Prepositions after "sneak"

"sneak into" or "sneak in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases sneak into is used

You sneak into a rated G movie at 12:01am.

He would sneak into womens ' homes at night and commit his rapes.

They try to seek through the haystacks for them to sneak into the train.

His strategy at the end is to try to sneak into the White House on a chorus of me-too's.

Fifty years ago, raincoated men snuck into cinemas showing X certificate films full of furtive anticipation.

While the vast majority of the shrunken SERPs have 7 results, a couple of 6-result pages snuck into the mix.

I was raised in Dallas and started sneaking into clubs as a teenager, about 1973, to see local and touring bands.

There is always within fallen human nature an ever-present, subtle tendency to sneak into the gospel additional requirements.

I'd still known to sneak into the refrigerator and chomp through chocolates that are nt mine to chomp much to the brat's dismay.

He has a habit of sneaking into other rooms after I think he's in bed, falling asleep and scaring the living daylights out of me.

In 20% of cases sneak in is used

Addi here is the true hipster and he even managed to sneak in his camera.

So the one thing I do try and stick to is sneaking in a little gym session when I can.

And the only way anyone finds out about it, is if they sneak in undercover, endangering their lives.

Bang has been able to sneak in that sunbae of Woo-hee's on the lie that he's Cheif Oh's younger cousin.

Many times, there is nobody around during late night hours, which makes it easier to sneak in a couple puffs.

As the smallest of the four groups with just seven of us, the Thai 1 party decided to see if we could sneak in early.

Sneak in a big problem, sometimes a little strange will return to your head, do not be afraid, after all, about 4 lower than you.

The Jews obviously carried faith, and a lot of Jews somehow sneaked in Menorahs and Tefillin, Shabbat candles and prayer books etc.

Jack, a single father, has a physically demanding job, so he sneaks in some quality time with his son while relaxing in front of the TV.

In 9% of cases sneak to is used

Ameeeen Re: Akufo-Addo Sneaks To T.

Nana Akuffo-Addo is not an idiot! Re: Akufo-Addo Sneaks To T.

They all supposed to be our intellectuals, right? Re: Akufo-Addo Sneaks To T.

Please Papa Akufo -Adoo don't sneak to human beings but to our GOD who sees everything on this earth.

This is another of the numerous cheap propaganda issues NDC GUTTER &; RENTED PRESS Re: Akufo-Addo Sneaks To T.

Myanmar star striker Kyi Lin, however, is confident that they can topple the Azkals and still sneak to the next round.

Please Nana Go on your KNEES to the true and only God for he still answers prayers through JESUS! Re: Akufo-Addo Sneaks To T.

Joshua Author: lydia usa Posted: 2012-08-22 19:55:42 this is all trash news Nana Addo will never do that Akuffo-Addo sneaks to T.

Bryan and Rhodes go at it and are broken up, but behind the referee's back, Sandow sneaks to the floor and runs Kane into the ring post.

In 8% of cases sneak out is used

Santosh says he immediately sneaked out of the truck and ran to a nearby shop.

The warriors sneaked out of the village in order to avoid discouragement from elders and women.

One night I saw him sneaking out of his cage; he'd opened it and was creeping towards the audience.

My friends and I even used to sneak out of school and go to the store nearby to eat and just hang out.

Turns out he snuck out of the crib, and polished off as much as he could and was still drunk as a skunk.

He was only at the wedding because Myra had caught him sneaking out the door to leave town and Jacqui forever after Tony roughed him up over Cindy.

Important moments are thrown away, like Romana getting captured or the Doctor sneaking out of the refinery and following Mensch to the Swampie encampment.

In 5% of cases sneak through is used

She sneaks through the night and assassinates her enemies.

The little small tasks are the ones that sneak through the cracks.

Cut to more gameplay of her sneaking through the mercenary camp, trying to get to her friend Sam.

Penetration testers, on the other hand, might not want to use this script -- crashing services is not generally a good way of sneaking through a network.

Then when I'd sneaking through some dense copse or claustrophobic tunnel or other the ZIPPP ZIPPP ZIPPP of arrows can be heard going passed my head, very close to my ears.

In 4% of cases sneak past is used

Hart should have done a little better to let that sneak past him though.

Now, combine ACER with the crazy eyes of Mark McGough Whitlam, and there was no way the Roos were going to sneak past us.

Trying to sneak past the town of Kabalo in the early morning mist, I was forced ashore at gunpoint by a couple of armed soldiers in a dugout canoe.

After leaping from his hotel balcony and sliding down an awning to freedom, Pierre sneaks past the Eiffel guards and howls joyfully when he reaches the top of the tower.

In 3% of cases sneak away is used

If you manage to sneak away from the killzone, then you can complete the objectives by planting the bomb.

This year I'll be trying to sneak away from the stand to have a bit more of an explore around the rest of the place and perhaps do one of my event reports.

He projects more as a weak-side shot-blocker, someone who can gamble a little bit, sneak away from his man and act as a roaming defensive presence because of his mobility and leaping abilities.

In 3% of cases sneak across is used

Then, sneak across the bridge and go right, keeping to the edges and behind cover.

Agreed - you don't have to be granted citizenship as a reward for sneaking across the border to work as an illegal - to support your family back in Mexico, since Mexico won't provide you with jobs.

In 2% of cases sneak around is used

The mountain opened at 7am (although the door remained locked well beyond, so a bunch of us snuck around the gate to start the climb).

Although their father tolerated Jeng invading his bed she was too old and he would be angry if he caught her sneaking around the house this late at night.

Me, too! Who would feed the dog? I was hoping to find some gnomes sneaking around -- these would make excellent gnome shelters! Whole families of gnomes could create a great little gnome community.

In 2% of cases sneak up is used

I snuck up to a 12, and then a 12 started getting tight.

But the US dollar has snuck up to a 7-month high against the yen, and everyone is talking about a big leg down.

One time someone told me to go out and play and when I snuck up to the back door and I looked inside, someone was molesting my sister.

In 2% of cases sneak under is used

I headed for Preston with the ambition to break the time I set in Wrexham earlier this year, (1:43:20) and possibly sneak under 1h 40m for the first time.

Holdingford junior Mitch Messman sneaks under the BOLD defensive line and across the goal line for a game-tying score in the first overtime of Thursday's Class AA state quarterfinals at St.

In 2% of cases sneak on is used

During slow times at work, I'd sneak on the Internet and look for dogs.

Once in awhile though, while I was sleeping, Shaq would sneak on the bed and lay close.

In 1% of cases sneak upon is used

Few villagers was washing clothes on one far end and the clouds were slowly sneaking upon us.

Again, a giant beetle that sneak upon someone is hard to comprehend, except if reader already know.

In 1% of cases sneak off is used

Senior Taylor Milbrandt came down with a leaping 24-yard reception to put the Huskers on the doorstep at the 1-yard line, but a quarterback sneak off of a quick snap was stuffed for no gain.

In 1% of cases sneak like is used

Country is more important than double head sneak like Tiran.

In 1% of cases sneak from is used

Food sneaked from someone after you distract them is also calorie-free.

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