Prepositions after "serve"

"serve as" or "serve in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases serve as is used

Gonzales currently serves as the U.

He served as a Director of DBS Bank Ltd.

This will serve as an irrigation channel.

The smartphone has a chip gpsOne, which allows him to serve as a pretty good navigator.

After two months, I had to wean her as I had to resume work (Vidya served as a nurse).

He has served as an inspiration to his many students, colleagues and his daughter Sqn.

In Ghana, we still don't have a national youth policy that will serve as the blue print for the development of youth.

Indian businessmen agree that red tape and wide-ranging administrative discretion serve as a pretext to extort money.

In 18% of cases serve in is used

I served in Europe never Vietnam.

The first Hindu will serve in the U.

I have the pleasure to serve in a Bank.

Two lost their sons serving in the Revolutionary Army, another had two sons captured.

I'll also be lending a thought to the next generation of soldiers serving in the ADF.

Serving in Washington should be a tour of duty to support your country, not a career.

Dallas center Bernard James, right, served in the Air Force before going to college and is a 27-year-old NBA rookie.

The steaks at Brenner's location on Buffalo Bayou are wet-aged, USDA Prime and they're served in a puddle of au jus.

Yeo was a Cabinet Minister and has served in the Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Communications and Information.

No meat or fish or cheese or eggs but lots of fresh vegetables served in various ways and we all loved the Salad Bar.

In 10% of cases serve on is used

Carl served on ships during World War Two.

Wales has served on the OFA Board since 1994.

She has served on adult, youth and family cases.

Hatch serves on the board of these three companies plus FINCA and the Healthy Back Store.

Twelve were sentenced to life with hard labor, but served on average 6% years confinement.

He has served on the boards of several of these organizations, including the Rochester (N.

Savour a delicious 3-course evening meal served on the terrace at Hotel Mocking Bird Hill? s Mille Fleurs restaurant.

Oyesiku has been President of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons and served on the Executive Committee of the CNS.

I served on the district wellness committee in Brighton a few years ago, in an attempt to improve our school lunches.

At present he serves on the boards of numerous non-profit organizations, particularly in the field of the environment.

In 8% of cases serve with is used

Toss and serve with the meatballs.

Serve with warm rolls and a green salad.

Serve with tortillas and add your favorite toppings.

You can have the potatoes and cabbage I'd serving with my delicious lamb casserole.

He lives in her heart and she loves and leads and serves with God's love and wisdom.

Also try the Highlands Prime Chops served with corn relish and creamy mushroom sauce.

Later he served with the Armed Constabulary and was also native medical officer, his appointment dating from 1873.

Story Synopsis Serving with The Royal Canadian Regiment in Korea, Sam Carr witnessed the bitter fighting up close.

SPICY VEGETABLE DIP This yummy gluten- and dairy-free vegetarian dip is great served with corn chips or crisp veges.

Many communities were served with water from nearby sources such as springs and wells that were easily contaminated.

In 6% of cases serve by is used

Afterwards, the Ranu are served by family members to others.

The African market is under served by technologists and startups.

Cricket is not well served by either the ICC or BCCI in this instance.

And definitely, I am just always motivated for the astonishing strategies served by you.

I particularly enjoyed the imagery of warm champagne served by North Korean body guards.

I? m not restricted to areas served by transit nor am I constrained by train and bus schedules.

It is completely wrong that, taxing programs targeted at other audiences not served by the local teledrama industry.

The General Assembly is served by a Board of Directors, which holds legal and operational governance responsibility.

For the Redundancy to be valid it is also important that prescribed Notices are served by the employer on the employee.

In 4% of cases serve for is used

I am able to serve for 30 days.

All will serve for two-year terms.

Baker served for 26 years at Knox.

Cecil Bell has served for the past eight years as a trustee for the MISD school board.

They won't serve for nothing, and this is another item in the total of my day's expenses.

Ferrer got his nose in front in both but was broken when serving for the set each time.

On the other hand no Vice President shall serve for more than two successive terms of six years (Section 4, Article VII).

In her pursuit to serve for the African American people, Maggie ran as a republican state superintendent of public instruction.

The methods of aesthetic education in religion served for religion and they could not bring people the pure aesthetic feeling.

He may not being committing them in the large scale he was anymore, but justice needs to be served for the pain he has caused.

In 3% of cases serve at is used

Dinner will be served at the Auberge.

You will find it served at most meals.

It is served at most restaurants here.

Or a meal served at the end of the fasting day during Ramadan, to break the day's fast.

The second one was a topsy-turvy game with both exchanging serves at regular intervals.

In Japan kombu is often served at New Year, as it is a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

Following the ceremony, a complimentary lunch will be served at the Westbank Lions Community Hall, 2466 Main Street.

In what was a virtual second part of the match, played in near-perfect conditions, the Swiss master held serve at love.

It continued to see use by officers serving at Starfleet Command on Earth or in other diplomatic service as late as 2374.

Having forced back from a break down early on, and taken it so close so many times, he served at 4-5 and got broken to love.

In 2% of cases serve to is used

River of smallmouth county was served to recording.

Amazing The final thing served to you at El Bulli- Morphings.

It will not be served to us on a silver platter by some benevolent fairy.

Distinguished American visitors sometimes complained at the food served to them at No.

A complimentary buffet breakfast is served to all hotel residents in the Marc Anthony.

Tapuy is served to the dancers who perform in big circles, shuffling, sliding, and hopping.

Here, we get it served to our room but it is nothing grand or fanciful, maybe just kampung fried rice perhaps, with tea.

Indeed, I positive hope you'll take this recommendation seriously, and think about your half as a writer in serving to the.

But, after surrendering an early break of serve to the Swiss ace, the Serbian hit back to take the first set on a tight tie-break.

In the villages tuna is first served to the chiefs in the guest house, and when there is any surplus it is served to the families.

In 1% of cases serve from is used

Served from 1991 to 2008 as a Republican.

The lone Republican among the 11 returnees, she served from 2003-06.

Meals, she wrote, were previously served from kitchens in villages, but were phased out.

Ruth Metzler-Arnold (CVP/PDC ), served from 1999 to 2003, not re-elected to 2nd term (see above).

George Lacey who served from 1910-1925 he is still alive today and keeps in touch with the church.

This means that, roughly 53,000 volunteers served from southern Ireland, and 52,000 from the North.

A member of the Democratic Party he was elected to Congress and served from January 1941 to January 1943.

Suddenly, two unreturnable serves from Tsonga each followed by a grunt and a subsequent roar from the French crowd.

Ruth Dreifuss (SP/PS ), served from 1993 to 2002, was the first woman to become President of the Confederation in 1999.

In 1% of cases serve under is used

Those who remained and settled in Burma loyally served under Burmese kings.

She would fill the administration with people who served under Bill Clinton.

He was serving under another devotee of Baba, by name Ramachandra Vaman Modak.

Be flexible It's almost like we serve under an Overlord and must obey their demands.

After the war Roehm joined the Freikorps and served under Franz Epp in Munich in 1919.

I had the benefit of serving under the best financial engineer any society could produce and that is Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

After the Armistice de Gaulle was assigned to a Polish division being formed in France where he served under Maxime Weygand.

He first met Paa Willie at Achimota and in 1947 served under Paa Willie as Vice-Principal at the Abuakwa State College, with Paa Willie as Principal.

It is a great honour to serve under you, Mr Crausby, and it is a great pleasure to follow Jim Fitzpatrick, who I congratulate on securing this debate.

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