Prepositions after "similar"

similar to, in, for or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 88% of cases similar to is used

Faith is very similar to a seed.

Similar to the evangelists in USA.

Similar to the assumptions for Req.

I think in the Pacifica case our reading of the Court's decision is similar to the D.

This trend could be seen as similar to the rise of photography impacting on painters.

I think the Acadiens deserve some sort of self-rule deal, similar to the creation of Nunatsiavut for Labrador Innu.

The reasons for calling James and John, the sons of Zebedee, were probably similar to the reason for calling Peter.

The bed of red compote on the left resembled salsa, while the white cream on the right was not dissimilar to aioli.

All States and some localities have passed laws similar to the FOIA that allow people to request access to records.

In 7% of cases similar in is used

Results were similar in the US.

The trend is similar in the US.

Similar in function to a toe cap.

This pattern was very similar in the workshops in both the United States and Britain.

The first group is similar in proportion to the Wyatt and Cowley group in the 1640's.

Both diets were similar in saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

In a hot environment, however, the advantage disappears and power output is similar in the mornings and afternoons.

In 2001 the same methodology was used and so the social desirability effect is probably similar in the two surveys.

Similar in tradition to races held in England, ' Head ' races, a class of regattas, are generally three miles long.

I did say that they're specifically similar in ways that are different to what we're used to and generally support.

In 1% of cases similar for is used

Similar for Holland of the 70s.

It is similar for the workforce.

Similar for all the other planets.

The trends are similar for the different types of expression experiments (Figure 6c).

But In truth, Labour's plans are so similar for the deficit, it's Ed Balls who's lying.

I hope you'll create something similar for yourself to inspire you as you get organized.

Findings were similar for the matched cohort (n = 121) and for the rest of the sample (unmatched cohort, n = 335).

In this study, the relative efficacy of LAIV versus TIV was similar for children 6 to 11 and 12 to 17 years of age.

Using Scrape Similar for Chrome you can grab the twitter handles of these people and sort the data at your leisure.

This kind of debt can only really be repaid by doing something similar for someone else at some point in your life.

In 1% of cases similar with is used

Similar with gold and the like.

Similar with the panel in Dublin.

Similar with the many other folks.

Shopping has not been recently a similar with all the on its way purchasing season.

Pc Posted: 08/08/2007 17:06 Thanks bu bu, I didn't realise it was similar with you.

He is doing something similar with regard to his predecessor's political corruption.

You can currently simulate the behavior of a nemotode worm or something similar with a few hundred or so neurons.

This finding is almost similar with the findings of most of the studies concerned with physical exercise and CANA.

Similar with the LBs, if the Dline is replenished, fresh and making plays the LBs will get to clean up quite often.

I'd say our 3 pacers (say SF, JA, TB) are a little better than (SJ, MH, SH) with the ball and similar with the bat.

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