Prepositions after "small"

small in, for, of, to or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases small in is used

Size is always small in the dry.

The Spurs go small in the middle.

In areas both large and small in.

It has a huckle-bone like that of kine, but meagre and small in proportion to its bulk.

However, intake of aluminium from water is very small in comparison with other sources.

You feel very small in yours eyes; you may feel very small in the eyes of other people.

Mars is 300 million km away and small in a telescope Canopus, the second brightest star, is in the southeast at dusk.

If the bright point is small in the frame, it's easy to point outside it, which will throw the exposure readings off.

The reasons for using rain water are simply that your growing area is far smaller in a container than a garden bed.

The amount of depletion was observed to be smallest in the tropics and to increase with distance from the equator.

In 17% of cases small for is used

Too small for the traffic it has.

She is small for the age of four.

Not too big nor small for the hand.

Therefore most commercial hutches are too small for the sole residence of your rabbit.

Hatchback costs about the same as sedan but it is two doors and too small for a family.

The emissivity is larger for dark, rough surfaces and smaller for smooth, shiny ones.

It replaced Ajax's previous home De Meer, which, with a capacity of 19,000 seats, had become too small for the club.

As Daniel Bell said, the nation-state now seems to be too big for the small things and too small for the big things.

Any needle works with this thread but ensure that the needle eye isn't too small for the thread weight you've chosen.

If your room is too small for a crib, use a cradle or a bassinet that also meets current Canadian safety regulations.

In 16% of cases small of is used

Tearing in the small of the back.

I am the smallest of the small.

This is a small of hysterectomies.

I know that 15 free throws is too small of a sample size to get any meaningful read on.

Capillaries: Smallest of a bodies blood vessels, measuring just 5-10? m in diameter.

Her hair is twisted in tiny cornrows with the tips swinging down the small of her back.

Because when you go in to an upgraded shining new movie theater, even the smallest of the scratches can stand out.

Rockport is one of the most pleasant and smallest of the towns of Penobscot, centred around a very pretty harbour.

Happy Valley is the smaller of two tracks, and is situated in the midst of the city's bustling skyscraper district.

Overall, I'd very pleased with how the day went - tomorrow will be the smallest of the two GIANT days ahead of me.

In 15% of cases small to is used

A child grows from small to tall.

Mine was was smaller to this bike.

The difference might seem small to you.

Hersiliidae: The body is small to moderate in side, the abdomen being its biggest part.

Selenopidae: A small to medium body with legs that curve forwards in crab-like fashion.

The keys are a little bit small to my liking but the spacing of the keys is just right.

Results indicated that most of the respondentswere small to medium scale firms, but major importers of wood products.

The accipitrids are a family of small to large birds with strongly hooked bills and variable morphology based on diet.

The population of Roman London rose to perhaps 45,000, which seems small to us but it was the largest town in Britain.

They self-released their first album, Stars Too Small to Use, which led them to the South by Southwest music festival.

In 4% of cases small with is used

So start small with $50 a week.

I went fairly small with my family.

Only New Zealand is smaller with 4.

The yard was also very small with very little room left to run and move about freely.

If the necklace is more of a statement, go smaller with the earrings and vice versa.

Ryder Glacier is another example but this glacier is small with respect to the others.

But it was small with a large attic and quite remote with a large forest nearby from which to furnish the necessary.

All my cousins live in India, so I rarely got to see them and my german family is very small with no cousins around.

Collins actually went super small with a **37;2297;TOOLONG lineup that actually closed the deficit from six to zero.

In 3% of cases small at is used

I was quite small at that time.

He was just too small at 510 grams.

It's big but small at the same time.

Crowds were smaller at the grounds but the ' papara ' bands were playing their music.

Self-publishing money is smaller at the outset, but hops into your hands a lot faster.

It would be nice to get a SoulGrinder too but the army becomes very small at that point.

Who does nt? With Hal crazy antics dancing to the 70's funkytown beat, little Malcolm (he's still small at that time.

The only description of the van so far was that it was grey, small at the front and large at the back, Mr Bevan said.

Our People's Liberation Army was weak and small at the beginning, but it eventually became strong and defeated the U.

The household survey is much smaller at 60,000 households, covering a very small fraction of total employed persons.

In 3% of cases small by is used

Niches are small by definition.

Quite small by today's standards.

It was small by historic standards.

The real aim is to make all risks small by adding to existing precautions if necessary.

Page views have shrunk as well -- this internet giant is becoming smaller by the day.

In 1816, Father Felix started very small by planting some coffee beans in his backyard.

Nevertheless, let me put forward a few points: (1) The money spent on pure science is very small by most comparisons.

Their circle of influence gets smaller by the month as more and more people realize that they're not to be trusted.

In a world made increasingly smaller by technology and rapid transit, the globe has become just a big neighborhood.

But while the momentum has shifted in Obama's favor, the bounce itself is still fairly small by historical standards.

In 3% of cases small on is used

They are indeed small on a scope.

I kept the file small on purpose.

My pores are smaller on my cheeks.

Like this: 3 Comments I own a mirage bikini, i am smaller on bottom than i am on top.

It's just another way this 13-inch MacBook Pro is small on size and big on performance.

Exterior It is small and dated looking on the outside and even smaller on the inside.

This happens because the bus width between the VRAM and the GPU is much smaller on the GTX 660 Ti than on the 7950.

Surely you can find something small on the menu to each with some drinks which would be the sensible, caring way to go.

Some bone head users would probably donwload it otherwise and rate the app low because it was so small on their screen.

He easily could have swung to the open Telfair who could have hit the diving Morris who had a small on him in the paint.

In 2% of cases small as is used

They also feel small as a people.

Btw, the John's Phone is smaller as an iPhone.

Waiting areas are small as well as smoking rooms.

It's good to see that at least part of their original slogan ' as small as a bumblebee.

If they stayed at this level then populations would get smaller as well as older (2).

Subsidies paid to renewable energy are rather small as a proportion of your energy bill.

An enormous cloud of gas started to get smaller and smaller as the gas particles attracted each other with gravity.

It's probably too big as a phone or too small as a tablet for most, but many will find it's a comfortable compromise.

While these losses were small as a proportion of overall household income, low- and medium-income households fared worst.

In 1% of cases small from is used

Or, it looked small from the outside.

Everything looked so small from up here.

Everything looked so small from up there.

The O2 looked quite small from up there and at the very top the car ground to a halt.

Large and small through the initiative of making pinium large from small and small from large.

The width of the river seemed so small from above, but surely must have been hundreds of feet wide.

The carabaos bathing across the other bank looked far too small from my vantage; no way would I be able to cross that.

Regarding the magnitude of the funding, then yes, of course, it will always look small from a government's point of view.

Focusing on these behavioural characteristics is helpful because they help differentiate small from medium, and medium from large.

The second, less dominant, definitional approach uses the climatic influence of islands to distinguish small from continental types.

In 1% of cases small like is used

Just too small like the rest of the team.

I thought it was smaller like the psp go.

Although its name is bit it is not small like bit always.

Some are small like grasses, and some are big trees like breadfruit, pines, and Sequoias.

Since my garden is so small like kangkang kera, I allow my plants to grow up to roof top.

I stayed down for a whole 8 bars but the feis was really small like ony 50 dancers over all.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by your clutter, start with something small like the junk drawer or the catchall table.

It could be something as big as deciding to bungee jump or something small like trying out some of the exotic cuisine.

He might not be small like Neil Back but then neither is Dousatoir, Macaw, Warburton or Wallace and O'brien from Ireland.

But you can make it larger or smaller like any window by pulling the handle at its right-bottom corner with your mouse.

In 1% of cases small over is used

But the market has become really small over the last years.

Romney is that this tendency has been growing smaller over time.

It got smaller and smaller over the years until everyone had his own napkin.

The solar contribution to warming is known to be small over this period (no more than 0.

The opposite will happen, the Muslim community will get smaller and smaller over time.

Tht footage must be accessible and cld have made key look very small over the banks thing.

Broadly speaking, the changes in temperature will be relatively small over the oceans, as they can absorb a lot of heat.

Some orthodontists believe that evolution has caused jaws to become smaller over the last few thousand years (Walpoff 1975).

Should you be small over the top, additionally, it is a smart idea to try to find bikinis that supply feel for instance ruffles.

Do not be led to believe as we were that classes are smaller over here than in the UK -- unless it's a school out in the sticks.

In 1% of cases small relative is used

And it's small relative to the value of the business.

Portion size was very small relative to the other 2 appetizers.

All producers are small relative to the total size of the economy.

Second, while the network media economy in Canada may be small relative to the U.

However, your nose may appear smaller relative to your face as your face changes.

How do you make sure that the fast-growing markets that are small relative to the U.

The data clearly show that the potential cost is in fact extremely small relative to the total sales of a firm.

The amount of radioactive waste is very small relative to wastes produced by fossil fuel electricity generation.

The cyclical disparity across the member economies is found to be small relative to the size of business cycles.

That is, at an early age, the volume of remembered experience is small relative to what it is at an advanced age.

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