Prepositions after "slight"

slight of, on, to, in or against?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases slight of is used

More slight of hand by the GOP.

He was handsome and slight of build.

Then he had the slightest of accents.

There is also the overall size difference- the guy on the left is slighter of build.

You could turn that film into a horrific tragedy with only the slightest of tweaks.

In my experience the slightest of mis-alignments can be felt instantly at the lever.

Struggles to get up the slightest of hills and was downright frightening trying to negotiate Pembrokeshire coast.

His ability to read body language and the slightest of tics in a witness during testimony is an incredible skill.

The set list acts as the blueprint, the slightest of errors could cause the whole building to come crashing down.

They are freakin awesome!! The Bourne Legacy doesn't even compare in the slightest of how good the original were.

In 13% of cases slight on is used

That's no slight on Brad Jones.

Yet that was no slight on O'Sullivan.

It isn't a slight on his vision and talent.

ARCHER We all felt this slight on the Countess should not pass without consulting you.

This is not a slight on the language, or on my rights as an Irish speaker, just realism.

And that's not meant as a slight on the teachers -- that's the way the system is designed.

It is certainly not a slight on the huge Muslim diaspora that live as happy and active members of Australian society.

So sorry -- not a slight on you or your knife specifically but I have an issue with the brand and the way they market it.

And that's not a slight on Nash's obviously brilliant new record, either - and no, this isn't an exercise in being contrary.

And look, that's no slight on the people who create them, the job entails literal reportage with no room for creative flair.

In 10% of cases slight to is used

It's not a slight to the Bears.

That's not a slight to the Pens.

This is in no way a slight to PC.

I personally thought the remark was quite funny, and it certainly was not a slight to me.

These dancing boys ranged in shape and size from the skinny and slight to the rugby prop.

The sage Dadhichi did not like this slight to Shiva and he boycotted the yajna in protest.

Mansbridge pushed for an admission of guilt and seemed to equate the relocation of the Jets with a slight to Canada.

The restricted balcony party was no slight to the other members of the Royal Family lower down the line of succession.

Presbyacusis describes progressive hearing loss in older people and can range from slight to severe hearing impairment.

In 7% of cases slight in is used

Jacob Butler was, like his father, slight in build.

Our retaliatory measures are slight in the extreme.

Moderate sea becoming slight in the morning, rising.

He's slight in a green anorak and green cords, with his hands thrust deep in his pockets.

Although the benefits are slight in each area, when taken overall, it has a potent effect.

The iris colour change is slight in the majority of cases and often not observed clinically.

Although slight in frame, he is someone who has energy in abundance and can change a game, Barcelona away sticks in the memory.

Although slight in physical stature, the man is a muscular giant when it comes to coaxing sweet notes of crystal clarity from a guitar.

Given that William of Orange was then the nemesis of both Louis and James, the effect of this split allegiance was slight in the field.

Whereas the excursion April 2010 is very slight in the other datasets (UAH and RSS included for good measure ), but very extreme in BEST.

In 6% of cases slight against is used

That's no slight against Romero.

But it's not a slight against either.

Not that Iran has the slightest against us.

It is a slight against the other person, demeaning their status and shaming them.

I do not intend this to be any sort of slight against Robots and Pencils, however.

That's no slight against David's lyrics -- the same thing would be true of Dylan's.

Nadia's father doesn't listen to his daughter; he just wants to punish what he perceives as a slight against him.

BC and I hardly ever have sex any more and while I should take his EDD as a slight against me it still stings a little.

And to see her being bullied and insulted by a group of non-Indians has been taken as a slight against the entire nation.

I do think, and this is in no way a dig or a slight against you, that the experience of a domme is very different to another escort.

In 4% of cases slight by is used

That's not a slight by the way.

It comes off as slight by comparison.

It isn't held against man in the slightest by God.

Todays athletes wouldn't be motivated in the slightest by the story of the WWII veteran.

The thugs and villains are so beneath her she isn't phased in the slightest by their attacks.

There will always be some form of opposition sometimes great, sometimes slight by the nafs against A'maal.

Finally, they did not say that ADEM has a very unique MRI profile, which is not shared in the slightest by autism.

But so are the endings of Toy Story and Toy Story 2 and neither of those suffered in the slightest by having a sequel.

We are not insulted in the slightest by those catcalls from construction workers, as long as they aren't rude or nasty.

FORCE The powers opposed to Negro progress will not be influenced in the slightest by mere verbal protests on our part.

In 3% of cases slight for is used

His build may have been too slight for a successful tenor.

Simply because my powers are too slight for the accomplishment of the task.

And I wouldn't blame FG Kenny in the slightest for taking that approach.

Patrick Yes of course, no woman can be blamed in the slightest for any kind of sexual assault on her.

I am surprised that Melvin beat out Showalter, but it is no slight for the Orioles skipper to finish second.

If it is in town, cruise receiving off which Friday or during slightest for a half a day to be there to help.

She worked hard at overcoming her grief and I don't blame her in the slightest for pouring all her love into her dogs.

He is slight for his age and a middle child so it's no surprise that he wants to do something where he can claim the limelight.

Not saying it worked here, and hopefully they learned something here and will have made changes if even slight for how they will score next time.

In 3% of cases slight about is used

I'd not complaining in the slightest about being polled.

Don't care in the slightest about her previous experience.

It wasn't meant as a slight about your lack of dedication or effort.

I don't think you should feel guilty in the slightest about not functioning normally.

The point I twigged after a while was that she cared not in the slightest about evidence.

They don't care in the slightest about any innocent collateral damage they may cause on the way.

And I have 3rd level education and experience and im not snobby in the slightest about working in lesser paid jobs.

Surely you didn't think we cared in the slightest about you all these years (we really don't have Stockholm syndrome).

There is nothing slight about the Lumia 920, and in black - the colour we have for review - it looks brutal, wide and fat.

And for anyone who disagrees with me, you're welcome to your opinion just as I'd welcome to not care in the slightest about yours.

In 2% of cases slight from is used

A slight from outside to any was a slight to all.

Its not my fault to corrrect a slight from the distant mists of time.

At idle there is the usual, no smoke from the passenger and slight from the drivers side.

If you are seperated in the slightest from that divine essence, you are far off the path.

This is even though they didn't detract even the slightest from the publicly funded fire services.

After a stressfull period in my life I apparently ended up with a slight from of chronic hyperventilation.

Demeter, expecting a slight from her teen-age daughter, takes it as one: she must be the cold and frozen one.

I don't think that stops you in the slightest from keeping church and state separate or keeping creationism out of schools.

That doesn? t take away in the slightest from the beauty of the horses with their great manes and lovely long tails reaching almost to the ground.

Finally, there's Harvard University, which will not benefit in the slightest from Facebook's IPO, even though it was integral to the company's formation.

In 2% of cases slight at is used

The only quote that could've been construed as a slight at Mrs.

Major A was furious at this slight at his dignity by a petty subaltern.

We take slight at words and pictures but dismiss reality so completely.

There is some evidence that high school students benefit from homework, but even that data is slight at +0.

However, the magnetic field from the resulting pulsar will not affect us in the slightest at this distance.

Haiti to be Americas 51st State? I take slight at the very idea, everyone knows Canada is America's 51st State.

The best time to volunteer in Sri Lanka will be during the dry season and the months may vary slight at different locations.

Many of the differences are slight at this point, and it's reasonable to suggest that Davis may be the better player in a few years.

There is a group of independent referees (no slight at them, but highly probably not as highly qualified) who each will be assigned to a certain game.

What's the story with camping in Galway? Why are you doing it? First and foremost I just want to say this is not a rallying cry or a slight at the system or NUIG.

In 2% of cases slight as is used

You can bet the Tamaqua coaching staff is reminding its players of this slight as a motivational tool.

Nor can anyone can point conclusively to this or that trauma or slight as the straw that broke the camel's back.

The perfect observer of the Law would not do anything that could even be regarded in the slightest as a violation.

Shy as a leveret, swift as he, Straight and slight as a young larch tree, Sweet as the first wild violets, she, To her wild self.

For illustration, messenger plastic bags designed for young ones can be slighter as well as have lap and even once again secure.

It is at the end of the day, a bloody lip balm, however I don't regret my purchase in the slightest as it is a really beautiful product and it.

So your point is? I'd delighted at the improvement that your son has shown, I'd just not convinced in the slightest as to your reasons for this improvement.

Clear as the stream her modesty; As neath dark boughs her secrecy, reed against reed tall on slight as the stream moves left and right dark and clear, dark and clear.

Leading up to the final showcase, you do put in a lot of rehearsing outside of normal class hours, but I didn't mind this in the slightest as it was very rewarding.

It may not offer fans with the most exciting of spectacles but if England were to pick up the trophy in Kiev then it would certainly not matter in the slightest as a country rejoices in success.

In 2% of cases slight with is used

I don't disagree in the slightest with your last point.

I was kind of worried that it might have been the slight with the steering wheel.

The difference between x4 and ln(x) was so slight with some data I guessed at the wrong law.

Yet nothing he can do can compare even in the slightest with the glorious surprise of remembering Who he is.

I don't know if this will help in the slightest with your situation but I hope you find your way out of the darkness.

Most other ship's captains wouldn't have bothered themselves in the slightest with the plight of a lowly seaman left by a lazy colleague to finish the job on his own.

In 1% of cases slight down is used

From the top in was a slight down hill all the way to the finish.

Usually seen on suburban sections with EMU traffic, and usually on sections with a slight down gradient.

If Arizona wants to move forward with Eaton, then how about Upton? He's of course had a slight down year.

In 1% of cases slight off is used

On a slight off topic note, CvC really is a prick.

It goes on slight off shade due to the grey-ness but it oxidate after a while.

You come into the next catch berm very quickly and get sent across some slight off camber to a tricky little rock section.

A legitimate Arsenal goal could be disallwed for off side while one with slight off side bearing for red faced maybe given.

In 1% of cases slight over is used

Doug fired it up first, landing with a slight over rotation.

At the very least it could be a slight over reaction on some peoples part.

With a slight over shot, he managed to get his bream wedged in some lily's.

String out slight over a lifetime and tolerance for nonsense diminishes greatly.

A slight over load or poor weight distribution can seriously restrict steering and braking.

As long as your overall health is fine a slight over weight will do no harm to your health or looks.

To say that I bolted home to begin reading Catching Fire is a slight over exaggeration, but not entirely untrue.

OK, maybe a slight over exaggeration about chopping a whole tub of chillies! However I stupidly rubbed my eye in yoga the next day and felt the pain.

His slight over exuberance at the moment is his Achilles heel, but with more experience and under the tutelage of Walsh I am sure he will settle down.

The aforementioned elements of the production are so undoubtedly rich that one can happily slight over what may otherwise be deemed a failing in a similar production.

In 1% of cases slight towards is used

That's not a slight towards him by any means.

I was hurt at what appeared a slight towards a Bhasha author.

I'd raise the point that my slide show wasn't a slight towards the act of delivering our emotions, more of an awareness campaign about the way that a misuse of language can derail the message.

In 1% of cases slight under is used

And I am going to have to be that person and point out that there was a slight under dosage of caskett tonight.

In 1% of cases slight upon is used

This is no slight upon the perceived lack of driving ability among females, it is a fact.

Neither is the wicked behaviour on the part of children who have left home necessarily a slight upon the father.

The gentlemen Commoners were black Gowns and gold trimmings made slight upon the sleeves of the same and very small gold Tossills to their square Caps of cloth.

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