Prepositions after "shut"

shut off, out, on, for or behind?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases shut off is used

I immediately shut off internet access.

It only cranks, it doesn't shut off the car.

And I see Mister Fish hasn't shut off his lasers yet.

In the past, oil prices spiked to growth-killing levels when key producers shut off supply.

This year's federal budget, in an effort to trim spending on Pell Grants, shut off both routes.

In addition to, delivering automatic shut off in the system the tub will be awesome issue to do.

The photovoltaic radiator on the P6 truss of the system needs to be isolated to shut off the flow of ammonia through it.

Our sink in the room had a broken hot water stem, their solution was to shut off the valve, only the cold water was working.

Whether or not the problem can easily be restored, possessing an inadequate appearance will certainly shut off the purchaser.

Sherm came running at my call and shut off the main water supply, but most of the water in the tank had spread over the floor.

In 9% of cases shut out is used

If it loses, it might be shut out.

They were shut out of the process for these bills.

Doctors were not entirely shut out of the legislative process.

But these people have been shut out of their own organisations and have had to leave in protest.

A phony war between those who are in work and have property and those who are shut out of that loop must be refused.

About the only way K-State would be shut out of its second BCS bowl appearance is if it goes 0-3 in its final three games.

All unrighteousness is sin; all reigning sin, nay, every actual sin, committed with design, and not repented of, shuts out of the kingdom of heaven.

In 8% of cases shut on is used

Hearing the door clang shut on my fantasy daughter, however, made me doubt.

The government has placed legal remedy beyond the reach of human rights victims and slammed the doors of the UK courts shut on them.

My kids say Monday is their least favourite day of the week because it is shut on Mondays! The folks who run it are lovely too, in fact every city should have at least ten Hippocampuses.

In 8% of cases shut for is used

The garagistes who did the cut and shut for Orozco can not have been ignorant of these.

Consequently my uni was shut for 3 weeks, then when we came back we were forced into tents.

The diagnostic centre the lady ran had been shut for six months because of the lack of technicians and some differences with the doctor.

Jesus Lane will be shut for as long as 12 weeks from January onwards while Anglian Water fixes a collapsed sewer 26ft beneath the surface.

Despite the fact we were heading down into the Mississippi delta that morning we took our planned detour only to discover that it was shut for the day.

If not, also it's just internal that you existed considerably because you tend continuously want how to let this program? Loading also of all, the age is shut for its fee if it should get the use.

In 7% of cases shut behind is used

The moment the door shut behind them Chris was untying his swim trunks and on her knees.

From your approach direction the doors don't shut behind you, there are only doors at the south portal.

Three men stepped in one after another, and the door was immediately shut behind them -- they were prisoners.

And he believes that when you've worked hard, and done well, and walked through that doorway of opportunity, you do not slam it shut behind you.

In 7% of cases shut in is used

I posted what Zero Hedge said were the amounts of oil and gas shut in, rigs shut down.

But the shut in oil production is real, and flow rates are as important as the amount of oil in the ground.

Gulf natural gas production has been shut in If my math is right that means 18% of US oil production is shut in (.

Pubs used to shut in the afternoon and when the folks were off out somewhere, I had free reign to get those optics pouring.

In 6% of cases shut about is used

Madonna can't keep her trap shut about Lady Gaga.

There were just two rules: you kept your mouth shut about any out-of-school stories you heard and, just as important, you got a round in.

In 3% of cases shut to is used

But the door, in my opinion, should not be shut to shortsitedness.

Both the Franklin Delano Roosevelt and West Side highways, along with their connecting bridges and tunnels, have been shut to traffic of any kind.

In 3% of cases shut at is used

On the other hand, perhaps the bank where Bob goes fishing shuts at 4.

That night I got the train home, I remember shutting at some woman on the train because she told me to turn my mobile off in the quiet coach.

In 3% of cases shut down is used

A unit at Indian Point plant north of New York City was shut down on Monday due to an external grid issue, the plant operator said.

Gundersen says that once offsite power is shut down, plants will automatically halt its nuclear chain reaction process because that energy will have nowhere to go.

In 3% of cases shut from is used

Two doors shut from either side of the wagon, trapping Joe and Kathy.

In 2% of cases shut like is used

At least he doesn't use taxpayer funds for everything that opens and shuts like the Maori elite.

In 2% of cases shut by is used

The landmark's theatre, recreation centre and swimming pool would all be shut by March and construction will begin during the same month.

The ambulance doors were shut by one of the paramedics, and the ambulance then proceeded to head quickly towards the hospital transporting Ahmad and his worried parents.

In 1% of cases shut before is used

He slammed the door shut before any reply came.

In 1% of cases shut along is used

Schools have been shut along Mindanao's east coast, while sea travel was banned for the time being, Gobenciong added.

In 1% of cases shut upon is used

Your dog furthermore sensed Wiggins and Froome shutting upon your ex by the end on the phase.

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