Prepositions after "settle"

settle in, for, on, into or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases settle in is used

She settled in Christchurch in 1950.

He is currently settled in Bangalore.

Today, we have settled in around 320 families.

I've asked my husband repeatedly to move out of the home and settle in a new location.

James McCabe settled in Durham, while John Rogers settled in Rogers Hill (Scotsburn).

Please keep us all updated would love too see how they are are settling in Michelle.

Sachindra Nath Sanyal (1892-1971 ): Born in Nadia, Sachin settled in Banaras where a branch of the Anushilan party.

Others will oppose any second official language that will allow more foreigners to enter and settle in their country.

I was settling in wowing and awing about this report on the impact of mobile technology and then I came to page 99.

He wants to double the number of people allowed to settle in the state under the Provincial Nominee Program to 2,000.

In 23% of cases settle for is used

Don? t settle for anything less.

By no means settle for one source.

International Paper settled for $5.

I actually haven't turned on my laptop for a week, settling for poor mobile access.

They would certainly settle for a repeat of Saturday's celebratory atmosphere in July.

Start-ups on a tight budget should not just settle for the cheapest package available.

After minutes of looking and thinking, she finally settled for one, but wanted the chairs from a different picture.

Seems so silly to me that she settled for second-best I really want to kill the screen writer when I see the ending.

That is why you should always be cautious about buying the right kind of eyewear and never settle for something less.

It seemed to me people largely settled for London because it was easier to live here than Toronto and larger than St.

In 18% of cases settle on is used

We have finally settled on names.

The two settled on the strategy last week.

I had to settle on a more acceptable deduction.

I also thought about Miles, Caleb, Xavier and Isaac but finally we settled on Isaiah.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before settling on a tattoo design.

It's important that I'd happy with everything when I finally settle on buying a laptop.

Stop settling on land you do not own in the West Bank, and allow Gaza proper access to the ocean for trade and import.

After an extensive consultation the city settled on bike lanes, and the vote sailed through council by a large majority.

Around its spine, new life is rising from the earth, while flakes of snow are settling on the silent and unmoving tree.

For dinner we settled on Tangram Garden, which is not exactly uniquely Cambodian but was a real lovely place for dinner.

In 10% of cases settle into is used

Fighting on Gallipoli soon settled into a stalemate.

By then, Madison had settled into a new life in California.

It took the Portlaoise side time to settle into the game but.

The UVF members who walked free did not wipe their brows and settle into retirement.

When you track these things into your house, it settles into the carpets and flooring.

They see the small tumour settled into what looks like a very pink, very healthy liver.

That, coupled with a sociable nature and the language, made settling into Jamaica a warm and wonderful experience.

Things will begin to settle into more of a pattern and routine once your baby is between six weeks and eight weeks old.

He didn't settle into either of these fields and in his spare time took up writing; creating his alter-ego Philip McAlpine.

Settle into the backdrop of the Noordhoek amphitheatre which overlooks Noordhoek beach, wild fynbos and manicured vineyards.

In 4% of cases settle by is used

Most legal disputes are now settled by mediation or arbitration.


Buyers want to move in just after the school year ends and be well settled by mid-summer.

That debate was settled by the 18th Amendment, which virtually nullified the operation of the 17th Amendment.

Who should win the argument then? It's not clear, which is why most conflicts of this kind have to be settled by negotiation.

It distressed him to see the ' Irish question ' being made into a plaything and he still strove to have it settled by consent.

Finally most of these negotiations do not settle or they settle by compromising (trade offs -- give up some demands or reduce).

Disputes then were settled by the courts and citizens who possessed guns going to courthouses were required to leave their guns.

Most of the time however, student / supervisor problems are similar to workplace disputes where disagreements have to be settled by negotiation.

Is it just because we were settled by boring old Poms? I suspect if the French had got here first kangaroo would be the country's national dish.

In 4% of cases settle with is used

Catalan? s breakaway move was settled with autonomy.

But unfortunately, with the rules, we settled with a tie.

Sure, settle with XP mode when you actually have a Windows XP license.


Enquiring minds want to know but I guess we'll have to settle with a guessing game for now.

No can categorically prove that the science is settled with respect to man made climate change.

Many rubbers fail miserably at the task and after a lifetime of searching I have settled with the Tombow Mono eraser.

If I had the time, I would oblitergarte your very weak argument - but, for now I will just have to settle with sarcasm.

The only problem with that strategy is that Google's rivals could sue it, long after the dust has settled with the FTC.

This is not a debate that will be settled with empty rhetoric, scare tactics or appeals to loyalty, tradition, or history.

In 3% of cases settle at is used

The Jews then settled at Khaibar.

But all the transactions are not fully settled at the entry point.

The area was plowed under and a Ukrainian Guard settled at the site.

Plus the more he plays at DM it will actually help if he settles at the back longterm imo.

Guess you never figured out why apple's market share tends to settle at or below 10% in the long run.

We had to chase everybody all over the place and it was still not settled at eleven o'clock this morning.

Her father let give them the consent to settle at an early age, because he and his wife couldn't afford to send them to school.

Demand was reduced, prices settled at a level much higher than before (50-70% higher ), but far below the peak levels reached in the first weeks.

She immigrated to Canada in 1947 as a war bride, settling at Halls Landing (Sidmouth) south of Revelstoke with her husband on the family acreage.

Was there any attempt made by the government to relocate people having settled at safer locations like MVC to the Singheshwar Mega Camp (After evacuation).

In 1% of cases settle after is used

Both parties agreed for early conciliation and the case was settled after the company agreed to pay one year's salary to Ms.

The dust has long settled after the World Cup and now it's time to recap on some of the things that took place in South Africa.

This is because much like your cozy bed room again at your house, your hotel room may be the spot that you will settle after a long interesting day.

In 1% of cases settle before is used

By Andrew Leci I have decided to let the dust settle before penning my views on the latest saga involving John Terry.

The employed will see some improvement in their career with the next two or three months and will feel secure and settled before the year ends.

Yes, as you point out there are faults with it in terms of player numbers, however we must allow the dust from the takeover to settle before the process becomes more ' streamline '.

In 1% of cases settle out is used

Try not to settle out of court.

He settled out of court for $1.

The case was settled out of court in Hamilton's favour.

In 1983, the suit was settled out of court for $575,000.

In the end, the case was settled out of court, although ECRI is reportedly still permitted to collect pricing data.

Patterson lost his descrimination case against me for seeking employment in his department and was settled out of court for an undisclosed amount.

A decision to sue is not based solely on the merits of the case, but also on the ability of the defendant to pay and the likelihood of them wanting to settle out of court.

A therapist loaned their client a book in a similar situation and this formed part of a complaint against them that ended up in a civil action being settled out of court.

In 1% of cases settle over is used

We were lucky to get there just in time before the cloud settled over the mountain.

The extent and penetration of markets has always been settled over time outside markets: by ideas, politics, vested interests, and custom.

One night, when they had paused to rest and sleep had settled over the camp, several shots rang out and shouts and a raucous turmoil split the night.

Within the climate of fear that settled over Jaffna, the LTTE were able to intimidate many people into remaining silent, using the public executions of dissenters as a terrifying warning.

In 1% of cases settle to is used

Holden turned around just as the bug settled to the surface less than fifty metres away.

I used to be hopeless at it and hate it and not be able to settle to anything or use the time effectively.

I did this again a few years later when I moved house, and he settled to his new surroundings within a day or two.

Moving to Australia for some people would be relocating and leaving away everything from their country and then settling to another foreign land.

The light-colored layer typically is made of coarser-grained material that is able to settle to the bottom even in the summer, when wave action keeps the lake well-stirred.

In 1% of cases settle upon is used

I close my eyes, breathing in the tranquil aura that had settled upon my form only moments before.

Your objective is to settle upon a price that's fair to both you and the ultimate buyer of your home.

The Vallejo brothers were very kind to American immigrants often giving them food and sometimes land to settle upon.

Our need is for men of our own or kindred races to settle upon our lands, to further develop our great resources, to create new wealth.

Therefore it is the intent of this commandment to require true faith and trust of the heart which settles upon the only true God and clings to Him alone.

The trustee is liable, at the option of the beneficiary, to purchase other land of equal value to be settled upon the like trust, or to be charged with the proceeds of the sale with interest.

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