Prepositions after "soar"

soar to, in, above, through or over?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases soar to is used

Today in Asia, EURUSD soared to as high as 1.

The market capitalisation of the KSE soared to Rs3.

Thanks to the reality series, Sorn has soared to stardom.

The year also saw our graduate number soar to a new high of 45,000.

You soared to victory this week like a Bundesadler in a Leni Riefenstahl film.

Temperatures also soared to 118 degrees in Norton Dam, Kansas, an all-time high.

This had soared to almost $63,000 an hour in the last six months of F-111 operations.

Alex Reid's celebrity status and tabloid press coverage have soared to new heights of late.

By developing your advantages you soar to success and shadow your incapabilities or shortcomings.

That figure soared to 70 million, but the network could not keep pace with Facebook, which overtook MySpace two years ago.

In 15% of cases soar in is used

The piano soars in a burst of energy, as a cello lends its dark, dramatic tint to the sky.

Also see When pop culture heroes die, their cultural artifacts are supposed to soar in value.

AT &T; regularly charges around $5 per megabyte for roaming data, and that can soar in some of the more remote nations.

Cost of employment is soaring in Asia, so there is an oppurtunity to move work from Asia to the UK, if we can attract the comnpanies.

Record prices for minerals found in remote parts of the state have seen wages soar in the mining industry, attracting many workers to the mines.

The production of minerals soared in the first quarter, Magnus Ebo Duncan, head of economic statistics of the GSS, said at a news conference in Accra.

Also, statistics by local and international agencies suggest that poverty and unemployment have continued to soar in the country, with domestic and foreign debts rising.

FROM THE BOOKSTORE Pinterest for Business Perfect for companies with small marketing budgets, Pinterest is soaring in popularity: it's this year's hottest new social media platform.

However, the public school agenda of the Unitarians and other elites began to advance with urgency as Catholic immigration, especially from Ireland and Germany, soared in the 18405 and 18505.

In 8% of cases soar above is used

Jon's high-pitched and ethereal voice soars above it all and imparts a very uplifting feel to the music.

Far in the distance, the outline of the circling hills soared above the vapours, and mingled with the changeful hues of the morning sky.

A shorter version of this post was originally published on Blogcritics Today I was watching a buzzard soar above the Morvan National Park in Burgundy.

In 7% of cases soar through is used

There is no sleigh that soars through the night sky on Christmas Eve.

Enterprise soaring through space, only to be stopped in its tracks by dastardly intergalactic villain Q.

Superman Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Vallejo, CA: Soar through the sky on one of the tallest inversion tracks in the world.

As much as I enjoyed the stories and Jane's ability to soar through the advertising ladder (well done! ), I couldn't stop thinking about how she had.

As much as I enjoyed the stories and Jane's ability to soar through the advertising ladder (well done! ), I couldn't stop thinking about how she had greater help at home.

In 6% of cases soar over is used

Superman soars over that which should be painstakingly crossed.

Richard's spirit has soared over the past year while in foster care.

They need to soar over the negativity on the planet, and to live in the world, but not be of the negative energy that changes their behaviour so easily.

What used to be the Caracas Hilton today soars over Venezuela's capital as a bold symbol of Hugo Chvez's leftist revolution, a 36-storey, state-run declaration of intent.

In 6% of cases soar into is used

When they've got it, then watch the prices soar into the stratosphere.

Children enjoy Easter as kite flying immediately begins and the treasured kites can soar into the air, competing with other kites.

The sound reminded me of the great flock of pigeons which now and then soar into the air from the plaza in front of the Milan Cathedral in Italy.

Five years after soaring into the national spotlight as one of college football's fastest growing programs, the South Florida Bulls are struggling to become relevant again.

If the blazing horns at the start of Just Loving You are sadly missed, they're replaced by what sounds like a full string section, soaring into the heavens with a Hollywood overture.

In 3% of cases soar with is used

Paramount's Denzel Washington starrer Flight soared with $24.

They have to be utterly, utterly dismayed before we allow them to soar with thankfulness when the trouble is finally removed, and everyone lives happily ever after.

In 3% of cases soar on is used

Stock markets soared on the announcement.

I've seen deer on the trail and eagles soaring on the thermals.

In 3% of cases soar from is used

A wide spectrum of beautiful land and space, that will soar from horrid to absolutely heaven in moments.

Annual sales soared from $8bn in 2000 to $65bn in 2010, and are still rising rapidly, thanks to new versions of the iPhone and the iPad.

In 3% of cases soar by is used

What happens? Well, the PBO soars by almost 28.

The new findings show that housing costs have soared by 50% in five years.

A few minutes later, a car soars by -- a 1975 blue two-door Hillman, to be exact -- following the same flight path and meeting the same loud fate.

In 2% of cases soar after is used

Other success stories: New York Times app subscriptions absolutely soared after Newsstand launched.

In 2% of cases soar at is used

FishbowlNY Traffic Soars At WSJ.

In 1% of cases soar out is used

As his success levels soar out of control, Kieran's studies and morals begin to suffer.

In 1% of cases soar up is used

My heart soared up to heaven as I walked slowly up and down the trails on the mountains.

Without the engagement of the heart the bird of education is lame and can not soar up to the apex of understanding which is way up above the realm of collecting knowledge and downloading information.

In 1% of cases soar toward is used

Don't you?) Here are his inside tips to keep you soaring toward your goals.

In 1% of cases soar along is used

Material costs in China are soaring along with labour costs.

In 1% of cases soar throughout is used

Sudderth, with his veritable tickle trunk of vocal styles and brilliantly abstract and poetic lyrics, soars throughout the disc and thus stands out quite apparently.

In 1% of cases soar since is used

Opium production has soared since 2001.

In 1% of cases soar past is used

We need to reduce public debt, which is soaring past the $15 trillion mark (in a $15 trillion economy as measured by GDP).

In 1% of cases soar off is used

People who come to the edge, learn, and soar off it.

In 1% of cases soar like is used

There were mighty trees all around me, their trunks soaring like columns.

In 1% of cases soar for is used

Elephants are being killed in Africa at an alarming rate as international demand soars for ivory.

In 1% of cases soar due is used

Secondly, food prices are soaring due to the worst drought in 56 years.

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