Prepositions after "slap"

"slap on", "slap in" or "slap with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases slap on is used

Just slap on some HREs and go to town.

Just some rocks standing there with a silly grin slapped on its face.

He says whenever anyone asked for leaves massive debts would be slapped on them.

One child aged around 8 refused to cut, he was slapped on his face by his so called teacher.

I have the medical checks, I examine the moles, then I slap on the SPF30 and head back to the beach.

He was quick and sure with his scalpel, and then he cleaned the thumb, slapped on antibiotic and wrapped it in gauze.

School reopened September 4th and by September 24th she had been slapped on four different occasions by her MALE teacher.

The point here is that if you believe in data, try to let it speak before you slap on your own mood, beliefs or expectations.

I try to make the most of each bath and I usually slap on a face mask, a hair mask and get relaxing in the tub until I go all wrinkly.

A ban was slapped on the activities of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Bangladesh on Oct 22, 2009 terming the organisation as a threat to security.

In 21% of cases slap with is used

PaRappa trading slaps with Sackboy? Yeah, that could be fun.

Webber needed repairs and Grosjean was slapped with a ten-second stop-go penalty.

He was later slapped with a 90 day jail sentence that he will begin serving next month.

He has been slapped with a price tag of 100m by the Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis.

For his honesty and good sense, he was slapped with the state of Florida's first gouging subpoena.

Seniors didn't know whether they'd make it to the squad or not before they were slapped with fines.

Karthikeyan was slapped with a five-place grid penalty for blocking Michael Schumacher in the qualifying round.

If a council enforcement officer came along, I would be slapped with a RM30 fine when it was not my fault at all.

Another amendment will see the two operators slapped with maximum penalties of hundreds of millions of dollars if they commit breaches.

In 18% of cases slap in is used

Two little slaps in the palm of the hands is not abuse.

They aren't aware that their lives are the same as being slapped in the face.

There are many pairs, many dualities, dozens of them, and each is a pair of slaps in the face.

The self gradually fades and disappears until there is no self whatever to be slapped in the face.

We felt like slapped in the face and immediately cancelled the booking at a cost of reduction of 25%.

Further, sedition charges can only be slapped in political cases and in Trivedi's case, there was no such intention.

Such a claim from EA after Zynga made very much the same claims has got to be one of the largest legal karma slaps in history.

Slap in 4G LTE capabilities, beef up the battery if possible, and update the operating system to iOS 6, and include some funky new software technologies.

In 7% of cases slap by is used

When eating unpalatable food we get slapped by anger and aversion.

After getting my hand slapped by my ENT, I decided scuba diving wasn't for me.

When eating delicious food, we get slapped by satisfaction with the deliciousness.

I will probably get my wrist slapped by the grammar police for saying this, but essentially commas, semi-colons and colons are punctuation pauses with power varying from mild, moderate, to serious.

In 3% of cases slap to is used

Kingston comes back with some slaps to the chest and a dropkick.

In 2% of cases slap out is used

Greg Chappell, that-all Australian taskmaster, attempted to a similar strategy with Team India, only to be ignominiously slapped out of the country.

In 1% of cases slap across is used

They knew from the start that it would take more than a giant logo slapped across their shirts to make Pestle &; Mortar a success.

In 1% of cases slap around is used

For all I know, it may have been the most butter-permeated bird since unshod feet slapped around the shores of Galilee.

In 1% of cases slap at is used

I think I may have slapped at hands a few times in my kids ' lives (when I have lost it -- it's a failure, not a recommendation ), but smacking really isn't necessary.

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