Prepositions after "slump"

"slump in" or "slump to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases slump in is used

He found one and slumped into it.

I just left that same event 10 minutes ago, and I'd slumped in my seat so that none of the recruiters look up and see me.

But having played it in full again today (unaware that it was ranking first here ), it does slump in places, significantly.

And yet where else might he have been? Slumped in some hotel room, reflecting on the indifference of a world to a broken genius.

There are clear indications of the First and Second World Wars and slumps in civilisation in the 1970's and again at the beginning of the 1980's.

Marion, his other half of twenty-eight years is bored with his boring hours and the grouchy partner who slumps in his chair in front of the TV after dark.

After a twenty-year period of growth, tourism slumped in the mid-1970s for a variety of reasons, ranging from radical domestic policies to negative press coverage abroad.

In 27% of cases slump to is used

Meanwhile, India's growth rate has slumped to around 7 per cent.

Earlier, England had capitulated pathetically, slumping to 191 all out and following on.

As the dog slumped to the ground, the prince heard a soft whimpering from behind the upturned cradle.

The nadir was in round 13 when they slumped to second-last after a horrible home thumping by the Tigers, 40-0.

In reply, Bangladesh slumped to early trouble as their in-form player, Lata Mondol, was bowled for a nine-ball duck.

Not having won or even managed a draw in the eight away tests since that tour, India have slumped to third in the rankings.

First up, it appeared to be business as usual for India's tour as they slumped to 25-4 and then 58-5 after being put into bat.

Having slumped to a surprise 1-0 loss at Norwich City last Saturday, a young United side lost by the same scoreline to Galatasaray in Turkey in the Champions League on Tuesday.

In 11% of cases slump on is used

Oh, sorry, I lost consciousness for a moment and my head slumped on my laptop.

Moloch slumped on the side of his bed with a glass and a gun is a memorable one.

They sit up straight but if you went round to their houses in the evening they'd be slumped on the sofa watching telly in their tracksuits like anyone else.

In 9% of cases slump from is used

Apple's annual turnover slumped from $11.

Physics A-levels slumped from 46,606 to 28,119.

The percentage of retailers reporting that they are satisfied with prevailing business conditions slumped from 58 to 47 during 2011Q2, after peaking at a three year high of 63 during 2010Q4.

In 7% of cases slump into is used

He found one and slumped into it.

He staggered to his feet and stomped off to find a chair to slump into.

In 5% of cases slump by is used

The dark side of the data was agricultural-sector output which slumped by 2.

In 4% of cases slump over is used

The lawmen arrived to find him slumped over the steering wheel.

With the stock market volatile and the economy slumping over uncertainty about the European debt crisis, the central bank is bound the be cautious about the economic prospects next year.

In 2% of cases slump after is used

My theatre colleagues would always slump after a show opened.

In 2% of cases slump against is used

He slams it shut and slumps against it, shaken Isaac Parkin: Shut that gate and keep it shut! Withnail: cheerfully hopping back over the wall I think an evening at The Crow.

In 2% of cases slump around is used

Two things are evident: individual power production took off between 2000 and 2003; and gross generation slumped around the same time.

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