Both seem to be a drain on the country while having been treated very well for sometime at the expense of the rest of Canada.

Founder of Sikh religion, Guru Nanak is said have to performed Hajj and stayed for sometime at the dargah of a peer at Baghdad.

Hiuen-Tsang states that Gautama Buddha stayed for sometime at Vasu Vihara, which was situated on the outskirts of Pundravardhana.

Like Us on Facebook: From SM Entertainment, TVXQ will be making their comeback first sometime at the end of this month along with Girls ' Generation in October.

Polling was disrupted for sometime at Thanga Makha gram panchayat polling booth in Bishnupur district following confrontations between the workers of rival candidates.

In 1% of cases sometime as is used

He remained with Zia for sometime as the education minister.

I will have to wait for sometime as the weather has not been favourable to get out on a regular basis.

I have been curious for sometime as to why the English FA have not adopted a plan like in the German league.

This touchy feeling is for sometime as both are seen as star couples after few months they will start to bite each other.

She stood there in solemn silence for sometime as a mark of respect to the indomitable leader of the country's long arduous struggle for independence.

As somebody that has watched from the sidelines for sometime as the situation regarding these type of groups unfolds, I would like to point out a few common threads that seem to pop up.

In 1% of cases sometime by is used

For sometime by an error it was considered as Elara's tomb.

This morning he was assigned to pick the Mayor's father who was coming after sometime by the inter-city train.

Let's hope that the above reports are not true and Malaysians will get their iPhone 5 sometime by the end of November,.

The Hafez had conducted his heinous activities for quite sometime by intimidating the boys in the classroom or the mosque.

How futile or otherwise this entire FUTA exercise had been will be debated for sometime by all stake-holders who were affected by this action.

In 1% of cases sometime down is used

The tips presented in this article are handy sometime down the road.

If the MLS isn't allowed to do it, then taxpayers ' money will be spent doing so sometime down the road.

Whedon's tease will pay off in one way or another sometime down the road, and the final two films in Marvel's Phase Two would be a solid arc for the character.

The war memorial was designed to remind us that nothing comes without sacrifice and that sometime down the road we may need to defend at a moment's notice what is important to us.

In 1% of cases sometime about is used

Gods been speaking to me for sometime about being there for others.

You should try talking in person to an actual socialist sometime about whether they think Obama is a socialist.

Do you really think Indians were incorrect to fear the Chinese nuclear arsenal? Talk to some Vietnamese sometime about China.

Strip all your party affiliations for a moment and think clearly for sometime about the effect of this decision to the future of this country.

In 1% of cases sometime over is used

Apple said it is working with many car manufacturers in an attempt to integrate a hardware button into steering wheels that can activate Siri sometime over the next 12 months.

Hopefully, at sometime over the remaining days of the week, you will have been able to get out to a club and found the groove you need, been able to buy it on vinyl and get it home.

In 1% of cases sometime within is used

I'd thinking future, since I'll probably be buying new sometime within the next year, I think.

Chances are that sometime within the next few decades there will be open water here for the first time in human recorded history.

The best choice? Set the date for sometime within January, February (other than approximately Valentine's Day, when the flower costs tip ), as well as March.

In 1% of cases sometime without is used

Luckily the Father of my unborn child let me into his home and promised to marry me; so I stayed with him for sometime without my family's knowledge of my where-abouts.

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