Prepositions after "simple"

simple for, as, of, in or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 21% of cases simple for is used

We make it that simple for you.

It's simple for the opposition.

Simple for you, no? Not for me.

Building it simpler for one to relax just about anywhere and any situation you wish.

I will keep it simple for you good people who struggle in a more complex environment.

Fortunately, it's simple for you to find the best routines that can give you results.

The system is so simple for you to follow, all you need to do is adhere to the simple directions in order to begin.

The system is so simple for you to follow, all you have to do is adhere to the simple directions in order to begin.

I hoped that I would receive another such offer to make things really simple for the challenge, but none ever came.

The solution the DWP are pursuing now? Increase the ordeal, but make it more simpler for themselves to administer.

In 19% of cases simple as is used

Just more style simple as that.

You adapt, it's simple as that.

It's unplayable, simple as that.

Isn? t that right, Bob??? Yeah, some people feel it? s wrong to kill - simple as that.

Perhaps you will want to elaborate on ideas, but regardless keep it simple as you can.

Either Baines Cissokho or Taylor would be brilliant we need another LB simple as that.

Even if the layout of a site is simple as a main content area on the left and a sidebar on the right, that's a grid.

Creating a mask isn't as clean and simple as a fresh sheet of ice; it's the ice after the 1st, 2nd, even 3rd period.

All you have to do is upload your photos through a dedicated webpage, http: **29;9110;TOOLONG, it's a simple as that.

Seriously why waste your time, breath, anger and obvious energy on defending or insulting something a simple as a book.

In 15% of cases simple of is used

Benzema has the simple of finishes.

Even the simplest of ideas can win.

He seems to lack of the cognitive ability to comprehend even the simplest of things.

In simplest of words, ' practice ' or ' licence ' wouldn't rhyme -- they have their?

The truth is clear and unfettered and even the simplest of people should understand.

And when I say untrained, I mean unable to use the most simple of shared toilet etiquette utensils - the toilet bru.

Mary challenged us to honour her son by following the simplest of rules: if someone drinks, they should not drive.

I remember being amazed in those early days by the most simple of freedoms, like riding my bike around a nearby park.

Among these student visa is simplest of all which also give you a chance to work in UK (20 hours per week maximum).

In 13% of cases simple in is used

Which is dead simple in the US.

The idea is simple in principle.

He was very simple in many ways.

The autonomy of historical thought is seen at its simplest in the work of selection.

I have always said, as you stated, that the Course is elegantly simple in its process.

Keep things simple in the beginning and add more explanation about your products or services as your gain experience.

A Han piece might be simpler in style, while a Tang or Ming piece might be more sophisticated in detail and glazing.

Comparing to subsequent version, this early PC lense is more simpler in its overall features with a clearer layouts.

It allowed for the idea that history carries as much shadow as substance, and that nothing is simple in our heritage.

In 9% of cases simple to is used

It was all pretty simple to me.

This looked very simple to her.

Simple to the point and precise.

Expect a wide variety ranging from the quick and simple to the extravagant and exotic.

This mechanism is very simple to other steering mechanism and used mostly in vehicles.

Computer Training gives all the understanding you want from simple to advanced levels.

This evolutionary prediction of a historical lineage, from simple to complex, has strongly influenced evolutionists.

The hundred approximately winter carnivals in Canada are the simple to the best they also all offer many excitement.

Maybe what the police are guilty of is not making it plain and simple to Joe Public what's really going on out there.

It is also simpler to setup for many less complex layouts and often these can be achieved using a single background.

In 6% of cases simple with is used

Resume help? Simple with cvmkr.

Set up is simple with the MiFi.

It is simple with your operation.

I keep my contact simple with only numbers, since I back-up my contact using my SIM.

I like cooking but I also like it to be fast and simple with a few good ingredients.

This makes forecasting costs simpler with a simple extrapolation of a cost per user.

The challenge for Ang and his team was to make it simple with all that complexity remaining underneath the surface.

This is the hardest part of marketing which has become simplest with the marketing lists available in the market.

Using callbacks becomes very simple with PHP as it also uses the helper functions -- iscalled() and calluserfunc().

Editing is simple with tools for lightening, darkening and deleting the red-eye effect, all included in the package.

In 3% of cases simple by is used

This is not simple by any means.

Timbre is radically simple by comparison.

It is simple by design, yet rich in outcomes.

I love the way you make it all so simple by breaking it down into three must-do tasks.

Let's make our life a bit simpler by turning both balance knobs all the way round to A.

I'd make this simple by saying, that being eat galaxies, its more complicated than that.

The procedures are made simpler by a number of organisations that usually help foreigners in buying Ghanaian produce.

Keep it simple by signing up to RSS feeds and spend twenty minutes every morning catching up on your social media news.

Kept it simple by ordering nasi goring, which turned out to be probably the most expensive fried rice I've had in Asia.

And this power is simple by reason of the thing signified, although there be composition in the words uttered outwardly.

In 3% of cases simple like is used

But it wasn't simple like that.

No, it? s not so simple like that.

If they were simple like you wrote.

Try something simple like a hard boiled egg, whole grain toast and 100% fruit juice.

Start with something simple like choosing to take the stairs instead of the elevator.

The trading on Forex is not as simple like this one here, it is sometimes very scary even how good we do on Forex.

Its really cool when you can get a huge group of people together to do something entertaining and simple like that.

Some of the things I've learned about taking pictures are very simple like making sure the sun is behind the camera.

The solution can be something really simple like storing (the temple offerings) in a tupperware and then into a bag.

In 3% of cases simple on is used

Our plan looked so simple on paper.

This step is simple on a small boat.

I read Simple on a Soapbox last week.

It's a lot simpler on you if you locate somebody that knows this kind of work finest.

A look below begins our review, with a rubber outsole that looks simple on the surface.

You see losing weight is incredibly simple on one hand, and incredibly hard on the other.

Banking is another business that appears simple on the surface but has been full of complex dangers in recent years.

I'd not a PC or a Mac cheerleader, but when something is simpler on one than the other I'd going to point that out.

Learning BASIC COMPUTER SKILLS is much simpler on DVDs, as this can help you speed up your learning process faster.

Very simple on your own snout; -) therefore your serious about taking that trail request it when selecting your paint.

In 1% of cases simple about is used

And there was nowt simple about.

Nothing is simple about writing.

There is nothing simple about it.

There is something so simple about chopping logs that it feels like a form of mending.

Except, as with everything else, there was nothing simple about this endeavor, either.

This is not about faith, this is pure and simple about injustice, oppression and occupation.

They looked at the first problem, which was something simple about free radical formation and was worth 5 points.

There is nothing simple about this book and the blurb already gives you the bare bones of what the book is about.

I agree, there is something so simple about sharing a resource, but comments take a little more thought and effort.

Gambling dens where, to be simple about it, rich people and pension funds provided the money for property speculation.

In 1% of cases simple at is used

It's really simple at the core.

It seemed very simple at the time.

Things are a lot simpler at the moment.

The idea was so simple at the time that it was surprising no one had thought of it before.

How do you innovate and keep it simple at the same time? That's what the team is working on.

DC will do it, keeping it simple at the beginning of the movie, with classic 007 theme in tow.

Write the important stuff down: deadlines, dates, figures, and even instructions that might seem simple at the time.

Since I'd no climate scientist -- and since I'd pretty lazy -- I thought I'd better keep things simple at the outset.

I will not reveal much about them- that would spoil half the fun! Appears a bit slow and too simple at the beginning.

Tesfaye's songwriting is pure gold: simple at the core but teased out by The Weekend's production team into something.

In 1% of cases simple from is used

It's refreshingly simple from start to end.

It is useful here to distinguish simple from complex omissions.

All employers are looking for something relatively brief and simple from a CV.

I keep this short and simple from a musician and die-hard King's X fan point of view.

Keep it simple from the start, and you will find yourself with a growing customer base.

I mean, I like to experiment, but I just want something a but more simple from a delay.

The latter is the simplest from the user's perspective and potentially the most efficient (for simple tasks(only)).

My major takeaway from that experience was that fixing the problems that look so simple from the outside is really hard.

Simple from the road verge yet the location is what sells this home, or maybe its the storage - lots and lots of storage.

Traveling to Zanzibar is simple from the Dar house and it's also the starting point for safari's on the southern circuit.

In 1% of cases simple without is used

Again, simple without too much fuss.

They can be simple without any complex images.

Understanding may be simple without being easy.

It's very simple without any decoration, just the line and the purity of the line.

Advanced stuff should be capable of being made simple without losing its validity.

Things seem simpler without all the technological hassle of passwords and pin codes.

Scott Peck author of The Road Less Traveled The 7 Habits have the gift of being simple without being simplistic.

Once we got seated in Felix 's, we glanced through the menu, which is short and simple without fancy name or description.

Exposed spoke nipples sit in the aerodynamic shadow of the rims, keeping serviceability simple without compromising speed.

I think the power and need to protect your family and those you love is such a strong trait, yet it's simple without being flashy.

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