Prepositions after "solid"

solid in, at, for, with or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases solid in is used

It is truly solid in that form.

Koen MacInnes was solid in net.

He was solid in the field and hit.

The 808 PureView is all plastic, but because of the weight, it feels solid in the hand.

Effect of water Solubility of a solid in water (without reaction) suggests it is ionic.

The Norwegian was really solid in this match and he increased his lead at every target.

We must defend truth, defend those who can not defend themselves, and be solid in the traditions of our own churches.

And you become much more solid; your steps become more solid and you become more solid in your body and in your mind.

For his part, Malakai Fekitoa was solid in midfield, making few mistakes and recycling the ball he took into contact.

He stayed strong through four power play chances for the Huskies, even when his defense wasn't solid in front of him.

In 13% of cases solid at is used

We have to be solid at the back.

SF are solid at room temperatures.

We've got to be solid at the back.

Arsenal did look solid at the back, not allowing Stoke to dominate in any possible way.

A rigid, old fashioned 4-4-2 system was used in an attempt to remain solid at the back.

Transfats Transfats are man made fats of which are made to be solid at room temperature.

Generally speaking, they are the ones which are solid at room temperature and tend to be derived from animal sources.

The tactic is working quite well, we seem very solid at the back and we've handed out a few thrashings in the league.

Real were solid at the back, even after the sending-off and Mourinho was pleased they had come through the game so well.

Koscielny 7- The Frenchman was strong and solid at the back and kept the likes of Lennon, Bale and Defoe out of the game.

In 10% of cases solid for is used

Something far more solid for work.

Once Upon a Time is solid for ABC.

I been at it solid for three years.

I have been working solid for a week on five different Pension Appeals Board hearings.

The only problem was there is only the one in Nelson and it was booked solid for weeks.

Skrtel and Agger had a bad day at the office, but they've been solid for most of the season.

Then they all go and get pregnant! I guess there's something to be said for being booked solid for the next 3 years.

He has done nothing wrong, has been solid for most of the season and still rocks the Sideshow Bob look like no other.

One key component that is missing from the carbon cycle model is permafrost, soil frozen solid for more than two years.

I think by reading this post home owners will get ideas which smoke detectors will be solid for their home or building.

In 9% of cases solid with is used

The highway was solid with them.

Soldier - I'd solid with this one.

Volume is solid with a good lower end.

The desander takes care of the solid with diameter 4574? m, and 1544? m for desilter.

By comparison, an Iowa farm, its fields solid with potatoes, was an ocean of breakfast.

Even sounds big and solid with limited instrumentations and will provide a great way for.

We played a reasonably strong squad first half (as we did aganst other teams pre-season) and were solid with a win.

Glossop looked solid with Simon Thompson playing as a lone striker and Jones making his presence felt at right back.

Filter, rinse the solid with ice-cold water, and determine the weight and melting point range of the carboxylic acid.

Regardless, after he rejoined the band, they're back to solid with Cold Day Memory and hopefully the new one as well.

In 8% of cases solid on is used

But, he is solid on core issues.

Looks quite solid on the outside.

We look defensively solid on Sunday.

All three are solid on the basics, but they have distinct differences in style and focus.

But aside from the snark, I think that it's generally solid on the spending/tax cut side.

About an hour later we had a marlin strike two lures before hooking up solid on the third.

The Orioles can expect Machado to at least be solid on defense, as he was much better than advertised at third base in 2012.

Either solid metal stands or foam speaker pads with something solid on top work best and can really tighten up the bass end.

No hints, no advices apart from that solid one by murphy66 and the disparaging, aside, yet very comforting, comments of CitizenWhy.

In 7% of cases solid as is used

Otherwise, he's solid as a rock.

But the bump was solid as a rock.

We were strong and solid as a group.

From that point on, he continued making progress until his mind became solid as a rock.

Solid as a rock? That is simply not enough to describe the way the Serbian defender plays.

Everyone thinks those home owners are speculating, they're not, they just want a solid asset.

Whatever it is, Miles is a 19918018128% upgrade and deserves the time considering he's already looking solid as a rookie.

Rasheed was solid as a rock and later proved his uprightness by defying another 8 brigade commander inayat in 1988 or so.

Not the feelings part -- she's solid as a rock - when I told her I didn't blast anyone she said I wasted my time in Italy.

The band itself were solid as a rock, and you could tell the whole room (band included) were really digging into the music.

In 5% of cases solid to is used

This steak should feel solid to the touch.

The singleplayer and zombies have been solid to me.

That, coupled with a negative test, felt solid to me.

He was coach of a solid to spectacular NY Ranger team that wom a couple of playoff series.

Doesn't sound that solid to me -- I'd not sure they have a toe to stand on let alone a foot.

It's solid to diagram or deduce on the contrary there is something inside distinct of us that wants to be proven right.

One was Maori, of solid to fat build, about 175cm tall, with black hair and a goatee, wearing a black and white T-shirt.

It was mostly veteran bats - Rios, Dunn, Pierzynski - bouncing back from disastrous years to have solid to good seasons.

Matter could be seen as changing from a solid to a liquid to a gaseous state by the application of various degrees of heat.

In 3% of cases solid from is used

Reviews are solid from customers.

Played very solid from the baseline.

The cube looked solid from the outside and it.

They may be solid from the top as far as laying a bet and also the games are worried.

Rohit Sharma was solid from the start and negotiated the bowlers without much trouble.

The line dividing the solid from the gas represents the sublimation/deposition phase transitions.

MRI is capable of demonstrating the entire spinal cord and of differentiating solid from cystic intramedullary tumours.

Microspatula The Microspatula, commonly called a spatula, is used for moving small amounts of solid from place to place.

Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images LeBron James was the only member of the Heat who played solid from start to finish.

In Manchester, for example, the tramway system was shut down completely, and other transport workers were also solid from the start.

In 2% of cases solid against is used

It looked really solid against PSU and Mich St.

Their evidence base is not solid against the Ocampo 4.

And I am dead solid against allowing animal suffering.

It is not that they have anything solid against Zarinah.

Lindergaard was nervous in that match, but he was solid against Wigan.

He was once again rock solid against Dwarfs ' dangerous young attackers.

SS Javon Harris is solid against the run and had three picks last season.

The yen should remain solid against the euro and dollar over the coming months.

Make him fight Mares and win or lose I'll say he's doing solid against top comp.

In 2% of cases solid like is used

It'll make you solid like a wall.

She thought he would go for something solid like being an accountant.

The sky can be made solid like the earth, so that one can walk on it.

Not quite road conditions, to be fair, but it's not ' solid like a rock ' by any means.

Your best bet is to pick something heavy and solid like a big saloon or SUV, and go wild.

Yeah, it usually turns into a murky sludge, rather than solid like frytex or lard/dripping.

The rest of our game is still pretty solid like possession etc just no end product and a weaker defense without Adnan.

It is the red of virginia creeper -- one of the reds of virginia creeper -- but it is flat, not leafy, solid like meat.

For a liquid like bromine or a solid like iodine, it also includes the energy that is needed to convert them into gases.

I had something solid like a piece of Salami and Camembert Roll, or Apple Strudel or Custard Donut every hour on the hour.

In 1% of cases solid without is used

Solid without being world-beating.

Sagna was solid without being spectacular.

This jacket is solid without being heavy, and cord is really fun to tailor.

The rest of the tablet is solid without being as impressive as the display.

It's substantial and solid without feeling heavy or bulky, and the movement keeps excellent time.

First, in simpler and less self-conscious times these forms could become more solid without really becoming more serious.

As it is a single equation, it is applied to all surfaces, gas or liquid or solid without any regard whatsoever for their properties.

Jones is solid without being spectacular and his promotion to starting keeper must be a bigger slap in Reina's face than being dropped.

But white Arsenick both blanches the Metall and leaves it solid without any such pores, especially if the fusion hath not been too violent.

How could they have sounded that solid without performing ever? It was a huge, huge privilege to have witnessed that goddamn lucky sometimes.

In 1% of cases solid about is used

I also had trouble finding anything solid about Tropos.

The stock was a poor investment, nothing solid about it.

When it's splashing about the room, very little is solid about it.

There's nothing solid about it at all except that it keeps moving all the time.

I think it was great that we could both be really solid about the story we were telling.

That said - I'd imagine it'd be playing on Public Radio, since they're pretty solid about that kind of thing.

You should get all the facts that are going to help you achieve your decision that will make you feel solid about your retiring future.

I ended up running about 50 kms, and feel so solid about the 7 + hours I spent running with some amazing women, which I will post more about later.

In 1% of cases solid up is used

Looks really impressive and solid up close.

Suddenly Hayes, so solid up to then, were rocking.

Thing is for pitching to be effective there need to be solid up the middle defense.

My race run was pretty solid up top but into the wood i had a massive crash over the bars and then another one coming out of the woods.

Anyone who has followed The Ticker for any length of time should have known I wouldn't wade into this pile without something damn solid up my sleeve.

In 1% of cases solid under is used

Something solid under their feet gives them some security.

I felt as if the ground wasn't solid under me, knew I was dreaming, and yet I wasn't dreaming.

He was flying back into the forward pack against the Sharks Friday night, and was pretty solid under the high ball too.

Associated with each of these lattice points is a single atom or identical group of atoms, depending on the solid under consideration.

Most of them are solid under normal conditions; mercury is an obvious exception - and gallium melts at just below 30 degrees C, so it too will be a liquid on a really hot day.

In 1% of cases solid throughout is used

And the guy's been pretty solid throughout his career.

Fortify will which personally as well as maintains us going solid throughout the day.

In what was such an important match the Irish player's were extremely solid throughout the game.

Serenity as a factor of Awakening (passaddhi-sambojjhanga ): The breath is solid throughout the body.

Master Chief's unmissable escapades have been solid throughout the series ' history, steered along smoothly by developer Bungie.

The steel structure that supports and strengthens the mould has also been calculated and tested to remain solid throughout the curing process.

Yes, he scored some important goals and was solid throughout the tournament but I can not fathom how some would say he had a better world cup than Ozil.

Conditions looked a little easier than Friday's match against De Bakker and Roger was just too solid throughout the match and never looked like he was trouble.

Although the 32-year-old proved solid throughout the qualifying campaign, the defender's performance against Honduras was likely more indicative of his future.

In 1% of cases solid through is used

Forrest has been solid through 2012 in his play.

As the meat cooks, it becomes firmer and increasingly solid through the middle.

It doesn't need to be the most beautiful thing in the world, but you need it to be solid through one medium.

These days, that same trip costs about $30 million to climb aboard the 3 person spacecraft, and it's booked solid through 2009.

The solid waste collection bag is a detachable bag that is made of a special fabric that lets gas but not liquid or solid through.

He founded himself entirely upon fundamentals, which have been generally found to remain rational and solid through all social and historical changes.

In this category we find trans fats, hydrogenated fats and partially hydrogenated fats which have been turned from a liquid to a solid through a process called hydrogenation.

The most popular destinations such as Byron Bay are usually booked solid through the summer months (roughly November to March) so you will have more flexibility travelling in the winter months.

In 1% of cases solid rather is used

His wet performances have been solid rather than spectacular.

Colin Wilson, during both of his previous appearences on the show had produced solid rather than inspiring GK rounds.

As it is a solid rather than a liquid formula, the golden eyeliner is designed to be used on the waterline or directly on the skin.

The flaws in your model include ignoring the earth's 70% cloud cover and assuming that the earth is primarily a solid rather than a liquid surface.

I am also thinking about backing - I like a solid rather than a pieced backing, and if I loose a couple of inches from the width I will be able to do this.

Thomas Clarkson graduated BA in 1783 with a solid rather than a distinguished degree in mathematics, but remained at Cambridge to prepare himself to be a clergyman.

They looked solid rather than in those summer days of old, when they have headed to Croke Park after spectacular local campaigns only to see a bonfire made of their vanities.

In 1% of cases solid over is used

The material of the mantle acts like a solid over timescales of a second, hour, week, and up to several thousand years.

Rackspace's operational performance has been solid over the past quarter and management seems excited about the future contributions from OpenStack.

The additional weight carried by the electric model, combined with the proper suspension calibration, meant it felt solid over even the roughest pavement.

McCourty has looked solid over the top in coverage, but will he stick around at safety, or would he and new acquisition Aqib Talib be better suited on the corners in the New England secondary? 7 p.

In 1% of cases solid of is used

Without him SKC wouldn't have as solid of a defense.

Every bit as solid of an argument as any of the creationists here.

I only saw the second half, but thought it was solid of not spectacular.

The Good Guys are not so much handsome as virtuous-looking, fresh-faced and solid of jaw.

Jazz bass is almost done, the Badass bridge works a treat- they have to be the most solid of all.

You'd think after three days solid of nothing but hockey, The Top of the D would be fed up with Round 1.

He was rated by commentators as the most solid of the three government representatives in the national debates in August.

Continue reading? You'd think after three days solid of nothing but hockey, The Top of the D would be fed up with Round 1.

We would head out for our normal Saturday jaunt and come home empty-handed after nearly 8 hours solid of visiting various stores.

So debate within yourself, be solid of your beliefs and trust, get a grip of your own philosophy, and that's when self integrities comes in.

In 1% of cases solid into is used

Sublimation: a phase change from a solid into a gas state without any liquid state first.

Putting something solid into the water, such as pasta, will cause the water to boil furiously.

The heat energy required to convert 1 mole of solid into a liquid at its melting point is called the enthalpy of fusion.

We thought the whole world might melt, solid into liquid, like ice when we dropped it onto the path, and soon water and soon not even a wet mark where it was.

Gently lower the solid into the water by a thread until it is completely submerged -- if the solid is less dense than water then push it under with a long thin needle.

You can also weigh using a watchglass or plastic boat - in this case it is best to weigh it clean and dry, and then to wash off all solid into the flask to get 100% transfer.

In 1765 Euler published another major work on mechanics Theoria motus corporum solidorum in which he decomposed the motion of a solid into a rectilinear motion and a rotational motion.

In 1% of cases solid during is used

The German was nothing but solid during his time on Merseyside.

Dan Cole was solid during the World Cup tournament but unspectacular.

The energy absorbed by a solid during the melting process is called enthalpy of fusion.

A style that will never win a championship but is usually solid during the regular season.

Conservative supporters stayed tolerably solid during this time and were not likely to change their support to the Labour Party.

Precipitation Precipitation Precipitation is the formation of a solid in a solution or inside another solid during a chemical reaction.

Hood has been solid during his debut season, but the play of the 295-pounder will be essential in ASU's efforts to slow down a very productive Bruin rushing attack.

What is liquefaction and what causes it? Liquefaction is the term used to describe when some soils behave more like a liquid than a solid during the shaking from an earthquake.

Shadow detail and black levels are consistently solid during the darker moments of the film, however there is one low light indoor scene at 48:45 that seems to break down into a mess of grey grain.

In 1% of cases solid by is used

Xowalaci made it solid by blowing tobacco smoke on it.

Keep the bone solid by boosting your calcium mineral consumption.

ATTs handset lineup BLOWS VZWs away anyway, and their LTE will be solid by then.

Labour's overall vote has stayed solid by stripping support from the other left parties.

The molecules are attracted to each other in the solid by van der Waals dispersion forces.

Then you decrease the solubility of your solid by adding the second hot solvent to the first cloud.

The second is for a much more solid by equally delicious cheese square that may be made ahead up to the final frying.

This result was made solid by Hawking? s result on the quantum radiation of a black hole in a blackbody configuration.

Some years the lake isn't all that solid by the end of December but we were in luck this year and had great conditions.

But the NRL stuck solid by recent tradition in scheduling the Roosters-Rabbitohs clash as the opener on Thursday, March 7.

In 1% of cases solid after is used

They feel solid after 10 years of being driven.

I played really solid after that and gave myself a lot of chances.

Thermosets type plastics can melt and take shape once; they stay solid after solidification.

GA felt like he was solid after his visit with the Dawgs the week prior but our coaches feel good about Terry too.

I tried XSORB's Rock Solid and found that about a cupful turned the old latex paint in the photos to a solid after an hour.

I had to install a new addon to add a restart button to Firefox, because Firefox froze solid after hitting 2GB of memory usage.

Still solid after a couple thousand years? Ellen quit paying attention to the guide now and just stood gaping, marveling at it.

I found that one of the rosejoints on the front left A-Arm was seized solid after a wishbone failure on our very first test day this season.

I'd happy to report that my watercolours were solid after sitting over night, and ready to use by mid-afternoon today, so it took less than 24 hours for mine to harden.

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