Prepositions after "sharp"

sharp in, with, on, for or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases sharp in is used

He looked sharp in training today.

Ade hasn't looked sharp in a while.

He did look very sharp in practice.

Most reviews have said it's tack sharp in the center but noticeably softer on the edges.

The lens itself is what samyang could easily do: sharp in the center, with almost no CA.

In fact I think it is sharper in detail as I find it easier to manually focus with it.

Brian Feeney is pretty sharp in his attack on the lack of any political nous amongst the political parties at Stormont.

But I'd sure that over time Apple will find ways to make the display and the text sharper in all versions of the iPad.

Job shedding persisted as a result, with the latest reduction in staff numbers the sharpest in more than three years.

It has been witnessing a sharp in the country with the subsequent rise in ecommerce websites offering a variety of goods.

In 11% of cases sharp with is used

Jesus has to be very sharp with him.

Attack is sharp with noticeable acidity.

All tears are salty and sharp with pain.

McPherson said she keeps her skills sharp with practice on the cast of a human skull.

Don't be too sharp with your angles though, as you'll probably chop the ball instead.

Colors were brighter, and the focus was a little sharper with a bit less pixelation.

You can see it as it falls glistening and soft like snow, but sharp with its edges thin and fine from the breaking.

The Indian was sharp with her net dribbles and moved her opponent well as she handled the challenge with confidence.

But what took us by surprise is the image quality - the photos turned out sharp with great colours and dynamic range.

The 8-megapixel camera takes good-looking, saturated photos that are sharp with little noise, at least in decent light.

In 9% of cases sharp on is used

I am very sharp on all the details.

So dress well and sharp on your travels.

Double figurados are sharp on both sides.

The Dukes new netminder Matt Larose hadn't looked sharp on that goal, or the one before.

I grabbed a Shan knife, which is longer than a bolo, sharp on one side, and tapers to a point.

So Ryan has turned out to be a terrific asset, sharp on the stump and a builder of enthusiasm.

I think the judgement of the Broadcasting Commission needs to be much sharper on this business of suggestive lyrics.

But Djokovic, as he often does, kept finding ways to get the ball back over the net and was sharper on the key points.

Going through the whole process without being sharp on your qualifications can leave you with undue stress and frustration.

But neither Byrne nor Kenny are sharp on the subject of the public sector, a protected species in Montrose's canteen culture.

In 9% of cases sharp for is used

He was just too sharp for me tonight.

The hooks stay sharp for a very long time.

They all look a bit sharper for a clean up.

The decline has been less sharp for the more numerous scheduled tribes (ST) - from 54.

Cramming into the wee hours, then trying to be sharp for the test, is a really bad idea.

The chisel needs to be quite sharp for it to take off the varnish, and it dulls quickly.

If Ulster are to go very far again, we will need Pienaar at his very sharpest for the business end of the season.

Barca was far sharper for the first 25, and I thought Sevilla actually looked like scoring only a couple of times.

For your fresh birds this is just keeping them sharp for the next race and will probably be a few 20-30 mile tosses.

Note that the transition is sharp for high rates and more gradual for rates more in line with historic interest rates.

In 8% of cases sharp as is used

But he's still sharp as a razor.

Every pleat was sharp as a razor.

Tosheba Al Sharpton; sharp as a marble.

She's an older greyhound, maybe 6 /7yrs old, sharp as a tac and as pretty as a picture.

She's gregarious, sharp as a whip, unapologetic, highly opinionated and (sort of) loud.

The camera has a brand-new lens, which is 2x sharper as well as 2x better in low-light.

Sharp as a tack, you are! Maggie, my hat's off to you that you could find some reason to smile after the day you had.

One final player worth mentioning: tight end Dennis Pitta looked particularly sharp as a receiver between the numbers.

I can be sharp as a tack when it comes to reading a book or a statute and dumb as a post when it comes to a relationship.

I've met people with PhD's that seemed a bit dim to me and others who didn't finish high school that were sharp as a tack.

In 8% of cases sharp at is used

She looked sharp at the net too.

They are very sharp at arguments.

Everytime when I log in sharp at 7.

The small fry had to take the props early morning and the others would come sharp at 7.

This can be good as it can cause the person to be sharp at whatever he or she is doing.

Our day has started sharp at 8 o'clock in the morning in front of Madame Tussauds Museum.

All the children were given small duties in the home and sharp at 7 pm had family prayers which everyone had to share.

Struck sharp at the roots of West Pakistani dominance, the six-point programme at once drew the attention of the nation.

However the orange ice cream seems to vary in quality from deliciously sharp at times to watery and weak at others) -- 7.

In 4% of cases sharp of is used

Keane was the sharpest of the handful that made it through.

Palate: A bit sharp of entry, then getting fruitier and maltier.

Jon I believe you to be one of the sharpest of the Oiler scribes.

We shot multiple images with each setup and selected the sharpest of each for comparison.

I'd guessing this will be the sharpest of the three zooms but it's of little interest to me.

Best Shot Selector (BSS) mode automatically selects the sharpest of up to 10 sequential shots.

How more horrible could he have been? Akhenaten beat the odds and fled Akhenaten emerged the sharpest of them all.

It was only Oman on Tuesday night, but Long looked the sharpest of all the Irish strikers on display at Craven Cottage.

On 16th May 1825 - William Hind SHARP of Jamaica received medical certificate from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

At event headquarters, the Centre des Sciences in the Old Port, you could cut the tension in the air with only the sharpest of knives.

In 3% of cases sharp to is used

I just scroll through until I find one that looks sharp to me.

The article is good and sharp to the point though long- Vincent.

The holiday started with a short, sharp to the point meeting with the Rep.

Once a consolidation has concluded, the breakout is generally quick and sharp to the upside.

Scans or digital photos may be 20 times that size and yet appear no sharper to the recipient.

The discomfort experienced are able to range from sharp to mild, burning or excruciating emotion.

Sure enough, after fidgeting a second or two, he said something sharp to Macalister's boy, who got out his oars and began to row.

Very few of its edges prove sharp to the touch, which is a relief considering this can be a problem with some other budget solutions.

Contact photos (especially on the People Hub Tile ), text in IE10 and games all look much sharper to the eye and the OS just pops now.

Nevertheless, it may well be believed that since they have such a ravenous finger in the pie, it is deemed but wise to look sharp to them.

In 2% of cases sharp by is used

Mind gets sharp by meat eating.

India's bowling and fielding is getting sharper by the day.

They have a warm image colour, slightly soft wide open, but very sharp by f/4.

I love the separation of mind from sex; and it is made sharper by the lyrics.

She started the song flat and was sharp by the middle of the chorus, which boggles my mind.

Focus may sometimes be made even sharper by the addition of a ' donut ' in the color frame.

I've always thought both Costello and Swan were quite slow-witted men made to look sharp by their excellent department.

Keep your brain active and sharp by playing like chess, cards, scrabble and doing crossword puzzle, jigsaw puzzles etc.

Virgin Internet BBC user Ex Pat Paddy for 30 years! Kudos to you Eleni Sharp (sharp by name, sharp by nature) Team Photo is Brill.

This cherished dream had been done even sharper by the overthrown of Kwame Nkrumah the main architect of the African Union dream.

In 2% of cases sharp from is used

Sharp from edge to edge, contrasty.

They should be energetic and sharp from the opening tip.

It looked like everyone was very sharp from the first second.

It is sharp, sharp, sharp from wide-open to f/11 or so, where diffraction starts to take over.

It makes me cringe at those who wouldn't known sharp from flat and theatrics and hysterics from passion.

And for another thing, it means that, for optical reasons, they tend to make everything sharp from front to back.

Disbelief and anger was particularly sharp from residents of Staten Island -- the borough worst hit by Monday's storm.

He's been really sharp from the field all year long and this week was impressive (60% from the field, 50% from beyond the arc, 84.

Using the tilt, it's possible to keep an area sharp, for example, the toy cement mixer is sharp from front to back, but the bench is out of focus.

However, the round-robin system meant he still faced the prospect of an early exit with a poor result against Berdych and he needed to be sharp from the off.

In 2% of cases sharp like is used

The pitch is high, intense, and sharp like a knife.

No other boy was so eye-catching and sharp like him.

She uses sweet words but her heart is sharp like a razor.

Her shoulder blades were sharp like knives under skin and she was beginning to starve.

It is autumn; in the desert night, sharp like a sword gleams the moon upon the frosted grass.

Its sweet, delicate taste goes well when paired with something tart or sharper like pear, apple or lime.

Saturn and her rings, an off-white, were clear and sharp like a cardboard cut-out hung neatly on a piece of black cloth.

You arrive here, unaware, and find yourself growing a foot taller, your eyesight suddenly sharp like an owl 's, your brow certain.

From the void came a voice, a single voice, and it was sharp like gravel, and he didn't think there was anything human in it at all.

Certainly something heavy like seat belt cutters or sharp like scissors could cause a different kind of problem if they're flying through the air.

In 1% of cases sharp without is used

The team is not nearly as sharp without him.

The requested cajun bbq sauce was sharp without being flavorful.

Still, the onscreen visuals were reasonably sharp without any sound delay.

Also, the maintenance-free blades stay sharp without having to oil the trimmer.

Full HD video capture is also offered and the continuous autofocus does a good job of keeping things sharp without dramatic pulsing to find focus.

The silver flame is however plastic as there is impossible to form such a complex sharp without casting, which will exponentially increase the cost.

Just redid (didn't need to be done but refining results) my Wusthof Classic's -- I don't think I could get too much sharper without really going overboard.

In 1% of cases sharp about is used

Rightly so, she is pretty sharp about finance.

I feel energized and razor sharp about the subject matter.

MediaScout is often sharp about pointing out ironies, but leaves this one unspoken.

In fact, Merkel has made a sharp about face and now wants to stop Athens from leaving the Eurozone at all costs.

Joanna Newsom has had that kind of gnosis for a long time, even too much so -- she's less sharp about what to leave out.

Everybody had such clarity and was so sharp about why they were there, what they wanted to get out of it, and what they could contribute.

What was originally so subversive and sharp about the drama turned maudlin and lame, and I wept for a drama that could have been but ended up self-destructing on the pen of a bad writer.

In 1% of cases sharp through is used

The CANON's remain very sharp through a good amount of enlargement while the PANASONIC 's, although close, get softer a little faster.

Matt Cain looked sharp through five innings, and he certainly could have stayed in the game, but he's resting like a big ol ' Norwegian blue.

In 1% of cases sharp over is used

My bone structure was too sharp over the eyes.

Comments such as, ' I can feel it but it's not so sharp over there ', are very useful.

However, we don't see very sharp over this entire field of view but only at the center.

While it is possible to take a picture with just one simple convex lens, the results would not be sharp over the whole field.

These two countries are also where the rise has been the sharpest over the last year, whilst the main decreases can be seen in the Baltic States.

Also, a 5mp camera is included and it has auto focus and face detection power to make a sharper over all image, capturing images whether in sun or candlelight.

In 1% of cases sharp during is used

Then the Economics Advisor who appeared to be an African American woman was extremely sharp during her presentation.

The criticism of Torres, in my opinion, was overly harsh for this reason, although he certainly wasn't at his sharpest during the match.

Catecholamines, neurotransmitters found in the amino acid tyrosine, help the brain to stay sharp during prolonged work, sleep deprivation and other stressful situations.

Comparing the latter two, 1080i has more lines and pixels than 720p, but 720p is a progressive-scan format that should deliver a smoother image that stays sharper during motion.

James suggested the idea to Mick Johal who instantly thought this is a great idea for giving players a way to keep fit and sharp during the summer period and he ran with the idea.

I can start out using a 1080P source, but usually by the time it gets converted, I wind up with a 1-2 Gb file that is highly compressed and doesn't look very sharp during playback.

The increase was particularly sharp during a two-month period when petrol prices rocketed, with the worst offenders operating at garages on the northside and in the west of the city.

In 1% of cases sharp between is used

The line is very sharp between those two realms.

Martin Gerber was sharp between the pipes, stopping 33 of the 35 shots he faced.

The most unequal society in the developed world is the US, where the growing disparity is notably sharp between executives and the average worker.

O'Farrell was lively throughout up front while Nicola Walsh needed to be particularly sharp between the posts in the second half as Rachel Scott powered some late Pembroke pressure.

In 1% of cases sharp around is used

I consider myself pretty sharp around the worldwideweb.

Passing short and sharp around the Madrid area before they break clear down the right.

Most lenses are sharpest near the center and tend to become less sharp around the edges.

Your natural instincts will be sharpest around the industries you find most comfortable.

The almost cartooney style that Bungie spearheaded has gotten much sharper around the edges.

I was 31, healthy, active and 22 weeks pregnant with my first baby, when I developed alarming pains in my pelvis which were sharpest around the pubic bone.

In 1% of cases sharp among is used

The decrease was especially sharp among white men, 41 percent of whom supported Mr.

The fall is the sharpest among major exporters of textiles and apparel products.

The Asian country's investment growth rose by 62 percent in 2011 -- the sharpest among all countries.

Indeed, Martins looked the sharpest among attackers in camp as he banged in goal after goal in Monday evening training.

As a result, the price increases have been sharpest among younger applicants and applicants who are looking for guaranteed limited-pay type policies.

In 1% of cases sharp against is used

Picture the base of the cliffs, dark and sharp against the foaming water.

The slight prickle of Theodore's chin felt sharp against her smooth cheek.

We won, but the passes have to me more sharper against Villa and Everton.

It is the word or truth that one has obeyed that is powerful and sharp against the enemy.

Yes, Saul's sword was sharp against the enemy and he slaughtered the Philistines at one time.

The breeze flowing into the bus's open windows turned suddenly cold, its dampness sharp against the skin.

You never quite know what Pattinson is gon na do on a daily basis and he was very, very sharp against Western Australia.

I have seen recent games, and Driver looked sharp against Inverness whereas Novikovas looked a bit tired and lightweight.

The youth justice system has a good record in restorative justice methods that bring people up sharp against the human consequences of what they have done.

In 1% of cases sharp after is used

I find that the knives do get sharper after 320.

I was rite behind it and yes out of order singing it to sharp after his child loss.

In terms of trending, mentions of Steelers was sharp after playing the solitary Super Bowl game.

This year may see an unexpected winner again (Djoke and Murray may not be THAT sharp after a two week gap).

I don't think I left a wire edge as they are still sharp after cutting all the veges for dinner last night.

Scherzer was sharp after Bostons two-run first, holding the Red Sox to a pair of singles until Pedroias homer.

But they looked sharper after halftime and capitalised when Yau put them back on terms with a great finish in the 57th minute.

Our ease of sharpening test assessed how easy or difficult it was to return a blade to sharp after the edge has been damaged or dulled.

Meet is difficult to digest and takes quite a while to do so, meaning the pain of Crohn's is longer-lasting and sharper after meals which include meat.

When deciding to pinch to zoom on a Web page at first you are met with text that looks jagged and at low-res, before getting sharper after a small wait.

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