Prepositions after "sing"

sing in, by, about, for or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 24% of cases sing in is used

The Opera is sung in the Buyi language.

Alison Moyet: I love singing in French.

Can you? Music makes the world sing in harmony.

He continued to sing in clubs and recorded some unsuccessful material for Decca in 1958.

Once, my dad played a recording of himself singing in a show and I was so overwhelmed.

The youngest singers were 8 and 9; the oldest were in their 70s and hadn't sung in years.

Over the past two years she has slowly built a small fanbase by singing in pubs and clubs around Dublin every weekend.

Sinad O'Connor mostly sings in English as well but here I've included her singing in Irish on Mn na h-ireann (Women of Ireland).

We already have our contestants (fellow bloggers) who would be singing in the voice comment player on the blogville idol page.

LaBrie's first singing experience was a family affair, singing in a barbershop quartet alongside his father, uncle and brother.

In 11% of cases sing by is used

Our meeting opened with a prayer sung by her.

They can even sing by squirting air through their meat.

It was spectacularly sung by Emili Sande -- what a voice.

One song also features singing by Santana's lead vocalists Andy Vargas and Tony Lindsay.

He kept track of the occasions when certain hymns were sung by writing the dates in the margin.

Anyhow, I love this song sung by Chae Dong Ha but can't seem to find the romanization lyrics for it.

For his upcoming film, Karan Johar has apparently adapted the track, recreated by Vishal Shekhar and sung by Sunidhi Chauhan.

The setting for the evening begins with an icy drone, charmed by the sweet Indian ballad soulfully sung by Jaya Arunagirinatham.

I Wish you Love, sung by Lisa Ono I have been extremely busy with work, with my classes and with family, with the people I love.

As similar to the songs during the mambo craze, they tended to be sung by pop stars who didn't have a cha-cha bone in their body.

In 9% of cases sing about is used

Well we do sing about Cantona and Best.

But his pissing about of the fans and club we can.

We're a fanbase that sings about the past and present.

Many people talk and sing about being free, while they are still bound by lust, greed and covetousness.

Getting annoyed that we still sing about him is more the behaviour of a ' jilted lover ' in my opinion.

To be honest i don't think that Talor swift does because she constantly sings about the same stuff every time.

Singing about Ronaldo is still supporting Manchester United, because he played a major role in our recent history.

Just because Cradle sing about satanism and dark stuff it doest mean that if you listen to it you convert into a murderer.

These ability to compete to clubs with bigger spending power, most of you sing about all the time- is becoming very a broken record.

The Shangri-Las have enjoyed an untarnished critical reputation for years now thanks to the fact that they sang about death and stuff.

In 9% of cases sing for is used

God wants us to be high when we sing for him.

In this period, he sang for a number of films.

She has been singing for survival ever since.

In 1876 Lillian Norton sang for the first time at Edgartown, the home of her ancestors.

Music directors she sang for included such greats as Shankar-Jaikishan, and Anil Biswas.

I have to agree with Tales; they were singing for a mate and that is really great to see.

I made him sing, well Phil made him sing for me so many songs at the Audition I don't think he knew what was going on.

However there was a reconciliation where Kishore sang for him in Toofan (1989, this was released after Kishore's death).

Why, Susie Duffy was the best singer on the Murrumbidgee, and she would sing for any one who asked her, and free of charge.

It still is, until it goes to sing for Andrew Lord Lloyd Webber and then we'll kick him to the curb like the sell-out that he is.

In 9% of cases sing with is used

I sing with passion, and I love what I do.

For some years she would not sing with Mohd.

So Byeong Gun stands up -- he'll sing with her.

Kitts, Jahmings started out singing with his school choir and playing the harmonica.

The image of a baseball cap clad Himesh singing with a raised microphone became iconic.

She then sang with choreography, tambourine, and a good amount of cheer Pearl's I am Okay.

The song Stranger (sung with Tony Hippolyte) is dub melody, techno intensity, talking bout unity on a strange planet.

We have Marc Martel singing with us, and the weird thing is you close your eyes, and Freddie Mercury is in the room.

Before I got on the podium, I said ' sorry boys I am not going to sing with you tonight ', there were too many emotions.

Many professional singers suffer with nerves before they sing live!!! To sing with confidence? Try the following tips!! 1.

In 9% of cases sing to is used

To sing to the Lord (James 5:13).

When you sing to God, you lift up your heart.

It soothes my broken heart and sings to my soul.

Sung to the tune of Frere Jacques, Two Tigers is now my daughter's shortcut to sweeties.

There is a song for every occasion and you should listen to it, sing to it, dance to it.

I have but one true friend She sings to me In my solitude And I know her name I tried to know her.

We send her into the town to sell flowers and sing to the ladies; she makes us more money so than she would by waiting on you.

Famous for his animal acts he taught a donkey called Tom to sing to the accompaniment of toy bagpipes, a trombone and a violin.

From now on, donTt be surprised if the whistlerTs name is sung to the rafters by opposition fans whenever Chelsea take the pitch.

But I just couldn't help but notice the driver as he sang to himself in what seemed like the best baritone voice that I have heard.

In 6% of cases sing at is used

She began singing at the age of five in church.

She has sung at the invitation of the Pope in Rome.

She started studying jazz singing at the age of ten.

The more we sang at different places, the more I realised that one can never be loved by everybody.

No comebacks and singing at ' Lobbys ' &; Casinos etc and a career that blossomed in Sri Lanka and later.

When the Belmont people found out Sherm had a wonderful bari- tone voke he was invited to sing at a Baptist service.

I had a song called Waterfall which I sang at a festival the third annual song festival in Rio and it went fantastically.

A busy festival time in Clare and there was more dancin and singing at the Clarecastle Ceili at the Crossroads Festival last week.

He has been singing since he was a very young child and gave his first public performance aged seven when he sang at his First Communion.

When the ' Prince of Wales College anthem ' was sung at the ceremony some were taken by surprise to note the ambassador's wife singing along:.

In 4% of cases sing on is used

I think I did my best singing on this album.

While I was in Jamaica, I saw for the first time at Reggae Sumfest, singing on stage.

Issues would then be re-recorded with Mollie taking the verse she sings on live, same with Frankie.

Oh, and Laura sings on one of the songs on it! Julian: Of course, music is part of my life everyday.

The last aria was sung on the ascending escalator of the station from which most of us had to take their train home.

It was just that the two fellows on the album cover and in the music videos and dancing on stage were different from the men who sang on the record.

Now that he's back in Ireland Daniel doesn't intend on slowing down - he's scheduled to sing on RTE 1's ' Carols from the Castle ' on Christmas Eve and has a new album to promote.

As an aspiring musician he had tasted a little success, singing on a 1970 album by local psych-bluesers Mariani, who featured a 16 year old guitarist - and future star - Eric Johnson.

Fans take pride in their artists and singing on a stage is every artist's dream so it's no wonder no pun intended the girls were touched by the event organized by Wonderfuls and the staff.

In 3% of cases sing along is used

The choir will sing along with the choirs of St.

We sang along with him and interact well with him too.

We led the march up and down the street, singing along with the choir.

I can sing along with most of the songs after a couple of listens because they're easy pop.

But my son always sings along with Uncorrected Personality Traits, and this makes me laugh.

I had been singing along with the album for ages too, so I basically knew all the songs already.

A few people stop to watch the performance as well, and soon Kang-hwi drunkenly starts singing along with the TV.

CNBLUE began the ENCORE by singing ' I'd a Loner ' and encouraged the fans to sing along before playing the full song.

Still, once you've worked through the pronunciation on the CD that accompanies the book, it's easy to sing along with the arranged versions.

Many of the Sri Lankans sang along with the recorded music, while the Indian delegates were silent, and then the Indians sang with the Indian Anthem.

In 3% of cases sing from is used

And he sang from his heart and he sang from his soul.

Fraser hits from the heart and sings from somewhere very personal.

Don't miss this CD if you like real music played and sung from the heart.

They are singing from the same hymn-sheet when it comes to men stripping.

Laura sings from the point of view of my ex -- girlfriend regarding the relationship.

It is obvious that the song you sing is sung from a hymnsheet provided by gossipmongers.

Malasha, which is also her stage name, has been singing from her earlier days as a part of the choir at the Linstead Baptist Church.

However this needs to be backed up with grass-roots investment and there need to be far more quality coaches all singing from the same hymn-sheet.

Benjamin is a gurl Reviewer: gug 3/22/10 Unless you're twelve or something, how can these lyrics NOT make sense? He's singing from a woman's point of view.

Here In The Ground is a collection of five moving stories of love, loss and shipwrecks; sung from the heart and accompanied by Sam's own inimitable fingerstyle guitar playing.

In 2% of cases sing as is used

Cris didn't really perform nor sing as a young child.

Vocalist James LaBrie as a pirate, well if pirates can sing as well as him I guess that makes sense.

It started with an appreciation for the genre of music which made Simone Khoo first pick up singing as the belle of Vocaluptuous.

We were still singing as the train brought us into Pennsylvania 106 ON THE OTHER HAND Station in New York the Eisenhower Special had come to the last stop.

In 2% of cases sing like is used

Never falters but sings like a bird straight from your heart.

Without any prompting from the Host, Nii started singing like a bird.

I want Presi sing like him deh pon Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir if he testifies.

It's all trauma and devastation while that guy sings like a loon and Roger looks on moodily.

Call Me Maybe or trying to sing like Frank Sinatra are some of my personal favourites ); Walk the dog.

There were three other people in the bar but Jkutchma sang like every ear on earth was turned his way.

She didn't even remotely looked like Kajol, nor was she singing like Shah Rukh Khan, but her valiant efforts were admirable.

The other professional will either sing like a canary, and you will discover the source of the animosity and be able to resolve a past issue.

She sings like Sappho, and her songs are her own composing; and as for the tibia, and the cithera, and the lyre, I know not in which she most outdoes the Muses.

What you have to realise is it's not about the lyrics and singing, it's about the music, otherwise why would they sing like that? Death Metal in its purest form is absolute music.

In 2% of cases sing of is used

There is also scope for singing of prayers, hymns, silent meditation and so on.

They shuddered at the blessing of love; to their ears it was uttered in a demon's name.

As she sings of spells and possession, the horns of her would be master hover over her head.

They may sing of their roses which, by other names, Would smell just as sweetly, they say, But I know that my Rose would never consent To have that sweet name taken away.

The Queen plays a similar role in her selection of songs and often engages in call and response (with the King/Captain) type singing of both bailo and country country songs.

In 1% of cases sing without is used

They sing without flunjers, capdabblers and smendlers! (groaning) Oh, tell Simpson I'd ready to deal.

Rafi requested Shyam Sunder to allow him to sing without a microphone until the sound system was finally repaired.

In 1% of cases sing through is used

Phil quickly ran through the lines with him for pronunciation and in he went to the recording box, sang through it twice and we got it down the 3rd time.

In 1% of cases sing into is used

Softly, Naomi sung into Eira's ear, a gentle and low melody.

Akshay pays tribute by holding down one nostril and singing into an upturned mic.

She went from singing into dabbling into dejaying and found out she really had the crowd going when she did.

The creators of the show have literally swapped Ashton for Charlie in this pic of the three characters singing into a microphone in front of a red curtain.

In 1% of cases sing after is used

When the couple is seated we begin to sing after plying some instrumental music.

Someone'tracks the song, that is they say the words mostly from memory and the others sing after them.

When it was time for me to sing after my conversion, what came naturally to me was that which I had internalized.

Again, it will not be out of place to record that Noor Jahan continued to sing after leaving Bombay and migrating to Lahore.

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