Prepositions after "silent"

"silent on" or "silent about"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases silent on is used

Kenneth is silent on the affair.

Refusing to be silent on the issue.

The king was silent on the subject.

Up until last week, however, the Presidential candidates remained silent on the issue.

Britain and America denied the allegations but Israel has remained silent on the issue.

As top House Republican leaders remain silent on the unfolding scandal surrounding Rep.

You're right in saying that the Bible does not appear to be pro-paedophilia -- but at best it's silent on the issue.

He (the narrator) said: He (Ibn Abbas) kept silent on the third point, or he (the narrator) said: But I forgot that.

Standing large, grey and silent on the east side of Northwest 16th Street, it looms very wide and tall from the curb.

But if I front the evening sky Silent on the west look I, And my comrade, stride for stride, Paces silent at my side.

In 19% of cases silent about is used

Because we are silent about it.

We may be timidly silent about it.

Even artistes are silent about it.

However, the Book of Revelation is silent about the probable day of the Apocalypse.

Liberal theory, however, is silent about the boundaries of the political community.

And I want to argue that we all should be a lot more unhappy being silent about it.

The Assyrian record is silent about the defeat at Jerusalem (ancient kings did not like their failures recorded).

Why have Muslim states remained silent about this? Why have those who've gone to perform the Haj remained silent.

D'banj was silent about it all, so much so it got Wizkid to react, thinking he might have offend his big brother.

In an instance such as this the public body may need to consider remaining entirely silent about the investigation.

In 14% of cases silent for is used

He remained silent for a while.

All remained silent for a while.

Everyone was silent for a minute.

Kina took a seat in the studio and was silent for a while, his sanshin already tuned.

I imagine whatever witnesses there were remained silent for fear of being disbelieved.

Naoko remained silent for a while, then suddenly burst into tears, trembling all over.

The Growlithe rolled over to a more comfortable position and stayed silent for a few seconds before speaking again.

This can be true even if the suspect is silent for a period of time before making the self-incriminating statements.

I had remained silent for most of the evening as it was, having come to dinner already discouraged by other matters.

In 11% of cases silent in is used

He was silent in respect of Azaan.

Or at least he is silent in the UK.

There was total silent in the room.

As in all the churches of the saints, 34 the women should keep silent in the churches.

We should not remain silent in the face of such evil even if the man wore scarlet red.

Now I'd turned my phone onto silent in the morning, and checked for messages at lunch.

I was taught at every step in my Jewish education that it is not acceptable to stay silent in the face of injustice.

Noticeably silent in this debate have been business executives who grew tired and impatient with technology long ago.

It is hard for the laity to understand how the leaders of the Church can remain silent in the face of this attack on.

Why government is continue to remain silent in front of the protesting people who are also the citizens of this land.

In 3% of cases silent as is used

We will not be silent as the U.

The law is silent as to this matter.

I slither down the hall, silent as a serpent.

Unlike American how-to DVDs, it will be silent as regards Lunker Action on Bass Boats.

An HSMR is not a signal about preventable deaths; HSMRs are silent as to the cause of death.

It was noted that the Act is silent as to who could make these rules, regulations or orders.

At one point, when Jonas goes silent as the twins talk of their lives, she whispers words of encouragement into his ear.

It is worth noting here that despite that power by the President, the law is silent as to reasons for such modifications.

Malala was targeted because she refused to remain silent as the Taliban turned women and girls into second-class citizens.

If any provision is silent as to the process of elections, the provisions of **32;881;TOOLONG of the IOA will be applicable.

In 2% of cases silent with is used

Darcy, silent with horror and embarrassment.

Silent with awe and pity I went to her bedside.

The limo ride there was silent with a lot of tension.

Be silent with those who proclaim themselves or have great judgments upon the world.

Biao not fool the old, if he is a fool, the city will not be silent with him so much.

Nor to fall silent with him, as if we were doomed to stay for a long time on this spot.

Quraysh becomes silent with Fear Quraysh and the rest of the devious forces received the caliphate of Imam Ali (a.

Engine started from cold and was silent with no strange noises, however there were a few issues I'd like advice on.

However, it is also Makrooh to constantly remain silent with the belief that doing so is an act of gaining proximity.

In 2% of cases silent over is used

The media is silent over these issues.

We can not remain silent over these issues.

Saudi Arabia has remained silent over the issue.

Why else would media remain silent over US-sponsored dictators =96 Pinochet, Marcos etc.

Probably that's why they went silent over the weekend and cancelled campaign appearances.

Many automatically allow trustworthy apps and remember your decisions to become silent over time.

But although progressive, secular Pakistanis are in the majority, they may choose to remain silent over this issue.

The male victim is also reported to have decided to remain silent over the issue in order to avoid public ridicule.

To keep silent over the spread of evils among people is akin to inviting destruction and the Wrath of Allah on society.

In 2% of cases silent during is used

Ahmadi remained silent during proceedings.

Dobson was silent during every police interview.

However, police remained silent during the attack.

The crowd must be silent during play so that players can hear the bell in the ball.

Teams rely heavily on numerous audible clues, so spectators must stay silent during play.

Communities are not silent during all of this! They try to go through ' proper channels '.

It is usually silent during the stay and the only note that was ever heard was a low ' chik ', uttered only when startled.

I know the admins have been silent during a lot of the recent crisis, and we have been putting together a complex decision.

Bush has kept silent during all the crap the child Obama has blamed him for Obama would blame Bush if he had a bad golf game.

Cameras and recording devices are not permitted in the studio, and all phones must be switched to silent during the broadcast.

In 2% of cases silent at is used

He is Chiranjeevi and why is he silent at this point.

She will come for me, if I won't be silent at a moment.

The auditorium fell silent at his use of the past tense.

John Roos, the US ambassador to Japan, was one of 74 foreign envoys who fell silent at 8.

The Dean of Christchurch, the Very Reverend Dean Beck, asked the crowd to be silent at 12.

His mother approached Gregor's room with cries of excited joy, but she fell silent at the door.

But when it came to relationship-related issues, he was passive-aggressive, timid, silent at times, wishy-washy, etc.

But if I front the evening sky Silent on the west look I, And my comrade, stride for stride, Paces silent at my side.

My instinct, and it's nothing more than that, is that they also tend to fall silent at those moments when they disagree.

This would cause him to go sullen and silent at his kit for a while but then he'd always come up with something special.

In 1% of cases silent except is used

It is silent except for my gun.

Most reptiles are silent except geckos.

It is totally silent except for the music.

The house is dead silent except for the whistle of the wind through the screen door.

The chortling petered out until it was silent except for the sounds of New York traffic.

The drive back to Vegas is virtually silent except for a little Hubbub when we pass by Area 51.

The drive was silent except for the radio, which was providing some background music but it wasn't an awkward silence.

What it really is is silent except for the clock ticking on the wall, reminding me I have only three minutes left to eat.

Then darkness fell and everything fell terribly silent except for the buzz of the wheels whipping up the water from the road.

It was delightful -- peaceful and silent except for the occasional yelp from a rider as he discovered another wheel-sucking boggy section on the trail.

In 1% of cases silent by is used

You were deadly silent by political choice.

You remain silent by not coming to this site.

He was all alone that day, only an old dog lay silent by his feet.

We exited the room and he gestured for me to stay silent by placing his forefinger over his lips.

Instead of appreciating my input, he motioned for me to keep silent by putting his finger to his lips.

Yes, they are unwelcome by real Americans who are kept silent by useful idiots from the left and from the right.

One night a Bat came and clung to the bars of the cage, and asked the Bird why she was silent by day and sang only at night.

We Will Not Be Silent by Nick McAvelly The murders committed by Mohamed Merah in Toulouse have been forgotten by the mainstream media.

Either they directly involve in bad/incorrect acts, encourage others to do the same, or help others to do it or being silent by watching it.

He moved to suppress his incriminating statements, arguing that he had invoked his right to remain silent by shaking his head from side to side.

In 1% of cases silent like is used

I knew you'd remain silent like that.

He was silent like dead on that processing.

The woods right now are silent like being inside a room.

Giribala stood near the door stiff and silent like a marble image gazing at vacancy.

This is their story: The atmosphere was silent like a city falls silent after a major storm.

One can feel a sense of perfect calm and contentment with just being still and silent like the trees.

I'd positive that the rest of the regular readers of this blog (whether they be silent like me or outspoken) feel the same.

I've swept up after gods in dreams, Silent like a windless nightmare, Only easing through with time, A lost and unfamiliar valentine.

If anything, this line: He's silent like that lonely night his screams rose louder than the rush of flame devouring your secret world.

We must also rebuke the spirit of fear that we put upon ourselves when we moan and groan, and then be silent like lambs in the presence of the shearer's knife.

In 1% of cases silent before is used

We must not remain silent before evil.

We are silent before birth and in death.

Let all the earth be silent before Him (Hab 2:20).

Herod interrogated him, but our Lord was silent before the royal cross-examination.

And as a lamb stands silent before the shearers, he didn't cry out or kick and scream.

Why should we do this? Because he is in his holy temple; let all the earth be silent before him (2:20).

Another vice president, Spiro Agnew, kept completely silent before pleading nolo contendere on corruption charges.

We can not here appeal to reason or judgment for both must be silent before authority; both rest on the same ground.

God responds resolutely by asserting,? But the Lord is in his holy temple; let all the earth be silent before him? (v.

I am silent before them as one who can not speak Psalm 50:21 While you did all this, I remained silent, and you thought I didn't care.

In 1% of cases silent regarding is used

So keep silent regarding the further explanations that we gave you.

Those who keep silent regarding what is right is like a silent devil.

The Presidency remains officially silent regarding the nature of Mrs.

Monks who are genuinely modest usually remain silent regarding their own virtues.

Those, who claim to be speaking on his behalf, have also been silent regarding his fate.

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) taught that whoever is silent regarding the truth is equal to a devil.

As for the issue that if someone does do it without the wali then what is the hukm, the verse remains silent regarding it.

It is disturbing to see that the political parties are silent regarding this destructive trend in the local politics of the country.

You can not restrict your voice to only the economic issues and remain silent regarding the whole game of the Rajapakses and their cahoots.

Therefore, because lbn Khuzaymah has remained silent regarding this hadith, it will not be classified as sahih due to it merely being part of his book.

In 1% of cases silent throughout is used

Students may be largely silent throughout the discussion.

I was pretty much silent throughout all the contractions.

The entire theater was somber and silent throughout the movie.

He remained silent throughout the hearing as the judge advised him of the case.

He had remained silent throughout the trial, refusing to acknowledge proceedings.

Leaders of the Protestant and Catholic churches remained silent throughout this period.

Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City because it contained the hated Feds? McVeigh remained silent throughout his trial.

I had been mostly silent throughout the whole ordeal, only once looking over my shoulder to make sure she had not been hurt.

He stayed silent throughout the appearance at Arapahoe County Court and at times appeared as if he was under heavy medication.

You don't think it is weird to have someone be silent throughout an interview? The purpose of interviews is to hear someone talk.

In 1% of cases silent to is used

All was silent to him, and he was at peace.

I sleep with earplugs so they are all silent to me.

Almost for the same period of time, God was silent to me.

Has God always seemed silent to you? If so, then what you need is a relationship with Him.

The NDFB-R warned that the outfit will not remain silent to the alleged excesses by the SFs.

I couldn't exactly be upset or just be silent to someone who I still didn't mind talking to.

Their 9 years of friendship is no joke &; let us not continue to lose faith, just because HoMin are silent to media.

In the 1930s, when film was going from silent to speech - Jean Darling was one of the biggest child stars of the era.

And before The Artist, there was always Singing in the Rain's depiction of Hollywood's shift from silent to talkie cinema.

How tragic that some of our counterparts in the churches are not only silent to this invective, they are responsible for it.

In 1% of cases silent after is used

The room is very silent after this.

I went silent after reciting a few Surahs.

We are silent after all the impressions of today.

Allege criminal wrongdoing and then recant or fall silent after the story blows up.

This is their story: The atmosphere was silent like a city falls silent after a major storm.

If you remain silent after this has happened, then you will never have the chance to be heard.

Naturally, the ground control communications frequency fell terribly silent after the verbal bashing of US Air 2771.

Chrome 11 Severe problems with short sound clips, timing issues, clicks &; pops, goes completely silent after a few seconds.

Otherwise you would have preferred to remain silent after my very correct, dignified and humane response to the abuse by romain.

It worked as a Boomerang as the Bangladesh government went silent after receiving the Indian version against its so-called written protest to Delhi.

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