Prepositions after "snap"

"snap at" or "snap out"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases snap at is used

I snapped at Harrison, something I very rarely do.

Dog one turns to dog two and snaps at her in the face.

Santorum, Paul, Cain, and Perry both rose up and snapped at him.

I did snap one spoke and it snapped at the thread so was stuck in the hub body.

Original nights between postwar north american and sweet months were snapped at this lot.

We can not be like the rabid dog, snapping at the person who is trying to treat it's injury.

If the rope is too short, your neck doesn't snap at the right time, and you will die by strangulation.

And if Gosling still leads that younger pack in critical acclaim, Hill is snapping at his heels, too.

As soon as I hear the foreign lad/lady start talking I absolutely snap at them and tell them to never riing this number again but clearly they are nt getting the message.

In 20% of cases snap out is used

He needs Paul to snap out of it.

For the sake of the fans, they need to snap out of it.

The charging component snaps out of the bottom of the steel base.

People just tell me to do it and don't be silly but I can't snap out of it.

Now that Trappers back even for a few days where does that leave me? Snap out of it BJ.

I had no idea why I felt like I was going crazy and didn't figure it out till I snapped out of it after changing to a lower dose.

When walkers clamor at the stairwell door, he snaps out of his daze and resumes his task: Using his belt to try to reel in a hacksaw lying just out of reach.

You're travelling at 290km/h 180mph and you hit a river that gives you wheelspin - at that speed - and when that happens your car can snap out of control very easily.

In 8% of cases snap in is used

And something would snap in his head.

Rikknen snapped in the radio that he is doing exactly that and asked him to leave him alone.

It was snapped in action below by one of our own engineers who was taking in some Olympic action.

A massive, broken crane atop a luxury high-rise on West 57th street continued to teeter menacingly over midtown after it snapped in violent winds.

I had hit the point where I was literally disgusted in myself and something snapped in me -- I had to change for myself and for my amazing partner, Luke.

Back when you were a customer of a record store I once ran, you got your CD home, opened the jewel box, went to pull it out of the casing, and it snapped in half.

In 8% of cases snap on is used

This picture was snapped on Resurrection Sunday when they were reunited.

Millions of people were left without power as trees snapped on power lines.

Not a single section of the RH bill demands that Oliveros and his faithful snap on banana-flavored rubber.

But all the bitching and obvious mickey taking was quickly forgotten and we snapped on our skis on that first afternoon and pointed downhill.

There is also the Wireless Charging Shell for the Lumia 820 which, when snapped on to the Lumia 820, provides support for wireless charging to the Lumia 820.

In 7% of cases snap of is used

Anyway, here is a photo I snapped of it a couple of years ago.

Though photos were snapped of her without her wedding ring, she wants to understand why her husband cheated.

Kate decided to not be Princess Diana and is instead wheeling a shopping trolley around the countryside, judging from the few photos snapped of her off-duty.

I'd sorry that Kate decided to not be Princess Diana and is instead wheeling a shopping trolley around the countryside, judging from the few photos snapped of her off-duty.

In 6% of cases snap into is used

The waterfall traces snap into focus; QSOs become readable.

Rotate both clamps until the stabilizer rod snaps into place and then retighten the clamps.

Seemingly jovial at first, O'Neill soon snaps into a violent and deranged killer halfway through the film, and fires out some cracking one-liners, too.

More important than numbers, web pages load very quickly, snapping into view as fast as your data plan can shovel the bits into Safari and, once there, smoothly reacting to your gestures.

In 5% of cases snap from is used

Shaking his head, he snapped from the memory, promising himself that nothing would happen like that this time.

The opening goal of the game took 18 minutes, when an opportunistic snap from mid-sized forward Daniel Corp gave Frankston the ascendancy.

In 4% of cases snap to is used

There should be a way to make this artifact work! With that, it snaps to me.

Additionally, if users selected lined digital paper, words would snap to each line as they were jotted down.

Why is the stabilizer rod not snapping to the ball socket bolt to secure the handlebars? The alignment is off.

There is real snap to everything it does and combined with the latest (almost) software from Google, it is smoother than the One X in general navigation.

In 4% of cases snap like is used

Snap like a tiger, strikes like a snake -- feel like a poker in someone.

Then there's swimmer Esther Overton, who was born with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita -- a condition that means all her joints are fixed and her bones prone to snapping like dry twigs.

In 3% of cases snap by is used

Their faces are snapped by camera phones, and Man-ok suggests they get some caps to cover their faces.

So get snapping by using the camera (screenshot) and photo (grove shot) icons in the bottom right next to your friends.

The Princess, who was on vacation in France at the time, was snapped by a paparazzo while topless with the photos eventually being published in a French magazine.

In 2% of cases snap for is used

Gilda has been systematically worn down to her breaking point; she snaps for a split-second, but given her speed and reflexes, that's enough to attack Dash.

In 2% of cases snap without is used

His telephone line was apparently snapped without knowing that a line in the bedroom was still operative.

In 1% of cases snap off is used

The wind had snapped off the top of a large oak tree and deposited the mattress in the branches.

In 1% of cases snap onto is used

Each bracelet comes with a set of charms that easily snap onto the holes and stay put.

In 1% of cases snap inside is used

Relegated to national irrelevance, I think something snapped inside the man.

In 1% of cases snap outside is used

The pair got all dressed up in super tight red lycra for an evening out with a few gal pals last night, with Imogen getting snapped outside Nobu in Mayfair.

In 1% of cases snap down is used

He snapped back to his senses as he heard a branch snap down the path.

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