Prepositions after "sink"

"sink into", "sink to" or "sink in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases sink into is used

It certainly won't sink into the Sun.

Don't hunch your back or sink into your chair.

Untreated, she may have sunk into coma and eventually died.

When it rained and we were standing washing bananas in the tanks, we used to sink into the mud.

Nor did he sink into the abyss of despondency when the next morning he was banished from the kingdom for 14 long years.

I sink into my own desire for her as I feel the silky glide of her skin against mine and our bodies begin to move in love.

This must have taken years of planning, and many millions would have been sunk into building the operations to deliver it.

After leaving the spotlight, Susan sank into the arms of producers and buried her head in her hands before starting to cry.

In 23% of cases sink in is used

It has not really sunk in yet, that it's the world No.

He was made to sink in the earth and he would go on sinking.

I am sunk in the depths, and I can not pull myself up or out.

Bowker hung onto his boot, but started to sink in himself, weighed down by Kiowa's body.

I know the danger of unaccounted weight on most the ferries that sink in Africa every-other-month.

I'd hoping that tonight it won't take 2 1/2 hours for it to sink in that Momma ain't fooling around.

It is possible that he has sunk in rank to that of a hired soldier but wants to demonstrate his earlier higher status.

No one sat down and explained to me in a way that sunk in that after all this time my baby's condition was now inoperable.

Im just in the depression phase, I need to let it sink in that i made a mistake, acted stupid and forgive myself for that.

DeMarco then needs to start sinking in the body shots as early as possible in an attempt to draw the strength out of Broner.

In 16% of cases sink to is used

John took two punches and sank to the ground.

The exhausted atheist sank to his knees, shaking.

The scene ' She had sunk to the bottom, ' McInnes said.

All round it are side gorges sunk to a depth nearly as profound as that of the main channel.

Another great cheer arose when Houdin was hauled safely aboard and sank to the deck completely exhausted.

Let the lure sink to the bottom and retrieve dead slow or twitch it back very slowly with a lot of pauses.

As Murdoch became the leading force in the British press, the cultural reputation of British journalism sank to a new low.

ITT or similar technical college So, as you can see, you would quickly sink to the bottom of my pre-interview list of candidates.

From New Zealand's POV, they've sunk to a new low and it doesn't matter that we played well, because they should have played better than us.

But the Muslim woman? s jokes are distinguished by their legitimate Islamic nature, and never sink to the level of being cheap, dirty or stupid.

In 5% of cases sink by is used

Pakistan is sinking by the minute.

Now every year singapore is sinking by 1-2.

In the end, it's weighed down and sunk by Shriver's need to show off.

In 1940, during World War II, he was on board a navy vessel sunk by a German warship in the Atlantic.

Chinese troopships bringing reinforcements were sunk by the Japanese, and in August war was declared.

This far in 2012 the firm's shares have sunk by more than 60 percent, leaving it with a market cap of around $1.

Presently the gigantic ship began to sink by the bows, and then those who had remained on board realized the horror of their situation.

HMAS AE2 became the first allied warship to penetrate the Dardanelles, but was eventually sunk by the Turkish navy in the Sea of Marmora.

In 3% of cases sink under is used

Two of them sunk under the severe toils attending a journey of 3,000 miles.

Bill -- I hope Manure don't sink under the weight of their debt as this would end up with some kind of resolution which would only work in their favour.

In 3% of cases sink like is used

The Greens quite like the bill but won't introduce it because they know it will sink like a stone.

Others Simply gave up and went out of business and the economy sank like unto A rock dropped from a cliff.

In 2% of cases sink without is used

If both of you survive, then the marketplace is faring better than if you just end up sinking without any chance of recovery.

Can I make a written submission or do I have to appear before the committee? You can just send a written submission, but that is likely to sink without trace.

In 2% of cases sink with is used

They should desert the ship before they sink with it.

You couldn't tell then when she might sink with you, miles from any shore.

I somehow have a feeling that he did not do that because he knows he will sink with it.

While sweeping near Yongdok on 1 October the AMS Magpie, recently arrived from Guam, hit a mine, blew up, and sank with the loss of 21 of a crew of 33.

Although it triggered a plankton bloom, it was considered a failure because the algae were eaten by crustaceans before they could sink with their load of CO2.

In 2% of cases sink upon is used

Ione sank upon the couch, half dead with terror.

The Thessalian groaned; she sank upon a seat in the hall.

It works quickly and identically on both couples: ' agnes: Ottokar! She flings her arms around his neck ' -- ' tristan: Isolde! ' -- ' isolde (sinking upon his breast).

In 2% of cases sink on is used

The fact that it sank on its maiden voyage coupled with the romanticized myths and embellished anecdotes has made this iconic vessel the stuff of legend.

The strains rose just so loud as to become intelligible, and then grew fainter and more trembling, until they finally sank on the ear, as if borne away by a passing breath of wind.

The idea was born more than 15 years ago when, in the late 1990s, a paua diver located an anchor where the City of Newcastle had sunk on 14 November 1872 with the loss of two lives.

In 2% of cases sink from is used

The price of FB sank from an IPO high of $38 to as little as $19; it was trading on Thursday for just under $22.

The show opened with a search and rescue team finding Jack's boat sunk from an explosion (read: foul-play) and a corpse, yet to be identified, on board.

In 2% of cases sink at is used

They all struggled -- with the exception of Thisara -- and many hearts sank at the low total.

Yorktown, which the Japanese had believed sunk at the Coral Sea, was able to take part at Midway, but the two Japanese carriers had not been repaired.

In 1% of cases sink off is used

When Sigismund was 4 years old, one of George's ships sank off the coast of Venezuela.

In 1% of cases sink for is used

Even small changes in the total carbon stocks in soils provide a huge source or sink for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

In 1% of cases sink through is used

Chapter 14 Four inert bodies sank through spinning blackness.

In 1% of cases sink due is used

Coast Guard cutters, and a light vessel, sank due to the storm causing 344 deaths.

Professor Walker is right more candour is needed, unfortunately some people aren't very bright; the proof is how far the independence campaign has sunk due to stupidity.

In 1% of cases sink towards is used

The white colored pith will float to the top as well as the seed products will sink towards the bottom.

In 1% of cases sink beneath is used

Large swaths of the land were littered with trash, and the ground sank beneath you with each step.

In 1% of cases sink below is used

Blokhin must instil a confidence in a Dynamo side that is in danger of sinking below the surface.

In 1% of cases sink as is used

Uni's Battleship almost sunk as a result.

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