Prepositions after "share"

"share with", "share in" or "share by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases share with is used

They share with their community.

Don't forget to share with others.

I share with him that restlessness.

They shared with each other and supported people and communities that faced poverty.

And ahead of ' ' The Angels Take Manhattan, ' ' we have 26 teasers to share with you.

All that I'd learning from your teaching, I'd sharing with the church, in my work place and the people around me.

About Ramki Ramakrishnan Over 25 years of market experience that I would like to share with you through these pages.

Personal census information is not shared with any other government department, nationally, regionally, or locally.

This may help their revenue, but unnecessarily hampers the recipients ' ability to use the images I share with them.

In 14% of cases share by is used

So the blame must be shared by all.

Now that view is shared by 54 per cent.

Laden werer shared by the intelligence agencies.

Put the input voltage on the left most pin, GND is the middle and shared by both sides.

You are not alone in having this problem -- It is shared by millions all over the world.

It is a co-op shared by 5 business owners, our employees and a rotating group of interns.

Out of Rs 22,000, the biological mother was given Rs 10,000 and the remaining was shared by the sweepers and Gulabi.

If you are encouraged by his work in India as shared by him in the appended article, then do join him in his next trip.

These delocalised valence electrons are free to move from atom to atom and are thus shared by all atoms in the lattice.

In 14% of cases share in is used

Army contingents, was shared in Washington.

Who inspires you? Share in the comments below.

Immigrants also shared in the wealth of new jobs.

It's a privilege to be serving alongside them, and to be invited to share in their joy.

We tell people about Islam, because we wish they too can share in the message of Islam.

When you type a search word you can see the photos of your friends shared in Facebook.

Share in the fun of cooking up a Stargazing menu and create cool decorations to give the party that intergalactic feel.

Rule of Thumb: String s are more efficient if they are not modified (because they are shared in the string common pool).

So they should reduction the number of cases touched at the same time and train subordinate staff to share in the errands.

In 4% of cases share on is used

Anything you could share on the new Yahoo design.

Share on Rate the story Leave Comment Not to worry.

I have few of thoughts to share on the role of trust.

Leo Widrich is the co-founder of Buffer, a smarter way to share on Twitter and Facebook.

Readers can still read articles shared on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other news sites.

This works for your's or other members ' photos who have enabled sharing on their photos.

Check out the awesome tutorial Michelle of the blog Mollymoo shared on how to make a recycled material pirate ship toy.

Rashid Tenga the Managing Director of Aggrey and Clifford shared on the company's millstones and views on the industry.

Share on Rate the story Leave Comment People have not been informed of any kind of transit earlier to be given to India.

So now, whatever memories users shared on this social network are encouraged to save those memories before they disappear.

In 3% of cases share between is used

Stamp duty: Stamp duty is equally shared between the buyer and the seller.

Ur total available bandwidth will be shared between the various downloads.

The pair of electrons shared between the atoms is also known as bond pair.

Many of these fees are negotiable and may be shared between the buyer and the seller.

Information isn't automatically shared between police and mental-health authorities, said Const.

Summary of New Zealand's funding $1 million shared between Childfund, Caritas, World Vision and Oxfam.

Fire safety: There are fire extinguishers at all fire places and a fire hose is shared between every two rooms.

Subject to individual arrangement, the stamp duty payment is usually shared between the landlord and the tenant.

Civil society must play a constructive role in this whole process and facilitate knowledge sharing between each other.

The genuine love shared between two individuals is held only by people who can love ordinary people and their ordinary work.

In 2% of cases share about is used

Can you share about how you handle the haters, e.

Thank you rinpoche for sharing about this big Buddha statue.

Perfect timing for me to share about the two weeks I spent in Barcelona in 2008.

Any stories you can share about her that reflect her true personality? She's creative.

They will be bringing her bike and she and Martin will both share about her amazing ride.

As a general rule, the more information that is shared about giving, the more people give.

Most of my blogs are excerpts from my WIP, but I've also shared about myself, my life and what makes me who I am.

And come September, I will attempt to (gasp!) do a blog post a day to share about the smiley thing we did for the day.

I share about the depression I went through in 2010, and share that basically ' unstoppable ' doesn't mean bullet proof.

They conversed with me, we shared about what we wanted from the writers breakfast, and I let some of my inhibitions fade.

In 2% of cases share to is used

And also those saved bookmarks can be shared to public.

The data can be emailed, printed, or shared to other compatible applications.

This tip might not be a new thing for you but don't forget to share to others.

I think facebook is a great way to get your brand or book shared to new people.

Fran was able to quickly make a deal with a taxi all of us would share to Havana.

Note: Santa Roll can be shared to friends via social pages like Facebook and Twitter.

I personally admire these people for they unselfishness, sharing to those who are less fortunate.

Please embrace this chance God is giving you and see you again on top as you share to others about the Love of God and mercies.

Dear bro eli, Thanks GOD for the word of truth you read and shared to all of us, especially to those who are concerned in this topic.

Abouth half of our european brothers do not anymore believe in the concept of god as we know it (or as they shared to us centuries ago).

In 1% of cases share across is used

It only needs to be done once and shared across the teams.

Eco-friendly product innovations are also shared across the board.

The evaluation results have been fed back to and shared across these sites so that they can.

STL file that will then be freely shared across all major file-sharing platforms to the world.

These people share across the organization lists of preferred vendors for the different services they contract.

The knowledge acquired is then shared across countries, and reinvested in existing or new ICT-enabled education sector activities.

If you operate more than one picking shift then the costs are shared across picking shifts and payback can be achieved in as little as 6 months.

Share, and Share Some More A CRM allows for client information to be shared across all levels at all times, including important stats like client history.

Second, basic text-mining resources, such as domain-specific thesauri and lexicons, need to be developed and shared across research groups and curation tasks.

In 1% of cases share among is used

City people will also need to share among themselves.

Police suspect the money was to be shared among the three.

Networks should be established so information can be shared among countries.

But font is a heavy resource and shared among many views (a flyweight pattern!).

The rest of the proportion is shared among the other types of the service provided.

Li emphasized the need for greater cooperation and information sharing among APEC economies.

Moreover, radio reaches large groups of people, being easily shared among families or listener groups.

Reported modes of transmission were sexual contact (312) and needle sharing among injecting drug users (4).

Most CIOs are not yet at a point where cost metrics can be computed and shared among key business-level decision makers.

In 1% of cases share amongst is used

If there is a surplus at the end of the year, it is shared amongst the staff as a bonus.

In KL, cover charges are almost non-existent if you are willing to share amongst friends to ' open bottle '.

However from previous communications shared amongst members, I gathered two possible theories of why Malaysia is important to them.

This option may well be the way forward for small forest owners as certification costs are shared amongst many small forest owners.

It's a quick, easy and an efficient way to access files from multiple computers, and to share amongst friends, family or co-workers.

However, do consider this -- A family living in an apartment where there could possibly be one toilet to share amongst 3-5 people all waiting to get ready for school or work at the same time.

In 1% of cases share at is used

Leadership is shared at the point of care.

With much tenacity, contents get shared at better pace and to more people.

Throughout the year we take it in turns to lead the charge, do the lions share at the front, to be first cresting each hill.

New research findings on cell phone usage, cyber bullying and drug and substance abuse amongst secondary learners in Gauteng were shared at the conference.

In 1% of cases share for is used

Part two was a story of a love they both shared for rugby.

Some are shared for public usage and some are taken with permission.

I asked my brother I personally do really hope those tips all those waiters / waitress could share for it.

This post was a great way to send Wally off-thank you for sharing the adventures the two of you shared for so long.

When I speak at conferences and for sales and service teams, this is one of the simple tips I share for converting prospects into buyers.

This morning, I came across the following article which I am sharing for the benefit of those who have yet to subscribe to Malaysiakini.

Societies have a rich heritage and knowledge base that should be recognised, recorded and shared for the benefit of people throughout the world.

I never fancied myself a good salesman, but I figured that all of the incredible information I have shared for free would lend me some degree of integrity.

Santa's outlandish taste in clotihng and his quixotic means of transport are simply symbolic of a deep and valuable human trait -- care and sharing for and with one another.

Church advertising can be informing people about this while church marketing is going in to the deeper meaning in regards to the information that the chapel wanted to share for you to God's people.

In 1% of cases share from is used

Writing is hard and sharing from one's heart even harder.

Otherwise facilities are all shared from toilets to showers.

The story shared from Reddit to other online communities, eventually reaching mainstream media.

I'd going to share today from a book in the Bible that I never imagined I would ever share from.

The new offer yesterday increased revenue sharing from $100 mill last season to $200 mill in the new offer.

If you talk to Joyce, you'll find out that I'd not a very romantic person, so sharing from a love story is a bit out of character.

How can this be? The poor are able to share from their own poorness! It is from a heart where love abounds that one can share with others from poverty.

So which was your favourite if any, and what crowd was your favourite? Any cool anecdotes to share from those trips? Laura: Being the only sober one -- I should remember most.

She tune in to listen to our lunch hour drive and the announcer was sharing from the Gods Way Everyday it was talking about having problem and struggling but never share it to someone.

In 1% of cases share of is used

The succeeded because they encouraged sharing of their content.

Well, I am Electrical Contractor, and have deep interest in sharing of new idea.

I had grown to love that precious boy through the loving words you shared of him.

He shared of how it's difficult for the government to distribute education evenly.

Let there be sharing of power and responsibility between the Centre and the Provinces.

B must account to A's legal representative for the profits from A's share of the capital.

In addition, DLSZ helps public schools and non-government agencies through sharing of resources.

Z may compel him, as partner, to account for so much of the profits as are derived from A's share of the capital.

But I want you to understand the reasons behind sharing of your wealth, rather than simply feeling like you ought to do it.

Ethylene, C 2 H 4: In this molecule, there is a double bond between two carbon atoms due to sharing of two pairs of electrons.

In 1% of cases share through is used

Digital storytelling therefore helps to boost your efforts in this area by enabling your stories to be shared through social media platforms.

Social Sharing The last few years has seen an explosion in the amount of content shared through social services such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

In 1% of cases share via is used

Messages can be shared via SMS on phone or.

Share via Email Holly Cook: From Morningstar, I'd Holly Cook and today we're talking about international investing.

Share via Social Media Comments Darius If I were making an Indie game, it would be a Pixel art game called: Protagonist.

This was the ONLY political commentary I shared via Facebook this ENTIRE election, because I think this is quite unbiased.

Where links have been shared via my comment they have been to spread others success stories, enrich our cycling culture and provide a win win.

The figures, though, suggest a clear linear trend: the loss of just over 10% of the resources shared via social media each year, even when archiving is taken into account, or around 0.

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