Prepositions after "shy"

"shy of" or "shy about"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases shy of is used

He'll also be a week shy of 64.

That's just shy of a 60% increase.

One Fruit Loop shy of a full bowl.

This is just shy of their goal to end the year with 30% of their production from liquids.

They made a fool out of this ex-clown, but I am still a couple bells shy of the full cap.

He is not shy of the twentieth century's big subjects, and he puts them to effective use.

But for those keeping score, that's 11 minutes shy of the 15 minutes of fame the artist predicted everyone would enjoy.

He was from the shyest of the people, from the most humble and with the least concern for the world and its glitter.

Sweden are second in their qualifying group, just three points shy of Germany with a game in hand on the group leaders.

Regarding education, if you are 3 credits shy of a degree or your certification is underway, don't indicate completion.

In 24% of cases shy about is used

Davis was never shy about that.

Don't feel shy about your body.

He was very shy about his vocals.

If an apology is not forthcoming, don't be shy about not being social with her anymore.

I needed help, and was suddenly not shy about asking the nurses to grab my boob and show me the tricks of the trade.

But then, I was never shy about doing that kind of thing, even though I'd not sure where that feistiness comes from.

There was something shy about many of them, something either desperately grave and assertive, or faintly apologetic.

Being part of the **25;90;TOOLONG Council, the politicians are still shy about calling for independence of Hong Kong.

In 9% of cases shy away is used

Maybe shy away from the $250 0.

So never shy away from doing this.

We shy away from talking about it.

You may prefer only games like first person shooter types and shy away from all others.

If the Congress is so sure that it is good for everyone, why shy away from a debate? Mr.

I have seen women with great potential shy away from positions that seemingly have bigger responsibilities and risks.

I look with disappointing unbelief at how religious leaders consistently shy away from being vocal on bad governance.

This comes with its own pros and cons - if the class is doing very well, I wont shy away from giving AAs to everybody.

Some shy away from them because they are slightly more difficult to play in, or because they are not session-friendly.

In 6% of cases shy in is used

I was so shy in front of people.

And I'd not shy in telling them that.

A man is shy in another man's corner.

We are very playful and fun, but will be a little bit shy in a new home, especially Stoli.

The teenager has also been far from shy in terms of boasting about her previous conquests.

And I am actually quite shy in person, so it takes me a lot of courage to make this video.

Many shy individuals think of their shyness as a significant problem that hinders them in myriad ways (Zimbardo, 1986).

I have even noticed being shy in personal relationships with friends and family, and I keep asking myself what's missing.

It's just that I get very shy in front of people when it comes to singing and then I forget the words I was going to say.

Saskia Walker is an amazing writer and she has written some lovely compliments for my story Moon Shy in her review of the.

In 3% of cases shy with is used

You were shy with people! Laura.

Taemin is pretty shy with woman.

She was feeling shy with his name.

They are still very shy with humans, but had at least started to play with other puppies.

Well, maybe I was rockin in this pic, and she is feeling shy with her friends all watching.

But I know when I want something, and so, I won't be shy with you: I want to win this trip.

I personally chose another brand just because I was really gun shy with Archos after all the problems I had with my 101.

Otherwise, she may offer first-time clients a running commentary on their skin and health -- and she isn't shy with suggestions.

Although a few of the pupils are shy with Lucia at first, they increasingly open up and express their ideas without reservations.

In 2% of cases shy around is used

Well, I was always VERY shy around him.

She was obviously still shy around Hanzo.

My problem is that I'd very shy around girls.

Not being shy around girls requires practicing and developing skills of conversation.

But, not to worry, below are ten good techniques on how to get over being shy around girls.

Some are shy around ' brains ', but you have proximity to young minds as they are developing.

You form close attachments to those people who are near you, but you're ever shy around those you don't know so well.

I'd totally date Eunhyuk and he must not be shy around foreigners anymore bc he had dinner with that one fan in London.

I am not really ashamed but I am definitely shyer around coworkers and acquaintances than I am around family or friends.

Usually when the officers had a day of they would take us girls dancing, and I unlike my friends was rather shy around men.

In 2% of cases shy at is used

She acted less shy at the start of each.

I'd out going, but I can be really shy at times.

I often get a bit shy at those sorts of events too.

These many years later I'd still shy at the console, I don't interact with the crowd much.

The 31-year-old says she was shy at school and as a result suffered from depression and anxiety.

In fact, in one survey only 5% of people said that they had never been shy at any time in their life.

I was a bit shy at the beginnings, but the recipe was simple for me: just go over my timidity, kick myself out and do it.

The banks on the other hand have become ruthless at keeping their coffers well capitalized and being very shy at lending.

She may appear shy at first glance but packs a lethal punch on the badminton court as the mixed doubles world is finding out.

We saw Derek Plug (Bob team Spring brakeman) attempt to break 11seconds over the 100m here in Calgary, only to come up just shy at 11.

In 1% of cases shy as is used

I was painfully shy as a child and into my teens.

Before, I used being shy as an excuse for everything.

Sheja was shy as a child, but now she is very outgoing.

It's not because of the catalog system; it's because I was really shy as a kid and smart.

I was painfully shy as a child for a variety of unhealthy factors, most beyond my control.

I am very interested to see all those who are that shy as to read your blog, come to Louvre.

There was a girl in that shanty bar Went by the name of Kate Carew, Quiet and shy as the bush girls are, But ready-witted and plucky, too.

That's part of growing up, whether the behaviour is picking your nose in school or hiding, shy as a church mouse, behind your mammy's legs.

Were you that intent and serious in your very early bands like Hot Chocolate, Ohio Express and Circus? Yeah, because I was very shy as a kid.

She says she was painfully shy as a child, before she enrolled in children's theatre group Act 3's drama academy under its founder-director R.

In 1% of cases shy by is used

My money is on the latter since I am very shy by nature.

I remember, he was very shy by nature and used to sit next to me.

I am shy by nature but Julia41 did manage to bring me out of my shell.

Talking to her mother, police found that the deceased was an introvert and shy by nature.

The man himself would never accept such a label and reply that he was rather shy by nature.

I've had to confront bullies, deal with racism and overcome being shy by believing in myself.

They are shy by nature and are instantly attracted to someone who can take on the world, protect them and take care of them.

Peanut by Lara Zielin, Once Burned, Twice Shy by Jessica Verday, Turn Here by Jackson Pearce, and Heart On by Rohnda Stapleton.

I am shy by nature, but I did know Salman's then wife, Clarissa, who was a lovely, willowy blonde woman who worked at my literary agents.

Rather, the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him &; give him peace) did not shy away from answering them, even though he was shy by nature.

In 1% of cases shy for is used

I was naturally shy for much of my life.

I'd too shy for the first (unbelievable right?).

Though I was enjoying the food but felt little shy for the amount.

Special Olympics events aren't shy for handing out awards, but Rohrer gives them reason.

And now it seems there is to be no case of once bitten, twice shy for Ranbir and Katrina.

I have commented in the past, inadvertently raised a lot of hackles in one comment and that left me very shy for a while.

Thankfully for those ladies, you really don't have to flash your nipples to the sales assistant if you're too shy for that sort of thing.

And this little fellow is easy to spot -- he played shy for a while, but the lure of the seeds someone had scattered on top of the stump was too strong.

She's shy for a few minutes when she meets someone, but then if she has something talk about, she'll really talk to you about things; she likes to tell stories, bringing together the details.

In 1% of cases shy from is used

Plenty of players who can have a shy from this range.

But let's also be realistic and not shy from the truth, either.

Just months shy from obtaining his Geshe Lharampa degree, GC left Drepung.

Super hot dance and at one point, even the dancer herself was shy from close contact with Leehom.

Ghana is several light years shy from development if a person of this kind of mindset is a chief.

My second ride back to Shy from Dar we had 3 in 16 hours but one isn't totally legit because we got ta flat tire.

However, the obedient worshipper feels closer to Allaah and wants to worship Allaah more, because he is not shy from his sins.

However, I do not see another way growing particularly dominant (something that Tim seems to intentionally shy from speculating.

A man in touch with his business operations and not shy from expressing his wealth in a surprisingly un-showingly way to screen.

The 100mm Macro has a more natural perspective characteristics than that of the 50mm equivalent but still shy from it all as compared with the 200mm.

In 1% of cases shy on is used

So don't be shy on asking product samples.

This will help you avoid being shy on the d-day.

And I'd quite shy on the phone so I pretended I did.

If you are shy on the outside but a little crazy on the inside, let it out once in a while.

An eighth of an ounce shy on the vermouth makes the drink overpoweringly smoky and barrel-heavy.

While the charts are a little shy on releases, there's still plenty of movement to note so have.

She is sweet and shy on the outside, but she has a very rich and passionate inner life, which shows in her very first aria.

When we discovered that the kids got very shy on camera, Jia thought of an innovative way to help them relax for the interview.

Okay, I'll admit it; I'd not an MLM expert, but from the outside looking in, most MLM schemes seem to be a little shy on product.

It's simple to see who is arrogant and who is shy on the dance floor, which will mean that you're more likely to get a good match.

In 1% of cases shy to is used

Which is because I'd too shy to ask one out.

Types who prefer the coconut shy to the rollercoaster.

PM me here if you are too shy to type in public (as it were).

Finally, You shouldn't be shy to Amount Or maybe a quote Pic For only a Specific location.

However, I feel so shy to myself, I just feel like wearing a masker to cover who actually I'd.

She's also gone from painfully shy to an outgoing kid who makes friends easily and looks for any opportunity to perform.

He believes in a strict manager-player relationship, and isn't shy to met out punishment to players who digress from his vision.

She was shy to the point of leaving a room if a stranger walked in and always dressed conservatively, her boyfriend told Tampa Bay Times.

The film is not shy to these subjects and there are some surprising and unique sequences involving Marley's cousins that prove revelatory.

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