Prepositions after "shocking"

"shocking to" or "shocking for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases shocking to is used

This is kind of shocking to me.

And that seemed shocking to me.

This was also very shocking to me.

Gladden said: The behavior of Austin Police Department is shocking to my conscience.

Of course the thought of intentionally creating higher inflation is shocking to some.

Amazing things Twitter can do, eh?;) None of what you wrote is at all shocking to me.

As Gabe said: ? But what was so shocking to me was that Windows was the second highest usage application in the U.

The only thing I would add is that it's not completely shocking to me that Mike Boogie played a bit too emotional.

The incident which took place at Armadale is regrettable but not shocking to many of us who grew up in the system.

The NESARA announcement will most likely be more shocking to the collective consciousness of the USA, than 911 was.

In 19% of cases shocking for is used

The news was too shocking for us.

It would be shocking for an outsider.

That was shocking for me at the time.

In those Victorian days, it was considered shocking for a woman to show her ankles.

It was shocking for me to see that there weren't many people around to see him speak.

It is shocking for me to think that this behaviour would not have helped Jill Meagher.

What really was shocking for me was my first immersion in the multicultural and anti-cultural world of the slums.

Teenage pregnancy can be quite shocking for the teens and they are usually scared to death once they get to know.

Tony has helped introduce new processes and arrangements so the situation is wholly less shocking for the family.

An ambassador's response this fast and impulsive was quite shocking for USAK researchers if it was not suspicious.

In 14% of cases shocking in is used

Kind of shocking in its ordinariness.

And it is shocking in the land of Islam.

The effect is equally shocking in both cases.

Shocking in the sense that it truly is like nothing my mind could have ever imagined.

The writer has justified this by saying the novel was considered shocking in its time.

And she saves the biggest gotcha of all for the end, which is shocking in its subtlety.

I find those wealth data for Canada to be shocking -- shocking in terms of how little debt Canadians appear to have.

But the final humiliation - and this is really quite shocking in its callousness - is administered by the soundtrack.

Hearing that Hall has been playing with an injured shoulder is shocking in many ways given his at times reckless play.

There is something almost shocking in the notion of so chaste a function carrying this Kantian hurlyburly in her womb.

In 6% of cases shocking about is used

What's shocking about a Korean 3.

Nothing shocking about it at all.

Nothing shocking about these numbers.

What is truly shocking about these comments is the inferiority complex Kenyans have.

What is so shocking about the Israeli army having plans for offensive actions in Lebanon.

There's nothing shocking about efforts to shrink and simplifying the Scriptures this way.

There's nothing ' shocking ' about what happened, nothing shocking about the fact that it was all caught on camera.

And there is something almost shocking about his call for total renunciation, his invitation to give up all one has.

What's more shocking about this is the fact that Rabbit's family never knew of this terrifying incident up until he.

What's all the more shocking about his passing is the fact that his working schedule showed no signs of slowing down.

In 4% of cases shocking at is used

Disturbing and shocking at times but totally believable.

Comments made by about your looks can be quite shocking at times.

The attention I get whenever I get to some place is shocking at times.

His positional awareness both offensively and defensively is shocking at the moment.

Take care in what you say on here kids, this site is looking shocking at the moment.

Her life is educational, inspirational, entertaining, and downright shocking at times.

To be fair, it was pretty shocking at certain scenes, like at the campfire where Shun's head was out of the frame.

The things that happen to these people are undeniably absorbing while often revolting or shocking at the same time.

Second was Chimeka Garrick's reading of his review of the book -- FINE BOYS -- which I found moving and shocking at the same time.

While psychedelic drugs and fully automatic rifles may seem wonderfully shocking at the moment, we must not limit our imaginations.

In 4% of cases shocking of is used

Most shocking of all you point out that H.

Most shocking of all is the indiscriminate use of wood.

Most shocking of all, Johnnie To has nothing to do with any of them.

The most shocking of all though, is the disregard for the environment, which is distressingly ironic.

Most shocking of all to Obama's team was just how poorly their instincts served them during the test.

Alas his club form has been shocking of late scoring only two goals in his last 20 appearances for Chelsea.

The most shocking of the story is the ' reassurance ' of the federal government to the young people that their security is assured.

The most shocking of these early exposs was Elvis: What Happened? which came out just weeks before Elvis sudden death on August 16, 1977.

Particularly when a fairly flat crowd gasped in disbelief possibly the most shocking of shocking one-on-one misses the Emirates Stadium will ever witness.

Most shocking of all was how our elected representatives are willingly handing us over to this emerging Totalitarian Superstate by deception, propaganda and outright lies.

In 1% of cases shocking after is used

The collaboration is beautiful, which wasn't shocking after delving into Plenty with gusto and glee.

Liverpool - Daniel Agger somehow has a chance to play which is pretty shocking after the way he went off last weekend.

GraemeF: Ataraxia: 16 Nov 2012 4:31:56pm It might be interesting to speculate what word will be considered shocking after all of those we might consider offensive now have lost their currency.

In 1% of cases shocking as is used

I think that is shocking as a principle.

Tragic and shocking as the case is, it is good to see these issues being addressed.

The first day was really shocking as the expected output really wasn't able to deliver.

It's quite shocking as the overall temperature at the TCF Stadium was nearly 23 degrees.

Despite Caine's lack of Geordie accent, Mike Hodges ' GET CARTER is as gripping and shocking as the movies get.

The murder of innocent Jews during World War II is just as despicable, sad and shocking as the killing of innocent Palestinian women and children by racist Zionist soldiers.

The result was a programme that undoubtedly shocked many who saw it but which is actually far more shocking as an example of the low level to which some television journalism has fallen.

In 1% of cases shocking because is used

One moment of violence is so shocking because of the slow, inexorable build up to it and the innocence of the victim.

Frankly, it's not shocking because of the message itself, rather, the stance Hall seems to have taken is disappointingly common.

Though well handled, it seems sad that such a major development only really seemed shocking because of a white lie told outside of the program.

Known for insanely stylized, groundbreaking videos, Gaga's latest clip continues the shock trend--but this time it's shocking because of its simplicity.

The siege was one of the worst and unexpected cases of violence both Napier and New Zealand had witnessed and it was all the more shocking because of its ordinary suburban backdrop.

It's rather shockingly demonstrated in that scene where Thawn shrieks ' Because he's a Swampie-lover! ' Shocking because of the obvious resemblance of that phrase to a well-known one used by racists.

In 1% of cases shocking by is used

Sheen tried to be shocking by being genuine, which in a way was even more creepy.

A rare lapse of judgement by a good player, but it's a stupid challenge made shocking by it's consequences.

Washburn It is thought strange and particularly shocking by some persons for a woman to question the absolute correctness of the Bible.

Media brand Vice made its name with a magazine that produces subversive articles and photo shoots often considered shocking by mass-market consumers.

Their movements were the more shocking by contrast with the quietude of every day, their great men greater by contrast with the humanity of their mob.

It was a fiendish disfigurement, ruthlessly carried out, and was rendered still more shocking by being tinted to the hues of life, as life had been after the wreck.

In 1% of cases shocking considering is used

What happened here for me isn't all that shocking considering what I've seen where I live and whom I've worked for.

We just don't have the squad to cope with that which is shocking considering our participation in the Europa League.

The number of grammatical errors I found were really shocking considering this has been through various reviewing phases already eg '.

Shocking considering last year he was driving at his worst, and this year he has arguably been driving at his best and with a very fast car.

While this seems superficial, it's positively shocking considering how much time and effort was clearly put into every last detail on this smartphone.

The latter is more shocking considering what a film nerd I am and the fact that my parents were casual friends with Mehta back when they lived in Toronto, the city of my birth.

Well many companies actually pay their writers as little as 10% - Oxbridge Essays for example only pay this which is shocking considering the amount they charge clients in the first place.

Mugabe's stance is shocking considering the numerous praises from Jamaican artistes such as Sizzla, Red Rat and the legendary Bob Marley who graced the country's independence celebrations in 1980.

In 1% of cases shocking from is used

So as a fan of Nick Cave, I had no reason to expect anything shocking from here on in.

But don't tell me Jones ' noisiest critics have never heard anything so shocking from their own.

It should also not be shocking from a man who would not even vote to protect infants who were born ALIVE after.

All the aftershocks felt that little bit more shocking from this point on, they grabbed at your inner experience some how.

Shocking from a man who would claim to be Christian as would many of his supporters! When I stated Obama would return to the White House the red arrow brigade did not agree.

What exactly is Wenger bringing to Arsenal right now???? Because the standard of football is shocking from basics to tactics to motivation and providing the platform for expression.

In 1% of cases shocking on is used

This comes a bit shocking on first realization.

Aside from looking shocking on the main TV feed, the incident was most terrifying viewed from the in-car cameras.

The news was made all the more shocking on learning that one of the ' dolls ' was none other than Lindsay Lohan, from over in America.

It's honestly shocking on how truly bad this guy is (he scared an entire island from their home with the use of a computer -- that bad).

But Morgan's risk obsession made the banks ' recent series of bad bets all the more shocking on Wall Street and among financial regulators.

What I find most shocking on this board is the lack of skepticism about big government's ability to operate a lemonade stand much less 1/7th of our GDP.

The book was deemed shocking on publication and would perhaps be thought even more so today, given the way the subject grows and grows to become our chosen national nightmare.

In 1% of cases shocking with is used

That shouldn't be shocking with the accommodation South Africa that 1 will get.

Me I am seriously shocking with this! I have all my best ideas while lying in bed trying to fall asleep.

The gender composition of the profession was even more shocking with 196 (83,76%) men and a mere 38 (16,23%) women.

No smiles after the deadly episode! My major response was: Huh? So many questions! (Again, not shocking with this show.

While I'd not necessarily jumping all over the trend (not shocking with my devotion to black) I like the idea of childhood whimsy behind it.

Hamilton has been very consistent this season scoring points in all races, unfortunately Maclaren have been consistently shocking with pit stops and strategy.

The volleyball event was pleasantly shocking with MMM defying the odds to be crowned as champions and delivering quite a blow to the egos of the established senior halls in the process.

We are reportedly going for another striker but toughen up that damn midfield!!! Btw, these referees are shocking with all the time-wasting but well done to Norwich because they fully deserve it.

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