Prepositions after "smash"

"smash into", "smash through" or "smash by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases smash into is used

Rocks and downed tree branches smashed into her car, which flipped upside down.

T rees smashed into homes and cars and were directly responsible for killing at least three people.

This free-for-all event provided yet another means for drivers so inclined to smash into their opponents.

It will burn and burn until it makes no shadow, the famous beautiful tiles inside it smashing into dusty powder.

My flashlight was unfortunately left on an upper shelf, and has been smashed into pieces in the falling of the chimney.

Giant containers full of aliens and co-worker corpses smashing into his ship, each one containing the prospect of coming one more step closer to seeing his family again.

One hundred meters away from the two, the stolen car traveling at 40mph lost control and smashed into a parked car, skidded to the other side of the road towards Mo and Ahmad.

They smash into open fields, roads, parking lots, homes, schools, synagogues, stores, gas stations, living rooms, bathrooms, farms, factories, banks, telephone booths, markets, everywhere.

This week the Orwell Bridge was closed again for nearly two hours after a trailer on a vehicle became loose, a car smashed into it and then several others were also caught up in the chaos.

Share this: Like this: About Danny Kemp I was at work one sunny November day in 2006, minding my own business, stopped at a red traffic light when a van, driven incompetently, smashed into me.

In 14% of cases smash by is used

Shows cells being smashed by a group of rebels chanting ' Allahu Akbar! ': 12.

All the cunning adjustments of a twentieth century city had been smashed by the earthquake.

I moved far away from the window, which can get easily smashed by some of the explosions from nearby.

Then brings them out of the frame at the bottom of the down tube where they may get smashed by climbing or riding over rocks? This is fail.

I was there in Stoke when his leg got smashed by Shawcross, and ever since that horrific injury I have developed a special interest in the Welshman.

Since all smashes by definition of half-court singles are straight ahead, you will be able to concentrate on pure defense rather than running to retrieve them.

Quite early in the war the poster parades were smashed by the police and we couldn't continue them, and there began to be disruption -- by the police, not by the public -- of our open-air meetings.

In 12% of cases smash through is used

It sent a bolt smashing through the watch bird's wing.

They had to smash through the attic ventilation system to reach the victims, they told ABC.

Completely independent of any reports, Yahoo! 7 added the utterly unsupported allegation that Abbott's mighty fists actually smashed through Sydney Uni's walls.

John Hester followed with a single, and Gordon made a diving stop of Mike Trouts hard smash through the box -- but could only get the force as Trout beat the relay to first.

Very warily he paddled up to the mouth of the creek, and was just passing under the bridge, when? CRASH! A great stone, dropped from above, smashed through the bottom of the boat.

In 9% of cases smash to is used

It's good to know that the poor little rock won't be smashed to pieces by the big mean earth.

Buildings, vehicles of all kinds and civil infrastructure have been smashed to pieces and swept away.

Where now is the great scientific man for the year 1930? Smashed to pieces in an aeroplane, acting as a stretcher-bearer, or digging a trench.

It was only because the bulldozer operator spotted a hole in the wall he was about to knock down that her remains were not smashed to kingdom come.

In 8% of cases smash in is used

So the next time you are about to smash in your computer or television just think of Princess Leia.

Two spearheads are discovered dating to this period at Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump in southern Alberta.

Is'nt our brain made of the same atomic and sub atomic particles that we are trying to smash in the colliders.

When his knee was smashed in a rugby match at the age of 16, he was advised to take up track running to aid his recovery.

In 6% of cases smash with is used

Their nets had been ruined with acid and their look-out tower smashed with axes.

Corruption and gravy train mentality has to be smashed, and smashed with the biggest hammer available.

In 6% of cases smash against is used

Coconuts being lit on fire, then smashed against stones.

He threw them right over our heads, and they smashed against the wall.

I was captured by the sounds of the waves as they smashed against the boat.

Prisoners ' babies brought to S-21 with them were killed by having their heads smashed against trees.

The nearest Hendon came was when a thunderbolt from Dovid Korman smashed against the underside of the crossbar, but it wasn't to be.

G-Force was sporting some solid bruises from her bike smashing against her in the water, and a solid High Five goes to The Doc for helping her make sure that's as bad as it got.

In 5% of cases smash on is used

So it got smashed on two levels.

And sat all round the table is the wife's family all getting (wheeping) smashed on my booze.

As the customer stood up, he sent the bottle flying across the club, before it smashed on the floor.

Getting things fixed -- like windows that like to fall out and smash on the ground three stories below -- took months, when they actually fixed stuff.

In 1% of cases smash off is used

While two people distracted staff at the museum, another two climbed on the display case, removed a rhino head from a wall and smashed off the horns with hammers.

In 1% of cases smash up is used

Blacklist races are often very dirty with your opponent happily willing to smash up their ride if it means smashing up yours.

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