Prepositions after "sober"

"sober for" or "sober in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases sober for is used

I've been sober for six months.

I've been sober for five years.

I've been sober for half a year.

It was noted in court that she had tested clean and sober for about a year and a half.

It turned out that she was a former alcoholic and had been sober for nearly six years.

He's a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, and has been sober for over two years now.

I have been sober for three years without going to AA meetings, and I want to help you if you share the same doubts.

Although I have been sober for several years now, the eating disorder still rears its ugly head in times of trouble.

The obvious problem the alcoholics I know have, is fundamentally this, they are never sober for more than a few days.

But the horrible thing about this is although I have remained sober for three decades, my ' disease ' has progressed.

In 19% of cases sober in is used

I shall be sober in the morning.

Having to stay sober in a town that's so not.

It is up to you to remain sober in the process.

It has so much bloom and such a raibow palette that Oblivion looks sober in comparison.

Matt Scudder is dealing with the day-in, day-out struggle to stay sober in the Big Apple.

And sometimes the pilots were very sober in the morning and didn't even cowboy it very much.

It has been spoken that when people get sober here and move away, it is hard to stay sober in a group where nobody knows you.

They are verye sober in their eatinge, and trinkinge, and consequentlye verye longe liued because they doe not oppress nature.

After getting sober in 1985, he returned to school, earning his BA from UC Berkeley and MFA in Creative Writing from UC Irvine.

The newspaper stated that Tyler, who went sober in the mid 1980 's, wanted to work on his sobriety ahead of his tour with Aerosmith.

In 5% of cases sober at is used

She was sober at that point in time.

A Christian must be sober at all times.

Be sober at whatever role you are playing now.

Milnthorp was sober at the time of the altercation.

One parent needs to be sober at all times in case of emergency.

They were relatives, both alcoholics but sober at this time of the day.

Now go and tell ' em, while you're still sober at the start of the evening.

Second, nobody's that sober at the end of any football game, let alone a Raiders game.

Arrive sober at 3am to collect money from reckless drunks in the Fitzwilliam Card Club or the Voodoo on Arran Quay.

Does he really seem like the kind of guy to be sober at 2 am on a weekend night? That question was rhetorical, in case you're wondering.

In 5% of cases sober on is used

Mell claims that she was sober on this night.

I'll do my best to stay sober on this forum in future.

Youll loose it, even if you were stonecold sober on the way on foot or something.

He stayed sober on the weekends we had together, and then he was drunk when I wasn't around.

Occasionally, they think they can give up Percentu201Ccold turkeyPercentu201D and grow sober on their own.

But I have suggested to the Chief Snake that he brings in a new rule -- either sons with golfing fathers stay sober on a Saturday night or.

In 4% of cases sober by is used

Right i am off to bed and sober by the way.

They stay sober by doing some simple things.

I worked hard at my recovery and stayed sober by God's grace.

Groups have been popping up around the country to help people stay sober by staying active.

Myth: You'll be sober by eating, exercise, vomiting or a walk in the fresh air Fact: The liver takes 1 to 1.

Your friend has demonstrated her sincerity about being sober by stopping drinking -- the only measure that matters.

I just need to make sure I'd sober by 7pm tomorrow night when some nice man starts jabbing an ink-filled needle into me.

I got sober by praying to my deceased father and St Dymphna and getting the courage to go to rehab at the VA in San Antonio TX.

Full Story Almost from the moment she left rehab, Lindsay Lohan has been leaking that she's been staying sober by f-cking Tom Hardy.

It was the year that Griff, who was sailing along pleasantly and relatively sober by his own standards, took a glass of sherry with devastating consequences.

In 3% of cases sober as is used

The floor was relatively empty and I was sober as a church mouse.

Biden made the local Libertarian candidate the late Louis Du Pont Smith look sober as a judge.

Up in the Coombe with chummies and streetwalkers and then the rest of the year sober as a judge.

I was just all over the place, sober as a judge mind you, that evening! Moving from table to table.

The dancefloor is empty, everyone is sober as a judge and everyone you know there is having some one-on-one conversation with someone you definitely don't want to talk to.

Being sober as a judge I took the oportunity to listen properly to most of the night and was genuinely impressed with the way he covered so many genres seemlessy whilst rocking the party.

In 2% of cases sober during is used

I know her mom is difficult to deal with but she really does want to help her! She didn't stay sober during her probation.

By lighting up after driving and before they could give him a field sobriety test, he can argue that he was sober during the chase and only impaired after smoking the pipe.

Some of the restaurants may look pretty sober during the day, but at night, it's a different story altogether; during nighttime, the restaurants metamorphose into buzzing joints bursting with energy.

In 2% of cases sober through is used

Good job on staying sober through it all.

The condemned man had also been plied with whisky during the night, but I remained sober through fear.

They helped my aunt stay sober through the death of my dad and her husband (brothers) within 2 months.

Enough of these drunkards were getting sober through this new methodology, that the day soon came for them to have their own group and their own gatherings.

They support our clients by sharing their empathy and experience of what they did to stay clean or sober through a flexible mixture of one-to-one meetings, telephone and electronic contact.

In 2% of cases sober since is used

It is Wednesday and I have been sober since Monday.

Forrest, the leader of the Los Angeles punk band Thelonious Monster, has been sober since 1996.

Sarah is also a proud member of a 12-Step Recovery Program and has been sober since February 2004.

I told a fellow corporal in the air force how I had drank in the past and how I had been sober since August 30, 1953.

McAfee has insisted that he has been sober since 1983 and has waged his own war on drugs in the small Belizean village of Carmelita.

In 2% of cases sober of is used

But this time his comment was the most sober of the lot.

If someone takes drugs on a Saturday night, by Monday they will be sober of the drug but still test positive.

I took time off school and sailed through the rest of the pregnancy completely clean and sober of drugs and alcohol.

It was? perhaps? a sign of pettiness in so great a man? but even the most sober of us is liable to have his head turned by success.

In 2% of cases sober from is used

I have been sober from more than a week and before then have been drinking regularly.

Here be running science dragons This is one of those moments in science that separates the sober from the drunk-on-hope.

Got 2 go thru the back door, pastor style and by the tym most of u are sober from this BS, she has gotten what she wants from u and has vanished.

An inability to remain sober from drugs or alcohol addictions related to romantic intrigue, fear of being alone and related sexual behavior patterns fused with alcohol/drug abuse.

In 2% of cases sober with is used

I'd sureeeee she was just staying so sober with Kieffer.

I'd 20yrs sober with three teenaged kids and this is my ucky embarassing thing.

Motivated by Armani her type is sober with minimal ornamentation and sparing use of jewellery and accessories, her colours are predominantly sober.

This is why I choose a boyfriend which is so sober With him, I know I won't be living in the fear anymore! i hope your friends will understand before it's too late.

In a meanwhile, keep socializing with other people around, whom you are more comfortable with and try to be nice and sober with the people whom you used to hang out with.

Pierre has been a pilgrim center from early times, and its cloister capitals, riotous with decorative birds and leaves or sober with biblical scenes, are among the best-preserved in Europe.

The atmosphere around the Ministries and some principal streets in Accra was generally sober with pockets of loud music blurring from some speakers mounted at vantage points at Makola and Circle.

In 2% of cases sober about is used

When I proposed writing about geology to Shawn, he was very sober about it.

You could try talking to him when he's sober about how his drinking is affecting you and your family.

On the other hand, to be realistic and sober about the situation, the country is also much more divided than it was last January.

But you must become educated about the Greater Community, and you must be very clear and sober about what you are dealing with at this time.

In 1% of cases sober without is used

Spent New Years sober without a countdown.

It is staying sober without benefit of a fictional Higher Power.

It amazes me today that I could get sober without that desperation.

We must stay sober without casting off our ' civil ' responsibility.

The colour was just right -- sober without being gloomy, and I knew it was ' the one '.

AA regulars may tell you it's not possible, but I'd living proof that it truly is possible to get sober without AA.

In 1% of cases sober unto is used

Be ye therefore of sound mind, and be sober unto prayer.

In 1% of cases sober up is used

While doing those things outlined may make someone feel better, they will not help someone sober up any quicker.

However, if he just misses the idea of you, comes back and still not sober up to reality by offering a word of commitment, get the hint woman.

Time is the only effective method of sobering up Many people believe that vomiting, drinking coffee or even having a shower will help people sober up.

In 1% of cases sober to is used

Jonathan dying did not rob me of joy but it made me sober to real life.

Rise up you Spirit of truth, and devour me; return me sober to where I live.

In 1% of cases sober throughout is used

If you perform this service, you'll need to stay sober throughout the reception.

Stay sober throughout the date as having one too many could impair your ability to make good decisions.

In 1% of cases sober before is used

If in doubt about the potential calibre of your pull, swap numbers with him and arrange to meet up for a drink another night, so you can reassess him while sober before jumping in the sack with him.

In 1% of cases sober because is used

I don't believe that I'd sober because of an isolated exercise of the will.

In 1% of cases sober around is used

My kids were all home from school, though, and things were far from sober around here.

And being sober around drunk people a lot, I see what stupid decisions and mistakes that drunk people make all the time.

In 1% of cases sober after is used

Six months later his tests were within normal limits; he was still sober after 12 months.

My aunt, now almost completely sober after hearing her son's heartfelt soliloquy, reluctantly agreed.

Regardless of whether a person is coerced or directed into a rehabilitation program, there is a fairly high rate of success and a lot of people can stay sober after completing the process.

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