Prepositions after "shatter"

shatter by, into, in, on or like?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases shatter by is used

Obama was so shattered by the defeat that he considered giving up politics.

It is our reality that is shattered by the existence of such a stone not God's.

The silence was shattered by Hill Junior's mother frantically calling out for him.

But the idyll is shattered by their discovery of a man's body, hanging from a tree.

Then without warning, the peaceful night was shattered by the sudden roar of a landslide.

Then the praeses ordered his shoulder-blades to be shattered by means of sharp iron spikes.

How the assurances given then were shattered by subsequent events and the escalation of mistrust are now history.

As the last of the three coffins was lowered into the ground, the silence was shattered by a loyalist grenade and gun attack.

Making me promise I wouldn't tell others about him, (lest his privacy be shattered by tourists ), he told me how to contact him.

In 11% of cases shatter into is used

And to ensure it, may my body be shattered into a thousand pieces if I should ever break this vow.

But if that mirror is shattered into two or three pieces, you may see two or three noses, six or seven eyes and a large number of hands.

Market Street was piled high with the wreckage, and across the wreckage lay the overthrown pillars of the City Hall shattered into short crosswise sections.

It always happens but I was shattered into pieces when my husband left me for another person and I moved back to my parents house and left my job as a result of moving.

In 10% of cases shatter in is used

Nothing crashes or shatters in Heaven.

Features: Safety: When broken, shatters in small harmless pieces.

Her world was shattered in the sheer emotional and psychological trauma that followed.

The old Tsarist economy, a semi-feudal country with outcrops of modern industry mainly owned by foreign capital, was shattered in the first world war.

Manouba's calm was shattered in late November of 2011 when angry Salafist demonstrators began what would become more than six months of protests at the Manouba campus.

In 8% of cases shatter on is used

An icicle falls from a tree and shatters on the soft earth with a plink.

Complementarianism shatters on the rock of Jesus ' anti-domination teachings such as Mark 10.

Sooner or later the dream of achieving the highest goal of their life is shattered on the way itself.

In 6% of cases shatter like is used

Have they changed the composition of platters in the last little while? My one and only foray into removing platters for data destruction resulted in the platters shattering like a blank CD.

In 3% of cases shatter with is used

Tuanjai Sprengel, 43, was stabbed with a kitchen knife by Muhammad Shafi then had her skull shattered with a pair of metal shears, which caused brain damage.

In 3% of cases shatter under is used

In pushing for the discourse of a seaparate f Somaliland, these proponents of secession perpetrate several myths which are easily shattered under careful scrutiny.

In 1% of cases shatter instead is used

The idea of the helmet is that it shatters instead of the skull, and the energy of impact is mitigated by the helmet not brain tissue.

In 1% of cases shatter within is used

That's another optic illusion which will be shattered within a few months, a year at the most.

In 1% of cases shatter to is used

Why? One's self is in fact a collection of reflections that appears in a mirror that is shattered to a countless number of pieces.

In 1% of cases shatter of is used

A void created not by a Big Bang, but by a Big Shatter of the singularity (which exists still across the gaps of spaces and insists still through the stories of times).

In 1% of cases shatter after is used

Walcott himself said that he was shattered after his heroics against Reading.

In 1% of cases shatter from is used

Get hit with enough trauma at high enough speed, and a mind might just shatter from the impact.

In 1% of cases shatter along is used

My mind was shattered along with my bones, and after all this time I am still working at recovery.

In 1% of cases shatter against is used

You wince when it shatters against the tile floor.

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