Prepositions after "slim"

"slim to", "slim in" or "slim of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases slim to is used

My best guess would be slim to none.

But the chances of that are slim to none.

From Bill Gates to Carlos Slim to Mittal.

If you are born to a poor family in an LDC, the chances of getting out are slim to none.

Although the chance of your child being allergic to material used in them is slim to none.

For sure, the chances of that are slim to none, but there's no harm, no foul in thinking it.

How much? The best data on house prices suggest that, after taking inflation into account, the answer is slim to none.

What is the worst that could happen though? Will you drop down dead? No, the chance of that happening are slim to none.

Without an established reputation or reliable client base, the chances of you becoming rich overnight are slim to none.

With this number in mind, the likelihood of getting an unused and available 2 letter or 3 letter domain is slim to none.

In 14% of cases slim of is used

Slim of build, he is now gaunt.

Most of them were won on the slimmest of margins.

Boumediene was decided by the slimmest of margins.

In a race bound to be decided by the slimmest of margins, each and every vote counts.

For the second season in a row, they've escaped relegation by the slimmest of margins.

The Indira Congress candidate won the seat by the slimmest of margins, 2,526 to be exact.

She takes one jade bangle, a light piece clearly designed for a woman quite slim of wrist, and dangles it from a string.

All of them are All Time top 10 batsmen, so hard to pick, but as a pure batsman, by the slimmest of margins Headley.

According to the poll the Midwest supported same-sex marriage by the slimmest of margins -- 50 percent to 49 percent.

The Lady North Carolina Tar Heels edged Louisiana Tech in the 1994 NCAA tournament, by the slimmest of margins: 60-59.

In 13% of cases slim in is used

Field Marshal Slim in praising No.

Yes Pickings Are Slim In These Days.

Yeah and why its hard to stay slim in the family.

I think their chances with or without Perenara were slim in making it any further anyway.

She desperately wanted to look slim in her beautiful dress for her big, glamorous wedding.

I love Slim in 6 and my whole office is interested because I look like a different person.

If someone is slim they are quite thin in a way that is attractive: Charlotte was looking lovely and slim in the photos.

I created this Slim in 6 UK Reviews site to share with others my experience with Slim in 6 and how it has worked for me.

Seriously her nose does look slimmer in the pictures above, but i think it might be as a result of weight loss and makeup.

The Slim in 6 is a program that will reshape your body in just 6 weeks with the help of Debbie Siebers ' Slim training program.

In 7% of cases slim with is used

This unit is still slim with 8.

The pants were slim with button flies.

I got xbox 360 slim with dvd drive hack.

Braun was described as? tall, slim with regular features, pretty rather than beautiful.

Peg, the youngest girl in the Clancy family, is slim with large brown eyes and an infectious smile.

The person accused was described as 6ft, Slim with blonde hair (Im 5,7 little chubby and black hair).

Our extremely charming waitress was American, very tall and slim with a Number One buzz cut: we might have been twins.

Her looks were striking -- she was slim with long black hair, pale skin, huge eyes and a full mouth, much given to smiling.

An intelligent nutritious and balanced diet is the ideal way in which to become slim with out producing injure to the body.

Keep in mind that it is not a sex toy and therefore should be very slim with only the sensor head having any real size to it.

In 6% of cases slim for is used

My wife got me a slim for xmas.

If you tell them, they can import a 360 Slim for you.

But I was just 9 st, quite slim for my 5ft 8in height.

Unfortunately the odds are very slim for me, even at 41, of having a child with my own eggs.

However, the chances of this happening in the near future appear slim for a number of reasons.

I had hoped at least for a written interview, and thought our chances were slim for getting just that.

Still the chances are very slim for Indian and Sri Lankan youngsters to take up to a sport seriously with their study load.

The founder of Ariella Couture said women should not be a Size Zero - although he added they should still be ' slim for their men '.

North Korea is a poor nation with starvation ravaging its people and opportunities, slim for the government's tight grip on everything.

According to get slim for life We frequently have a misconception, that in order to lose weight, we must eat foods that we do not like.

In 6% of cases slim on is used

The picking are slim on a ' good ' year.

Am a lot slimmer on my hips/bum area.

Right now, facts are slim on Yang's case.

Based on this experience, I'd going to go ahead and say the chances are slim on that one.

This category always feels a little slim on the ground with this year being no exception.

Evidence that to support the idea that eating cheap, organic produce is slim on the ground.

The counter arguments for the film -- if you can call them that -- are slim on specifics about the merits of the film.

Approaches to this polemic from a secular non-theist (atheist/agnostic/skeptic) perspective are somewhat slim on the net 12.

It became the inspiration for EMI's gift to Slim on the anniversary of 50 years as a recording artist with the company in 1996.

I had seen images and posts about Celebrity Slim on the interweb for months now but if I am honest diets are one thing I don't read about online.

In 4% of cases slim as is used

It was slim as a girl, translucent.

Everyone wants to stay slim as the models that they see strutting in the catwalks.

Also this improved version of the tablet would be very stylish and slim as the Apple.

Jokes apart I very much scarifies for getting slim as every girl want to see in front of mirror.

In addition he names SHEBA &; GAZA SLIM as the only two artiste who has remain steadfast &; resolute.

She is tall, luminously beautiful as an arum lily, slim as a (highly bred) whippet and every bit a lady.

On March 5, 2008, Forbes ranked Slim as the world's second-richest person, behind Warren Buffett and ahead of Bill Gates.

Notably for the most important slim as well as, tall girl, you most of the perfect figure will become the focus of anyone.

On March 11, 2009, Forbes ranked Slim as the world's third-richest person, behind Gates and Buffett and ahead of Larry Ellison.

I have always noticed that the majority of people are needing to lose weight when they wish to appear slim as well as attractive.

In 4% of cases slim at is used

The phone is reasonably slim at 9.

Despite looking so big, the device is very slim at just 8.

While it's wide, the handset is actually quite slim at just 9.

How in the world did she manage to stay so slim at a time when your body is going to get big.

She was slim at the upper division of her body and this sat with ease at her lumpy waist region.

Because healthy foods to eat less calories you can enjoy even more but still slim at the same time.

LOL What?? Sony removed OtherOS on the slim at the factory (September 2009) and then removed it from Fat PS3s with an update, 3.

I hoped that the Met Service's weather prediction would prevail but the chance of that happening was looking very slim at this stage.

I hate being mean to him, but his crime completely ruined his image, and the chance of him coming back to television is very slim at this point.

In 4% of cases slim by is used

Jennifer Aniston stays slim by smiling.

His odds where getting slimmer by the moment.

Bought this via Groupon 2) Slimming session by Keep Slim by Groupon.

The best cream I have tried is fatgirl slim by bliss its by far gave me the best results.

And guess what? You can get SLIM by eating the RIGHT FOODS at the RIGHT INTERVALS each day.

R* GTA 5 I still hope GTA comes out this year but the chances are looking slimmer by the day.

No nexus device will ever have a SD slot, and if they can make it slimmer by removing a battery door, then so be it.

There are a lot of devices running around that aren't the slimmest by any means, but do get classified as ultrabooks.

And be sure to keep it slim by going light on the milk and sugar to avoid canceling out any extra calorie burning benefits.

Lots of women feel the pressure to stay slim by constant dieting, and keep their weight just on the lower limit of being healthy.

In 1% of cases slim after is used

So even if you are super slim after all your activities in the outback, I think it will be you following me next time.

Ballmer's margin for error is slim after being consistently outpaced by Apple and Google in his nearly 13 years as CEO.

His explanation was that acting work was slim after The Wonder Years, and so he created the fake personas of Moore and Limbaugh to practice his craft.

In 1% of cases slim because is used

The chances of getting the bill approved in the plenary are getting slimmer because of the difficulty in mustering a quorum.

Because of this, even if you have an average credit score, the chances of you getting a home loan are slim because of your irresponsibility concerning your credit card debt.

Here, as of to-day, the chance of expanding the land holding through the merger of very small holdings is slim because of too-much individualistic mentality and age old land law.

It would be nice to see Ward fight and beat Froch again, but the odds of them fighting are kind of slim because of the two fights that Froch has to win before can even get to Ward.

In 1% of cases slim from is used

Everyone was tanned and slim from working and playing outside.

Trvon's vocal style and sound has been compared to Slim from 112.

It is a long process and chances for vacation are slim from October through December.

Think positive thoughts, such as, ' I am relaxed and in control, and I enjoy looking beautiful and slim from eating healthy and nutritious foods.

Don't know the exact price but beware! A purchaser who imported a brand new 360 Slim from the shop found that his 360 was not working after a few hours.

Since started taking Bios Life Slim from September 2008, I started losing fat with a combined of 8 inches from my neck, arms and more importantly, my belly fat.

In 1% of cases slim like is used

Western girls would trade their boobs to be slim like local girls so I say workout hard, firm your boobs n get a V shape and nice butt n d guys won't care.

Sarah, tall and slim like Diana, found herself spending a lot of time in the capital, but the invitations to its glittery parties and receptions were not for her.

In 1% of cases slim vs is used

In fact, Spice and Pamputtae's Slim Vs.

Expect a high-energy performance with tunes such as her dancehall classic, Ramping Shop to the controversial, Slim VS Fluffy and the girl's anthem, Body Great.

In 1% of cases slim without is used

Overall Fit It should be slim without being tight.

Girls can very easily be slim without going on a diet.

Therefore if you want to slim without the gym, have a treat now and then.

Join a club If you want to slim without the gym then you might benefit from joining a club.

If you really think of it, Brenda Leigh chances of getting a confession out of Stroh were slim without forcing his hand.

And there's no need for a gym membership -- go for a brisk walk, a bike ride, or try any of these 95 ways to get slim without the gym.

England goalkeeper Joe Hart, 25, who was outstanding against Jurgen Klopp's side admits his team's prospects of qualifying would have been slim without Balotelli's late penalty at the Etihad Stadium.

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