Prepositions after "smart"

smart about, in, for, with or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 22% of cases smart about is used

Be smart about money questions.

Just need to be smart about it.

Again, don't get smart about it.

So if anyone wants to keep on fishing for big sharks they need to be smart about it.

With this support I am able to be smarter about my training, I get more out of it.

But if they're really smart about it, they'll occasionally put the dunce cap on, too.

Well done for being so smart about the whole thing, and for taking care of the machine -- I know runners who don't.

I think it's just an extra variable to take into account and as long as you are smart about it, you should be fine.

She recently set up the Be Smart About Art Academy, and she is the Founder of the Association of Women Art Dealers.

The only thing smart about partnering with the government is that some people get the chance to become rent seekers.

In 18% of cases smart in is used

That's pretty smart in my book.

Bush was smart in that way, too.

Just be smart in your decisions.

Arsenal has been so smart in defense with their tactics changing in almost every match.

And smart in a way that looks like his best work -- a reach for what is eternally true.

Getting there and staying smart in a business suit on a rainy day would be a challenge.

These shows speak to the entrepreneurial qualities I admire: to work both hard and smart in pursuit of a goal; to be.

But nothing else says smart in quite the same way - and there is no doubt that a tie can be a beautiful piece of kit.

It is time to ask far more searching questions about the purpose of research, and to be much smarter in funding it.

They are almost certainly smarter than you, at the very least they are smarter in the ways that the Internet works.

In 14% of cases smart for is used

They are too smart for Gillard.

Got to look smart for the telly.

He was too smart for me, though.

They do not, however, actually make the player smarter for real -- outside his head.

I told them that it was not my fault that I was too smart for this primitive nonsense.

Because they were too smart for high school, and they figured that University would be the same (not try, get 100%).

It would be smart for the firmware to detect that it can't extend the lens, and therefore shut down the electronics.

Even if the dress code is casual for the organisation concerned, it always pays to be smart for the actual interview.

This brings me to what I consider the only flaw within The Way of the Gun - it's a little too smart for its own good.

In 10% of cases smart with is used

Be smart with your smart phone.

They are smart with their webs.

Be smart with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

I deliberated over it because we're trying to be smart with our money and it was $14.

Romney is smart with MONEY which I love, perfect timing for our problems here in USA.

Not to mention I think so many people aren't smart with it which means more injuries.

The club has been very smart with certain signings eg Terminator and Mashego for free which should help with depth.

From the 90's western countries are deviating from this saying and train smarter with less pain producing results.

I'd not trying to be smart with this but feel free to drop my comments if you feel they're cluttering up the thread.

In 6% of cases smart of is used

And I think that's very smart of her.

Not all of us can be as smart of her.

We are the smartest of all animals.

So it's smart of them to offer a cheeky dessert, cherry teacake ($15/slice, $75/whole).

I think you can tell whether someone's smart of not so smart by their reasons for voting.

It would be smart of christians to consider that they have been fooled by all this stuff.

Fancy a challenge? Don't be a closet genius - show the entire world you're the smartest of them all with Smart As.

That's very smart of them, but obviously they need to camouflage their usurpation in the wider cause of Malay rights.

This same thinking repeated long enough will result with you being the smartest of the dumbest remaining employees.

It's not the most original idea, since it's just memoization, but it was really smart of Bryan Ford to think of trying it.

In 5% of cases smart at is used

They were told, You must be smart at this.

They were told,? You must be smart at this.

It's funny and crude and smart at the same time.

You are super smart at the things that interest you and you are not dumb, but insecure.

This does not mean we no longer campaign for donations, we just need to be smarter at it.

Ben and his type believe the govenrment is smarter at spending money than the private sector.

Each virtual character is smart at a human level and they are using knowledge and technology to do their predictions.

But we need the leaders of our industry to be able to work better and smarter at our agencies and with our clients.

We all have this problem, and simply having access to information doesn't make us instantly very smart at weighing it.

Personally assuming you are capable of manipulating something so vast, with even the smartest at the helm, is arrogant.

In 5% of cases smart by is used

Still smart by animal standards.

Obama might be too smart by half.

You are too smart by half there, Ed.

I think you can tell whether someone's smart of not so smart by their reasons for voting.

Nobody should need to make me feel smart by giving my perspective weight it doesn't carry.

But no one ever looked smart by underestimating the politician's genius for self-delusion.

I guess you shouldn't call yourself a millionaire if you thought you were really smart by flipping a property or two.

The current downturn will only increase the returns to being smart, and you get smart by hanging around smart people.

I wrote briefly in a comment on that TNW post about why I think it's smart by Google, but thought I'd elaborate here.

Isn't that simple? You think so? We all fall, at times, for attempting to be smarter by trying guess it, or defy it.

In 4% of cases smart on is used

Is it smart on their part? Yes.

It's so smart on so many fronts.

Don? t be too smart on your teacher.

Seem a lot more intelligent than blackbirds so maybe smarter on the slug/snail front.

Yeah I speak Aranda but my elder brother was smart on that because he had good hearing.

This was smart on Apple's part, because for most TV watchers, today's Apple TV box is still only a part-time solution.

He is strong, creative, smart on the ball, tenacious on defense, and scored as many league goals as Suarez last season.

He was dressed in his finery to meet the Prince, but he is quick to point out he has not always looked so smart on the job.

Smart phone devices for their everyday use for a smarter on the go life backed by a spot selling of the warranty devices.

In 3% of cases smart as is used

Too smart as for a accommodation.

Americans aren't smart as a whole.

Agreed about the breed -- smart as hell.

Usually the flight staff is composed of exceptionally smart as well as proficient persons.

Notice that this tool is very smart as the repaired part will somehow match with the image.

Collective intelligence I reckon we are getting smarter as a result of the plannersphere.

The pub bar and dining areas are very smart as well as comfortable and provides a relaxing environment to spend time.

It's accessible and smart, but nowhere near as accessible or smart as - to choose an apposite example - Lego Star Wars.

Your not business smart When it comes to freelancing you need to be business smart as well as being a good web designer.

You can use the speed of a common version of smart as a gauge that other timing measurements can then be ranked against.

In 3% of cases smart to is used

Doesn't sound very smart to me.

She is smart to tickle my heart.

But you're too smart to stiff us.

We have robot cars in traffic, Siri seems pretty smart to many, ok we are in our future.

She is not only intelligent but she is extremely smart to have caught my heart and soul.

From eating smart to kindling your relationships, the magazine is a fit for today's men.

It just makes you look smart to the dumb people who you've impressed and dumb to the smart people who see through it.

Plus, as others have said, some people lie about the amount of work they put in so they look smarter to their peers.

But it's all about showing up, isn't it? Being dependable is almost as important as being smart to most of my clients.

It would be an unwise choice to do so, sometimes; Jamie Foxx actually can sing, but he was smart to lip-synch for Ray.

In 2% of cases smart like is used

Children are pretty smart like that.

Russell, I wish I was smart like you.

The judge is super smart like them 3.

I like those parts because they make me feel smart like i could survive in that situation.

One was huge and muscular like Goliath, while the other was slim, fit, and smart like David.

The trick is be smart like Chinese Ploiy makers: Get FDI and at the same time lots of new manufacturing comes to India.

Do you have to be smart like those people who want to become a doctor or a genius to be a pilot? Can you please let me know.

Flashlights with UV light bulbs cause I am freaking smart like that! So make sure you purchase/loot them from a pet store or something.

The Malays trust more the people who ' look ' smart like the ostat and ularmak and those who can give them free handouts like the Syed Mokhtar.

In 1% of cases smart after is used

A mob is not very smart after all.

I feel really smart after using it.

We, the human race is not really that smart after all.

Walking also is counted as a small exercise so you will feel better and smarter after the walk.

Turns out some of the smart money wasn't so smart after all when it came to making political bets.

Make You Smarter There are some books you read that just make you feel smarter after reading them.

Will the national watersports centre in Nottinghamshire be left any smarter after the games? Of course it will not.

Everyone, it seems, is smart after the event, but the potential for anti-amyloid therapies was not always viewed with such negativity.

Which is why the oh-so-clever strategy of exploiting the inefficiency in the centre forward market turns out to be not that smart after all.

Nor are they given the chance to discover that the? business morons? are actually pretty smart after all, with interesting knowledge worth learning.

In 1% of cases smart from is used

My eyes smart from the fierce glare of the sun.

Maybe they have realized too that poll taxes are not terribly smart from an economic perspective either.

For this, the winner is basically whoever is the most talented and smart from amongst the ones who participate.

It might look smart from a distance, but get it in your hand and it suffers in comparison to more expensive phones.

So St-Pierre was smart from a strategic standpoint to take Alves down over and over, even if he didn't come close to finishing.

One thing I know -- eating a jar of nut butter every day is not really all that intuitively smart from a weight or health perspective.

I suggest the author get's a rocket back to Earth quick smart from wherever he is, as the distance seems to be distorting his perspective.

Also, I would like to say that Seoul National University used to be a school where the smartest from any neighborhood could have a chance.

No idea when that will be yet, but maybe the 6 countries in 7 days thing in January wasn't the smartest from an immigration computer perspective.

A central teaching of Islam is that it is our recognition of and preparation for that eternity that must separate those who are smart from those who are not.

In 1% of cases smart over is used

I'll take street smart over book smart any day.

Google Now is meant to get smarter over time, so it's too soon to tell just how helpful it could be.

Search engines should be more proactive, learn for the benefit of individual users and become smarter over time.

Israel's enemies have learned from their mistakes, adapted to new situations and technologies, and become smarter over the years.

Right now, it's not dynamically choosing what to search, it's just searching local scopes and Amazon, but it will get smarter over time.

That is certainly the case with Google's search engine ranking system, which has been getting consistently smarter over the past several years.

It is possible that a bankruptcy might actually be smarter over the long term than struggling month to month with consistently late or missing payments.

Sagan reminded us in his many writings that people have not gotten smarter over the centuries, but merely have better instruments available to observe natural phenomena.

In 1% of cases smart rather is used

I think it's smart rather than lazy.

With Internet I feel smarter rather than stupid, to be frank.

Keep learning and you will actually be smart rather than acting.

Semi-open endings like this means that they are treating you as smart rather than stupid.

One key thing you have to remember in trading is that it makes sense to work smart rather than hard.

It's richness of the action that you do make, acting smart rather than acting dumb, which is free will.

The cases are intended to support professional learning about working ' smarter rather than harder ' in education.

Do err on the side of caution -- if you can't find out what the dress code is, go smarter rather than more casual.

Fun Ways to Display Your Favorite Family Photos Heather, I think that's huge -- the working smarter rather than harder.

Many employers want the energy of youth, but age knows how to utilize experience and knowledge to work smarter rather than harder.

In 1% of cases smart without is used

Fluidly written, entertaining, and smart without being arcane.

This is a way to make minds smarter without actually having to be smarter.

People like to be able to talk to someone smart without having to feel stupid.

The Samsung Replenish is a great phone because it's smart without being stupid.

I've always wondered if I could have been smarter without all that head banging lol.

We can appear beautiful and smart without having to expose more than we have to or should.

I don't think we should be so ignorant and just complain and try to act smart without thinking clearly and sensibly.

Unfortunately being able to create something that makes you feel smarter without having to do a lot of work has been very difficult.

What?? A brainiac not thinking? As difficult as it is to imagine, I discovered that a person could be book smart without being street smart.

I like the guys who are goofy, smart without being pretentious, kind and practical enough to not put you on a perpetual pedestal (try saying that three times fast).

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