Prepositions after "sinhalese"

sinhalese in, from, for, of or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases sinhalese in is used

We can't live with Sinhalese in harmony.

Tamils in the north Sinhalese in the south.

Thats the view of many Sinhalese in Colombo.

This brings us to the question of fears entertained by the Sinhalese in this country.

If the Tamils are in dire straits then the Sinhalese in the down south will be happy.

Now Rajapaksa is acting as if he is the sole representative of Sinhalese in Sri Lanka.

Only the Sinhala Kalubandas get 100% now, that's why the 3% Sinhalese in Trincomalee became 40% in a few decades.

Sinhalese in Canada have have some dark spots in their hearts which they brought to Canada from a class in lanka.

Another of the Saiva shrines unearthed at Polonnaruwa yielded a pillar with a Sinhalese inscription of Jayabahu 1.

Had the King Dutugamunu has not taken the right decision that day; there won't be any Sinhalese in this land today.

In 9% of cases sinhalese from is used

His friends had always been Sinhalese from his school days at St.

This was achieved by chasing away Sinhalese from their properties.

Though my comments seem to be from a hardline Sinhalese from South.

Don't chase out Sinhalese from the North if Tamils in the South want to live in peace.

Tamil professors prevented Sinhalese from entering Unis before they stppoed practicals.

This script belonged to different generations of the Sinhalese from 600 BC to 20 Cent AD.

The fact that I was Sinhalese from Colombo seemed to arouse further suspicions and curiosity amongst the soldiers.

S Tissainayagam: Not in my name! I am Sandun Ratnaweera, a 59 year old Sri Lankan Sinhalese from the Galle District.

Then why Tamils are resisting Sinhalese to live in NE? Tamils would never prevent Sinhalese from living with them in NE.

In 7% of cases sinhalese for is used

They have to kill all Sinhalese for that.

Trying to fool the poor Sinhalese for his own gain.

Sinhalese for their minority mindset is not without cause.

They are NOT inducted into the army, which is almost a 100 percent Sinhalese force.

The hillcountry districts of Ceylon have been peopled by the Sinhalese for centuries.

It is good for everybody, for the Sinhalese for the Tamils and for the South Asia as well.

Before the British imported them in 1815, the hill country was EXCLUSIVELY populated by the Sinhalese for millennia.

But, are Tamil people (not LTTE) ready to frogive Sinhalese for what happened in 83? We can't turn back the history.

Special kinship terminology exists in both Tamil and Sinhalese for relatives in preferred or prohibited marriage categories.

The Tamils have tried to defeat and destroy the Sinhalese for more than 2500 years and they have failed over and over again.

In 7% of cases sinhalese of is used

Or denying the Sinhalese of their claim to the South.

Let's take the Sinhalese of the Western Coast for example.

It is thus clear that the Sinhalese of Sri Lanka NEVER had.

It also deprived many Sinhalese of an opportunity of learning an international language.

Similarly, Sri Lankan Tamils have a greater contribution from the Sinhalese of Sri Lanka (55.

The Sinhalese of this country still considers the minority as ' others ' in thier daytoday life.

I have experienced a strong and smooth relationship between Muslims and Sinhalese of this country in the history.

The Sinhalese of tiday appear to consist of an amalgam of the first Aryan colonists who came in the 6th century B.

Both Tamils and Sinhalese of Sri Lanka have been continuously misled by Indian politicians (Both Delhi and Chennai).

The Sinhalese of Sri Lanka have remained faithful to Asoka's religion - the only people of the subcontinent to do so.

In 6% of cases sinhalese as is used

Sinhalese as a community do not approve such violence.

It is true that Sinhalese as a community is very patriotic.

The Sinhalese as a people came into existence in Sri Lanka.

The Buddhist religion reinforces the solidarity of the Sinhalese as an ethnic community.

By refrainig racism, you have built trust even among the Sinhalese as a real journalist.

However there are more Tamils in the upper income bracket than Sinhalese as a percentage.

You missed the point, Banda put Sinhalese as a major due to the fact English have taken the majority's language right.

Instead of confronting Sinhala racism and Buddhist fanatism, the Sinhalese as a nation are turning a blind eye to them.

In 83 I witnessed simiar habits from the Sinhalese as of the lion for example killing of babies of other apex preadators.

Kadirgamar showed the way, and won the hearts of many Sinhalese as well as the world and was a dominant policy maker in sri lanka.

In 6% of cases sinhalese with is used

I am a Sinhalese with a Buddhist background.

You are a typical Sinhalese with mahavamsa mindset.

Learn to live with Sinhalese without trying to bully them.

My point is there are many Kandiyan Sinhalese with South Indian (Tamil) ancestry.

The event saw the participation of young Muslims and Sinhalese with special needs.

He has no explanation how the MAD Tamils believed in defeating Sinhalese with some guns.

What these fools do not understand is there is NO WAY to punish the Sinhalese with Tamils remaining unaffected.

She switches between Tamil, Telugu and Sinhalese with ease, and says that she even spoke English to Cucku Father.

But, Sinhalese with no intention for a war and ethnic division have paid a higher price than Tamils at the hands of LTTE.

That's because it is a big fat lie by MIA, who just like the Tamil Tigers despises and hates the Sinhalese with a passion.

In 5% of cases sinhalese by is used

I am Sinhalese by birth certificate.

We Tamils and Sinhalese by force have lived together for a while.

He tries so hard to project himself as a Sinhalese by bashing Tamils.

Let us not forget oppression against low caste Sinhalese by this same state as well.

The LTTE wars were presented as between the Tamils and Sinhalese by the GOSL and the LTTE.

Buddha statues are disgraced by Sinhalese by erecting them in places where no Buddhist lives.

It is narrow minded Sinhala chauvinists like you (I too am Sinhalese by the way ), that have ruined our country today.

There was a great desire to include more Tamils in this club by powerful Tamils repulsing Sinhalese by whatever means.

He attacked Sinhalese by asking them not to indulge in wrongdoings because they had a heritage to protect and preserve.

The Sinhalese are the minority in the region since the Tamils in Tamil Nadu and worldwide outnumber the Sinhalese by 5 to 1.

In 4% of cases sinhalese to is used

British forced the Sinhalese to cultivate only the export commodities.

Equality of treatment is never possible by the Sinhalese to the Tamils.

Your numerical global majority has put Sinhalese to a defensive position.

Otherwise, you reduce all us Sinhalese to the status of majoritarian racist bullies.

One is the Singala names of the Tamil places and other one the names given by Sinhalese to those places.

But jaffna, Mulaitivu, Kilinochchi, Batticaloa districts have no Sinhalese today thanks to Tamil Elamists.

When he gave his hometown in the Deep South I asked him if he was Sinhalese to which he replied in the affirmative.

The local press also drew the attention of the Sinhalese to the achievements of people in other countries that year.

The potential for such a life has been under constant threat by the insensitivity of the Sinhalese to Tamil predicament.

Then why Tamils are resisting Sinhalese to live in NE? Tamils would never prevent Sinhalese from living with them in NE.

In 3% of cases sinhalese against is used

It was a war by a good majority of Sinhalese against Tamils.

And the peace will be disrupted by the Sinhalese against the Sinhalese.

Thereby the first struggle of the Sinhalese against the British came to an end.

They also started publishing articles and books inciting the Sinhalese against the Muslims.

Any political solution pressured on the Sinhalese against their wish will lead to another disaster - of course both parties.

It's the precedent we set at home -- that actions by Sinhalese against Tamils will be condoned by the Sinhalese and the GoSL.

Ramanthan was the choice of Upcountry Sinhalese against a ' Aappu minisu ' to represent Ceylon, back in early nineteen century.

The violence was one-sided from the 1950s onwards until the 70s, Sri Lankan state and other Sinhalese against non-violent Tamils.

By spreading this hate the Tigers hope that there will be reprisal attacks by the Sinhalese against the Tamils (like another Black July).

It's an accepted fact that the Black July incident was not a riot by Sinhalese against Tamils but committed by politically motivated thugs.

In 3% of cases sinhalese like is used

I wish there were more Sinhalese like Asin.

Velupillai could not ruin the Sinhalese like what Hon.

There are more Sinhalese like me who think, dream about a peaceful nation.

However, Sinhalese like to live in a single country with all the other brothers and sisters.

Just that the Tamils are awake and Sinhalese like you are sleeping, or worse, pretending to be asleep.

Despite knowing many Sinhalese like Huh, I don't have hope that the Sinhalese polity as a whole will change.

If the Tamil diaspora are LTTE terrorist, then the Sinhalese like you and your ilk are State Terrorist and war criminals.

Tamils always want to live with other communities in Sri Lanka, but because of few Sinhalese like you pushed Tamils to separatism.

The jealousy, greed, anti Tamil hatred and the Mahavmsa mindset of Sinhalese like you could not let the Tamils have any form of self-rule.

Long before me, there were many Tamils who were proud of their language that must have met Sinhalese like you who value Sanskrit more than Tamil.

In 3% of cases sinhalese on is used

The Sinhalese do not vote as Sinhalese on every question.

I support the general idea of educating Sinhalese on the Tamils and why the Tamils feel alienated.

If a homeland is claimed, it is possible only by Sinhalese on the basis of exclusive lands ownership of them.

Despite the brutal and murderous provocations of the LTTE, there has been no reprisals by the Sinhalese on Tamils and their properties.

At the same time, New Delhi sees fit to ceaselessly lecture the Sinhalese on how bad they are and how they must allow a mono-cultural Tamil homeland on the island.

Would it be right to call these people Sinhalese on the basis that Buddhism was their religion in the early historical period? The history of Sri Lanka, from the third century A.

How the LTTE? s paranoidal resentment of Muslims had grown between January and June, was exemplified by the decision to kill Muslim policemen along with the Sinhalese on 11th June.

This strategy was seen at the 2010 general election in Trincomalee and Ampara with more Muslim candidates than Sinhalese on the UPFA slate so that the vote split between the Muslims.

The worst came when recently the National Housing Development Authority(NHDA) began supplying materials for the construction of 30 houses for Sinhalese on the land where the Muslims had lived.

We the Sinhalese on the other hand have had a stronger sense of history, but our misinterpretation of it combined with our ignorance of everything non-Sinhala has brought great misery to Sri Lanka.

In 2% of cases sinhalese at is used

He also noted the resentment of the Sinhalese at the discrimination.

Relations with the Sinhalese at Dehiwatte, especially, had been close.

I was an unwilling participant of the 77 and 83 riots and Sinhalese at their worst.

It is more than three hundred miles long -- and there are Sinhalese at every end of it.

Godzilla Sinhalese atrocities although regrettable and result of provocations by the LTTE.

The response unto this date have been because the Sinhalese at that time felt enough was enough.

Dutch by name, a Sinhalese at heart, he revelled in telling his recruit customers of how he got his name.

Sinhalese atrocities although regrettable and contemptible were direct result of provocations by the LTTE.

This way Christian Sinhalese were separated, and the number of Sinhalese at the electoral level was disadvantaged.

In 1% of cases sinhalese into is used

The British had very cunningly divided the Sinhalese into social and religious sections.

No Wasantha, you are wrong again, Tamils took up arms thinking that they can bring Sinhalese into submission to give there PEElam.

In 1% of cases sinhalese without is used

Learn to live with Sinhalese without trying to bully them.

This reality should understand by all communities in SL including Sinhalese without racial mind.

DBSJ RESPONDS: SAdly negatives make news! Hundreds of thousands of Tamils live amidst the Sinhalese without encountering problems like this.

So how can an elected President be a King? Niranjan how can the UNP expect to increase its support among the Sinhalese without adopting the Sinhalese view.

Russians, Chinese or Mossad? Is Iran the next target for black gold via it's border with Pakistan? Tamils can sort out their problems with the Sinhalese without the UN or NATO.

Russians, Chinese or Mossad? Is Iran the next target for black gold via it's border with Pakistan? Tamils can sort out their problems with the Sinhalese without the UN or NATO so keep OUT.

Some of you Tamils still think of separatism ha? There are thousands Tamils here in Colombo and other areas going around and doing their business just like us Sinhalese without a fear or problem.

In 1% of cases sinhalese under is used

Tamils as individuals are now equal to Sinhalese under the law.

Let's not blame the current situation on the suffering of the Sinhalese under the colonial regime.

I've always been puzzled by Sinhalese bitterness that the SL Tamils apparently did better than Sinhalese under colonial rule.

In 1% of cases sinhalese through is used

Alas Trinco has been taken over by the Sinhalese through State aided colonisation and from 4.

After they are gone, they still want revenge from Sinhalese through some western powers &; Tamilnadu.

If SL Tamils want to improve their situation, they must appeal to the moral core of the Sinhalese through non-violent protests.

The State had also unintentionally created strong opposition from another quarter, to its ambition of making the East Sinhalese through State? sponsored colonization.

Do we have further evidence to establish that the cleared grounds were all due to shelling and not anything else? I am a Sri Lankan to the bone and Sinhalese through inheritance.

In 1% of cases sinhalese over is used

And more recently I'd noticing posts like yours, referring to an apparent biological superiority of the Sinhalese over the Tamils.

As the classical texts do not portray the present day view of the Sinhalese over the speculative writing of contemporary Tamil scholars such as K.

Presently what the TNA is pushing for is what I call the ' vacation resort model ' My mission is to enlighten the Sinhalese over the dangers of this ' solution '.

He observes the bitterness of the Sinhalese over Tamil independent state project claiming nearly one third of the land area (he does not mention two thirds of the sea coast).

In 1% of cases sinhalese about is used

But you never stop accusing the Sinhalese about practices that you had imposed on your people without shame or moral concerns.

To a great extent he has been fair to respect fear among majority Sinhalese about Tamil superiority resulted from the colonial rule.

Such dishonest promises, made without a real intention of honouring them, created such angry hatred among the patriotic Sinhalese about the Europeans).

In 1% of cases sinhalese during is used

What really could have happened to the Sinhalese during this period in the north and the east, is NOT a mystery.

Most high caste Tamils sought refuge from the LTTE in the South among the Sinhalese during most of the last 30 years.

This is coming from another product of one of the tyrants who ruled the country murdering 80,000 Sinhalese during the JVP uprising.

Irrespective of the current day racial politics of Sri Lanka there was much more social intercourse between the Sri Lankan Tamils and Sinhalese during medieval times.

Lets not forget how LTTE cadres used to often successfully masquerade as Sinhalese during the war when they massacred civilians, and they spoke Sinhala fluently also.

Grammar and bisection The following story I picked up from a feedback which relates to an experience of one of our excellent teachers who taught us Sinhalese during a grammar lesson.

In 1% of cases sinhalese after is used

The tolerance of majority Sinhalese after 83 has never been appreciated.

I read the Treaty in the original Sinhalese after the text of this article was published.

The actions of the Sinhalese after that incident opened up a rift that is now near impossible to heal.

Only the name change to Sinhalese after getting mixed with natives and Aryans came from India and and also embracing Buddhism.

I didn't speak English, as French was my second language at home, which meant that I had to learn both English and Sinhalese after coming here.

It became a struggle between the two elite classes of Tamils and the Sinhalese after the independence, for which they fought on an equal footing.

Besides the Tamils in this country had all the reason to react for the treatment meted out to them by us the majority Sinhalese after Independence.

The text does not describe the subsequent dynasties of the Sinhalese after the passing of Vijaya, except that the descendants of Panduvasu(deva) ruled Lanka for many generations since.

There was no backlash from Sinhalese after 1983, even though there were so much stirring from LTTE, for the simple reason that we knew a riot similar to 1983 would destroy our own country.

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