Prepositions after "shoot"

"shoot in" or "shoot at"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases shoot in is used

She shot in New York in the 60s.

I saw a man who was shot in the eye.

Binod Chaudhury was shot in the neck.

A man has died and another has been injured after a drive-by shooting in Hertfordshire.

The bike build-off special will be shot in the city of Las Vegas and will feature Teutul Sr.

He said one person had been shot in the head, another in the abdomen and a third in the arm.

Being shot in Delhi and Mumbai, the film also stars Jimmy Sheirgill, Manoj Bajpayee and Anupam Kher in principal roles.

It then goes through each face and puts together a final group shot in which everyone is smiling and no one is blinking.

Next up: HSG! Liquid die was shot in pretty quickly, and I definitely experienced some more intense cramping during that.

The Daily Telegraph reports today that a farmer who was accused of shooting intruders at his home has been acquitted.

In 18% of cases shoot at is used

You get one shot at being young.

If you shoot at me I will shoot back.

He was just shooting at everybody.

In person and virtual visitors could shoot at him with a remote controlled paintball gun.

He has said bugger all, to the South Africans who are the people being stoned and shot at.

The film creates awareness on domestic violence and was shot at locations in Accra and Ho.

He holds a pistol and seems to shoot at his own feet as he dances, while floating shapes around him add movement also.

She bought this photo shoot at a silent auction/banquet and passed it onto her son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter.

To run from armed police who are shouting at you (rather than shooting at you) at any time is an extremely bad idea.

At this point, Spain is all beat up while Brazil has emerged as the team with the best shot at picking off the Americans.

In 8% of cases shoot for is used

We're shooting for a summer launch.

I had a great time shooting for it.

And that is the kind of goal we are shooting for.

This outfit is what I wore to a photo shoot for Nestle Crunch Ice Cream last August 5.

We have just finished shooting for the energy drink and it will hit the market soon.

Turns out there two kisses, one furtive and one lengthy one, that were shot for the film.

However, place that shooting percentage next to the team's free throw shooting for the night: 37-42 from the stripe (88.

Vikram is a closet poet and even penned a couple of verses for Tia while shooting for their film, in which she plays the lead.

Thank god our in-house photographer was taking pictures at work, so I got in on the photo shoot for some fancy shots for KatWalk.

Jackson and the dwarfs take a short break -- they've been shooting for several hours -- and the director meets us at the monitor.

In 8% of cases shoot on is used

After he was shot on July 7 at 6 a.

He should have been shot on the spot.

We take turns shooting on the gun.

It was shot on 35mm, printed and then scanned for the desired effect in Vienna, Austria.

If anybody fancies an alternative league you are welcome to give mine a shot on http: //www.

He opened up the insecurity of this country in November 1999 when he gave orders to shoot on sight in Odi.

The author of the Mother Jones article, David Corn, said on MSNBC that the video was shot on May 17 at the Boca Raton, Fla.

Shot on Fuji Instax Mini film, the precious, one-off nature of these images helps to heighten the intensity of the subjects.

Why could the team play with Conner Teahan on one wing last season for 20mpg, even shooting only 36-38% as the trey gun.

Nkadimeng was shot on Sunday 18 November, and by Tuesday his body was already being transported to a private mortuary in Limpopo.

In 7% of cases shoot with is used

I HATE shooting with green screen.

Practice the punch shot with your hybrid too.

It was fully shot with a non-HD, a cheap handycam.

He frequently shot with two cameras, one set in portrait mode and the other in landscape.

I'd probably a better shot with my real-life Mauser than I am with a Mauser in a video game.

I would shoot with a Nikon V1 before I touched an OM-D, as it is too slow for me -- again! 3.

There's nothing wrong with shooting with an iPhone if that's all you have, but for goodness sake hold the camera steady.

The industry says the state's interpretation would require all films to be shot with latex gloves, face shields and lab coats.

From there you've become a coveted videogrpaher, shooting with The New York Times, for Gucci and with cosmetics giant Sephora.

I've seen many still photos shot with panoramic setups, and even a few interactive visual spaces like the ones YellowBird creates.

In 7% of cases shoot by is used

He was shot by a Turk within a few yards.

The photoshoot was shot by renowned snapper Anthony Mandler.

The Archduke Ureyfsaioloduoweiqi died from shooting by arrows.

You can take the screen shot by hold down the home button and then hit the sleep button.

Locals said she had been shot by the SSC when they tried to arrest her brother at the family home.

I don't want to be run down by traffic, be shot by a madman, or suffer a sudden shock to the heart.

And the literal journey is a satisfying one -- the landscapes are stunning, beautifully shot by the keen eye of Estevez.

Normally gang members who leave a club risk being shot by former associates, angry that they have left and seeking payback.

What this means is that you are more than 5 times more likely to be accidentally shot by a policeman than by an armed citizen.

DOOM wasn't trying to do interaction with monsters, beyond having them shoot you (or each other ), and them being shot by you.

In 7% of cases shoot from is used

They shoot from the hip and ask questions later.

The second brain was consistent with a shot from behind.

We've yet to see a single scene shot from the zombie-camp point of view.

The first day we were shooting from early on through to 2am without much of a break.

Okafor delivers him the ball and Beal shoots from 19 feet despite being contested well.

He scores them all the time, shoots from anywhere with his right foot and his left foot.

He is an increasingly frustrating show-pony, more inclined to shoot from 40 yards than pass to a team-mate in space.

Adebayor releasing a left foot shot from distance, but it sails over 19min Walker with a good defensive header back to Friedel.

Very rarely do you see Spain running directly at players, whipping crosses into the box, or shooting from distance regularly.

In 6% of cases shoot to is used

With Monday shot to hell I concentrated on Tuesday.

Two guards of non-German nationality shot to death.

Kan currently heads the DPJ that shot to power in 2009.

Coal and oil, or nuclear? It's like asking me if I'd prefer to be stabbed or shot to death.

I actually still was obviously a customers when they shot to popularity as is also right now.

Everybody shot to their feet once Chameleone's Valu Valu and Jackie Chandiru's Gold Digger played.

Overly Attached Girlfriend, who shot to fame earlier this year with her creepy video response to a Justin Bieber contest.

The big obvious point just needs to be repeated again and again: an armed man in a car shot to death an unarmed boy on foot.

It is very much a matter of getting the right lie in the fairway or getting the right bounce on your approach shot to the pin.

And that was really when I shot to the top in advertising, because after she died I just didn't want to have a minute to myself.

In 2% of cases shoot into is used

Coupled with the fact I shoot into a field.

And I hit a really good iron shot into 16 and made the putt there.

More often than not it is enough to shoot into the air to stop the criminal.

The eruption from the Te Maari crater sent a 2km plume of ash shooting into the sky.

Sachin Tendulkar, Mozart and Tiger Woods are examples of prodigies who shot into prominence at a very young age.

Some Sergeants would have dispersed the rioters by shooting into the open air and would have probably proceeded into the vandalised shops to help themselves.

Wahab made his ODI debut against Zimbabwe in 2008 but shot into limelight only last year during the Oval Test against England, where he took five wickets on debut.

The microwave can shoot into the interior part of the materials, so both the solid and the liquid can be put into the sterilization area to be sterilized with the container.

Planes, after all, are uncomfortable for a reason -- they have to pack a whole lot into a giant metal tube that is basically shot into the sky, and making that cost-effective is tricky.

In 2% of cases shoot through is used

Prior picks up a four with a nice open-faced shot through backward point.

I couldn't see the world outside as we shot through the countryside, silently.

Munday had video taped his own fall using a video camera shot through a porthole.

So, that means we have an 8-megapixel, backside-illuminated sensor shooting through a five-element, f/2.

With a searing whine a small black spider-like object shot through the air and disappeared down the corridor.

Pangs of fear shot through my own body at the very sight of this too familiar creature, but I finally inched beyond my fright.

Many officers told AFP reporter, 11, the soldiers were killed before shooting through the Internet news release transfer motorcycle.

They then shot through a pot using a bow and arrows, to retrieve a key, which opened a bamboo gate, leading them to the Gatekeeper's territory.

If you pick a team where they had no injuries and great offseason acquisitions you can expect to see your fantasy football rankings shoot through the roof.

In 1% of cases shoot off is used

Looking like they are shooting off the deck wood The water body has been built with a flamed granite base.

After the ferry I have planned the return trip to Plympton via St Budeaux and Crownhill but people can shoot off home where convenient.

Sixty-one-year-old, Audrey, who lives downstairs, also received a wound to her left breast as the gunmen shot off the lock to her door, attempting to gain entry.

Speaking after he shot of round of 67 to lie one shot off the clubhouse lead at the World Tour Championship, the Dubliner conceded that he did not envy McIlroy his decision.

In 1% of cases shoot without is used

In other cases persons who were arrested, were shot without being allowed the opportunity of proving their innocence.

You're training your body to do things a certain way, and if you're just belting shot after shot without a plan, you're achieving nothing.

Some actors from the past who are also working now have said in interviews how they use to rehearse a lot before actual shooting and now the scene is shot without any rehearsals.

In 1% of cases shoot up is used

Its value contribution to overall mobile phone market also shot up to more than 70 percent.

From less than 10 in the 1970s, the number of countries endemic for the disease has shot up to nearly 100.

The lift elevators were amazing -- the ceiling was glass and it lit up and you could see the shaft you were shooting up to.

Look carefully at the B-17 in this painting and note how shot up it is - one engine dead, tail, horizontal stabilizer and nose shot up.

He was thus sure to make a handsome amount of money within a short time as the price of the commodity had recently shot up to twice or three times as much in less than a month.

In 1% of cases shoot over is used

We shot over 150 rounds of ammunition.

Instead, he shoots over Taylor and misses.

But by the same token, I know that it was a warning shot over the bow.

Rather than attack the off-balanced Jeff Taylor, Beal tries to shoot over him.

More than 850 scenes were lit and shot over the duration of filming in over seventy locations.

We shot over 2 days to produce 6 final pieces to accompany the launch of the car at the end of June -- 3 of the hero images are shown below.

They played all the good football in their own half of the pitch but whenever anyone found himself in a scoring position he either shot over the bar or passed the ball backwards.

In 1% of cases shoot outside is used

This is shot outside of her and Ajit's home.

He started shooting outside the school, then went inside and ordered people to lie down on the floor in the cafeteria.

Details are sketchy as nobody wants to talk to the police but it seems they were shot outside a party and a car was riddled with bullets, at least thirty shots were fired.

In 1% of cases shoot out is used

You must do this without crashing, being shot out of the sky or running out of fuel.

The plasma could produce thrust on its own if it were shot out of the rocket, but not very efficiently.

My footing wasn't even steady before something went shooting out of it, seemingly in totally the wrong direction -- down and out.

A NEWS-ONE source said Khareema usually charged a little below that rate but she decided to charge higher this time because she was shooting out of town.

A couple of powerful strokes of the flippers and he'd turn back round, shoot out of the sea and land virtually at my feet - my turn to leap away in (not always mock) panic.

In 1% of cases shoot across is used

Google in particular had been shooting across the bow of these Super PACs and clients for a while.

Once again he was clear on the left of the 6 yard box and shot across Handanovi? to restore Spurs ' lead.

On reaching our location the truck suddenly shot across the central reservation, performing a perfect u-turn.

If Pat McQuaid quit the UCI to join the circus what would he look like? Follwing on from benDE's comment, it certainly does appear that the court is firing a warning shot across the bows of the UCI.

In 1% of cases shoot as is used

Back to shooting as a form of meat production.

At least he did manage to get one shot as a reward for all that effort.

The number is yet to be shot as the makers are not able to finalise on the track.

In fact, being a young man, he was taken out twice to be shot as a Tiger and only the strong pleadings of his aunt Miss K.

I pulled out my phone to get a picture and got one shot as the ambulance pulled just past the clinic gate to the back door of the facility.

I just shot it all with one camera and one lens, and tried to react to the place I was going to shoot as opposed to trying to create some epic scene.

But according to Lord Ahmed, he believed that Malala might have been shot as an excuse to launch a military assault in the Taliban stronghold of Waziristan, reports the Telegraph.

Gunathilake who is the deputy principal of Nalanda College along with his former team of officials at SLSSSA worked diligently to promote rifle shooting as a sport among schools in Sri Lanka.

In 1% of cases shoot after is used

Just shot after shot and he makes them all.

Shot after shot would blow out as if it were a cannon.

Rosenthal did pose the men for a group shot after the 2nd raising.

Nevertheless, caught trying to play a slog shot after 12 balls on his Test debut.

City finally made their presence in the game known after 21 minutes as Aguero turned to shoot after combining with David Silva but Iker Casillas palmed over.

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