Prepositions after "sick"

sick of, to, with, in or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 57% of cases sick of is used

Im sick of this retarded trend.

We're all sick of this problem.

Im so sick of the i did i am BS.

I'd so sick of the idea that all an insomniac needs to do to get to sleep is try harder.

I for one am sick of the subtle and not so subtle messages of racial hate for the POTUS.

In the end I finished it because I was sick of all the crap I was getting from everyone.

Don't wait until you're sick of your job and sick of the way life is going for you to start thinking about retirement.

I'd sick of the lack of window snapping, the top menu bar never being the application I want and all the wasted space.

IS ANYONE ELSE SICK OF PAYING FOR OUR GOVERNMENTS STUPIDITY???? First of all, the job that immigrant does you do nt do.

We're sick of the endlessness of right wing propaganda tactics -- you can see a dozen examples right here in this blog.

In 9% of cases sick to is used

It makes me sick to my stomach.

They make me sick to my stomach.

I'd sick to death of it! Well '.

Back to the things I have read on the Internet, which makes me about sick to my stomach.

I am sick to my stomach with this current President and what he has done (and not done).

It has enraged us, it has made us sick to the stomach and it has shocked us to the core.

Jack Former says: 11:21pm 26/01/12 I am so sick to death of Aboriginals looking to the future by bringing up the past.

I will admit I was frightened badly, as it was the same feeling of dread and sick to my stomach feeling I had yrs ago.

I gave my two cents to you personally carol! This was the first email plea I have seen, it made me sick to my stomach.

You do nt see the actual killing, but that scene left me sick to my stomach, and very distressed for weeks afterwards.

In 7% of cases sick with is used

Dizzy, almost sick with relief.

So I went sick with a toothache.

I'd also feeling sick with worry.

As the day wears on it is obvious that the traveler is weary, thirsty, sick with heat.

If you are like me, you will need to sick with a procedure that is easy and efficient.

I look At my country My people Sick with sorrow Through the other end Of a binoculars.

Monroe had recently undergone gallbladder surgery and called in sick with a severe sinus infection on the first day.

My daughter is on vacation from Uni now, but works in a supermarket in a local town where 2 people are sick with SF.

As people become sicker with HIV infections, they may be diagnosed with AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome).

If you are currently sick with a fever, then you should wait until your symptoms are gone until you get the flu shot.

In 6% of cases sick in is used

I am sick in the head, I swear.

I hadn't been that sick in ages.

Gosh! I feel sick in my stomach.

This shows that more of the sick in the suburbs suffered from illness of a minor nature.

Fortunately, I am sick in a friendly place under the care of a very kind Italian family.

May be something to do with the irritant flight or could be i fell sick in flight itself.

Edmund the Passion-Bearer would be the patron of East Anglia, the humble Swithin would heal the sick in our hospitals.

I will tell you my sister got very sick in England and the ambulance picked all 5 siblings and took us to the hospital.

Who knows, anyone sick enough to exploit kids in that way is sick in the head enough to be into that sort of stuff too.

The specific work of the new Congregation was to care for the poor and the infirm and to nurse the sick in their homes.

In 5% of cases sick for is used

It has kept me sick for 5 days.

Was too sick for them to do it.

He was sick for 2 days in April.

He was very sick for a long time, and in town he relied on the advice of his friend Dr.

I called in sick for my first 2 days on the job, after stopping drinking two days prior.

As a stay at home Mum with an adult son who has been sick for 5 years and unable to work.

When we talk, she has been signed off sick for five weeks, is chain smoking and has been prescribed sleeping tablets.

I was really sick for the first couple of weeks of the tour, the guys got to hang out with her a lot more than I did.

She'd been sick for a week, each day with a new symptom, and this morning her eardrum felt like it was going to burst.

On one of my younger daughter's many trips to casualty the doctor's BO was so bad I felt sick for the rest of the day.

In 4% of cases sick from is used

I feel physically sick from it.

People do get sick from pregnancy.

I was getting sick from the fumes.

Considerable delay is common in the transportation of the sick from rural communities.

Either way, you may think that your risks of getting sick from smoking are negligible.

At the worst point when I was there the first time I was physically sick from the smog.

He is not the only one, who believes he could get sick from inhaling the overpowering smoke from the burning cables.

In India I was sick from the food and the general level of hygiene my whole time there; In China I wasn't sick once.

And that's not to mention the heartache our families suffer when we get sick from eating too much of this sweetener.

But you will still get sick from the plate and utensils - sometimes simply wiped with a dirty rag between customers.

In 3% of cases sick at is used

Ate myself sick at the beginning.

Bovary himself turned sick at it.

I was sick at 1 week post exposure.

We are all likely get sick at the end, Even preventive care costs add up over the years.

Maia is sick at the moment and I had to sacrifice a fair amount of sleep comforting her.

The sad thing is that I, as a Singaporean, feel utterly sick at the way she can say this.

It was a horrible shock, I felt sick at the thought of my husband with another woman and couldn't bear to be near him.

So we don't know if he WAS sick at that point, and the film doesn't linger on that point, but you can't help but wonder.

But those queer little thoughts were at work in her brain, and she was talking to herself, though she was sick at heart.

Other times I read things on the internet that make me laugh myself sick at how unbelievably shallow and idiot they are.

In 2% of cases sick on is used

And you'll get sick on the way.

I'd going to be sick on myself.

So he phones in sick on Thursday.

Now, He was human, so He most likely did get sick on occasion, just like everybody else.

NO -- you do not call in sick on your second day unless you are calling from a hospital.

But she woke up sick on March 19, 1987, and knew she couldn't teach her classes that day.

If your obstetrician is away on holiday or sick on your labour day, you will be attended to by another back-up doctor.

Spinach is making people sick on a regular basis! Being so critical of something so trivial isn't good for you either.

I had traveled on it many times before this so I do nt know why! One time I am afraid I did get sick on it back in 2008.

But seriously, let him be sick on his own, don't make up stuff or embellish, that's just unprofessional and unnecessary.

In 1% of cases sick about is used

I felt literally sick about it.

I got sicker about a month ago.

Momma feels sick about the whole thing.

I for one am still sick about it, and I suspect the Patriots on this site are as well.

You feel like you could just throw up, you feel so sick about the money you just lost.

Someone feeling sick about something is n't, in my view, a good basis for public policy.

Louis has to be sick about getting its half of the pie at San Francisco, when it should have had the upset victory.

Why put yourself through all the pain and heartache if you are going to worry yourself sick about things like this.

I'd sick about it because I saw every game and I know how unlucky we were and how unbelievably lucky they were, esp.

Has anyone else experienced this and have the thoughts eventually leave? I feel so sick about this whole experiance.

In 1% of cases sick after is used

I get very very sick after eating that.

Fell sick after that, came down with fever.

And also getting sick after eating Gulf seafood.

He was among several people who became sick after swimming or surfing off city beaches.

I was a bit sick after the flight so Dada said both Salim and I could sleep in his room.

I had today off sick after a night off wakefulness and extremely EXTREMELY vivid dreams.

But that does not mean that all medicine is useless! There are some people who get sick after eating certain foods.

According to clinical research, only one in 60 women will become physically sick after taking the morning-after pill.

After feeling sick after eating Sunday night, I thought I was getting better, and then suddenly I turned deathly ill.

The fact that you went sick after being told about the redundancy is a bit of a red herring and is confusing the case.

In 1% of cases sick as is used

My brother was sick as a tumor.

In fact he was sick as a parrot.

I ended up really sick as a result.

There is an associated phrase, ' sick as a parrot ', which was used when ' the boys ' lost.

Had I not been sick as a dog all day today I would've been a lot closer to having it finished.

Clichs can take the form of similes, for example, ' sick as a parrot ' or ' as bold as brass '.

It's like smells: impossible to properly describe, elusive to remember, can make you feel delightful or sick as a dog.

The worst of the diarrhoea seems to be subsiding gradually but still feel sick as a parrot, achy and completely feeble.

Both worked a treat for me two years ago - Didn't get sick as I ate street food from Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam &; Egypt.

Millions of people have lived with DDT intimately during the mosquito spray programs and nobody even got sick as a result.

In 1% of cases sick because is used

I am sick because I am failing English.

Apparently you don't get sick because of this.

And a lot of us got sick because of it, ' Casse said.

You don't need to tell your child that you're feeling sick because of the pregnancy.

I just didn't want them to go through that and end up getting sick because of smoking.

Lot of people around the area are becoming sick because of the water pollution and dust.

Really? Get a lot more people sick because of an 100% attendance record or the fact mom/dad don't want to miss work.

Few people get sick because of a lack of drugs, so it makes no sense to think drugs address the cause and make us well.

Perhaps it was just a coincidence and I had got some type of virus, but I think I felt sick because of the french fries.

After doing some more further research they discover that the people are sick because of a parasite called the hookworm.

In 1% of cases sick by is used

He gets sick by meat factories.

But you had become so sick by that point.

Drink a lot and get really sick by the end.

Patton was actually made sick by the sight of the place he could not tour the whole thing.

My mother has never thawed meat in the fridge and I have never gotten sick by her cooking.

Posted by: Bruce on March 11, 2009 11:26 AM Naag, did nt like india, i was sick by mosquio bites, some food poisioing.

I just don't understand how someone who is actually signed off sick by a GP can be put onto one of these work programmes.

The nation is getting sicker by the day due to rising crime and the social and moral breakdown of our Malaysian society.

They depended on shamans (priests or priestesses) to cure the sick by magic, communicate with the gods, and control events.

In 1% of cases sick during is used

I fall sick during winter trips easily.

My daughter was very sick during her chemo.

My son rarely fell sick during our stay there.

One major reason for disability is if a woman falls seriously sick during pregnancy.

If any student falls sick during school hours, the school may send the student home.

Quite an emotional appointment (including poor hubby being sick during consultation).

That suggests if more people are sicker during the next flu season many won't be able to get the care they need.

Nathan was allowed home for the week for rest before the hospital stay, but Nathan got sick during that week at home.

Numbers for those killed in action are accurate but Australians evacuated sick during the campaign can only be estimated.

This is especially important to keep you focused when things are going wrong; when injured or sick during training blocks.

In 1% of cases sick over is used

I am absolutely sick over this.

I'd sick over this whole situation.

I literally became sick over it all.

I feel fortunate to have friends and family members who are sick over what happened to me.

The 38-year-old project manager started to feel sick over a period of about 10 days in 2006.

Including one sick catch where RAZZAK ran about 30 yards and took a sick over the head catch.

With love Malkitxxx I had been in a funk for a few days worrying myself sick over something that i have no control over.

I suspected he was cheating and I made myself sick over it until finally I proved it with cell records and threw him out.

Her husband has been very sick over the past four years, and the milk sales have financed part of his expensive treatment.

I'd still sick over that -- A week later I left him 2 messages on his cell phone letting him know how hurt and what a lier he was.

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