Prepositions after "shower"

shower with, on, upon, at or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 52% of cases shower with is used

Where he was beaten and showered with chappals.

Such a one is sure to be showered with riches wherever he goes.

So I am unlikely to be showered with free stuff (or golden thumbs).

Quite the contrary; you're very often showered with love and approval.

The good guys in the military are not showered with Cracker Jack prizes.

Edward was the much hoped for son and was showered with presents and care.

Every time people set off about printing personalized business cards, they are also showered with lots of alternatives.

Share The players were showered with gifts including two sets of gold chains saying ' Bengal loves you ', sandek from Nakur Chandra and shawls.

Her story tells us that although being in the depth of famine and with a child of her own to feed she was showered with Allah's mercy through this child.

Despite so many victories the key goal for Mulrooney and company is to bring players through, not see them automatically showered with garlands and silverware.

In 9% of cases shower on is used

After the wedding, he decided to drive the royal couple home himself to shower on them a kingly courtesy as was prevalent in those days.

This is not just a matter of poor self-esteem; society has largely contributed to this because of the attention we seem to shower on the larger breasted female species.

In 9% of cases shower upon is used

May God's blessing continue to be showered upon him.

In 8% of cases shower at is used

Showering at Night and Disliking It My cat wishes she were a lion, but sadly she is not.

One of the changes I've made to help our mornings go a little more smoothly is to start showering at night.

He bought a portable marine toilet that he sets up behind the cabin, and he showers at friends ' houses or the gym.

Before I made the switch to showering at night, most of my mornings involved a bit of a race with my husband to see who could end up in the shower first.

Once in custody, police said Cooper confessed to walking in to dozens of homes through unlocked doors, stealing food and valuables, even showering at one location and cooking an omelet at another.

In 5% of cases shower before is used

By the time they arrived it was 6:25, and at that point we still needed to shower before dinner, which meant it was a late night.

In 5% of cases shower in is used

That aspiration you might have usually had of showering in the waterfall on an exotic placing or fishing for salmon in an Alaskan stream may be satisfied.

On one of Europe's longest and most important of rivers, a convoy of boats, showered in a dramatic blaze of fireworks, make their way up the river, providing entertainment a-plenty.

In 3% of cases shower after is used

For me, that means showering after my kids are asleep.

You might want to shower after exercising or playing sports, too.

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