Prepositions after "significant"

"significant in" or "significant for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases significant in is used

Significant in his own way, certainly.

That is not significant in and of itself.

Moslems are significant in New Juaben (9.

This evolution of Byzantium was immensely significant in the history of Orthodoxy.

In this regard, the month of October is very significant in the history of Kashmir.

This is even if the risk was significant in terms of its catastrophic consequences.

Those selves that were significant in the understanding of Sybil's complexity were without doubt comprehendible.

This event was, if not the last straw, significant in the overthrow of Trujillo a few months after their deaths.

Brian Shopping mall tour is rarer and less significant in the US than you imply Surer -- pretty much a non event.

In 20% of cases significant for is used

That's significant for the Texans.

This size is highly significant for the group.

This growth is significant for a number of reasons.

The differences between the medians were significant for the Throws in Total (2.

This is significant for a number of conditions such as migraines and depression.

These areas are significant for the market as they contain many soccer fans too.

The test is significant for the DRDO, which is plagued by cost and time over-runs of many indigenous projects.

The policy-maker role is especially significant for the developing information and communication technologies.

Ramadan is also significant for it is the month the first verses of the Qur'an were revealed to Prophet Mohamed.

In 14% of cases significant to is used

Line 578, change significant to large.

Meles Zenawi was more significant to the U.

It's significant to what you're about to read.

Cooperation from abroad was surprisingly significant to the Soviet film industry.

The current colours on the building mean something very significant to the students.

They are obviously two very different activities, and the differences are significant to the drive behind each.

The World Championships of Lacrosse, which are attended every four years, are very significant to this country.

Do not use random combinations of letters and/or numbers, or something that's significant to you and you alone.

TALLAWAH: How is being an Actor Boy nominee significant to you? Rawlins: The true significance to me is humility.

In 7% of cases significant of is used

This is significant of the truth that.

You have seen it and seek the significant of it.

The most significant of all the changes in 2011.

There are a significant of unqualified teachers that need to gain teachers status.

This war, the most significant of the three conflicts between Indian people and U.

The most significant of the Lwa that may walk with an individual is the Lwa Met Tet.

Information about the most significant of these is provided in our section on staying healthy and safe in Bali.

Without doubt the most significant of all the human causes of changing climate is the dramatic increase in CO2.

Most significant of all, he was canonized only forty-five years after his death -- a vindication of the life he.

Perhaps the most significant of these developments were the numerous amendments to the Criminal Code Act of 1995.

In 5% of cases significant at is used

Variables significant at P <.

Correlation is significant at the 0.

More significant at the forum was Dr.

The gap between present and future QoL was large and significant at baseline (31.

After mediation, the CHESS+CM effect on ACQ was no longer significant at tau 1 = --.

Only items 4, 5 and 11 showed change scores that were not significant at the P <0.

In all cases, the difference between each pair of percentages is significant at the 95 percent level or higher.

The presence of statistically significant heterogeneity was assessed by the Q statistic (significant at P <.

Highly significant at the hemispheric level, but not great at the local level due to high level's of variability.

In 4% of cases significant about is used

I don't feel any significant about the day.

There is nothing significant about this one.

There is nothing new or significant about Mr.

This is a lot more like people missing something significant about, say, Luna.

The physical distance travelled was not what was significant about this voyage.

I call it a stunt because it proves nothing significant about fracking and safety.

Something which is also significant about the new package from Digicel is the reversion to per minute billing.

What is significant about Mesmari's action is that his defection puts Dabbashi's defection in a broader context.

But there's nothing significant about Kirrin Farm's location? at least nothing is there in the map that says so.

What is significant about this listing is that those named took this experience and applied in different contexts.

In 3% of cases significant as is used

The position is significant as the Rev.

The horse is especially significant as a symbol of survival.

Kadesh is significant as the first recorded battle in history.

And of course that'll become more significant as the number of our troops goes up.

This indicates that an odds bet is often twice as significant as the pass line bet.

This innovation is quite possibly the most significant as well as the most overlooked.

The year 2010 is very significant as both countries commemorate the 50th anniversary of their diplomatic relations.

Implications for 2012 Overall, the polarization, if not as great or significant as the Civil War, is still significant.

Substance abuse within seniors is really a significant as well as growing issue in the Usa which few people know about.

This is profoundly significant as the Philippines is one of the biggest migrant labour exporting countries in the world.

In 2% of cases significant with is used

This is significant with regard to entropy.

This test was significant with a p -value of 2.

Mean corpuscular volume was significant with 56 fl.

The police presence was significant with riot police assembled across the road.

Without doubt having significant with someone helps you along the recovery road.

The language of this law is equally plain and significant with the one just mentioned.

The size of examined projects is quite significant with usually over USD 100 million in debt per transaction.

As a result, the gravitationally induced lapse rate will not be significant with respect to the current models.

After adjustment for smoking as well, the relative risk became significant with a 37% decrease in risk (relative risk 0.

In 2% of cases significant on is used

It's significant on a number of fronts.

This concert is significant on many levels.

The ruling is significant on more than one count.

These differences between CTL and TRT were significant on all weeks of lactation.

What has been significant on Twitter is that the Hamas apologists are out in force.

And I already using it for days, hopefully it will make a significant on increasing alexa.

Sexual differentiation is seen to be significant on the level of the larger narrative of Scripture and its patterns.

In other words, it is nice to have, and it is pretty to look at, but it is not anything significant on a practical level.

One single factor might not be significant on its own, but when these factors are combined they increase the risk of poverty.

My understanding is that it was originally not approved, because the effect wasn't statistically significant on all patients.

In 1% of cases significant within is used

The country's sectarian tensions are also significant within this context.

This particular effect is very significant within the Psychological Contract.

These changes have been most significant within endometrial and ovarian cancers.

This is a very important point for you who needs to be significant within a short time.

All of these elements are significant within the Psychological Contract, so empathy is too.

It does seem to be mentioned quite often, but I don't think it's anything significant within the context of the plot.

The reduction in core temperature within the first 45 minutes post induction were statistically significant within both groups.

The unity of immanent and economic Trinity secures these distinctions to be significant within the eternal life of the immanent Trinity.

This work is significant within contemporary shows in Jamaica as it seeks to creates an experience of the work than focusing on the work.

Housing and building activity levels are significant within the economy, with a direct effect on the consumer price index and interest rates.

In 1% of cases significant over is used

Company car costs can become significant over time if they're not probably managed.

In any case, cosmics are simply not significant over the timeframe of realistic cryonics (<300 years).

Some, like Bobby and Agent Harris, started as minor roles and grew more significant over the course of multiple seasons.

These natural factors are simply too weak and too slow, however, to be significant over time scales of decades to centuries.

Dollars collected from clients, on a regular basis, become a reliable and continuous flow of cash that can be significant over time.

Having a better significant over the budget, this TV inconsistency and because of this, it lacks the depth level of the black level.

The storm surge was highest over maybe a couple of hundred kilometers of coastline but was certainly very significant over another thousand.

The period after an El Nino event is often neglected, but it holds the oceanic responses that are the most significant over multiyear periods.

The Earth spins much more slowly (once in 24 hours) so the apparent force its rotation generates only becomes significant over large distances or long times.

So the result is not significant over all countries and it is not even significant in NZ because it wasn't randomly selected out of all the countries involved.

In 1% of cases significant from is used

This is very significant from many levels.

I seriously doubt this will be anything significant from Jamaica.

Integration will also be significant from a cultural perspective.

The healing miracle in Acts 3 is also significant from the point of view of disability.

The Koh Ker site is very significant from a religious, historical and artistic perspective.

This is significant from the standpoint of valuation of assets that foreign companies look to buy.

Social media are significant from and operational strategy standpoint and should involve the entire operation.

Don't be afraid to talk candidly about your failures, especially if you learned something significant from them.

We have set a maximum age limit for the program as the brain development is significant from birth until 12 years.

This segment is quite significant from the current global political and economic problems and information sharing.

In 1% of cases significant during is used

The overall trend is not significant during the past 30 years.

This development seems to be most significant during early childhood.

Its political use became particularly significant during World War I.

Their numbers are more significant during the morning and afternoon peak periods.

The rate of Sweater is also significant during the period of 1999-2000 to 2005-06.

Such structural domains may be especially significant during malignant cell transformation.

The performance with Cr-Cit decreases with time and improvements were not significant during the later intervals.

Oil begins dispersing immediately on contact with water and is most significant during the first ten hours or so.

However, the reduced incidence of HIV transmission was present and more significant during the later time periods.

The site was significant during World War 2 (as a fort and a camp for prisoners-of-war ), but is now a modern military museum.

In 1% of cases significant due is used

The danger this poses is significant due to the amount of food that's prepared in the kitchen.

For smokers the risk of lung cancer is significant due to the synergistic effects of radon and smoking.

This is especially true if the holiday accident compensation will be significant due to a major accident.

This difference was not statistically significant due to the high levels of variation in the degree of photobleaching.

This will be significant due to the fact you will get the food easier and will also be less dried out than if you make it slower.

The scale of hunger or poverty may be minimal in percentages, but significant due to the population of the USA (over 300 million).

Comparisons together with subsequent quarter 2011 are not extremely significant due to the solid increases above intervening period.

This will be significant due to the fact as a way to completely enjoy almost everything surrounding you, you need to realize it and regard it.

So many political families are not just significant due to their wealth and political power but because they are connected to the shrines as well.

In 1% of cases significant by is used

The differences were not significant by gender.

The differences here were not significant by gender.

Injuries are assessed as significant by qualified doctors.

That, my friends, is what my stats professor, John Vokey, called significant by the I.

Presumably, the issue was either overlooked or not seen as significant by the authors.

An indication, but very far from the only one, and not the most significant by any means.

A role is a ' social position recognised as significant by people in the problem situation ' (Checkland, 1990).

Microwave absorption effect is much more significant by the body parts which contain more fluid (water, blood, etc.

An innocent mistake then, but one which was seen as politically significant by those who wanted to see it that way.

It could be he meant something significant by what he said or it could be he's just really bad at expressing himself.

In 1% of cases significant because is used

It is only significant because of the unifying power of each religion.

It is significant because of the sheer scale of nearly 100k employees.

The newly discovered source is also significant because of its location.

Reuber's diagnoses would make the liver cancers significant because of their rarity.

Our case is very significant because of very young age of presentation of this cancer.

This is significant because the UN has been based on Western-style political processes.

He emphasized that voting made a small man become more significant because of the power he wielded with a vote.

On the other hand, our individual lives are precious and significant because of the love we have for one another.

He is particularly significant because of his excellent biography on RLS, The Life of Robert Louis Stevenson (1901).

In 1% of cases significant among is used

And the falloff is most significant among younger viewers.

This relationship was not significant among regular users of alcohol.

Significant among these were rice, maize, sorghum, groundnuts and beans.

Use the Rel Author tag to make your results look more significant among others.

Significant among the token issues are the anonymous St Patrick's farthings and halfpennies.

To be honest, while worthy of publication, it wasn't all that significant among astrophysicists.

In addition to being long-lasting, studies show that weight losses are more significant among those who exercise.

Momentum profitability is large and significant among low-grade firms, but it is nonexistent among high-grade firms.

The UWI cohort tended to have fewer siblings at birth but the difference only became significant among grand multiparae (3.

A University of Auckland School of Business survey in 2005 found anti-Asian discrimination to be significant among employers.

In 1% of cases significant after is used

Looks like that absence from training was significant after all.

This association remained significant after adjustment for severity.

All of these odds ratios were significant after controlling for other factors.

These results are significant after whole brain correction, based on a z -threshold of 2.

The risk of developing CRC increases with age and becomes significant after age 50 years.

His visit will be a significant after Anna-Arvind split following Team Anna was dissolved.

These findings remained significant after controlling for the effects of age and ethnicity.

Shortage of sleep remained significant after exclusion of those living with preschool-aged children.

The impact of delta SOFA on prognosis remained significant after correction for admission total SOFA.

Decreased risk remained significant after further adjustment for frailty and health awareness markers.

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