Prepositions after "shameful"

shameful for, about, in, of or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases shameful for is used

It is shameful for the Philippines.

It is shameful for us to be pagans.

This is shameful for a UK NHS services.

I feel sorry and shameful for many stupid rich Chinese going abroad and acting badly.

If anybody wants to change the history it will be shameful for them and for the nation.

I might have argued that it is shameful for you to be agitating to break up my country.

That is shameful for a country that has a huge deposit of crude oil and sell the same on the international market.

No longer is it shameful for a child to be born out of wedlock or for that child's mother to raise him or her alone.

Remaining leashed to the now-dysfunctional Gandhi family is shameful for any Indian with even an iota of self-respect.

They avoid responsibility and giving feedback, making others feel shameful for their feelings towards the nice person.

In 15% of cases shameful about is used

There is nothing shameful about it.

There is nothing shameful about being poor.

Being gay has nothing to be shameful about.

There's nothing shameful about it and it doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you.

There is nothing shameful about being an addict once you begin to take positive action.

You do not need to feel guilty or shameful about not having such experiences or empathy.

But in the topsy-turvy world of Danny Boyle, industrial capitalism is what's wicked and shameful about Britain.

What is shameful about it? Britain evacuated entire villages and islands within the UK itself when it needed to.

They often blame themselves or feel shameful about being sexually violated -- but they are not the ones to blame.

Speak to his mother, (she's probably religious) made him feel shameful about masculine nudity early on in puberty.

In 13% of cases shameful in is used

Absolutely nothing shameful in that.

I do nt see anything shameful in it.

There is nothing wrong or shameful in failing.

The mean spirited comments of some here are shameful in their ignorance and cruelty.

I do not see why Wayne Roberts finds something shameful in what I have been doing on and.

Killing woman and children makes one a COWARD and to those who agree with that is shameful in itself.

Without openness, the patient discovers that his or her condition is shameful in the minds of parents and doctors.

And I think Cosmo is the best platform to promote the fact that there is nothing shameful in a woman enjoying sex.

Yet at the same time, Canadians remain woefully uneducated about the war that was the most shameful in our history.

Unfortunately there's much more that's shameful in UK universities, particularly in history and political sciences.

In 11% of cases shameful of is used

Why? Cox you feel shameful of it, maybe.

It is infact more shameful of you to do such an act.

This is the part that I'd most shameful of Singaporeans.

Most shameful of all was the widespread worship of the sexual organs of men and women.

The closer to God, the more shameful of your insufficient worship in front of God you are.

He was next chief minister of Gujarat and I should be shameful of asking 5 rupees from him.

It was shameful of ScAm to publish it but not surprising given their track record in adhering to the AGW conjecture.

It is shameful of our goverment to introduce this law, and once more hold us up to ridicule in the eyes of the world.

The question here is: Were our armed forces even aware of this operation? Yes or No in both cases we are shameful of them.

If that is true, it is very shameful of them since they sent thousands of their cadres to suicide missions with cyanide pills.

In 9% of cases shameful to is used

I'd really shameful to myself and Allah.

It's shameful to misrepresent him this way.

This is really shameful to all Delhi males.

And that could be, would be, shameful to you.

Life indeed may be ignominious, shameful to the soul.

This is shameful to a degree that surpasses irony or satire.

Whatever happened with you is really shameful to Indian society.

It makes me sad that mental disorders are still so shameful to so many.

She envisions her mother on stage, looking shameful to her own daughter.

Sure, it would have been cheaper to buy one book, and less shameful to not read it.

In 4% of cases shameful on is used

I find that totally SHAMEFUL on a Christian website.

Taking your photos and claiming it is their is darn shameful on their part.

It is not embarrassing, but shameful on the checkbooks behind the lobbyists.

You people should be shameful on your act and should try to accept the realities.

Shameful on Nov 17, 2011 at 9:14pm The MUN Student Body takes bullying very seriously.

Wel it is very shameful on part of the hubby snatcher and her accomplice in fornication.

The Nigerian rich few see nothing shameful on the plight of our old citizens and elders.

Posted by Peter Brady on November 15, 2012 Shameful on the part of Russia, but no surprise.

I find it shameful on CBS's part if she is that sick and they are ignoring the advice of her personal Physician and punishing her for being sick.

It's totally shameful on Brendan's part that it took someone to independently review his stats, publically and online, to force a change in his thought process.

In 2% of cases shameful by is used

Shameful by FIA to let it stand.

And then perhaps you could suggest that their current action might be seen as shameful by the international community.

In 2% of cases shameful from is used

Absolutely shameful from a newspaper with.

Frank Thomas This is absolutely shameful from Labour.

At least it looked less shameful from our point of view.

Especially shameful from a JOURNO, who makes his money from the very same INDUSTRY that steals from those who.

Such full of irrelivent cristism editorial is quite shameful from so called Pakistan oriented website on an issue where government should be supported by all Pakistani.

In 1% of cases shameful after is used

Even the rebels whose thirst had quenched by the blood became shameful after realizing the consequences of their actions but the plot which the enemies of Islam had schemed had become successful.

In 1% of cases shameful as is used

It's so repulsive and shameful as to how ugly this world can be.

It was shameful as a football fan to see 11-men United sitting back and wasting time against 9-man Chelsea.

For those with heavy periods, life became not only painful but really awkward and shameful as every day we had to wash bloody underwear and bedsheets.

In 1% of cases shameful at is used

Defence is shameful at the minute, and hernandez is nothing more than a supersub at best.

The most important thing, IMHO, is to never act surprised, disgusted or shameful at questions.

In 1% of cases shameful with is used

Parts of the NHS are very good indeed, parts of it are shameful with slovenly staff with unhygienic habits.

Empty and shameful with nothing really to show that this administration is up to something to raise the living standards of its people.

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