Prepositions after "smug"

"smug about" or "smug in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 46% of cases smug about is used

Be as smug about it as you want.

None of us can be smug about it.

I was feeling smug about it till now.

However, those of us on the right should not get too smug about the fall of Cleggmania.

I mean, I know you're an odious little cretin but there's no need to be so smug about it.

Not only are they super partisan, which I do not like, but they are so damn smug about it.

Also, I find that my chance of error goes up significantly if I am feeling smug about how I'd doing with a pattern.

Yes, the history of the able-bodied terrorising the disabled (and feeling smug about it) must be taught in schools.

However, it's fine for anyone to confess that they really can't stick shopping; one can even seem quite smug about it.

I know a few couples who are very smug about how long they've been married, but they have incredibly unhappy marriages.

In 24% of cases smug in is used

He wasn't being smug in the least.

You will not be so smug in a few years.

And you look really smug in that photo.

What historian of psychology could feel smug in the face of such shortcomings? (1997, p.

I used to sit smug in my cloak of ignorance that he was just an old man saying old man things.

During the interview Nixon appeared to be smug in a belief that he had suddenly been vindicated.

They looked so smug in their delusion of having ' arrived ' when in truth they'd never embarked on any kind of journey.

Many of these schools prefer not to gain recognition smug in the understanding that children will anyway join the schools.

Clever, but not street clever, as in if you behave as smug in my local pub as you do on the TV, you will be going home legless.

This is real journalism - on an island where too many were smug in their certainty the evidence would forever remain irrelevant.

In 7% of cases smug with is used

The Greens look all smug with their new pastures.

So to all men like Nir, please don't be so smug with yourself.

The irony here is that you come across very smug with your response.

There's a day of reckoning for all those smug with their assets, imo.

Suburbia is feeling the pinch and can not afford to be smug with the present downturn.

A perfectionist and smug with it too, she often finds that her hubris often gets in the way of the actual job at hand.

Solemn warnings on the eurozone crisis will not quite disguise their state of mind: they are a bit too smug with not much to be smug about.

Take note from the queen, not your mother when it comes to etiquette young lady, and stop looking so smug with yourself, its so not very endearing.

Fascinating piece and the comments over the years are just as interesting ranging from the smug with no perspective to the open and welcoming of all scenarios.

In 6% of cases smug at is used

Yep, I did feel a little smug at this point.

We went in guns blazing, smug at our nifty editorial idea.

Not that we should be smug at Albion's decline into a PC nullity.

The biggest problem with atheist is we get too smug at the naiveity of theists.

You can see me wearing my climb suit (and looking rather smug at the summit here.

Sasuke, on the other hand, was frowning at his two teammates in a way that seemed smug at the same time.

Some managers might have been smug at the leeway suddenly granted them, but Ancelotti squirmed in the firing line.

Its time to be a little smug at this and point out that Firstpost's Danish Raza had written about Team Anna entering politics.

I felt rather smug at this point in the book because I got it right on the first go - I have no horror story about child birth.

The style of writing in The God Delusion can be patronising and smug at times, and simplifies theological objections to Dawkins ' point of view.

In 3% of cases smug for is used

New Zealanders have been too smug for too long about the state of their natural environment.

After seeing the fox and feeling smug for getting up at such an ungodly hour, I boarded the No.

Feel smug for a while, once you've surprised other people, or keep quiet and get self satisfaction.

Don't kid yourself, I'd not a Nintendo fanboy, I don't have any nostalgic ties to the brand and find Mario too smug for (nice) words.

Many of us are too damn smug for our own good yes! But at least we ai nt insane! Judge Roy Bean The gnashing of teeth, the wringing of hands, the tritting of teeth.

Why do I feel inordinately smug for successfully insisting that my family use Linux? (Yes, yes, yes: nothing is invulnerable, but some things are a metric train load less vulnerable than others.

In 3% of cases smug on is used

People are sarcastic and smug on comments sections and forums: they're dicks.

I'd still thinking I'd oh so clever, but my cleverness has slightly less smug on it now.

You can even have your glam mug Andy Warhol-ed, plastered on a CD cover being toted by Paris Hilton, or even just looking smug on Madonna's chest.

At one point, the teacher gets tired, the smart aleck is smug on the ' win ' and from there onwards, there is undue pressure to comment, respond and excel beyond the average for the smart aleck.

In 2% of cases smug of is used

I felt like a winner, very smug of my own achievement.

A bit smug of a comment but I can understand what you are saying.

Cue embarrassed silence (punctuated solely by the noises produced by me trying to supress the smuggest of looks).

Cue embarrassed silence (punctuated solely by the noises produced by me trying to supress sic the smuggest of looks).

We of course, would struggle desperately to go to the EU for money, and they'd only lend it to us with the smuggest of grins and the most appalling of terms.

In 2% of cases smug to is used

Thirdly, having met him, he seemed smug to me.

Frankly, I think he just sounds British, which may come across as smug to unsophisticated ears.

It made it just a little satisfying to watch their expressions change from smug to embarrassed when they realized I was American.

So many things don't make sense and Gore should NOT be afraid/hesitant or smug to family members asking for an independent investigation.

AND HE HAD THE NERVE TO BE SMUG TO ROMNEY LIKE HE DID N'T KNOW WHAT HE WAS TALKING ABOUT?!? That my Commander-in Chief is so out of touch with his own military is embarassing and unacceptable.

In 1% of cases smug as is used

The moment they chance upon your card in the future, they would remember you looking smug as a street by-stander.

But a smug as well as sinister smile that today brings terror as well as fear to the roadways of Gotham Metropolis.

When challenged for some real evidence that there was a ' coup ' all you and your fellow journos can come up with is ' well he looked smug as to me, so it was deffo a coup.

In 1% of cases smug behind is used

Maybe people see themselves as above the 99%, sitting smug behind their computer screens.

In 1% of cases smug by is used

Krishnan Guru-Murphy at Channel 4 is getting fatter and smugger by the day, Rageh Omar has pissed off to Al-Jezeera.

In 1% of cases smug like is used

Not another segregated fiefdom for some mayor to feel smug like a kid in a sandbox with all his toy police cars not sharing with the rest.

In 1% of cases smug over is used

AND then you get to feel all smug over your lunch time soba.

If conservatives were smug over the discomfiture of the Left, though, they did not have long to rejoice.

The shot of BO is photoshopped in, but I just feel like he would never look smug over winning the election so making a photo like that just seems wrong.

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