Prepositions after "soft"

"soft on" or "soft in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases soft on is used

Froemke doesn't go soft on anyone.

They're even going soft on McCain.

Oh sweetie you're going soft on me.

Many corals are soft on the inside but have a hard outer covering called an exoskeleton.

Why do Indians and NRI's go soft on them or even pamper them o say I love your articles.

Wool carpets are wonderful to walk on, they are soft to touch and soft on the ears also.

Slightly crunchy on the outside while still soft on the inside, super sweet, and chocked full of yummy seeds and nuts.

GL: In general it's a bold lip! strong red, deep red, tangerine red, coral red, and then keep it softer on the eyes.

The offense was impotent, the secondary soft on the perimeter and special teams allowed a punt return for a touchdown.

That is why they are soft on the issues of Dollar accounts kasi if you ask sino ba sa kanila ang walang dollar account.

In 16% of cases soft in is used

Like he's gone soft in the head.

Usually seem soft in the morning.

Mystery is softer in my opinion.

He was soft in his dealings and always facilitated things and made them easy for others.

They are made from strong leather so that they are hard and soft in all the right areas.

These drums have begun to sound in the past weeks, louder in the US and a little softer in India, yet clearly audible.

As the name says, it is a spiced poori, crisp on the sides and soft in the middle, accompanied by thick coconut chutney.

Best for mosquite i find is garlic tab and B1 for a bout a month before we go and the avon skin so soft in the pink btl.

Furthermore, the loans pledged by two other donors, the ADB ($615 million) and the IDB ($140 million) are soft in nature.

In 7% of cases soft for is used

It's so soft for use with poi, and.

The red walls are soft for a subtle prison.

It is warm as a wrap and soft for babies too.

I wonder what my kids will say about me-probably she was far too soft for her own good.

It may be too soft for some of you hardcore fans, but this is just a damn beautiful song.

Surpisingly soft for an open-topped sportscar but not lacking in the handling department.

So I settled for good old Martha Stewart Holly Punches and then finished with some flower soft for snow and her muff.

Breads that need to stay moist and soft for a few days, as the protein absorbs moisture and avoids it drying quickly.

For example, on the violin you can play a breve with sforzand then quickly play softer for the length of the breve.

As for the people suggesting you're just soft for not ' toughing it out ', you can quite sincerely go truck yourselves.

In 7% of cases soft to is used

And probably soft to the touch.

Volume can vary from soft to loud.

The material was soft to the touch.

Also i'd not sure I have the know how, to make this idea work, ie soft to loud dynamics.

All in all, the Uniqlo bra tunics are really comfortable to wear, very soft to the touch.

Soft matter is a misnomer because many materials in this class are not soft to the touch.

Each notebook looks like a premium Moleskine journal, fit with a stunning cover and pages that look soft to the touch.

Similar to the Marinated Pork Belly Sliced, the bbq beef was soft to the bite, and really did go well with our drinks.

I can't help it OK! The thing was so small it could probably fit into my handbag and its fur felt so soft to the touch.

The steak was soft to the knife, quite tender though of course not as much as the cap, with a slight crisp on first cut.

In 6% of cases soft with is used

Become softer with each breath.

The abdomen was soft with no ascites.

NOTE - Never be soft with these souls.

Instead, I found the images to be soft with low contrast and forgettable dynamic range.

His nature was so soft with kindness and compassion that he was often abused and deceived.

I will bake until the apples are soft with the cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on the inside.

However without the grandmother's knowledge, and through being too soft with their customers, the money soon ran out.

What's the matter with you? I think your brain is going soft with all that comedy you are playing with that young girl.

WILD FOR LINEN Who says organic can't be cute? Organic towels get softer with wear, so are perfect to wrap children in.

In 4% of cases soft of is used

Dearest Pigeon, softest of dogs.

Life can harden even the softest of hearts.

Sangakkara was undone by the softest of shots.

Rochmoninoff on March 25, 2010 11:38 PM This strikes me as the softest of soft-science.

His fur was the shiniest softest of satin, which turned even softer and fluffier with age.

Her aura is the softest of pinks at the centre, leading out to a darker pale pink at the edge.

Clearly, we are stupid to be made to see what a terrible time we live in, when in fact we have the softest of lives.

Either is likely to appoint justices that will be soft of issues such as domestic spying and curtailing of civil liberties.

Thanks to this anecdote, the difficulty of the Homeric text is resolved: ' Then the sea will send you the softest of deaths.

On the softer of the 911's electronic damper settings it's perfectly acceptable, even over expansion joints and uneven tarmac.

In 3% of cases soft at is used

His head felt really soft at the back.

That's 2m 6f on the soft at the age of four.

Honey -- Honey is used to make skin soft at all times.

The bread was crunchy and soft at the same time and there's an amount full of ingredient.

I must confess to guiltily enjoying the waffle-cut chips; crisp and soft at the same time.

The crust was light and fluffy, soft at top but still had a satisfying crisp at the bottom.

As the dough is soft at this point, you can smooth the edges down with your fingertips (forgot to take a pic of that).

PA system is too soft at certain places Over the September holidays, the PA system around the school has been upgraded.

It works smoothly and cleanly, and while it feels slightly soft at the bottom end, it pulls hard once it gets into its stride.

While the image can appear ever so slightly soft at times, but for the most part, the level of clarity is more than acceptable.

In 3% of cases soft like is used

The colors are soft like candy.

She was soft like that all over.

It was rendered soft like boiled flesh.

It is expensive, but it is so sweet and does not burn or go soft like normal Basmati rice.

I'd try a solid in something soft like Gracing The Dawn, and see how you get on with that.

The end results weren't bad at all, a little crispy on top and the inside is soft like tofu.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012 Soft like the breeze speeding down the lane Mild like a kitty paw and warm like the summer rain.

He is so used to simply feeling control sticks in his hand that feeling anything soft like that would appear very alien to him.

Made from Invista, the fabric is air jet textured and feels soft like cotton but has durability and high resistance to abrasion.

I call this substance intermediate to flesh and sinew, because it is soft like the former, while it admits of stretching like the latter.

In 2% of cases soft as is used

My skin is soft as a baby's butt.

She was as dark and warm and soft as the spring night.

If she was too soft as a president of her company, it's not her fault but the directors.

The impact was soft as the cabin splashed into the water and briefly bobbed like a buoy.

He looked at her, his eyes immediately going from hard to soft as a slight smile raised his lips.

Soft as a cat Feodor seized the book and crept away from the chestnut tree -- across the court -- up to his tiny room.

Thus prices for purchase will softer as the sale prices will be better - and rents on the higher valued places will rise.

Also, the ugg outside natural leather is a lot greater and softer as opposed to cows natural leather employed for the fakes.

A side benefit is that I notice this combination seems to make my skin soft as well as getting a great feeling finish on the wood.

In 2% of cases soft by is used

Keep your hair soft by avoiding heat damage.

Your breasts should feel soft by the end of the feed.

You can make your stools softer by drinking plenty of water.

Corns are usually hard, but those that occur between the toes may be kept soft by moisture in the area.

After you setup OS, you can install the soft and register the soft by the Registration Code that we send to you.

Try to keep your motion soft by drinking plenty of water and looking at your fibre intake if your motion is hard.

Hmm, I am not sure about tea cloth's latest comment as wikipedia says (somewhere) that the funding fell soft by? 1 million.

In an attempt to make my hair soft by all means, I sought people's opinion on what to apply in order to improve the texture.

They are mixed together like a pie dough, a very buttery short dough made soft by the addition of egg, milk and baking powder.

Fidelis Egwuaba is fondly called Natural Soft by friends and fans He was born on the 23rd December, 1983 into the family of Mr.

In 1% of cases soft without is used

They are already soft without Hedo.

His temperament was very soft without any harshness and adamancy.

America Ferreira's look is soft without looking sloppy or overdone.

This stuff makes my hair feel sooooo silky and soft without weighing it down.

However, while the burger patty here was soft without being dense or dry, there was not much meat flavor at all.

Can you imagine Dawson and Lara working on eRespiratory Soft without testing it? Up in 4 minutes, I don't think so.

It stops the foundation from becoming patchy throughout the day and keeps it nice and soft without the breakout of spots.

I had to buy this after seeing Anna raving about it for so long and I'd very glad I did as it leaves my skin silky soft without even having to moisturise.

When Gallow spoke of it might be time could sense the how credit increase your to scores fast squares and a soft without a brain employer credit check release form.

In 1% of cases soft after is used

The bread is still soft after 2 days.

Your breasts don't feel softer after feeds.

The couch was too soft after sleeping in camp.

Since the skin is softer after the soak I can eliminate the dry skin layer quickly.

I've bled it yet again tonight and it does feel softer after each time I bleed the system.

After 2? 5 days, your breast will feel full at the start of a feeding and soft after a feeding.

I love the scent and I love that my skin feels so soft after that but the best in the world? Far from it, darling VOgue.

The general market consensus was that the unemployment report would be largely unchanged or come out softer after August's drop of 8.

As I mentioned in my post, what stood out the most to me was the fact that my hair felt so soft after my blow dry, not dry and brittle.

In 1% of cases soft upon is used

And rains fall soft upon your fields.

May the sun shine warm upon your face, the rains fall soft upon your fields.

May the sun shine warm upon your face, and rains fall soft upon your fields.

May the sun shine warm upon your face, The rains fall soft upon your fields.

May the sun shine warm upon your face; the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,.

You are like starlight which has touched me from above, like sparkling diamonds lying soft upon the grass.

May the sun shine warm upon your face; the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

In 1% of cases soft under is used

The cheese was chewy and soft under.

With 140 involved and soft under foot conditions it was a.

Put something soft under the child's head if she/he is lying on the floor.

My 100-400L is sharp wide open at 400mm, while the 70-300 was soft under similar settings.

Crawl over to the piece of furniture and, if possible, put something soft under your knees.

Their soft under feathers seesawed gently down to the ground and then, there he was, standing.

Next the characters, I love strong and determined women who also have a soft under belly they sometimes are resistant to expose.

It is soft on little knees and heads, it's warm and soft under foot and you can drop a wine glass on it and see the glass bounce.

Much publicized break-ups and occasional public outbursts presented him as someone who is vulnerable and soft under his rugged skin.

They seem to be quite satisfied with the beaches teeming with seafood-they named English Bay Ayyulshun, which means ' soft under feet '.

In 1% of cases soft towards is used

Maybe there was something in him that was still soft towards her.

The Aryan chief was soft towards the dasas, but strongly hostile to the dasyus.

I currently weigh 100kg and I have visible abs but a little soft towards the bottom of my abs (i.

To her surprise, he has become soft towards my sister and he himself has started to do 9 Thursday Vrat.

Fearless speaker, the issues He did commit mistakes, sometimes grave ones, as being soft towards the Emergency.

Over the years I've grown softer towards the comedy-drama and appreciate the story more, hone in on the positives.

Mind it the Americans always espoused the cause of the Zionist occupants of Al-Aqsa yet we for a moment were soft towards them.

It has been seen since the 9/11 terrorist strikes in the US homeland that US voters are hostile to any candidate perceived by them as soft towards terrorism.

In 1% of cases soft over is used

Concrete doesn't go soft over the years.

If you get soft bread (and stays soft over night) you are on the right track.

Dimo: Haff all dose guys vit de baron gone soft over de years -- or haff ve become.

I had wavered between firm and soft over the years, and I hadn't been 100% consistent in my discipline and follow through.

Existing use rights and property rights make it harder to encourage soft over hard engineering options within an at-risk area.

In a separate frying pan, saute the onion and spring onions until soft over a medium heat, then add the capers and the garlic.

Soft over even the nastiest of rutted roads, the FJ's double wishbone front suspension soaks up all surface imperfections to make one very comfortable ride.

We wish to offer a satisfactory night rest and therefore we have softer over mattresses to put on the main one for those guests who prefer sleeping on a softer bed.

Ahem, so once I got over the wire issues again I found that the headsets were really comfortable, the top band was soft over the head and the cups fit nicely over the ears.

The moonlight fell beautiful and soft over the land, and nothing disturbed the stillness except the sound of the sea and an occasional soldier we met staggering along towards the barracks.

In 1% of cases soft from is used

Cut toenails when they are soft from washing.

The bolillos should be hard from outside but soft from inside.

When I started to get too soft from all the drinking I've been doing.

This Dharam has a new shade of naram (soft from face) apart from being garam (warm at heart).

Hi Manang, I tried to make your spanish bread yesterday, They are good, and soft from the oven.

They are soft from our point of view and I think all three goals came indirectly from set-plays.

The tears shed on floor of azadari make us soft from inside and at the same time strong to strive in this ruthless world.

The first 3 days of cycling were hard, I didn't have much human contact and was still a bit soft from my detour to Amsterdam.

While North Atlantic traffic has been soft from Ireland it is strong from the US and from beyond the gateway points on both sides.

John Obi Mikel certainly felt this way, as you can tell by the following quote: The JT one was soft from what I saw and it was a yellow card.

In 1% of cases soft due is used

Rugby is becoming really too soft due to this f.

My skin feels quite soft due to the moisturising effect.

The onions had to be lifted early as the necks were getting soft due to the continuous wet weather.

The field of Padang Merbuk was muddy and soft due to the rain but that did not stop us volunteers form working.

What we passed out are very soft due to the regular apple juice that we were instructed to take over the 6 days.

After casting, plasticine is bound to get softer due to the heat generated when the hardener and resin are reacting.

One very important fact about tumble drying is it make the garment soft due to mechanical stroking of rotary drum of tumbler.

The ground in the Show jumping was very soft due to the watering over night -- Quincy did not like the going and had 4 down and Lupi had 2.

It is better to have an image with a little noise to deal with from a high ISO setting rather than an image that is soft due to subject movement.

We did find shots upwards of ISO 3200 to be a little soft due to processing, and the top tier ISO 12,800 setting is a step too far to be of much use.

In 1% of cases soft against is used

She was so soft against his body.

Her skin was soft against my chest.

Teams aren't going to play soft against KU.

Oh, how we danced! What happiness! Your brown corduroy jacket, so soft against my skin.

The unique construction is interesting and the thick yarn is cozy and soft against your skin.

The shiny and luxurious silk-satin fabric makes the prints pop, and is super soft against your skin.

The rose gold is very soft against your skin and I have to say if I had to have a personal jeweller Robert would be the man.

She put on her robe, the purple silk cool and soft against her skin, sat down and read the letter for the third time that day.

Like the Body Shop's other brushes, these cruelty-free brushes are synthetic and feel soft against the skin with no scratchiness.

The last one was a mix of textures, stewed apples soft against flaky pastry, the whole thing complemented by a dollop of fresh cream.

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