Prepositions after "sin"

sin against, by, in, outside or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 57% of cases sin against is used

To sin against God is to punish yourself.

Forgive us our sins, for we also forgive everyone who sins against us.

David instantly confessed and was heart broken that he had sinned against God.

There will be times when we must confess our sins to those we have sinned against.

I ask you to forgive me from my sin as I forgive everyone who has sinned against me.

Although he swears according to his belief, he nevertheless sins against this Commandment.

We sin against one another and never come and confess that sin and seek forgiveness from the one we have offended.

The people who lived in it were seriously bottom-drawer, often dispossessed refugees from Turkey, sinned against as well as sinning.

If one has sinned against Allah then one should turn to Him in repentance and ensure that he does not commit the same sin repeatedly.

Let us not forget that sin is the transgression of God's law -- and so it behooves us to know God's Word so that we may not sin against Him.

In 12% of cases sin by is used

Noah, who had been so diligent and faithful, sinned by getting drunk (Genesis 9:20,21).

Hence, if a person swear to do what is unjust or unlawful, he sins by taking the oath, and adds sin to sin by executing his promise.

Hence, if a person swear to do what is unjust or unlawful, he sins by taking the oath, and adds sin to sin by executing his promise.

I've heard the teaching a lot re: Adam sinning by not properly guiding Eve and by listening to her, but it was couched in creation order not in a pre-Fall fallen woman.

In 8% of cases sin in is used

Fear of Allah (SWT) is what keeps a muslim from sinning in the first place.

But whatever troubles befal them, shall not hurt their souls, for God keeps them from sinning in troubles.

In 4% of cases sin outside is used

Its better to sin outside the church, not inside.

It's not our place **** someone said it's better to sin outside the church than inside, i'd so sorry, that's wrong, sin is sin, where you do it doesn't matter--it is still sin.

In 3% of cases sin as is used

Apollinarius regarded the ability to sin as the distinctive property of finite nature.

In 3% of cases sin on is used

The end time testing of God's people has a purpose -- a very great purpose, namely to make a complete end to sin on earth.

In 3% of cases sin with is used

This portion of Hell contains the angels who sexually sinned with the women of the Earth before Noah's flood.

In 1% of cases sin before is used

He just says I have sinned before the Lord.

In 1% of cases sin like is used

Make evry effort not to sin like that and alaah may grant your way to heaven.

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