Prepositions after "severe"

severe in, for, of, to or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases severe in is used

It can be more severe in others.

Housing stress is severe in the U.

And Allah is Severe in punishment.

In general, crime is less severe in the Atlantic Provinces than for Canada as a whole.

A pressure headache may be most severe in the mornings, and can occasionally wake you.

Although it was much more severe in the ocean, it affected terrestrial ecosystems too.

Wind conditions were reported as gusty in the Mouse Valley area with some turbulence, although not severe in nature.

The threat level for Northern Ireland-related terrorism is MODERATE in Great Britain and SEVERE in Northern Ireland.

The situation is particular severe in coastal regions where the cost of living is much higher than in inland cities.

Depressions were much more frequent and much less severe in the 1800s and even the one in 1919 was over very quickly.

In 12% of cases severe for is used

The reactions are equally severe for mankind.

These drawbacks can be severe for most people.

This problem is particularly severe for girls.

The consequences were severe for parents who did not comply with the attendance laws.

It's obviously less severe for the Conservatives, but it matters for the blue team too.

The pain and discomfort is usually most severe for the first day or two of your period.

This bias is more severe for ethnic or racial groups that have a disproportionate number of young people in prison.

Health hazards of mobile phones are much more severe for children than adults According to the research done by Dr.

Still, I expect the long-term impact of a worsening crisis to be less severe for emerging markets outside of Europe.

Give sentence Be careful, the punishment is too severe for a child can cause it to lie more to avoid such penalties.

In 7% of cases severe to is used

In the order of severest to least.

Their crimes run from severe to less severe.

My hearing loss was/is considered severe to profound.

By which wee Learn, when wee a Sin Committ Wee should Our selves be most Severe to It.

Mom has severe to profound Alzheimer's and probably should be in some type of facility.

It represents 60,000 children and 70,000 spouses suffering from severe to very severe abuse.

The tactic seems severe to many of the students, however, the next day they come twenty minutes earlier than before.

The sad part is, methamphetamine use results in severe to permanent brain damage even long after the drug has been stopped.

I'd 32 and have been dealing with depression in various ammounts, from severe to a low simmering boil, since being a teenager.

While this law sounds severe to us, in its time it set guidelines against what may have been escalating vendettas among people.

In 7% of cases severe on is used

Lincoln was especially severe on Mr.

He was particularly severe on Bresnan.

The judge was particularly severe on Dr.

In conditions of extreme poverty, he was in the early years too severe on his community.

The contractionary impact of this cutback is expected to be relatively severe on Japan (1.

The Pakistani keeper counter-attacked and was particularly severe on Harbhajan and Yuvraj.

Although early blight is most severe on the leaves, it sometimes occurs on the stems and can cause severe defoliation.

I mean may be El Nino will not be severe on us or we will come across new power plants to strengthen our national grid.

Therefore the wrath of the octogenarian Chief Minister has been more severe on the younger brother than on the elder one.

My pain is not mild, it is at least moderate and often severe on a daily basis and has been for most of the last 7 months.

In 7% of cases severe of is used

They deserve the severest of punishment.

That Paul was among the severest of IsaTs (a.

They deserve the most severest of punishment ever.

Imam Ali (a ): Do not publicize your evil deeds for doing so is among the most severe of sins.

Crimes classified under Hudud are the most severe of crimes, such as murder, theft, and adultery.

He practised the severest of penance and observed austerity to a degree one could hardly imagine.

As he might bear the fire of hell which is the most severe of the punishments, but he can not bear separation from Him.

If the boat is laid up afloat, ensure that it is in a sheltered location, with ample fendering for the most severe of gales.

If Herald had capsized in deeper water, how many would have survived then? One other aspect, which is the most severe of all.

In some regions, as in California and in the Midwest (Appendix B ), losses of wetlands are among the most severe of any habitat.

In 5% of cases severe with is used

I'd the type that is severe with myself.

This ailment is more severe with people of.

There's no other way but to be severe with them.

Although the consequences would obviously be more severe with a motorcycle accident.

The criticism is especially severe with regard to the punishment of theft and fornication.

If the dog recovers, the jerking continues indefinitely-but becomes less severe with time.

This, he argues, is but the first of a series of acts that will grow increasingly severe with the passage of time.

The condition may be mild with only a little peeling, or very severe with big blisters and cracks which prevent work.

The project will investigate whether this disease becomes more severe with age and what causes the disease to develop.

Sometimes they are severe with 4 feet of snow and other times we're lucky if we get more than a dusting on the ground.

In 3% of cases severe as is used

The rash is still there but not so severe as the last time.

The weather was severe as a strong headwind chilled them to the bone.

The fighting was so severe as the Muslims had not experienced before.

The second time I tried Tropical Explosion the high was a little less severe as the first time.

They have to survive a very long dry season, which grows increasingly severe as the months pass.

Unemployment issues have grown severe as the global economic recession that began in the last decade endures.

Most sources acknowledge a serious nursing shortage, which may become more severe as the population continues to age.

These effects that become severe as the rest of the world has been facing its economic and financial system instability.

Antoine's punishments get more severe as the film continues until he is finally placed in a home for juvenile delinquents.

Droughts in this part of the world are becoming more frequent and more severe as a result of increasing global temperatures.

In 3% of cases severe at is used

They are more severe at the same time.

Climate impacts were less severe at lower peak levels.

His gazes, although pleasing to her, were a bit severe at times.

The effects of even the largest eruptions are much less severe at such great distances.

Damage was severe at San Francisco; many buildings were wrecked at Hayward and San Leandro.

The Southeast is dry at virtually all time scales, but the dryness is most severe at 24 months.

The effect is most severe at the top, but the cliff doesn't just apply at the top end of the subsidy range (400% of FPL).

Back to 2012: I was so concerned, as the pain was so severe at times, that I went along to the doctor to organize a chest X-Ray.

Although often known as the Great Tokyo Earthquake (or the Great Tokyo Fire ), the damage was apparently most severe at Yokohama.

In the Nairobi industrial area, network congestion was still severe at the time of our program of interview fieldwork in Kenya in 1991.

In 2% of cases severe over is used

But generally, the symptoms will become more severe over time.

These symptoms became severe over a period of two months especially on the left side.

Active river caves will be subject to sudden flooding if thunderstorms become severe over catchment areas.

EPA restrictions have gotten more and more severe over the years and only new technology helps us meet them.

Because of an aging population, we can expect skills and labour shortages to become even more severe over time.

However for some children and teens, their fears can become really severe over time and even develop into a phobia.

Some of these thunderstorms are expected to become SEVERE over central areas this afternoon and then dissipate through this evening.

I'd angry too that I had to give up my evening gym session due to the severe over running of a meeting which was due to finish by 4pm.

For one thing, ASD is a developmental disorder, which means that it tends to become less severe over time -- or at least, its impact does.

Disease progression varies but typically involves a series of remissions and relapses that become more severe over time (Williamson &; Henry, 2004).

In 1% of cases severe during is used

Attack is severe during the dry season.

Erosion was especially severe during storm surges.

This reaction may come and go and be more severe during the hay fever season.

Both the pain and the disability turned out to be less severe during relapses.

Scales may infest palms throughout the year, but damage is usually more severe during the dry season.

In fact, while job losses were quite severe during previous recessions, that was not the case this time around.

In addition, any fever, the body's response to any attempted infection tends to be more severe during the early stages.

They were quite severe during my later teen years, and my neurologist recommended me to attend physiotherapy, which helped, although I still get migraines from time to time.

I did suffer with similar although clearly not as severe during my pregnancy, didn't require bed rest but I just found it very scary!! Just trust what the drs are telling you.

In 1% of cases severe upon is used

When we are severe upon the sinner, we ought to consider who was the tempter.

This proved quite severe upon me and it was close that I would have died due to the grief.

With RA, as I understand it, the pain is most severe upon waking and then improves throughout the day.

The Anger of Allaah Taala is severe upon that nation that makes the graves of their prophets places of worship.

Hyaluronic Acid Injecting this severe upon waking or complete medical history, noting inactivity, and typically lasts in the past.

While hurricane Sandy can not be attributed to climate change, the rising temperature of the oceans can and storms tend to become more severe upon warm waters.

In 1% of cases severe under is used

BR and the Water Board had severe under investment for years.

From then on Oserian's struggle became severe under the Leopards onslaught.

Conversely severe under nutrition can cause the cessation of all reproductive processes.

The calcium in grit or pellets can bind the drug making it unusable in the body, resulting in severe under dosing.

Moreover, estimates that have been developed for countries such as the Philippines and Thailand, reflect the severe under funding of health research 4.

Timing of snow melt Temperature fluctuations experienced at the soil surface are less severe under the snow pack than after snow melt due to the temperature buffering effect of the snow pack 33.

In 1% of cases severe about is used

Its effects were most severe about the ports.

If you are severe about accomplishing your targets you need to compose them down.

Normal follow is an additional requirement, if you are severe about becoming a singer you will have to be diligent.

If you're severe about couponing, get organized! Struggling to uncover the most current coupons in a messy pile is problematic.

When you are severe about producing money and becoming profitable, you require to combine the law of attraction into your each day lifestyle.

Seeking at just one particular wager is not the way we evaluate good results or revenue when we're severe about creating money betting on horse races.

Working from house does have several merits but if you're severe about growing your business one day you will need to think about moving into an office.

If you acquire a Canada Goose Jacket, and you are intended for currently being severe about its condition-keeping and heat-keeping just soon after fairly use.

It also demonstrates strongly that you simply are severe concerning the task, which is an additional way to make sure that they are severe about the task, too.

You might be contemplating how could these bags are so low-cost? There's nothing much severe about it and has acquired a distinct reduce cause for it Coach outlet.

In 1% of cases severe due is used

The destructions were so severe due to deforestation.

Work Stress tends to be more severe due to hectic schedules, demanding bosses or heavy workloads.

Todays aggressive tree cutting is necessary for safe operation and only looks severe due to years of inaction.

Compared with other recessions, the most recent crisis was far more severe due to the scale of household, bank and public debt.

I realized that this problem is severe due to the program I watched early Maunday Thursday of the Seven Deadly Sins and how Pride was the chief sin.

In hilly areas, damages are severe due to various aftereffects of earthquakes such as landslides, blockage of connecting roads, diversion of river flows and damage to dams.

And when ever the attack is severe due to too much inhalation dust, flames hamattan, etc, i use ventolin inhaler or sulbumol inhaler, just to clear my lungs very fast before using the drug.

In 1% of cases severe by is used

I am sure it was made more severe by all of this.

The former can find no term too severe by which to characterize them.

Wages are falling across the board made even more severe by shorter hours worked.

Millie's cardiomyapathy and scoliosis have both been classed as severe by doctors at this age.

His challenge on Huddersfield Town's Callum Woods was deemed severe by D'Urso and Zigic was shown a straight red.

TGR: Is this the beginning of a seismic shift? SR: Yes, this cycle is larger and more severe by an order of magnitude, and because of that it may take longer.

Thus, the safety problem is very severe by international standards with some 60 to 150 fatalities per 10,000 motor vehicles in Bangladesh compared to around 25, 16, 2 and 1.

Of course that assumes he'd have introduced the much needed reform and that by the time the reforms ripen the econmy is growing and the retrenchment isn't as severe by the time it's required.

In 1% of cases severe because is used

But of course pain must be shared and but retribution must wait but be none the less severe because of that.

These need to be severe because of the way that Portugal's economy has shrunk as indicated by the latest European Commission report on the subject.

In fact the problem is much more severe because of their inferiority complex coupled with prejudiced mindsets -- likes of Romila Thapar, DN Jha etc are ready examples.

The second shot should be mid-iron into a green that slopes hard from left-to-right, but doesn't look as severe because of the sharp drop-off on the right side of the green to the pond.

But if I injure or kill someone because I was speeding, I presume my punishment would be far more severe because of the effects of my actions, even though it was never my intention to hurt anybody.

In 1% of cases severe among is used

The punishment of murder was severe among The Israelites.

Unemployment in America is more than twice as severe among minorities, for example.

The problem is actually severe among the ethnic Malay (25%) and Indian minorities (15%).

The spate of farmer suicides in 2011 -- 12 has been particularly severe among Bt cotton farmers.

More than 85% of single parents are mothers, and poverty is widespread and severe among this group.

Who is most at risk? Infections can occur among people of all ages, however symptoms are likely to be more severe among the very young and the elderly.

Other areas of divergence bear the marks of a Muslim advantage: Homicide rates and class-based inequities are less severe among Muslims than non-Muslims.

Now, because unemployment is most severe among special groups of our people -- the young, the disabled, minority groups -- we will focus our training programs on them.

It is unnecessary to dwell on the status of Article 25 in the world's richest country, with a poverty level twice that of any other industrial society, particularly severe among children.

Malaria is more frequent and severe among children with protein-energy undernutrition and/or micronutrient deficiencies, leading to higher morbidity and mortality due to impaired host immunity.

In 1% of cases severe against is used

So be severe against them like Muhammad was.

And those who are with him are severe against disbelievers, and merciful among themselves.

Qur'an 48:29 -- Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and those who are with him are severe against disbelievers, and merciful among themselves.

They said we are now being supported by the only Super Power in the World -- USA and said that they are planning something severe against Sri Lanka and its administration.

In 1% of cases severe after is used

The test of Ka'b and the two Companions got more severe after forty days passed.

It is a real fact that condition becomes more severe after the arrest of any person.

These genital warts project beyond the hurt, and are therefore severe after the injured location is among the articulation.

This time Botterill heard the bashings continuing throughout the night and they were most severe after the guard was changed.

This? labour? problem became more severe after the? privatization? and the free burghers began complaining about inadequate labour.

Distress in Ireland was so severe after the poor harvest of 1879 that it seemed that a catastrophe like that of the Great Famine was looming.

However, one forgets to understand that poverty and livelihood hardship on most Tanzanians has been more severe after 1985 - when the late Nyerere left office.

A person recovering from viral meningitis may experience similar problems to someone who has had bacterial meningitis, but will rarely have severe after effects.

In pictures A history of smog Britain has long been affected by mists and fogs, but these became much more severe after the onset of the Industrial Revolution in the late 1700s.

The problem will become even more severe after the next round of European expansion, which will bring in states from Eastern Europe with very different expectations and experiences.

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