Prepositions after "show"

"show in", "show by" or "show on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases show in is used

Its essentials are shown in fig.

We are showing In Transition 2.

The results are shown in Figure 2.

This situation would exist where floor decking contacts a floor joist, as shown in Fig.

Watkins ' brilliant work was eventually shown in 1985 to a late-night minority audience.

I have shown in my book that the rules that govern courts were not applied at Nuremberg.

They are also crying sometime to express the feeling themselves either show in front of the girl or just crying alone.

The sheer willpower they have shown in some games needs to be replicated by players like Diaby, Arshavin and Walcott.

I plot it this way to highlight its relation to consumer sentiment, shown in black and labeled on the left-hand axis.

Create a simple MVC project, right click on the model folder, and click on Add New Item, as shown in the below figure.

In 13% of cases show on is used

I have watched fairy shows on TV.

The good food began to show on him.

The size is shown on each cache page.

Most of the activities such as the introduction of officials were shown on the screens.

For each course maybe we can have an estimated workload shown on the course info page e.

You read one, you've read them all (and very little was shown on those sets beyond what was controlled by the studio).

The code may also not work if you copy and paste it, so please try typing it in exactly as it is shown on the eCoupon.

Rather than observing and monitoring snapper, it would be better to monitor the other species, as shown on this diagram.

In 11% of cases show by is used

Ketones are shown by the ending one.

The bond pairs can also be shown by lines.

The distribution is shown by the curve to the right.

Re-treatment is not recommended unless relapse is shown by reliable objective measures.

Archer went on to remark on the apparent restraint shown by many men in western cultures.

The camaraderie shown by his friends and peers that day was something I will never forget.

Efforts to ease suffering go in the direction of God's project (shown by the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick).

This verse is applicable to compassion for the distress of the poor, and the unfeeling disregard shown by the wicked.

The magnitude of the change in the Arctic is shown by the mean winter temperatures of Spitsbergen, which rose by 16 F.

Hell, most Americans don't care about American living standards as shown by the rise of low-price shopping warehouses.

In 9% of cases show to is used

The result is shown to the right.

The apparatus is shown to the right.

The description is shown to the user.

The map was then shown to the people who could give their views, some were very critical.

All of them packed on the weights, trying to show to each other, Look How Much I Can Lift.

Episodes of nausea and vomiting have been shown to reduce significantly when treatment with B6 and ginger are combined6.

The FX is a skiff that will show to the world how spectacular our sport is and what amazing athletes our women sailors are.

Major General Clive Wynne-Candy is first shown to us as a stuffy leader of a Home Guard outfit during the Second World War.

Now we close the upper slit and measure the distribution of wave energy arriving from the lower slit, as shown to the right.

In 6% of cases show for is used

A Swiss Army knife is shown for scale.

Something to show for our hard earned money.

The passion that the people show for football.

UCSB is now 0-2 on the year despite the promise that Williams shows for leading the team.

For some items, Cri Show ticket needs to be shown for verification before we could redeem.

She confessed hers was a mess and that she had nothing really to show for, less brag about.

Indeed, society itself is to be judged by its protection of and the solicitude it shows for the weakest of its members.

Sometimes you'll spend all day making calls to prospects and you'll get to the end of the day with nothing to show for it.

Yet, it is shocking to hear that the councils have little or nothing to show for the huge allocation they receive monthly.

During his reign as Chairman, the CEP's reserves of about 10k have been spent and with pretty much nothing to show for it.

In 5% of cases show at is used

They will be shown at this time.

Try a magic show at the Kingdom of Dreams.

It used to be shown at the middle of the film.

High Quality videos, introduced in March 2008, are shown at 480x360 with mono MP3 sound.

Nairobi Half Life is now showing at Planet Media Westgate everyday at 3:20 pm and 7:30 pm.

An Exhibit P1 timetable shows at its page 4 as well that, that meeting duly took place there.

That, surely, is better than staggering on for another two years, with nothing to show at the end but scars and defeat.

I know you still remember that show at the National Theatre which was supposed to start at 7pm yet it took off at 9:30pm.

Bieber was pictured at NBC's Today Show at the Rockefeller Plaza in New York last week and showed off a very faint ' tache.

The new Subaru Impreza will share very little with the Impreza concept that was shown at last year's Los Angeles Auto Show.

In 2% of cases show as is used

The bond pair is shown as a line.

The bond pair is also shown as a line.

The gazetted locality you searched for is shown as a red outline.

In the voters ' list the name of the complainant was shown as the wife of the appellant.

In Lewis dot model, the electrons in the valence shell of the atom are shown as dots around them.

The bond between two hydrogen atoms can be shown as a line, which represents a bond pair of electrons.

Let me say that again: One of the greatest bands Australia every produced played their final ever show as an opening act.

Leave a Reply Who is John Derris? JOHN DERRIS has been performing magic since he won several talent shows as a young boy.

That's my only experience of HDN, perhaps the item showing as loaded onto their van this morning will be delivered properly.

The most recent edit was shown as part of Mark McGowan's Festival -- Week 1 curated by Dave Beech, Space Station Sixty-Five, 65.

In 2% of cases show up is used

I showed up to the party looking very nice.

You show up to a tournament and you try to win.

I showed up to all of the courts that I was signed for.

And then you show up to the big show and a lot of people take off a bit more than they can chew.

Last summer, for instance, they both showed up to a book party in Washington for their daughter Kristin.

When he showed up to the ceremony two hours late, the bride and everyone else were not overjoyed to see him.

I know exactly how it feels! I've done it! This particular time, I showed up to the makeup artist at 7:00 in the morning.

Why are these women being like this? JimT August 15th, 2012 Today, I went to a Christmas party for my work and when I showed up.

Introduce yourself to the people next door, show up to a tutoring session, shop and drink at a variety of places, play intramurals, etc.

Good writing is only 5% creative ideas, but that 5% can destroy an otherwise gifted author's career if it just won't show up to the party.

In 2% of cases show with is used

I am also showing with fanny may.

I kept on playing solo shows with songs I was writing.

You guys really stand behind your brand and it shows with great passion and love of the game.

My childhood was spent playing dress-up and putting on impromptu fashion shows with my sisters.

Now he can complement his own self for the courage he showed with a family and the trust he reposed on Zealvision.

Shown with blue boundary Ward no10, 11 and 12- severely affected areas with no access to either safe route or safe location.

It's essentially spending money on traffic, and the traffic is targeted because the ad should only show with a relevant website.

Each chapter opens with a seasonal, double page spread showing with the associated main ingredients, followed by introductory text.

In 1% of cases show about is used

I've just had my first showing about a month ago.

And that's one of many polls that show about the same ratio.

There is an excess of novels and films and TV shows about America.

Let's hope we see the same Punch ' outrage ' shown about Indians being killed here.

I guess you have done shows about -- he hasn't gone back on any of the civil liberty laws.

It is about the whole package that you show about yourself and expressing it through the clothes you wear.

They'll definitely be better off seeing some chipmunks running around in the country than they would be by watching a TV show about it.

I showed about 9 examples in my latest book but there are few notable examples of big enterprises designing like this because (a) it's crazy scary, and (b) so architecturally different.

With all the Radiolab shows about how our brains work, I think it would be interesting for Jad and Robert to look at how Buddhism (as a practice, not a religion) addresses some of these issues.

Based upon a 5 day census interval (remember what Diamond's data ended up showing about the importance of census interval ), turnover rates were consistently higher on the more isolated plants.

In 1% of cases show against is used

But, what she showed against Xie Xingfang and Zhang Ning.

I see no reason why they can beat Norwich, if they put up same performance levels they showed against Utd.

Showed against Besiktas that despite his relatively slender built, he is no pushover and can compete at the highest level already.

Neither could cope with his range, speed or body shots and, as he showed against Kevin Mitchell, up at lightweight he hits every bit as hard as the other top guys in the division.

In 1% of cases show during is used

Our discounts are shown during the checkout process.

We thank you for the moral stand you have taken against injustice, and the courage you have shown during your long ordeal.

HP has done a good job From what was shown during the presentation, HP seems to have done a great job with WebOS on a tablet.

Overall, we are pleased with the professionalism you have shown during the entire process with particular attention to detail.

It was difficult to look for videos short enough to be shown during lunch time and easy enough for primary pupils to understand.

This is what Castro and the Cubans have shown during the last fifty years or so and exactly what Sadam Hussein could not achieve.

Also, they lost a total of 1001 matches of Veikkausliiga experience during the summer and this is bound to show during the long season.

Why are we so touchy? A snippet of the scene was shown during the discussion on the film held at the UiTM's Shah Alam campus last night.

The Sri Lankan banking sector today is on par with the global banking industry in all aspects and the strength shown during the global financial crisis in 2008 has proved its resilience.

In 1% of cases show from is used

A series of casual and formal wear was shown from Puma and Jamaican designers.

Each person was shown from head to knee, standing, with eyes focused on the camera.

We took the lead in the match and showed from the first minute that we wanted to win.

Africa has so much potential, so much promise but very little to show from our recent past.

Izturis showed from his body language that he thought he should have caught it (actually, kept it).

The Last Express is a first-person adventure game, with cutscenes shown from a third-person perspective.

Other names for diazepam, The exhibition shows from October 16th to October 28th, 2009, diazepam for anxiety.

If you don't make it, this effort is largely wasted -- you would have more to show from writing another blog post.

As can be shown from just the first paragraph of his reported position, there's nothing much going on inside the head of this guy.

Very Attractive post for bloggers, the topic focused on this post is really a very true fact of blogging, Great Writing skills are showing from this post.

In 1% of cases show like is used

They are as bad as morning television shows like sunrise.

The BBC should not have let some presenters go beyond shows like Holiday.

This Gyro's behavior is shown like prove of the Law of Conservation of the Angular Momentum.

I love TV shows like Luther and Fringe, but also Eastenders, X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing.

TV shows like Family Guy fire gags at the viewer at a phenomenal rate, literally every few seconds.

And shows like this one do wonders create the climate that I face in the ER or any new medical situation.

Outside the fandom of TV shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer he is, in his own words, ' just another actor '.

These are vulnerable, sick people and shows like yours only threaten the bit of quality of life they have some access to.

They have already experienced huge television and ratings success with shows like American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance.

I never really found Miss Dando all that good as a presenter and never thought she had the gravitas to carry crime shows like Crimewatch.

In 1% of cases show of is used

Introductory Hook Television footage should be shown of Nixon's resignation.

Doing things such as the above and finding out opinions of MPs and officials is a huge step towards clarity, and showing of distaste towards what's happening.

You buying into Z ionist MSM controlled propaganda? the footage they showed of those rockets being fired is Z ionist MSM controlled footage from when Arafat was alive.

The Duchess of Cambridge showed of her thrifty side by repeating her pink Emilia Wickstead frock to attend the Queen's annual summer garden party held at Buckingham Palace.

I think I only took this screenshot to show of the an8 skills Crunchyroll have recently come into, but looking at the screenshot with no context makes me think there's something wrong with the line.

In 1% of cases show through is used

Podolski's frustration showed through several times on Wednesday.

The ethical self must be shown through? genealogy? to be a historical construction.

Karna grew up in the charioteer's house, but his illustrious lineage showed through his actions.

Some of these colours are due to the colour of the prey they have eaten, showing through their gut.

Buying trends shown through web data mining can help you to make forecast on your inventories as well.

Confidence is shown through a mirror, misery through loneliness and time is shown by a glass ball and reverse footage.

In this book she is able to show through easy reading and positive instruction how anyone and everyone can do the same.

I use WMC on an Xbox and PC and also use Boxee to watch movies and TV shows and will soon start recording TV shows through WMC.

The T-shirt bra When searching for the perfect T-shirt bra, never go with white, as this will show through any light-coloured blouse.

As an actor you get tempted to show lots of layers and show through your performance the caliber of your talent and show lots of emotions.

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