Prepositions after "shine"

"shine in" or "shine on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 23% of cases shine in is used

Let that intent shine in your tone.

He saw it shining in there, I'd sure.

I am shining in every area of my life.

They work hard, shine in whatever they do and if they find good opportunity, they move.

Two small trees that I often recommend grow easily in Clark County and shine in winter.

He invariably played a major part in Donemana's cup campaigns often shining in the Final.

PD00006561000037 This past year I have seen the light of God shining in the faces of you young women so many times.

If you hear a lot of noise from the road, or see car lights shining in your windows all night, you won't sleep well.

Still the country was more like a shadow in the dust than shining in its bright colorful beauty we saw it after arriving.

You then clamp one to each leg of the frame to shine in the sides of the cube and one at the top of the frame to shine down.

In 22% of cases shine on is used

Shining on Wednesday were Facebook and Cisco.

Evidentially, you needed the light to shine on you.

When UV is shone on an infected hair or claw it will fluoresce.

Just imagine the cool water over your body as the sun shines on you! And the refreshing feeling it gives.

Yet their dangers are rendered invisible by the glaring light being shone on supposedly liberty-crushing government.

He concluded this by examining the photoelectric effect -- the release of electrons from metals when light shines on them.

The smoke filled room revealed white coated scientists leaning over the papyrus as the blue light shone on the mottled surface.

The stadium lighting was shining on the action and it felt like watching magic as he gave instructions and the puppets came to life.

In 10% of cases shine with is used

The script shines with an unmistakable luster.

The egg was shining with a perfect shape and warm with a liquid yolk.

The little lad rushed up to her, eyes shining with pride and excitement.

It shines with a tremendous radiant glory, instilling awe in His creatures.

Your face shines with happiness like a glory, as though inspired by Apollo.

Use these to blot your face everytime you feel that you're already shining with oil.

That is because the planet shines with differing intensities of brightness at different times of the day.

The end of the clearing opened to a serene lake that shined with golden and silver rays of the setting sun.

Alex &; Ann shone with happiness the whole day long, smiling, laughing, sharing their very obvious joy with everyone around them.

In five hundred myriads of millions of lands, In worlds in the eastern direction, Brahma palaces shone with a light Such as they never had before.

In 8% of cases shine like is used

One group shining like the sun.

Her shaven head shone like polished ebony.

Its single horn stood shining like a lance.

And the buttons in their newness shone like stars.

The slow reveal of new album, Sempiternal? s spirograph-like album artwork shone like a halo behind them to the yelps of elated fans.

The way is there, in Christ's Church and in His cross, which shine like beacons of hope into the emptiness and confusion of this upside-down age.

AUTORACKS! But there, shining like a diamond on top of a pile of tin cans, was a real prize - the Hydro One Schnabel car and companion caboose 79640.

Her eyes they shined like a full moon glistened And her smile was that of a new day sun My soul before her was locked away in prison And releasing that key, it had already begun.

Yeah, and maybe the sun will shine like this all winter and Gary Bettman will develop humility and Enbridge will say it's all a misunderstanding and build a watershed instead of a pipeline.

In 8% of cases shine through is used

His mother just shines through him at moments like that.

God's light is shining through the darkness of the abortion Industry.

They clamp to the top and sides of the frame and shine through the muslin.

How thin? Well let me say that sometimes the game mechanics shine through them.

And your lovely personality shines through each post! I do hope your problems resolve quickly.

Through these diary pages we see a distilled essence of what shines through the whole book -- love.

Take care I think this is definitely one of those episodes where Yeo-chi shines through (I'd sure there'll be more).

Instead of warm golden light, these photos are full of coolness - and yet you can still see rays of lights shining through the clouds.

My prayer was that God would allow His light to shine through me as I came alongside them, affirmed them and promoted a spirit of God's love.

How it manifests in both complex organisms and the societies in which they function, is a bit like light shining through a magnifying glass.

In 4% of cases shine from is used

The sky was full of stars, and lighted candles shone from the windows of our red house.

Thanks, Andy Question: Living in the southern hemisphere (Australia) the sun does not shine from the South.

This Sunday morning I stood with many others, both young and old, whilst the blinding sun shone from behind the cenotaph.

In 4% of cases shine at is used

We are the soft stars that shine at night.

I am the soft star shine at night Do not stand by my grave and cry.

We are told that the face of Jesus shone at His transfiguration on the Mountain.

Major features The Moon shines at night, due to sunlight that is reflected off its surface.

Little did I know that it was I, that had to move through and out of the storm, There, like a beacon in the dark, the smiling sun shone at me, made me warm.

In 3% of cases shine for is used

In the old days, the sun used to shine for 24 hours.

They are the very people who fail to realize that the sun is shining for them, also.

TEENAGER SHINES Seventeen-year-old Adrien Rabiot, a product of the youth academy, shone for PSG in the first half.

Our planet's fate is inexorably tied to that of our Sun, which has been shining for five billion years, with at least five billion to go.

I believe the French league could be a good option for him and he could hit form again shining for a lesser team who will build around him.

In 3% of cases shine upon is used

Over my head, the translucent moon shines upon my presence, as my mind calms.

A decisive President in waiting, Nana! God bless you and make His countenance to shine upon you.

I see honours, happiness, success, shining upon every billow of the dark gulf beneath which I must sink at last.

It was a shaded lamp, to shine upon a book, and its circle of light was very contracted; so that he was in it for a mere instant, and then out of it.

The powerful light which shines upon the screen is the equivalent of concentration and the different pictures carried by the light are like wisdom (panna).

When Winslow strangles the tech and takes his place, he is strangling himself, hanging himself like a light in the night to shine upon his beautiful Phoenix.

Then did the Irish people see, enshrined in these houses, the holy solitaries and monks from Clairveaux, with the light of the great Saint Bernard shining upon them from his grave.

In 2% of cases shine into is used

Social media allows a light to be shone into the darkest crevices.

Then a chink of light shone into the gathering gloom of what had until then been a really hot day.

Then, as the light begins to shine into the silence, use it to light the way to start making plans for the new future.

That in fact it takes someone's death, in our absurd libel culture, before any kind of light can be shone into their activities.

Well, the light entered the car, swept across the back and side walls and then, as it shone into the front of the car, I realized I was not alone.

In 2% of cases shine before is used

It is (You Are) fully Here Now and Eternally Free and Clear, Eternally Presence, Shining before the mind.

In 2% of cases shine as is used

Saide, who sings well, is a tough and tender Tom, while Casey shines as a voluptuous earth mother.

Will you ever be able to shine as an engineer when you have serious problems with maths? I wouldn't say No.

It was Paul Marshall who shone as the guiding light for the Ulstermen, claiming two tries for himself, and one of them is hot favourite for try of the weekend.

In 1% of cases shine by is used

The Sun shines by burning hydrogen in its core, fusing it into helium.

The Moon has no light and it shines by reflecting the light of the Sun.

In 1% of cases shine above is used

Zinedine Zidane also never really had a stand out season for his club where he really shone above his team mates.

In 1% of cases shine onto is used

Depending on the season, you'd be grateful for the sun shining onto the diners.

To our surprise as we opened the car door, two bright spot lights were shone onto us.

In 1% of cases shine out is used

Or the sun shining out of Cameron's arse, whichever he was relying on at the time.

In 1% of cases shine over is used

The sun is shining over the sea here in Cornwall and Lonesome Trail just came from Amazon.

In 1% of cases shine to is used

Honey adds moisture and shine to the hair and I never DC without it as I've seen the benefits for myself.

You have pillars of light shining to the heavens and you must try and look around them in order to see ahead.

In 1% of cases shine under is used

The string also appears to be tailor made, holding the same coat of gold flares and shines under the sunlight.

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