Prepositions after "sexy"

sexy in, for, to, about or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases sexy in is used

I'd sure I looked sexy in them.

You have to feel sexy in your body.

Sonico is REALLY sexy in this figure.

Then after begging Mother Nature not to drown me and feeling intensely sexy in my wetsuit.

Laura was too sexy in her shoot for the fragrance- I thought she looked great but whatever.

If you have a 24 hour deadline to feel sexy in your LBD, it can be done and without stress.

Le 188 gets sexy in the city North Point is unlikely to register on any visitor's radar, but Le 188 could change that.

There is nothing sexier in basketball than a triple-double, and there is nobody who does it as easily as Rajon Rondo.

The cover doesn't look quite as sexy in person as it does in Apple's adorable, Pixar-inspired promotional video either.

They reserve the right to choose the customers, choose the outfits they feel sexy in and choose their style of dancing.

In 14% of cases sexy for is used

You are not buying sexy for money.

Size easy aslong as yu sexy for it.

But then I'd be too sexy for my dress.

Are you really saying that the sci cheers are trying to be sexy for the kids? Probly not.

All were gorgeous, fabulously drunk, under-dressed, too loud and too sexy for their own good.

With that in mind, we consulted the experts for tips on ways to make it even sexier for you.

Many men don't mind their gf dressing sexy for girls night out but will never let them do that once they are married.

However, the experience was not nearly as sexy for me, considering the only ' person ' I hooked up with was the toilet.

I can not stress again that I have no qualms with women who decide to dress sexy for Halloween, I do it, I love to do it.

The two women want to look good and to be sexy for their men, as they say, and they cite the Koran as their justification.

In 9% of cases sexy to is used

Then you will seem very sexy to her.

You will look incredibly sexy to him.

It didn't seem too sexy to me either.

I wonder, do I have vampiric qualities? Could I be a succubus? That is quite sexy to me.

They want women to chase them, and there is nothing sexier to a man than a confident woman.

Appearing sexy to the public and being an ice queen in bed with your Husband does not seem fair.

On the bed, the excitement is fired up as the couple enter a stage of curdling playing and talking sexy to each other.

Not to mention the fact that comp climbing isn't that sexy to most observers, especially those who don't already climb.

What do you love about yourself? What is Sexy to you? I will be following you from beginning to end on your celebration.

As that has happened, the focus has to change from being sexy to being substantial, and the audience has changed as well.

In 8% of cases sexy about is used

There's nothing sexy about that.

There's nothing sexy about this Domina.

There's nothing sexy about reluctant sex.

Yup, i want to have a sexy body cause right now the only sexy about me is my beer belly.

I agree with one of the last things you said, Jo, there is something sexy about being open.

There's nothing sexy about the grunt work, but man is it satisfying to know you are prepared.

These ladies are pretty Oh puhleeze! There's nothing sexy about Eniola Badmus, lady looks like an overstuffed roast pig.

They touch on masculinity but there's somethig sexy about it as well but in a subtle way that comes out as an effortless chic.

There's nothing attractive or sexy about being overweight or underweight either! A muscular and athletic build is very desirable.

Men tend to believe that they are still hot in the market and so it is obvious to feel sexy about married women looking for affairs.

In 8% of cases sexy with is used

She's really sexy with an amazing body.

Science can be sexy with the right partner.

I'd still fluffy, and I'd still sexy with it.

The outfit is sexy with a hint of old-school Hollywood glamour -- very Scarlett Johansson.

New fave brand Mina Evans brings the sexy with this tie dye mini with fringe detailing yum! 4.

I think women look healthier and sexier with a few more pounds rather than a few less pounds.

In the TI Sirens show tells the story of a battle between a bunch of beautiful women dressed in sexy with the pirates.

Them, ugg sparkle boots is a deserved lead with a skirt stockings, naughty sexy with shorts, the handsome fresh feeling.

If gin was a famous person, dead or alive, who would it be? Katharine Hepburn: Cool, classy, and sexy with a touch of fizz.

A few new characteristics in 2011 Louis Vuitton Fall and Winter show First, woman appears sexy with a sense of art decoration.

In 6% of cases sexy at is used

They just want to be sexy at all times.

Kshenuka does not consider him as sexy at all.

He can be incredibly sexy at the drop of a hat.

Cayman, not sure, sometimes it looks sexy at some angle while sometimes look not so sexy.

It's a chance to try things that you might not otherwise; you feel dirty and sexy at the same time.

Split a clever split ends and lines like a parabola with coordinates as closely combined, in the add sexy at the same time.

This is one of the qualities that make the alien so damn scary and sexy at the same time, it's connotations are very sexual.

Since then Grier has maintained a presence both in theaters and on TV screens, teaching us a woman can stay sexy at any age.

I personally can't wait for the Caroline Issa range -- it's fun, girly but completely sophisticated and sexy at the same time.

In 6% of cases sexy on is used

Being sexy on stage is a kind of cover.

An hourglass figure looks sexy on all women.

An hourglass figure looks sexy on all girls.

Even if I looked totally sexy on that, he wanted me to take it off and wear another thing.

One of those apps that might not be sexy on the surface, but which will be used regularly.

Here's the thing, though: I don't really care if a lady chooses get her sexy on on Halloween.

For the hiplife/hiphop star, even though he was shocked at the attire, he felt that Gifty made God look sexy on the night.

I'd not promiscuous, but if I choose to dress sexy one day, that is for me, and not any representation of who I am as a person.

I don't think there's anything wrong with women dressing sexy on halloween, I just with it was easier to find non sexy costumes.

You sound sexy on ' Shaniqua ', with the piano parts on ' The Way It Was Before ' really gelling with the female vocal harmonies.

In 3% of cases sexy as is used

Missy Tee is a flamboyant dancer, sexy as a tiger.

There are very few items as effortlessly sexy as a good leather jacket.

She despairs at the seeming narrowing of womens priorites in popular culture to being sexy as THE top priority.

Sharing some sexy as well as romantic pictures is the easiest way to making your long distance relationship work.

His wardrobe, sadly, is less sexy as a good guy, but he still is the most beautiful man, isn't he? Sigh Thanks for the recap.

Personally both ladies are sexy as well as Beautiful in what they do, each vocalist have their own style of approach and swagger spice.

Even if (which is total BS) she does infact have a vaginis, how is it her fault? And she is brave to do what she is doing plus she is sexy as a Ferrari.

In 3% of cases sexy by is used

Usagi herself has become rather sexy by the end.

Get your eyes even sexier by enlarging your pupils.

Some movie monsters may just be inherently sexy by nature.

A woman wearing a shirt that belongs to their man is considered hot and sexy by many men.

Women do seem to have it a little easier when it comes to being perceived as sexy by men.

Be good at what you do, profesional by day, sexy by night, and I will respect you; Man or Woman.

Who tells a two year old they look sexy by the way?! My Helper does and my daughter (Rainman) thinks this is a good thing.

There was the attempt to appear more athletic (and therefore sexier by Western standards, I thought) with beachy scents.

Now, I have heard men say that a woman is sexy only by the way she talk and also heard men say that woman are sexy by how she look or dress.

Guys suffering from thinning hair really need to realize that having no hair on the top of their head is often regarded as sexy by lots of ladies.

In 3% of cases sexy of is used

Don't just go for the sexy of the bunch.

Nnaji is definitely the sexier of the two.

These guys might just be the new sexy of local rock ' n roll.

I could have given you a far sexier of the garden type example.

By all accounts, it shouldn't have been that sexy of a photo, except?

Tuna, obviously, is not necessarily the sexiest of campaign issues.

Extremely smart, but definitely the hottest AND sexiest of them all.

Ladies, show up in your most sexiest of attires and get a chance to win.

In her image, we can see the sexy of the westerns and the mstery of easterns.

In 3% of cases sexy without is used

We love our women sexy without make up.

Feel sexy without looking in the mirror.

She looks sensationally sexy without having.

The flirting between Eve and Bond was sexy without being smutty.

I agree that you can still be sexy without showing tons of skin.

It's stylish and sexy without looking like a fashionista's accessory.

Wang makes women look urban, relevant and sexy without trying too hard.

And I think her stuff is very feminine and sexy without showing too much.

They learned how to be sexy without giving up their body and getting pregnant.

In 2% of cases sexy like is used

Because, you know, nothing says sexy like a dead, anonymous woman.

Jinyoung It's important to think of yourself as sexy like that in the song (laugh).

It doesn't look the least bit sexy like a GTI or even a Touareg, but at least it makes no pretence to be.

They will tell you that Jewish women are frigid, materialistic and plain, not fun and sexy like gentile women.

He will, quite simply, become interested in you if you become fabulous and sexy like this new woman he's into.

It is not going to be so sexy like the first-gen IPPs where you got 15%-18%, but it will be a solid 7%-8% level of return.

Some people need to have the sports car to realize it doesn't make them cool or sexy like James Bond -- what they REALLY wanted from the beginning.

There I met the star of the show Brian Vogel a mestizo who is half Filipino and half German and sexy like Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise and my cousin Kee Anu Reeves combined.

In 1% of cases sexy after is used

Therefore, essentially I went out sexy after all.

New mother Beverly looked toned and even sexier after birth.

Can we still be sexy after 55? Or does society look at us and think.

The singer admitted, however, that she feels anything less than sexy after performing on stage.

Obama has probably lost the gonad vote - he doesn't look very sexy after his first debate with Romney.

I think Lady Chatterley gave middle-class Brits the idea that they were pretty sexy after all, under all that cold reserve.

Women also drink to boost body confidence -- who doesn't feel sexier after a few drinks? -- but above all, we're getting drunk because drunken sex is more socially acceptable.

In 1% of cases sexy around is used

I'll dress sexy around the house and do little things to turn him on.

Reason Two: She Doesn't Feel Sexy Around You Anymore There are some very sneaky men out there who prey on married women and women in long term relationships.

However, once familiarity has set in and they fail to increase the degree to which a woman feels sexy around them, the sex can become boring and predictable.

In 1% of cases sexy from is used

It's not sexy from a lot of people's perspective, it's not glitzy in the feature set,.

In just the marriage your site utilize it, you will definitely fully feel sexy from exceptionally large cold temperature landscaping.

There are other outdoor activities that will make you feel sexy from the outside and good from the inside, you can try out: Running and swimming.

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