Prepositions after "set"

set in, for, by, to or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases set in is used

The rules are set in Hollywood.

But I guess it's set in America.

Nothing's set in stone from birth.

My oldest loved the movie set in a warehouse with a Rube Goldberg style series of events.

Set in 100 acres of magnificent parkland, woodlands and gardens, in the heart of Donegal.

The LHC has its own set of deadlines for finding the Higgs, though none are set in stone.

To be ready by 2014, it will be set in the heart of the 41 million square foot Falcon city of wonders on Emirates Road.

When reviewing the outcomes, remember to evaluate the program based on the aims and objectives you set in the beginning.

If there be honest intention, a worthwhile course needs to be charted such that a laudable process can be set in motion.

Donna is the author of The Nightingale Girls, the first in a series of stories set in an East End hospital in the 1930s.

In 14% of cases set for is used

The tone was set for the evening.

The men are set for release in 2019.

That's the goal we've set for ourselves.

I don't know if Menkin can play RT, but he's got the skill set for G or LT at the least.

After involvement into this lifestyle, he did not follow these goals he set for himself.

The first date set for the hearing was adjourned on the basis of a Mr Faniyi's ill health.

On Kickstarter, a time limit is set for fundraising, either 30 or 60 days, and Noah and Sarah chose the lesser period.

There was also a helpful timetable telling you when the fireworks were going to be with the main display set for 2020.

It is important to get more non technical, communication and ethical skill sets for higher employablity of engineers.

But I feel confident to keep fighting for top positions, we have got an excellent base setting for the car and I am.

In 12% of cases set by is used

That is set by buyer and seller.

Call rates are set by the customer's operator.

Privacy policies set by HKMM will be enforced.

The strikers had realised that they could not win this battle on the terms set by Larkin.

Is bulk delivery offered? Delivery options are set by the individual stores on westfield.

The same period also witnessed a number of world records set by Indian Air Force personnel.

It is the probability of a type I error and is set by the investigator in relation to the consequences of such an error.

They can open Kid's Corner on their own, but your Start screen, apps and info will be protected by a password set by you.

Remember to follow the lead set by the father and if he offers you some wine or Vodka, please drink some it just a little.

If multiple options are being set by adding the individual options together, ensure that the same option is not added twice.

In 11% of cases set to is used

It's just set to a better beat.

Map setting will be set to Random.

The criterion is then set to 10 -II.

In Judaism, the Torah was set to music as a way to remember it before it was written down.

You decided to try some sort of Bible read through and set to reading four chapters a day.

If the clock for example should start to count at 2 minutes, the Time should be set to 120.

For interchangeability, the threshold was set to a mean angle smaller than 5 and RLOA smaller than 30, according to 18.

I also used a hand held AT-835ST shotgun microphone set to mono and then later set to stereo into a Fostex FR-2 at 192k.

His songwriting is rich in melody, set to complex yet infectious rhythms tinged with the influence of his African roots.

In 9% of cases set on is used

Set on the platform was a bench.

The d-day was set on 2 nd November.

The demon agreed and set on his work.

He seems to be set on destroying all that he has done to this point (commission tsunami).

The reason for the differing fees is that Chinese visa fees are set on a reciprocal basis.

If you really have your heart set on the A4 or TL, the Acura is probably the safer choice.

Malahide Castle is the former home of the Talbot family is set on 250 acres of parkland in the seaside town of Malahide.

After an Hour in the Cold freezing to get up it this was the Sun setting on Valentines day from the observation deck.

Deanne Palin, 25, and fiance Brad North, 29, were the second couple to arrive and have their hearts set on a 448sqm block.

We often have our sights set on a higher goal, but there is always room for improvement with what is right in front of us.

In 5% of cases set at is used

Monday: As one planet sets at 6 p.

The discount rate is set at 11 percent.

Significance testing was set at < 0.

Set at the northern end of the Futian central access it is 150 hectares of urban bushland.

By last quarter (a week after full moon ), the moon rises about midnight and sets at noon.

She made an initial appearance in Justice Court on April 19, and her bail was set at $50,000.

Also remember that most countries in the Eurozone are not compying with the covenants set at the time of joining the union.

A threshold was set at 128KB, so objects smaller than it are allocated using brk and anything larger is allocated using mmap.

As the earth is spherical and rotates on its axis, the sun sets at a specific time in each country, according to its longitude.

After the Fixed Term Parliament Act was passed on 15 September 2011, the date of the next general election is set at 7 May 2015.

In 3% of cases set with is used

Nobody was satisfied with the Bynum/Gasol set with PJ.

Taking the dog, the car and the Mad Men box set with her.

Page charges are set with this standard of service in mind.

Too late, I went to the dining-room closet with the lock on it yes, Dora had been there.

This single piece chain features a dainty butterfly design set with shimmering rhinestones.

It was looking like yet another Transformers series set with the Michael Bay movies in mind.

When the moon is in conjunction with the sun (new moon ), it rises and sets with the sun and is lost in the sun's glare.

This is often time consuming and boring sometimes multiple warm-up sets with just the bar, but it is of paramount importance.

In 2% of cases set against is used

It was set against the backdrop of Goa, of caste and of lust.

Set against a wildly atmospheric backdrop of the south of France.

The maintenance grant/loan when set against living costs is barely adequate.

Night views over the city set against the sweep of Shenzhen Bay are also breathtaking.

It was the first time since Jackson, Mississippi that we saw tons of greenery, set against a.

Set against the current tough economic outlook, partnership commitment is a fundamental element of the vendor -- partner relationship.

Last week's protests in Cairo -- set against the backdrop of spreading anti-American unrest in the region -- have stirred anxieties in Washington.

The video was written, produced and directed by James Pierre (JNR Productions) and is set against the Miami skyline and inside the V-Midtown Lounge.

In essence, The Last of the Mohicans is an epic adventure/romance set against the panorama of a frontier wilderness ravaged by the French and Indian War.

In the first section, weekend fight clubs of 50 or 100 people face off against each other in a pugilistic ritual set against the backdrop of housing towers in St.

In 1% of cases set from is used

The **28;8626;TOOLONG is set from the first component.

For children - Coloured pens and a pad, or an art set from a 1 shop.

It was no longer based on making more money -- we were set from a financial standpoint.

The page-reference-area is offset from the page-viewport-area as described below in section 4.

I see a offset from the 1930? s compared to the 2000? s for both HADCRUT and GISS, with around 0.

Note that the Text Box option is only available if the Text Orientation is set from left to right.

Nyonya Colors opened up an outlet at First World Plaza, offering breakfast sets from around RM6/USD2 onwards.

I recently acquired a wrought iron jig set from a certain well known tool company for the seemingly good price of 29.

In fact, she just received an expensive jewellery set from her husband -- but chose not to wear it as she might lose it.

In 1% of cases set during is used

It's kind of set during the Samurai ages.

Pick one set during lower priced fitflop.

In The Dark is a frisky love story set during WW1.

The Last Airbender was set during a war, Aang had to lead the resistance.

Sword of Honour (2001) Sword of Honour, a two part television drama, is set during the Second World War.

Theater Much of Tom Stoppard ' s The Coast of Utopia trilogy, set during the 19th century in Europe, primarily Russia and France.

Resident Evil 6 is divided into three campaigns set during another viral outbreak in the US -- very much like the one in Resident Evil 2.

Set during the Russo-Finnish war, it was about an English Scout and his Finnish and Lapp friends who were effectively operating a Scandinavian Maquis.

Set during the time of the French Revolution, it was about a man who inherits his family castle only to discover the land he lives in is ruled by a race of powerful werewolves.

In 1% of cases set into is used

For pullups you'll need a chinning bar or a bar set into a door frame.

The cross on the north is set into the leacht which pre-dates the oratory.

The series of crosses set into the west side are in their original locations.

That chain of events is set into motion after Cameron (Dominic Power) confesses that he, not Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) killed Carl.

Miss Mackey is intent on breaking up the power of Miss Brodie over the girls so she tries to separate the Brodie set into different houses.

Only the piece BC of the string is set into vibration, and as the bridge C can be moved backwards and forwards, this can be made of any length we please.

The opening of the western flank of the Cordillera set into motion acculturative processes that would have a great impact on succeeding historical periods.

You can, for example, use waste to generate energy and set into motion a long list of improvements that will drive down close to 15% of the energy consumption.

In the evenings, I could book out if I wanted to, and stay in the bunk with my platoon mates and -- get this -- they had smuggled a Nintendo and a small TV set into our bunk -- play video games.

In 1% of cases set of is used

One set of tires is still going to get bumped.

Set yourself a set of realistic targets and work towards them.

We had another set of prem boy twins born to a very needy mom.

All of a sudden sets of amber lights flash on the front and rear of the appropriate sleeve.

I've now got to the stage where I can populate a set of shapes with a set of TRAK attributes.

If the group is socially oriented and structured, however, you have another set of challenges.

I think when you refer to our way of life you are right to say there is no one way of life, but there is one set of laws.

With energy a nearly $50 billion business for GE, Krenicki had set of a goal of hitting the $100 billion mark in a decade.

Lots of fish have a second set of jaws, but these tend to be hard grinding plates or jaws with little teeth that don't move much.

Sets and Reps: 10X 10 Notes Over the last few years on average, I have only done one set of calves per week and noticed my best results.

In 1% of cases set before is used

Then he gave them to his disciples to set before the people.

Where in India the acquired land achived the goal set before acquisition (Eg.

Place the pan in the freezer for about 20 minutes to allow it to set before adding the next layer.

We should also set the drum sets before the band change so we just roll them off and roll them on.

If the weather cooperates, this could be a great night to see a lot of meteors because the moon sets before midnight.

Truth was set before them, and they walked away from it and left it, and now they have been given over to a strong delusion to believe a lie and be damned with it.

And Truth was set before them, and they walked away from it and left it, and now they have been given over to a strong delusion to believe a lie and be damned with it.

In 1% of cases set over is used

It moved very slow it set over the west and then came back up 15 degrees to the north ad it came back up.

A Moment Watching the sun set over the sails of a yacht passing by, sailing on her side, she drifts up the harbour.

Jandries, my guide, took me for a drive around the farm and up to a viewpoint to watch the sun set over the escarpment.

And with all of us buzzing on Wednesday evening, watching the sun set over the Hudson, everyone was forthcoming and open.

This allows the surface of the entire building to change with the light and go from a cool brown to a burning sienna when sun sets over the Pacfic.

Fuji hasn't had an outburst since 1707, the sky still erupts with fiery colors when the sun sets over the volcano's nearly symmetrical snow-capped peak.

The three of us chatted about everything from work to the gay scene over coffee and cake, as the sun slowly set over the Queen's Quarter district of Belfast.

Take the peel out of the syrup, smooth away any excess syrup with your fingers and lay the pieces on a cooling rack which is set over a dish or a piece of baking paper to catch any drips.

In 1% of cases set as is used

He noted that the 2010 census has been set as a national priority.

Something told me that it was too hot for it to set as a cake topping.

The next morning we woke to see the full moon setting as the sun rose.

Cessation of attacks was also set as a condition for reopening NATO supply routes.

The date for the 2013 Challenge is set as Saturday 22nd June 2013 and Early Bird Entry is already open.

How it performs is this, you can set aside money, tax free of charge, prada soldes, into an account that you personal.

After meeting with favorable response, the drama was set as a regular program, but with low ratings, it ended after six episodes.

The date for Jamaica's independence was set as August 6, 1962, and the political parties on the island quickly went into full force.

As far as these loans are concerned, insert supra, there is no point placing any asset as collateral, because it is created offered for a brief term period.

I am confused because i have been following the movie since it was announced and up until opening night on imdb it had the indian guy (connors boss) set as the proto goblin.

In 1% of cases set upon is used

Kesey gave the word and the Pranksters set upon it one afternoon.

Yet we often stop this torrent by the little value we set upon it.

As her eyes set upon Naomi, Eira was once again stunned by her beauty.

THE BREAD Ex 25:30 And thou shalt set upon the table shewbread before me always.

He was promptly set upon by a mob, of stallholders and their customers, and beaten up.

At one point, several people set upon a plain-clothes policeman and beat him to death.

And even when most set upon a thing, he was always able to see the other side of the question.

Suffice to say, four healthy men like us were very unlikely to be set upon in the manner the yard bull described.

He is Richard Mannington Bowes, and was set upon as he tried to stamp out a fire during riots in Ealing, west London.

Interestingly, Bible believers also claim that when you first dialogue with angels or God, then Satan sets upon you.

In 1% of cases set according is used

The athlete has a specific time limit in which to complete the course, and the time limit is set according to its length.

The remaining traits on the page-reference-area are set according to the normal rules for determining the values of traits.

There is an application on the iPhone that can be set according to the time you sleep, in order to record the sounds made while sleeping.

The remaining traits on the region-viewport-area and region-reference-area are set according to the normal rules for determining the values of traits.

The requirements for the alignment of the financial year-end of a parent company and its subsidiaries will also now be solely set according to the SFRS.

Those that are employed by a large company sometimes receive a regular salary, which will be set according to their experience (the greater the experience, the greater their salary they can expect).

The cost(s) are set according to the LRIC manner will not be smaller when you compare to the historical amount though today's technological remedies are more cost efficient than the remedies availed.

In 1% of cases set within is used

This is a nature resort/spa set within a 60-acre coffee plantation in the Blue Mountains.

These two environments are quite different, but they are set within this identical architecture.

As a whole, the Tower is a complex of several buildings set within two rings of defensive walls and a moat.

Set within a historic farming property in Tasmania, it is both a working farm building and a place of retreat.

As long as an author captures that milieu, it doesn't matter whether the book is set within those nine years or not.

Policies are defined to be rules that are set within an organization to act as an organizational guideline that defines the organization's outcome.

A large portion of the disk's stars are set within pinwheel-like spiral arms that over millions of years come and go, the stars moving in and out of them as they orbit the Galaxy's center.

Where else can you enjoy a meal, listen to live music (piano) that is set within beautiful, funky surroundings where the waiters make you feel like celebs? Very vibrant trendy place to be seen.

Who can help you with your tablet issues? Your mom? Dad? Brother? Girlfriend(s)? If they can help you when you need help to setup your wifi setting within your tablet, look at what they pick.

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