Prepositions after "skip"

skip to, over, on, across or through?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases skip to is used

You can skip to the end and leave a comment.

You can skip to the end and leave a response.

You can subscribe You can skip to the end and leave a response.

Then you skipped to Bernanke, who we all know is having zero positive impact on growth.

Cleverly it skipped to the rock and drank the water which I then filled up several times.

Pricked his ears and practically skipped to the front of his stable to pester Jase for food.

The results so far are very promising! First, a bit of background (feel free to skip to the end if you just want the results).

They're the sort of songs I'll skip to, then get such strong feelings from that I'll have to go back and listen to the whole album.

Usually the urge is to skip to the doing rather than spend the required time it takes to get a significant number of employees urgent.

Me I'd so glad you read this far, or maybe you just skipped to the bottom of the page! However you arrived here, I'd love to know your thoughts.

In 15% of cases skip over is used

I think Rylan is a goner tomorrow, so easy to skip over him.

They wrote good stories, if you skipped over the garbage imo.

He also skips over the bogus seizures and the questionable legality of the seizures themselves.

The writing is the best part of the game by far, and if you tend to skip over text you might find the game a bit lacking.

It starts off saying don't drink but the writers must have been drunk by number 2 because they skipped over number 3 entirely.

If it hadn't been for a friend's recommendation, I would have skipped over its uninspiring website and looked for shelter elsewhere.

I think they're pulling my leg, though, so skipping over the jewelry that is in the wrong category, we have a $40,000 fur coat from WEBFURS.

As the sun is coming down, I take that the beast, for whatever reasons, skipped over me as it went into the cavern for the entire duration of my slumber.

And you were also speaking as if you totally skipped over the part where the customer at the craft fair was extremely rude and even had the nerve to put the author down for her work.

In 6% of cases skip on is used

Do they put a focus on design? One of the top grossing eCommerce sites, Amazon, clearly doesn't skip on their design.

It would have been relatively easy to do and would have cost a fraction of what they were spending on television ads that people skipped on their DVR.

In 5% of cases skip across is used

Once eager children skipped across the tracks as the train rounded a corner.

If a government spends 100 then that causes transactions to bounce around the economy like a stone skipping across a pond.

Criminals and bankrupts and deserting husbands who skipped across the colonial borders could be controlled if there was a national government.

In 5% of cases skip through is used

Skip through a rain shower on a hot summer day.

Judy said other things, too, but if you pulled the string four times, you could skip through the rotation to get to the good one.

In 5% of cases skip from is used

He was clearly in a rush, likely skipping from one journalist to another and didn't have a lot of time for me.

You could skip from episodes two to four and hardly notice, to be honest - but that still leaves three-quarters of Kroll which is essentially well paced.

In 3% of cases skip by is used

At the Canadian Junior Championships in Winnipeg in 1989, the Quebec team, skipped by Martin Ferland, was the only one using it.

Photo by Davina Sheet B was the site of the battle of the ' Nancys '! Team NS skipped by Nancy Delahunt went up against Team Ontario with Nancy Harrison at the controls.

In 3% of cases skip off is used

Pujols went for the lead runner instead of the sure out, but his low throw skipped off Gordon as he slid into third and Gordon continued home.

It was a blissful start to the week on Monday when I skipped off the raw vegan farm, only to sashay directly back to the world of omnivore-ism and cooked culinary diversity.

Usually I feel it, I feel like I am about to faint! But not yesterday, I literally skipped off the plane, ready to commence what I know will be an important part of my life.

In 3% of cases skip out is used

People who want to vote, who want to live up to their responsibility as a citizen of a democratic republic, would not skip out of town on election day.

Aw, who am I kidding? This is a man who could break wind as he skipped out of a lift full of Chelsea fans and they'd still give him a standing ovation as the doors closed on them.

In 2% of cases skip at is used

There is this Butterfly House in the Zoo of Melbourne, which must not be skipped at any cost.

Many a ski day has been skipped at Coronet and the Remarkables due to a Queenstown-induced hangover.

In 2% of cases skip due is used

Part of the debate has to be skipped due to answers being too long.

This important step is often regarded as superfluous and is skipped due to jam-packed schedules.

In 2% of cases skip past is used

His technique was amazing, he could easily skip past 3-4 players.

In 1% of cases skip with is used

November 10, 2012 11:57 PM JST Today is the first day on the PCP that I have managed to skip with the sun out and feel its warmth!!! Uk winter is truly odd.

In 1% of cases skip about is used

I just re-read the article and it seems as though I skipped about 1/3 of it the first time through.

In 1% of cases skip in is used

Processes (layout, model sheets, even storyboards!) are skipped in the name of efficiency.

In 1% of cases skip away is used

I hid A LOT; struggling to stay in the bunch, watching in agony as a countless number of participants skipped away from me, fragmenting the race to pieces.

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