Prepositions after "single"

single for, in, with, to or from?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 20% of cases single for is used

I've been single for two years.

I remained single for 20 years.

They had a single for 20 euros.

Single: is there really a single for that song? (label: unknown) (riddim: Power Cut).

Some years ago when I had been single for a while I ventured briefly down that route.

I've been single for a year and a half, after a DISASTROUS relationship of two years.

NEVER BE A DESPERATE DIVA The trouble with being single for over a year is that you start to get Try Hard paranoia.

Ace tasted success early, as his first single for the fledgling Duke Records soared to the top of the R &B; charts.

But it can be especially difficult if that person has been single for a long time, suffered divorce or bereavement.

I know people will tell you that setting standards is one of the reasons ladies remain single for a very long time.

In 15% of cases single in is used

I am single in my late thirties.

That was a Top 10 single in 2002.

With a single in October and a tour.

New artiste Shanghi, known for the Juicy Fruit single in Canada, will also be on show.

The real seal of approval came when ' Get Back ' was issued as a single in April 1969.

G: We just released a single in March, ' Something Or Nothing ', so we're just working on the next thing after that.

Even if you ignore every single in, every single add, every single new domain that came in, and only look a the outs.

I had 180kg for a single in september and was thinking I'd close in on 220kg by the new year, but that was ambitious.

Discover just how cool a blog is and why you really should have a single in today's on the internet enterprise world.

In 10% of cases single with is used

She's single with 6 previous kids.

She is single with no kids, like me.

I am also working on a single with I.

Mika, live drum &; bass, those guys are killing it, and so we did a single with them.

She released a single with dancehall artiste Samini earlier this month and is expected.

How did the single with David Bowie come about? Freddie: Bowie it is very friend of us.

Last summer, the duo, known abroad as R &E; created another popular single with the special participation of Turbo.

What four things are you scared of? Failure, Falling, Having my kids end up like me, Remaining single with 99 cats.

In 7% of cases single from is used

Just a single from Rampaul's over.

This is a single from their second.

Download single from **36;5834;TOOLONG.

It's the first single from his currently under development album The Rain Came Too Late.

You can see my point now, eh? In next few months, we could hear yet another single from Ms.

Their pick for My Chemical Romance was ' Welcome To The Black Parade ' - their number 1 single from six years ago.

It is the second single from the album and it peaked at number seven on the Billboard Hot R &B/Hip-Hop; Songs chart.

The first single from the album, Tractors &; Bikes, rocketed to the top of the national Country Tracks Top 30 chart.

Don't Leave The Leavin ' is the first radio single from Victoria McGee's soon-to-be-released album Fire In The Wind.

In 7% of cases single to is used

Another single to point for Pujara.

Just a single to Pujara in the over.

He takes a single to finish the over.

Reynolds then hits a single to right field, bringing in Wieters to make it a 3-1 game.

Cook drills a single to move to 33, Compton adds a two off his legs to progress to 23.

He swats a single to the cover sweeper to move to 42, overtaking his first-innings 41.

Beltre followed with a single to left to plate Kinsler, and Michael Young crushed a fly ball to the left-center gap.

The biggest disappointment was Sri Lanka's best batsman, Roy Dias, leaving the crease without a single to his credit.

We're keen to possess a single to? The Chopard Mille Miglia is usually a accurate activity car or truck lover's enjoy.

In 6% of cases single on is used

I need this single on my playlist ASAP.

Take note, no winners single on the US version.

The middle picture shows the single on the bobbin.

Innocent is also the # 1 single on both the New York and South Florida singles charts.

Be sure to have the identical a single on various social media sites to show up steady.

The album's first single in 1997 was ' Don't Let Go ' which was a #2 single on the Top 100.

You HAD to make the music good or everyone would just buy the single on vinyl and occassionaly listen to the B side.

He quickly became an underground sensation releasing a single on VP Records and even charting on the Jamaican charts.

He quickly became an underground sensation, releasing a single on VP Records and even charting on the Jamaican charts.

Directed by Josh Frizzell, and released as a single on Deepgrooves (and on the compilation Deep in the Pacific of Bass).

In 5% of cases single at is used

I am living single at marriageable age).

Cruff said Swart was single at the time.

Stone finished seventh in the single at London.

I was very upset about it, cos I was single at the time, it would have been wonderful.

By that I mean he would not attend parties without me, pretending to be single at them.

I was five years old and I was living with my mum, who was single at the time -- I really remember it very visually.

In 2004, Rolling Stone magazine placed the single at number 131 on their list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

Next we move on to an area that should interest most Christians who are still single at 31, 35 and even 40 and beyond.

Dan: OmMarit: 13 May 2009 12:38:51pm Thanks for reminding me why I have chosen to remain single at this point in my life.

In 5% of cases single by is used

Another MRS single by Baba Motta.

Xi'an Loves: Single by choice, hmmm.

The only known single by this artist.

Makeda: I've come to notice many people making declaration of being ' single by choice '.

McCoy took second on a single by Encarnacion and scored on a two-out single by Yunel Escobar.

Ladun is always trying to justify her being single by continuously posting this terrible stories.

Beautiful Wedding Waltz, backed with, I Visited a Wedding Is the very last single by the great Chin's Calypso Sextet.

In addition to the key rings, a single by The Original Rudeboys will be launched to help raise funds for the Campaign.

Marley (Hudson) is a free-spirited thirtysomething, single by choice, successful at work, and living life to the full.

Rick VandenHurk (0-1 ), air jordan, called up before the game, started the 14th and gave up a single by Devin Mesoraco.

In 5% of cases single out is used

I need to single out Walcott here.

Why single out Sachin all the time.

But my point isn't to single out Jindal.

It takes a special kind of mendacity to single out Israel for this, but you managed it.

It's wrong to single out Skrtel for blame as Kelly was equally culpable for City's first.

Without appearing to single out Danjuma and without malice, in the same country where 55.

So don't single out Hitler as evil because he justified his slaughter in the name of Jesus; he is by far not alone.

I've seen 3 or 4 different sources who claim to have seen this movie, and none of them seemed to single out DiCaprio.

The pack mentality serves its purpose, as can be seen by those foolish enough to single out Gary2 on a regular basis.

So why single out Facebook and Twitter which are truly democratic and promote a healthy logical debate on everything.

In 3% of cases single off is used

Gets a single off the next ball.

Single off the first ball for cook.

Getting single off the spin is an art.

The India skipper can only work a single off Swann's latest over and Boycs is purring.

A single off the last one leaves the visitors needing 50 odd off 24 balls at 120 for 8.

You can pretty much guarantee that you'll hear every single off Slippery When Wet though.

Soon after, a single off Bresnan helped Pujara get to the 150-run mark for the second time in his fledgling career.

Got a single off that EP yet? Last time I checked Nicki let down her lil Barbz with those 2 HORRID last buzz tracks.

The Tigers got one back in the sixth when Miguel Cabrera hit a one-out single off of Zito that scored Austin Jackson.

Immediately inking a licensing deal with Klik, Zukie's profile soared even higher upon the release of a single off MPLA.

In 2% of cases single after is used

Being single after a breakup is not easy to pass.

He is single after splitting from his boyfriend of 20 years.

These days pretty girls no longer remain single after becoming 21/22.

I am happy now to stay single after my marriage and thank myself for the good days.

I took one more a single after evening meal, and then compelled myself to attempt to sleep.

GiselleP I am so glad I am single after having to listen to all you bitter men on this post.

Sangakkara got to his 150 by driving Ajmal into the non-striker's stumps and running the single after the ricochet.

In a bad marriage people are never happy, and being single after that phase is definitely better than being married.

In other news we hear the hot brit is now single after breaking up with producer Skrillex and is word on the street is to.

In 2% of cases single of is used

Irish music paper Hot Press made it Single of the Week.

The word begotten means (only child, single of its kind).

NME magazine awarded it single of the week upon its release.

Storyline An unconventional promo for the 1994 single of the same name by British band Pulp.

Plumbing related is single of our specialties at handyman connections of California location.

Kent State was selected as it's single of the country's barely museums of performance clothes.

The single won a Billboard Music Award for Hot 100 Single of the Year, beating out Janet Jackson and Alicia Keys for the No.

The registry there is to load a high-speed profitability workday and deal it before hosing and confirm single of any traders.

Lettering and promotion e-books maintain befit single of the a large amount profitable exertion at homespun businesses on the web.

As you presently know, GHD straighteners is a single of the prime leaders of hair items in the Uk and all through the environment.

In 1% of cases single without is used

You never go back to being single without the house.

It was not a simple battle or a single without having price.

If you're single without dependents, that's a large chunk lopped off your paycheck.

Some people have simply mastered the art of living single without any hiccups in life.

As a result, many women in their 40s are sad and single without children or with fatherless children.

I, too, am single without any children and a lot of my close friends are paired up, but that's just the way it is.

In other cases where the procreation instinct is stronger it is not possible for them to remain single without falling into sin.

He who makes known to them that He is One in His Essence without any associate, Single without any equal, Eternal without a similar.

Ensure your existing Andre Johnson Jersey program can be easily converted to a far more complex a single without the need to start off on your own.

It is the middle point between the previous two which allows them to enjoy being single without blind sighting the future in terms of love and relationship.

In 1% of cases single through is used

Then a single through the leg side.

They released 500 copies of their single through the Public Records Imprint.

Trott pushes a single through the offside, driving from the rough -- much to Ashwin's glee.

Patel steers England's first run off the bat for three overs with a single through the covers.

He opens the face and runs the ball through point for two runs, before gliding another single through gully.

Ojha spins one past the Notts man's outside edge before he smears a single through mid-wicket to double his score.

The right-hander works a single off his pads, the slightly more composed Cook nicks the strike by guiding a single through square leg.

A single through bolt is used to winch the bottom plate up towards the top plate, pulling the spring up into the top of the shock tower.

I have remained single through a mixture of liking my own company and being turned down by the rather small number of women I have really fancied.

Ponting, meanwhile, had got off the mark with a single through the offside but had added just three more runs when he was trapped lbw by Philander.

In 1% of cases single since is used

She has been single since May 2005.

Obradovic has been racing the single since 2004.

I'd over that now, but I've been single since then.

I am a 23 yeard old female, who has been single since breaking up with a guy in August.

Gillan has been single since splitting with photographer Patrick Green around the same time.

WR: Canada has not had a real contender in the men's single since 1996 Olympic silver medallist Derek Porter.

As for his career, Busy Signal has already hit the studio, unveiling his first single since returning, Come Shock Out on Wednesday.

I broke up with my last EUM in August and I've been no contact and single since then, it feels good, no more drama, focusing on me and my issues.

As for Taliban, she has changed her name to Tally given concerns about her image overseas while searching for her first video and hit single since triumphing last April.

STRICTLY OUTSIDE WORK: Mostly single since divorcing rapper husband MC Harvey for cheating on her, she lives in a modest house which she bought mortgage-free in July 2009 for 316,995.

In 1% of cases single over is used

Only a single over cost more than seven runs.

John Jaso tied the game with a single over second baseman Gordon Beckhams head.

Herath then landed a double blow in a single over that shattered any hopes of a Kiwi revival.

He handed two warnings to Dilhara in a single over -- an unprecedented act in a match of this stature.

Several can prefer a single over the various other, however both may essentially keep the boobies backed.

In the top of the 10th inning, the gritty second baseman reached out and slashed a single over second base.

I mean these single over 30-year-old women livin ' in the ' burbs find themselves in some pretty hilarious situations.

Mitra Varsha Loan against shares &; securities A single over draft limit against the pledge of various types / combination of securities viz.

Marital trouble: Many couples do not give each other enough attention during December A third even claimed they like to be single over the festive period.

One of the big effects of the iPod and iTunes (and, to a certain extent Napster, before them) was to accentuate the importance of the single over the album.

In 1% of cases single into is used

Blake led off with a single into left.

David DeJesus lined a single into center on a 1-2 pitch.

Colin Moran (UNC) started the frame with a bloop single into left field.

The batmsan forces a single into the leg side to remove the prospect of Nelson striking.

A few mornings earlier Uni Records launched a new Elton John single into a world-wide orbit.

The first major alarm came when Katich, on 22, raced off for a single into the covers, which Watson declined.

Two Minute Silence single For the 2010 Poppy Appeal, The Royal British Legion released a single into the UK charts.

Good, intelligent well brought up men of any background get snapped up early, they don't stay single into their 40s.

Gauchan played to long on again from the next ball, managing to turn a single into a two when the bowler fumbled the return.

Mayberry was next and he blooped a single into shallow left-center, scoring Howard and Ibanez (5-0) and moving Ruiz to third.

In 1% of cases single before is used

Iam 59 and have been single before this for 15 years.

His first album didn't come out until 1968, but he may have recorded it as a single before that.

He adds another single before Akmal gets one right out of the screws and creams it over midwicket and into the stands.

Ruggiano singled in the 1st, and Jose Reyes followed with another single before Giancarlo Stanton tripled them both in.

Rihanna's single before Diamonds didn't even make it onto the Charts, Katy perry's Wide Awake didn't even get a gold certification.

Hund's rule When two or more orbitals of equal energy are available to electrons, the electrons occupy them single before filling them in pairs.

For the 1,600 divorces absolute granted in 2003, there were 1,484 male partners and 1,516 female partners being single before the current marriage now being made dissolute.

Zaheer Khan also tried to slog India into more credit, but managed only a single before his sweep at Panesar resulted in a gentle skier safely held by wicketkeeper Matt Prior.

My youngest daughter's mother is a single before entering to our relationship, also working here in KSA as a nurse using her surname and has also a family burden in Philippines.

We're thinking it's probably best if Kim takes things one step at a time, and makes sure she's legally single before jumping back in a white dress and walking down another aisle.

In 1% of cases single as is used

This at first was single as a figure of the pole.

Over 44 per cent of men were single as of April 2011.

As a junior I ended up in the single as a reserve for the four.

Fighters are a powerful class, with incredible damage for single as well as multiple targets.

In those days, a musician will release a single as a preview to his album he is about launching.

You are likely to stow one single as an instance connected with models shopping sprees moreover.

In the market so many software program so remember to choose the right a single as well as one to get the Mondy pull.

Typically you can find a couple of forms of boot styles: the particular limited a single as well as the reduce a single.

The idea of releasing a single as a rapid reaction to the terrorist atrocity seems to have seized people's imaginations.

This single as well as most versions of this song which were later put on compiled albums come in a cut, edited and shortened 4.

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