Prepositions after "skeptical"

"skeptical of" or "skeptical about"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 51% of cases skeptical of is used

Always be skeptical of the media.

Be very skeptical of this account.

I'd skeptical of the two dimensions.

As a person, I am very skeptical of the medical establishment and hate bureaucracy.

Ben H says: 06:01pm 30/12/10 BTW, Jamie, I'd skeptical of the agenda of Alex Jones.

Michonne still seems skeptical of the whole situation in the seemingly perfect town.

But dermatology researcher Lorraine Kligman of the University of Pennsylvania is highly skeptical of the findings.

That being said, I am skeptical of this providing some sort of huge breakthrough to the disposal of plastic waste.

In 38% of cases skeptical about is used

I'd a bit skeptical about the idea.

I was skeptical about the whole thing.

The Luge I was skeptical about this one.

Upon first arrival at the Orphanage I was unsure and skeptical about the program.

But to us is to avoid a complete automatic translation is skeptical about whether.

I was skeptical about the round shape but they came out well too and it was perfect when I took my first bite.

First year History and Politics student, Jason Armstrong, was skeptical about the very idea of such a protest.

Sowell is highly skeptical about the capacity of elites to master complexity and to choose on behalf of others.

In 2% of cases skeptical on is used

I'd really skeptical on this program.

But the lady is far too skeptical on this issues.

Therefore I was skeptical on the move from KRFUEA.

At first I was a little skeptical on how this event would work-out for several reasons.

I'd always skeptical on why someone would go on a date with a person they do nt want to kiss.

I only meant to use political correctness to explain why the right are skeptical on climate change.

I was a bit skeptical on whether or not it would work, as there is no specific brand listed, but it works perfectly.

Cellulite also appears though rarely more I know that some people are still skeptical on the effectiveness of cellulite creams.

Initially, i was still very skeptical on this cream, as i have had Eczema for nearly 25 years now, and figured pretty much for life.

There is a whole raft of issues that need to be looked at and addressed, and color me skeptical on how much allowing abortion would really help.

In 1% of cases skeptical as is used

But it does make me skeptical as to his accuracy.

Yes, skeptical as well as supportive papers have flaws.

I'd kind of skeptical as to where it is going to be used.

But I'd skeptical as to whether that is enough to bring us flawless automated translation.

But I'd skeptical as to whether this is sufficient to bring us perfect machine translation.

Traditionalists could be skeptical as to how much students are learning by hanging out on line.

I'd heard lots and lots about how great it was, but I was skeptical as to whether or not it'd live up to the hype.

In their pure forms, the conservative position is as specific and skeptical as the liberal position is vague and nave.

I have asked this place to give me one and my credit card company but I am skeptical as to whether or not I'll get it.

It was my first time going A/I and was a bit skeptical as to how good the rooms, food and drinks could be for that price.

In 1% of cases skeptical at is used

You might be skeptical at how easy it looks.

But many people are very skeptical at this time.

I can't help be a little skeptical at this point.

I heard a rumor about a flip to country a while back, but I was skeptical at the time.

I was skeptical at the beginning but your conclusions of a rape culture seem to make sense.

I was skeptical at the beginning to be honest because I never believe in these types of things.

Okoye was skeptical at the choice of musical career of his four sons, Jude, Tony, Peter and Paul while in the university.

A fair person, examining the accusations in detail, would have to be extremely skeptical at the truthfulness of those women.

I tried to be open-minded and skeptical at the same time, as I usually do when I read one-sided books like this, but I really became alarmed as I turned more pages.

I had watched the press release at E3 2012 where it was first announced and my curiosity was spiked, but I was skeptical at the idea of someone other than Bungie making my precious Halo.

In 1% of cases skeptical in is used

I was pretty skeptical in the beginning.

In retrospect, I am skeptical in giving the GRE again.

We encourage you to be skeptical in exploring this information.

A huge chunk of the populous from both countries remain skeptical in view of the other.

The entire course left me fairly skeptical in the way we approach mental health issues.

I see a lot of organizations are still skeptical in creating a robust social media servicing strategy.

Initially I was skeptical in watching it and was delaying it even though he kept asking me I have watched it or not.

Anyway, individuals receive pretty baffled plus?????? skeptical in terms of deciding to purchase designer purses and handbags.

It's worth noting that a skeptic who's truly skeptical in every aspect of life is a rare enough bird that I've yet to lay eyes on it.

Since there are various data entry jobs opportunities from home, one should be skeptical in the approach one takes to find legitimate work.

In 1% of cases skeptical to is used

Great video I was skeptical to.

I'd very skeptical to Xiph Foundation.

She is very skeptical to the idea but I think that is just fear.

Insurance companies were skeptical to the Dr's claims, putting the burden on the patient.

After concluding his announcement, Kennedy took questions ranging from skeptical to hostile.

I was a little skeptical to at the beginning of our adventure, so it's inspiring to read your words.

Their skeptical to hostile reaction to the G8 plan is as standard and predictable as agribusinesses ' support of it.

C read it -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- BillyTheCat, I'd skeptical to WND since long, but didn't know blaze.

And who can forget his use of supposed faith healer Eileen Drewry, with players looked upon unfavourably if they remained skeptical to her methods.

Then there's black pudding of course! Yummy! While being extremely curious about this dish, I can't help but to feel skeptical to how it would taste.

In 1% of cases skeptical with is used

I understand them being skeptical with the politicians.

I am skeptical with regard to the touted ' Jellybean ' release.

I must admit I was a bit skeptical with my past experiencs and all.

Often people that have are skeptical with regards to whether it works or otherwise.

I was skeptical with the headlines prior to the premiere but boy did that effort show.

While I'll be just as skeptical with your view as I am with the current view, I can see where.

Many government watchers like myself are becoming increasingly skeptical with legislative promises.

However, as we began the journey to Larabanga, we became increasingly skeptical with their actions.

COME ON, this is going to be amazing Rum: I know, I am a bit skeptical with how AR Rahman is going to approach the Yashraj sort of formula.

Kenyan-based pediatricians are skeptical with the findings, and are calling on the public to continue using the drugs, with advice from medics.

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