Prepositions after "sniff"

"sniff at" or "sniff for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 59% of cases sniff at is used

Braga at home are nothing to be sniffed at.

However that accomplishment is achieved, it is never to be sniffed at.

I know we sniff at terms like national resilience, total defence and societal cohesion.

When one considers how often he didn't complete 90 minutes in that time, they are not figures to be sniffed at.

Scotland vs the Springboks should be one for fans of big hits, with Scotland sniffing at a rare Southern Hemisphere victory.

A telegram bearing a description of him had soon followed: A rat the size of a cat, its eyes like reflective marbles, sniffed at his nose.

It is easy to look at the current difficulties in Tanzania and use that as a reason to sniff at the country's independence gained 50 years ago.

On the whole the results are good for Labour -- topping the national vote share with a comfortable lead over the Tories is not to be sniffed at.

Intangibility Physical products in the store are widely displayed for customers to see, feel, touch, weigh or sniff at before deciding whether or not to buy.

You could see they came from the same school of batsmanship, wrists so supple and obedient that they diverted the ball into crazy spaces just when it seemed it was sniffing at the stumps.

In 17% of cases sniff for is used

Hyena's sniffing for scraps below the tree.

He senses it like a bomb dog sniffing for explosives in luggage.

In 10% of cases sniff around is used

This also is why Senators McCain and Graham are sniffing around this as this is one of their big bugaboos too.

Pyrrho has put energy into sniffing around the footnotes and addenda without realising there is an essay to be read above them.

Sauber inparticular should be concerned -- if their new driver continues his points scoring, Force India will be sniffing around them in a new race for 6th place.

In 3% of cases sniff by is used

I wondered if we would ever reach the top of the mountain, our pace was tree by tree, sniff by sniff, step by step.

In 3% of cases sniff in is used

I would get a love high when I sniffed in her sweet, baby-powder, Snuggle-fabric-softener smell.

In 3% of cases sniff into is used

Those that are snorted (sniffed into the nostril) or ingested take more time to reach the brain -- up to 40 minutes -- but the effects last longer.

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