Prepositions after "smooth"

smooth with, for, in, on or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 16% of cases smooth with is used

Well it's all smooth with no layers.

It's very smooth with a floral taste.

Make sure they are smooth with no lumps.

You'll need at least 2GB of RAM installed, but the ride will be smoother with 4GB.

Stir until smooth with a fork, then leave covered with a kitchen towel for 24 hours.

The gear box is also smooth with up-changes taking place quite early to aid economy.

It's body was sublime, rich and smooth with the lightest tickle of bitterness from the NZ Styrian Goldings he used.

It was silky smooth with a nice crunch coming from the chocolate pearls, but I couldn't taste the chocolate enough.

So I highly recommend you do that, that will really make your video look a lot smoother with that pause annotation.

Little information tubular pumping unit is a new and practical pump, smooth with Tubular Pump, pump simple structure.

In 13% of cases smooth for is used

A bit too smooth for my liking.

It was certainly smooth for Obama.

They were made smooth for cyclists.

Those who have stumbled through the path have made the path smooth for the newcomers.

The unfolding of our purpose might not be as smooth for some of us as it is for others.

Hence they launched Project Butter which will lead to gain a butter smooth for Android.

But friendly enough, and it was a good thing to for the road didn't stay so smooth for the remainder of the journey.

I am super excited to finally see BO this friday evening and thanks to you all the experience will go smooth for him.

So we persist and are working on ways to make this money reporting process smoother for our partners and ourselves.

In 12% of cases smooth in is used

It appeared smooth in 5 cases (72%).

First solids need to be smooth in texture.

Roger Clemens collected 16 smooth in Late 2001.

Its engineered glass front and stainless steel back feel sleek and smooth in your hand.

Love swimming with the pull buoy it makes everything feel much smoother in the water.

Things struggle to keep smooth in the open world, but it? s mostly fine in the missions.

It helps everyone look better and smoother in your clothes no matter what size you are and helps your posture as well.

This isn't really needed with bigger parties, but I prefer things to go smooth in duo or trio runs so yeah I do it my way.

The rounded sides aren't just about the look of the Nokia Lumia 820, as they also help make it sit smoother in the hand.

The V-8 is also easier to tolerate day to day, as the six is smooth in operation but generates a coarse drone in the cabin.

In 10% of cases smooth on is used

Blend until smooth on high speed.

Jellybean is super smooth on my Sensation.

Leaves are erect and smooth on the surface.

The leather is thick yet smooth on the outside and the bag is structured but not hard.

ICS OS runs smooth on the Dual-core processor and the Motorola skin is simple and fast.

The graphics were smooth on my S2 and the colors were bright but doesn't hurt the eyes.

He's the worthy heir to Blair, who proved that being smooth on camera is always more important than actual policies.

Seats are comfortable and service generally smooth on flights with Malaysia, which pass through its Kuala Lumpur hub.

I hope the galaxy note gets the jelly bean update as fast as possible since even the ics is not very smooth on this set.

On paper the Samsung should way outperform my 1GHz single core 2010 device, but my device remains buttery smooth on WP7.

In 6% of cases smooth to is used

So soft and smooth to the touch.

It felt smooth to the touch, impossibly so.

This spirit is light and smooth to the taste.

But do not be surprised if the next credit score cards you get is smooth to the touch.

Different kind of kneading from smooth to grained, leads to different types of sandesh.

The car stays clean longer because the paintwork and glass feel really smooth to the touch.

Spread the concrete evenly between the forms and rake smooth to a level about 15mm higher than the finished surface.

Divide the mixture evenly between the two cake tins and smooth to a level surface, then bake for about 25-30 minutes.

As with all things in a child's life, the transition to a cup can vary widely from easy and smooth to drawn out and difficult.

The stairs creaked underfoot, the banister was smooth to his hand, and his eyes were still bleary as Straker went in search of her.

In 5% of cases smooth by is used

The Captain keeps all smooth by rowing every one in turn.

Keep your feet skin smooth by applying any cream or lotion.

Tickler was a wax-ended piece of cane, worn smooth by collision with my tickled frame.

Also our law enforcing peoples making the way of corruption smooth by mis use their power.

John at Tekapo) scraped smooth by the ice that rode over them but a few thousand years ago.

I found it about ten feet away, a lens-shaped piece of light yellow stuff, molded smooth by the inside of the flask.

The US economy is smoother by far than it has ever been in its history, although it may not feel like to right now.

Each village has a tree like this one, always with a long, wooden bench underneath, worn shiny smooth by constant use.

There will be a style, or a post worn smooth by fellow sojourners ' hands, and a small wooden sign pointing the way to England.

In 4% of cases smooth over is used

It heated up quickly and was very smooth over my hair.

The animation on Regular Show grew smoother over time.

Glide stick under eye or smooth over other imperfections.

Similarly, Russia-China ties have also become stronger and smoother over the years.

Richard Bancroft was another of the men who James relied on to smooth over religious issues.

Grab another section of hair leaving enough hair cliped back to comb and smooth over teased sections.

The conceptual and practical considerations are firstly, consumption is smooth over time whilst income fluctuates.

Pop a few dabs onto some cotton wool and smooth over face, it tingles a little but the effects really are amazing.

We all smooth over the truth and bend in our standards from time to time in order to reduce conflict and make relationships work.

Challenges It is worthy of mention however, that the road to success has not been entirely smooth over the life of the GAMH grant.

In 4% of cases smooth as is used

It seems every bit as accurate and smooth as the Kinect.

His head was as bald and smooth as the outside of a calabash.

Now I know why my kaya never be so smooth as what we get fm the shop.

The gearboxes and clutches are durable, and seem to get smoother as the miles pile on.

You take the rough (more rough) with the smooth as a football fan, it goes with the territory.

Zhuangde good ginger milk curd, smooth as a mirror, Zhuangde bad, but also rough, but also nausea.

His own style of narration is smooth as well as attractive which magnetise unacquainted to explore law by easier method.

With this report there may be micro monogram textile coating and then a smooth as well as cellular telephone bank account.

What you want to end up with is a tacky dough which becomes smooth as a baby's bottom with just a bit of dusting of flour.

Broken all the records, one taking the Tiger ' - the route is as smooth as smooth as a matter of fact, he did not yasaraja.

In 4% of cases smooth at is used

I have to say, he is smooth at what he does.

Rajasthan were going smooth at 110-odd for 1.

The batter should not look smooth at this point.

Michael &; Natalie are bloody lucky they had American smooth at Wembley and not latin.

But Shaq was great at picking times to flip between the two, I'd not sure Howard is as smooth at that.

Things went much smoother at the harbor before 9AM and it is suggested you arrive as early as you can.

Its surface is smooth at low water, but at high water is marked by enormous, slow swirls and heavy boiling turbulence.

Another culprit is a hairpin that is not smooth at the end, because when you try to take it out, it can rip the hair apart.

The pears were firm and smooth at one point, but last week I got culinarily distracted by some fresh apples that came my way.

Run on a lower res screen like that as well and, performance-wise, it should all be very smooth at the number crunching level.

In 4% of cases smooth of is used

It's not been the smoothest of starts for him, though.

They were long considered the smoothest of engine types.

She was still curvy and favoured with the smoothest of skins.

Everyone likes a delicate pillow, but you should not get way too smooth of your pillow.

Those gripping pads will hold on to the smoothest of surfaces, nothing will get them off.

The Vita hasn't had the smoothest of starts to its life as Sony's flagship portable console.

Usually, these resignations are handled in the smoothest of ways: Thanks for the distinguished service and the like.

Backstage Deakin was the familiar eloquent proposer of compromises, the able conciliator, the tactful smoother of ruffled feathers.

MH1 has the best balanced and smoothest of FR among the three but might not be the best choice if you are really into a bright sound.

Most of the teams had learned their lessons and the circuit well enough so that the start was perhaps the smoothest of the three races.

In 4% of cases smooth like is used

One side's smooth like a baby's bum.

Everyone down there is smooth like a Barbie.

If done right you will be incredibly smooth like me.

And the moral is that metre is not artificial but elemental; it is smooth like Niagara.

The effect if very bouncy (not smooth like a reel or choppy like a reel played in 4/4).

He is not yet smooth like Rudy Gay but he can improve his dribble and still be effective.

Call forwarding on CDMA isnt smooth like it is on GSM (where the phone can just slyly hand the network a cfwd number).

How does the texture of the skin in affect areas feel? It is smooth like the rest of your skin? Thank you for your advice.

It takes a long, long time for a story to wear smooth like a stone, and by then it says more about human nature than the future.

Dirty Works Blemish Buster 2-in-1 Scrub + Mask: OMG this makes my skin feel really clean &; smooth like porcelain (well, kinda =) ).

In 3% of cases smooth without is used

We want the smooth without the rough.

His face had become smooth without a single wrinkle.

Grind it till the urdhal is smooth without any bumps.

Plus, my computer runs a lot smoother without Steam eating up all the resources.

The online is actually pretty entertaining and surprisingly smooth without tons of lag.

So the ability to scroll smooth without the clicking on the scroll wheel is also a must.

Texture is so much better and smoother without it! Lemon Sole a la Meuniere ($42) I giggled at the name Sole.

Keep up the good work guys and i really hope that this roll out goes smooth without any hiccups or interuptions.

Once the first coat of varnish was on, I could sand the varnish smooth without risk of smearing the pencil marks.

However, certain precautions have to be adopted to make sure the entire process goes smooth without any failure and complication.

In 2% of cases smooth from is used

For me it was not smooth from what I saw.

Baobab were polished smooth from the start and ready for action.

A look down revealed a walkway, a stone path worn smooth from centuries of passage.

If there's one place on earth you need to be smooth from the neck down, it's Yacht Week.

It depends on whether individuals ' sales are smooth from day to day or lumpy and fluctuating.

I booked the package a few days before and everything went smooth from the time of booking till the end.

Even so, when they establish a framework of essential design components, it typically goes quite smooth from there.

Coat and skin check Your cat's coat should feel wonderfully smooth from the top of her head to the tip of her tail.

And where I am not scratched by squash leaves or puckered with poison ivy, my skin is getting smoother from the sweat.

His curly hair had been straightened out and swept into loose side bangs and his skin was all smooth from the light make up.

In 2% of cases smooth after is used

My skin gets so smooth after the first use.

My self-tanner goes on so smooth after using this.

My skin was visibly brighter and smoother after that.

The process was relatively smooth after that, especially when compared with previous years.

Vibrations wise while driving, it is still the old apache, totally smooth after 66-67 on the speedo.

All this is critical in making the school-to-full-time work transition much smoother after graduation.

My skin definitely felt smooth after a few hours bobbing around, and somehow tighter, more youthful-looking, too.

My skin feels so smooth after the first usage! I find the signature cream to be a little rich but it really hydrates my skin.

However, your career goes smoother after age 30, if you have a good boss or you are appreciated by a valuable helper willing to assist you.

My skin was super soft and smooth after removal of the mask! Like baby's backside! I also liked that it was fast and easy to apply and wash off.

In 1% of cases smooth except is used

Head very smooth except for indentations.

Chhabra's trip was smooth except tyre punctures.

The adults backs are covered with prickles, the young are smooth except for the front edges of body.

On arrival from my international flight, everything went smooth except for a 30 minute wait to clear customs even when all custom booths were well staffed.

Mr Pernet, 19 Jul 2012 Procedure was smooth except for finding the location of the prebooked Greeting service pickup point - no mao from automated checki in and no relevant instructions.

This is another option that sounds really good! The process was smooth except for some reason my IPhone took until the next day for the text messaging to start working, wife's worked fine.

In 1% of cases smooth during is used

Transaction was smooth during my registration.

The transportation is much easier and smooth during the dry seasons.

The helicopter game was smooth during take-off, but not during the moment of having a missile fired at me.

Simon, who typically looks so suave and smooth during commercial breaks as he shakes hands and fist-bumps fans, had a rare moment of looking awkward and anxious.

He had spent over ten years in Germany, so had an understanding of the two cultures therefore, it was thought would help make things move smoother during the workshop.

She felt strong and smooth during the bike leg, unti l the right calf seized up in cramps at about 50km which slowed her speed by approximately 1-2km/h when she entered T2.

Also worth mentioning is the auto start/stop system; I've experienced this before in other cars before, and it was clear that the one used for the A4 was smoother during restarts.

Thanks to your warm welcome, hospitality, assistance, and excellent management style, our stay in the Kensington Apartments went very nice and smooth during our 10 nights stay in London.

The HTC One X also looks promising but knowing Android, it's fast and smooth during your first few weeks of device usage, and begins to lag once you start filling your phone with contents -- this is.

In 1% of cases smooth despite is used

Flight from KL to Shanghai was rather smooth despite me getting a mild cold.

The air, road and rail traffic was by and large smooth despite the smog in and around Jaipur.

He promised to work with the board and all stakeholders to ensure that the process is not only predictive but smooth despite the obstacles.

In 1% of cases smooth before is used

Add the eggs one at a time, beating until smooth before proceeding.

Beat cream cheese until smooth before adding remaining ingredients.

Blend together buckwheat flour and water until smooth before seasoning and adding in flax egg.

You will see the henna smooth before your very eyes! Try mixing your henna a little looser or thinner than normal.

Naturally hindsight is 20/20 vision and you have to take the rough with the smooth before proceeding onwards and upwards.

Smooth - My skin was already pretty smooth before applying it and felt smooth when I ran my hand over it throughout the day.

These linger long after you swallow, and as the heat fades this bourbon becomes rich and smooth before the dry almost smoky wood notes finish off the experience.

In 1% of cases smooth because is used

Before 8 pm, traffic is smooth because of ERP.

I guess the VXi model is a bit smoother because of its thin tubeless radials.

The trick stick works fluidly and the gameplay is now smoother because of it.

Those with advance tickets should note that their path into the venue should be even smoother because of these tickets.

Even if the migratory goal point is changed abruptly the path of each boid still is relatively smooth because of the flight model's simulated conservation of momentum.

In 1% of cases smooth around is used

It wasn't bad, just a little smooth around the edges.

Alsonso, from what little I saw of him, was pretty smooth around COTA.

Sleek Classic Design The camera is sleek, smooth around the edges and small.

Fill it with bubbles or try a nice bath bomb to get the water silky smooth around you.

The Pottermore purchasing system may not be the smoothest around, but it works and it's certainly not beyond publishers or their intermediaries to set up something similar.

She is wearing a sweater of some light colour (the photo is black and white) and a white skirt, smooth around the upper part of her buttocks and pleated below, which barely reaches to her knees.

In 1% of cases smooth along is used

Rostrum convex, finely and not closely punctured, nearly smooth along the middle.

Unlike various other cheap styles made from artificial materials, UGG house slippers include Hawaiian twin-faced sheepskin that's smooth along with deluxe.

Paintings styles are generally veering toward applying both equally smooth along with striking colorations in a collaboration which is interesting along with interesting.

Those Italian-style wristbands get gentle charm charms of which painless immediately at each of the gemstone, giving a critical a lot more smooth along with delicate assess.

In 1% of cases smooth rather is used

You want it to look smooth rather than jerky and stiff.

A common, universal theory will permit a smooth rather than a disjointed transition.

The dark coffee roast will be best noticeably smoother rather than its light kiosk part.

The generated traffic should be smooth rather than bursty to avoid excessive ATM traffic shaping.

If rates must be be non-flat then one would have thought a smooth rather than discontinuous function would be better.

What a huuuuge routine this was, yet somehow a very acceptable American Smooth rather than an overblown Wembley atrocity.

Once fossil-fuel stocks are depleted, a simpler living out of renewable, flow resources will be inevitable, and the descent had better be a smooth rather than a catastrophic one.

In 1% of cases smooth through is used

I was clean and smooth through the rest of the course.

They are egg-shaped, and feel firm and smooth through the skin of your scrotum.

Next morning at peak time I did not have to queue and it was smooth through security.

The reason for this is that the movement of the plates is smoother through here, not rough and jerky.

Anyone tool over how to head off currently the piece is often to preserve put reach smooth through effect.

It has been a lonely road most of the way but a rough stone is only made smooth through roughing it out in the elements.

The government did not require to import any foodgrain by its own resources for the years 1999/00 to 2002/03 as the domestic supply was smooth through private sector import.

Whatever the shape is, there always be a hoop left for practical use, which has been polished into a shining smooth through ages, and either a lion's foreleg or human's elbows, arms.

In 1% of cases smooth against is used

Your breast tissue should be smooth against the line of the cup.

They feel real; thick &; smooth against tirelessly typed finger tips.

They are definitely silly not to mention smooth against any sort of eagerness about the charms.

Well, just as I'd adjusted my goggles and pushed off the wall, I felt something hard and smooth against my leg.

He was up at once, but far out across the sand Manuel and Zurito saw the shine of the pumping THE UNDEFEATED 227 flow of blood, smooth against the black of the bull's shoulder.

In 1% of cases smooth under is used

I walked into my bedroom and glanced at the green-and- yellow-checkered comforter pulled smooth under twin matching pillow shams.

He's tall, good looking, articulate, highly intelligent, smooth under pressure, charismatic and, most importantly, he was the right shade.

Laser Esthtique Skin becomes smoother and smoother under the care of Laser Esthtique's skilled staff members, who wield laser technology and products from PCA Skin and Biophora.

No serpentine air intake and smooth under belly fuselage design, which was done even by the chinese J-20 team, yet no murmur on IAF ' s behalf, I don't know what magic spell russians employed on IAF.

In 1% of cases smooth about is used

There was nothing smooth about it.

VERY smooth about inserting self into groups.

Levin is a better pitch-man, so he's smoother about it.

There was nothing smooth about the game from the drop of the puck.

He tells some whoppers just like Romney he's just a bit more smooth about it.

Paddle through the Noosa Everglades Queensland Hastings Street isn't the only thing that's smooth about Noosa.

Lack of planning and design - Like Maathyas said, I think there is something not quite smooth about the flow of the story and character building.

In July Stephanie wrote another post Dealing with Trolls which has an excellent video by Jay Smooth about Why I Will Feed The Trolls If I Damn Well Want To.

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