Prepositions after "sit"

"sit in" or "sit on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases sit in is used

Took the bumbo for her to sit in.

Where to sit in the dressing room.

Just let the world sit in silence.

The frog is sitting at the mouth of its hole, it's sitting in the meditation posture.

Head control is also necessary for swallowing solid foods and sitting in a highchair.

If you drive to work, consider sitting in your car so that you're in a space you own.

Do your ToDo lists and shopping lists ever collide? I was sitting in my car, just prior to a meeting the other day.

Where is their caveman? In the rental car Woman sits in silence wondering about that conversation they had last night.

Why is he freaking out so much around me? There was one time he sat in the same row as me, two seats near me at church.

The problem is, however, that those mechanisms largely consist of colleagues sitting in judgement of a club member.

In 29% of cases sit on is used

She is sitting on her Kang bed.

Lawler is sitting on his throne.

Jarrett now sits on several boards.

The drummer sits on the body of the drum while a player behind uses the Catta Sticks (c.

But even she recognises that agriculture is not complacently sitting on its haunches.

The fourth sketch was that of Hagrid sitting on the steps of his hut playing a flute.

Mr Parsons did sit on Mr Obama's economic advisory board during his transition from President-elect to the White House.

The question: Will Alabama be left behind? Our members of Congress are sitting on the sidelines, for the most part.

I'd going to be the Mum who makes hand made kites and then sits on the hill and sulks with my boy when they won't fly.

Spinal Rotation Sitting on the ground with both legs outstretched, place one foot on the outside of the other knee.

In 11% of cases sit at is used

Homer and Burns sit at a table.

And currently, Ninja sits at a 90.

The lights go out, you can sit at your desk.

The park sits at the entrance to Fort Balcarres, now Falmouth All Age (Barracks) School.

The frog is sitting at the mouth of its hole, it's sitting in the meditation posture.

Sit at the back of the room and observe other speakers and the reactions of the audience.

Use blocks to create masterpieces as you travel, hang out with friends, sit at the park, the possibilities are endless.

Sure, you can make a point of writing a page every day, but it's more than just sitting at the computer that counts.

On the morning we wished to leave, we dragged ourselves out of bed while it was still dark and sat at the dock, waiting.

She's probably got a pan of lobby on the stove and she's sat at the table feeding malted milk biscuits to Penny the dog.

In 5% of cases sit with is used

I came out and sat with my father.

Sit with me, I pray, a little while.

Her kids sat with her and stroked her.

So there one sits with a choice between e-mailing, calling or writing a formal letter.

My mother loved to sit with Aunt Ella and listen to excerpts from Lucia and other operas.

The ones that are just beyond his reach - sit with him, explain while he does it himself.

You won't be able to achieve this in-flight but may find it comfortable to sit with your seat in the reclined position.

We sit with the HR team to understand the breadth and depth of your needs and then design the yoga program accordingly.

I sat with my father nine months ago, as his breathing got shallower and shallower as he died from Alzheimer's disease.

Sure enough, we hadn't even been there for ten minutes before some blokes sauntered up and asked if they could sit with us.

In 4% of cases sit for is used

It rarely sits for full sessions.

Let sit for 10 minutes before serving.

I sit for a while, unsure of my next move.

Take out and let sit for about 20 min (go ahead and scoop the juices out for the gravy).

Following mixing, dab it on problem locations and enable it to sit for about 10 minutes.

Seeds may take from 30 to 180 days to germinate, so let the pot sit for at least one year.

I normally get home and switch on the TV, put it on mute, and sit for about an hour in silence, to reflect on the day.

No candidate shall be allowed to sit for the examination if he/she has not completed payment of fees and other charges.

You need to sit for just one test and if you crack it, you are recruited to one of the 20 participating national banks.

In fact, your arrival may just precede you to the number of watering holes before you actually sit for your first beer.

In 3% of cases sit next is used

I went there and sat next to him.

We sat next to each other in school.

When I saw her, I signaled her to sit next to me.

The couple sitting next to us had it and it didn't really look like anything special.

A few years later, she sat next to a German businessman on a flight from Shanghai to Paris.

I went right over and sat next to Mavado's cousin Chase Cross an up and coming reggae artist.

I struck up a conversation with the man sitting next to me and discovered he was a photographer for LIfe magazine.

I am of the opinion that it is not possible to have Jews sitting next to Germans in varieties, movies and theaters.

I was sitting next to her in her bassinette (in my room) one day and for some reason the baby monitor was still on.

On orientation day for school Jenna and I sat next to these two girls who seemed a bit more friendly than all the others.

In 2% of cases sit by is used

He sat by his head and told him, Enter Islam.

Do not sit by placing your hand under your chin.

So we sit by the pool and have a few glasses of wine.

Selling at daily markets Some women come regularly to the daily market or sit by the roadside.

You don't HAVE to always be sitting by the campfire to make that decadent and perfect smore.

We are sitting by and watching him and his socialist and communist buddies ruin this country.

The birds they utter their low, soft notes In the dreams of days that are past and gone, When Laura, my darling, sat by me.

He would sit on a pulpit and speak extempore while many of his students sat by the side of the pulpit and recorded the speech.

Take the trekking path down to the river, sit by the smooth white pebbles and listen to the soothing gurgle of the holy waters.

Giddyap! The doctors assure Insoon that it's not serious, and she sits by her mother's side until she hears someone approaching.

In 1% of cases sit around is used

So all that stuff was always sitting around the house.

They all sit around Ahmad's grave until the time appointed.

And in the end, former enemies will have to sit around the table.

Boys go thru the reservation chart only to see if there are any girls sitting around them.

Its size will directly determine the number of people who can sit around it at any given time.

We also walked through a local gathering place where lots of men and a few women were sitting around gambling.

But you would have tables, right? And chairs for sitting around them? Of course you would, because that's what's expected.

One showed football players sitting around the table while another placed the much-mocked headgear Princess Beatrice's had worn to the Royal Wedding, on each security official's head.

To me this was one of the most cliched images of indigenous people, perpetuating the image of indigenous people as animal like people limited to a life of just sitting around the fire in the jungle.

Right from stone-age when one bigger slab of rock was supported on two shorter vertical rocks, tables have been popularly used for keeping things, working on it, eating from it and sitting around it.

In 1% of cases sit atop is used

The triangular metal structure sits atop.

The bottom line sits atop everything else.

It was in perfect balance with the silvery hair that sat atop his poised head.

The principal Hopi villages sit atop three mesas with 360-degree views of the surrounding desert.

It sits atop part of the Green River Formation of shale, believed to contain 3 trillion barrels of oil.

Probably one of the most spectacular temples sitting atop the cliffs overlooking the surf at Uluwatu.

Race against giants Yet some of the entrepreneurs he was up against sat atop businesses with a turnover of $1 billion and over.

Almost unfailingly, that all-too-familiar image of an MRI scan showing primary-coloured neural activity will sit atop the text.

New York State sits atop one of the largest shale formations in the United States, which contains large deposits of natural gas.

Today, he sits atop a N1bn broadband network company, which has just rolled out a WiFi network at the popular Computer Village in Lagos.

In 1% of cases sit behind is used

Six members of his family sat behind him in the courtroom.

Do something than just sit behind your computer and bicker.

They sat behind me at the theatre so after a few minutes of feeling.

I sat behind someone on a main-ish road the other day, doing 20 mph for several miles.

How Muskaan was sitting besides Rohan though she was sitting behind him but still.

I was in 4th grade when I sat behind a classmate who has naturally straight, long and shiny hair.

I had several nieces all sitting behind the wheels of their fabulous vehicles, taking turns in transporting me around.

Combatants on the ground are worth more than guys who've been sitting behind a table for a year and a half outside Syria.

And yes, after years of patiently sitting behind them, I do now flash them when we come to places I know they could pull in.

I saw 10 people on it not including the driver both in the sidecar, sitting behind the driver and on the roof of the sidecar.

In 1% of cases sit beside is used

He walked over and sat beside her.

On the ground, a hacksaw sits beside a.

I went and sat beside him and asked him what was wrong.

But it hasn? t stopped them sitting beside Sinn Fein in committee almost 500 times.

And, as it happened, I was sitting beside Kidd Pivot dancer Sandra Garcia last night.

My mother saw a dark black snake and a man sitting beside it and she couldnt see the face.

It creeps forward for a few seconds and swallows whole a bright green grasshopper that was sitting beside a flower.

Now, in 2006, the Queen of Prince Rupert sunk there and me and this guy sitting beside me were the first ones out there.

This is a funny but highly revealing conversation between two guys that sat beside me in the same train from Heathrow Airport.

The two Presidents sat beside each other on the outer part of the center of the table while their wives sat directly opposite.

In 1% of cases sit near is used

He went to nobody's door, always sat near the Neem tree.

Also it is a good idea to not let your suitcase sit near the front door.

Wet-toner photocopiers emit high levels of VOCs, so if you sit near one at work, move desks.

Bryan sat near me and I introduced myself; we had known each other from the Twitter community.

Different parts of this region, which sits near the front of the brain, make a snap judgment about.

Children preferred to read stories (a long forgotten pleasure) sitting near the windows for sunlight.

Then pray the Fatiha and if you wish to sit then sit at the same distance when you sat near him when he was alive Radd-ul-Mohtar.

For example, one man who seems to be a foreigner (Caucasian) was sitting near the speakers inside Saguijo right from the very first band.

Railroad tracks sit near Carl McConnell Stadium in Coeburn, fitting since the E &E; Express has been chugging along all season for the Eastside Spartans.

Different parts of this region, which sits near the front of the brain, make a snap judgment about physical attraction and about whether the person is Mr.

In 1% of cases sit outside is used

Sit outside the bathroom for half an hour tapping your foot.

I and several other residents were sitting outside our home.

A staff sitting outside the doctor's room put a serial/turn no.

I announced my determination to sit outside Albert's house that night and watch for him.

I've never understood the punishment of any child being sent to sit outside the classroom.

Special forces sat outside the representative office of FedEx, watching customers walk in and out of the office.

This device functions in much the same way as described above but the main difference is that the unit sits outside the tank.

Panhandling is not particularly pleasant, or I'd be sitting outside the subway jiggling a McDonald's cup seeded with bait change.

I am being subjected to some magicians who persistently sit outside my house/place of work &; read some of their wazifas (so i suspect).

He further said that it felt helpless watching the match sitting outside the field while the match was going out of my team's control.

In 1% of cases sit through is used

I didn't have to sit through lectures.

But I'd not sure they would sit through that show.

I can't sit through Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction.

It's not worth sitting through the amateurish production to hear one good song in every ten.

The homeowners and audience sit through the three presentations and the homeowners pick a winner.

In the States, you can sit through a week of programming and you might not even see the ad you've made.

While this does mean more work for you, submitting a good portfolio will mean you are far less likely to sit through tests.

I sat through many church services flipping through this book, studying the pictures and reading the intros to each chapter.

You can fast forward to the 13:15 mark to hear them, unless you'd prefer to sit through Steny comparing Pelosi to Thomas Jefferson.

This video begins at the scene just before that point, so you don't have to sit through the whole thing to watch the interesting part.

In 1% of cases sit under is used

We sat under the truck trailer and watched the world fly by.

Sitting under an umbrella on the beach is not going to enhance that relationship.

He sat under a fig tree, the Bodhi Tree (as it is famous now) and decided to seek truth.

Mulgrew 's, which sits under the shadow of the Julien-Dubuque Bridge over the Mississippi River, is in Illinois.

He would simply sit under palm trees, exploding with curiosity while experimenting with wires placed over empty cans to simulate the guitar.

Erin I would sit under a tree with my partner, daughter and dog next to the river and have a pepperoni pizza with double sauce and light cheese.

I had inherited my mom's 30+ year old Singer 247 about 10 years previous and it had been collecting dust, just sitting under the kitchen table.

As usual, within few months, every major road in Ghana was decorated with umbrellas with children sitting under them, engaging in ' Space To Space '.

As boys they have to help parents with lifting and carrying chores while their sisters sit under the fan drying their nail polish, or pulling hair out of their brows.

In 1% of cases sit upon is used

The Imam slowly helps the father to sit upon the ground.

Bring warm clothing and, if desired, a cover to sit upon the ground.

Someday, she too would sit upon this throne, her every word a command.

Aladdin put them behind one of the cushions of the sofa he sat upon, and continued his story.

A goddess, with a pair of horns on her head, in a sitting position, but with no throne to sit upon; her name is THEST-APT, (see p.

She'd drape herself across the largest throne, despite knowing her future husband was supposedly going to sit upon its cool wooden frame.

Some swinging songs are in the form of a dialogue, or verbal and vocal contests, between a girl who sits upon a swing and a young man who stands nearby.

So the transcendental being that we really are in the state of deep sleep is almost a negation of our existence, because of the heavy weight that is sitting upon us.

The old man was sitting upon a fragment of stone covered with ancient mosses; beside him were his staff and scrip; at his feet lay a small shaggy dog, the companion in many pilgrimages.

This is achieved by softening statement pieces of furniture, like the studded wingback chair, with an abundance of textiles: check throws sit upon the sofa and wool curtains hang from the windows.

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